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The present King and Queen are popular, very, and increasingly so, but they have no message for the Labour Party who believe them, and rightly I fear, to be but the puppets of a Palace clique…. Still, it is the aristocracy which still rules England although nobody seems to believe it.




Henry Channon, 1897-1958, British Member of Parliament, Diary, June 3, 1937

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Henry Channon
Henry Channon
  • Born: March 7, 1897
  • Died: October 7, 1958
  • Nationality:
  • Profession:

Sir Henry Channon, often known as Chips Channon, was an American-born British Conservative politician, author and diarist. Channon moved to England in 1920 and became strongly anti-American, feeling that American cultural and economic views threatened traditional European and British civilisation. He wrote extensively about these views. Channon quickly became enamoured of London society and became a social and political climber.

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