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Because the shouts for European freedom at New York, and the poeans of the Fourth of July are drowned in the clanking of the chains in Washington and New Orleans, is the rising spirit or our free Canada to be drilled and broken down to suit the mock liberty of the model Republic. If they have no sympathy for their own oppressed children, they should feel indebted to those whose hearts are large enough to take in the oppressed of every land and of every color.

In 1851 the Anti-Slavery Society of Canada was founded stimulating a major public debate in Canada. Although there was no slavery in Canada, there were sharp differences as to how overt Canadians should become in opposition to American slavery. Southern politicians pressured Canada not to interfere and objected to Canadians giving asylum to fugitive slaves. The hypocrisy of American principles of freedom and liberty with the institution of slavery was a favorite target of Brown’s speeches and writing.

George Brown, 1818-1880, Canadian Reformer, Politician and Publisher, Premier [Governor] of Onterio, Founder of the Toronto Globe, Editorial, Toronto Globe, March 6, 1851

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George S. Brown
George S. Brown
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George Scratchley Brown was a United States Air Force general who served as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In this capacity, he served as the senior military adviser to the President of the United States, the National Security Council and the Secretary of Defense. Through the commanders of the unified and specified commands, he was also responsible for executing the decisions of the National Command Authorities regarding worldwide readiness and employment of combat forces of the United States Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps.

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