David Walker (abolitionist) Quotes

As heathens, the white people had been cruel enough, but as Christians, they were ten times more so. As heathens, they were not quite so audacious as to go and take vessel loads of men, women and children, and in cold blood, through devilishness, throw them into the sea, and murder them in all kind of ways. But being Christians, enlightened and sensible, they are completely prepared for such hellish cruelties.

This argument—that Christians were more cruel and uncivilized than heathens in some respects was very persuasive to many serious white Christians who began to see slavery and the slave trade in a new light.

David Walker An Appeal to the Coloured Citizens of the World September 1829

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  • Born: September 28, 1796
  • Died: August 6, 1830
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Businessman & Abolitionist

David Walker was an African-American abolitionist, writer, and anti-slavery activist. Though his father was a slave, his mother was free so therefore he was free (partus sequitur ventrem). In 1829, while living in Boston, Massachusetts, with the assistance of the African Grand Lodge (later named Prince Hall Grand Lodge, Jurisdiction of Massachusetts), he published An Appeal to the Coloured Citizens of the World, a call for black unity and self-help in the fight against the oppressive and unjust slavery.

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