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Already I realize the tremendous effort it requires not to be taken over by the Civil Service. My Minister’s room is like a padded cell, and in certain ways I am like a person who is suddenly certified a lunatic and put safely into this great vast room, cut off from real life ... Of course, they don’t behave quite like nurses because the Civil Service is profoundly deferential – “Yes, Minister! No, Minister! If you wish it, Minister! Yes minister.”




Richard Crossman, 1907-1974, British Member of Parliament (Labour), Minister of Housing, Editor, The Diaries of a Cabinet Minister, Vol. 1, 1975

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Richard Crossman
Richard Crossman
  • Born: December 15, 1907
  • Died: April 5, 1974
  • Nationality:
  • Profession:

Richard Howard Stafford Crossman OBE, sometimes known as Dick Crossman, was a British Labour Party Member of Parliament, as well as a significant figure among the party's advocates of Zionism and anti-communism. Late in his life, Crossman was editor of the New Statesman. He is remembered for his highly revealing three-volume Diaries of a Cabinet Minister.

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