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Nothing had done more to prevent the restoration of political equilibrium of law and order, under a strong central authority, than the ascendancy in public affairs of the student class, and particularly that undisciplined section of it which combines crude ideas of Republicanism with a smattering of Western science.

A revolution in 1911 had toppled the Manchu Dynasty. The republican government which won the revolution then lost the peace and their President, Yuan Shikai, became a dictator and crowned himself Emperor. After his death in 1916, China was in chaos; crime, starvation, no law, with no real government was able to be established. Bland observed that Students had become very active filling a huge vacuum, but they became an obstacle to anything that was practically attainable and was less than perfect according to Western democratic notions. There were forces powerful enough to prevent a government from forming, but non strong enough to form one that could survive. The vast majority of the professional politicians were very corrupt. See {613111}.

J. O. P. Bland, 1863-1945, (John Otway Percy Bland), English Journalist, Historian, and Foreign Intelligence Operative, Description of China in 1919, China, Japan and Korea, 1921

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