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I recommend to you the subdivision of our territorial area into counties, suited to the wants and convenience of the people, with provision for the more minute subdivisions of townships, districts and precincts for municipal government and police. These subdivisions ought to be as small as the density of population may render possible. It is in these complete little republics where the sovereign power of the people is always in exercise, where self government has perpetual vitality and independent freedom is practiced and enjoyed.




William Gilpin, 1813-1894, Futurist & Governor of the Colorado Territory, First Message to the Citizens of the Legislative Assembly of Colorado Territory, September 10, 1861

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William Gilpin
William Gilpin
  • Born: October 4, 1813
  • Died: January 20, 1894
  • Nationality:
  • Profession:

William Gilpin was a 19th-century US explorer, politician, land speculator, and futurist writer about the American West. He served as military officer in the United States Army during several wars, accompanied John C. Frémont on his second expedition through the West, and was instrumental in the formation of the government of the Oregon Territory. As a politician and writer, he was an inveterate believer in Manifest Destiny and was a visionary booster of new settlement to the West, helping lay the groundwork in his writings for a modern theory of the succession of civilizations.

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