Antoine Barnave Quotes

Perish the colonies, rather than a principle!

During the Reign of Terror of the French Revolution some powerful Frenchmen in the French Colonies wanted to maintain the caste system to keep the Blacks and other indigenous people from claiming equal rights. They claimed that the colonies would perish. But the French Revolutionaries were committed to “Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity”, and Barnave summed up their viewpoint in this succinct statement of policy which became a memorable quotation.
Antoine Barnave
Antoine Barnave
  • Born: October 22, 1761
  • Died: November 29, 1793
  • Nationality: French
  • Profession:

Antoine Pierre Joseph Marie Barnave was a French politician, and, together with Honoré Mirabeau, one of the most influential orators of the early part of the French Revolution. He is most notable for correspondence with Marie Antoinette in an attempt to set up a constitutional monarchy and for being one of the founding members of the Feuillants.

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