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The Clintons are walking around on poo. But it’s very clean poo.

The agency was supporting a program to recycle human feces which were treated in communities by sanitizing them and removing most of the water and packaging the dried sludge as a fertilizer for lawns, gardens, parks, and farms. The treated biosolids were marketed under many names such as ComPro, BioEdge, Notrohumus, Vital Cycle, etc. To promote the concept and overcome the bad image of human feces, the agency arranged to have it spread on all the lawns and gardens of the White House. The decided that “poo” and other descriptive nouns would not fit the desired image. See {635106} for their solution.

Environmental Protection Administration, Press Conference, 1998

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Environmental Protection Administration
Environmental Protection Administration
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The Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan is a cabinet-level executive agency responsible for protecting and conserving the environment in the Republic of China. This also includes, air quality, noise control, monitoring and inspection of environment, solid waste, recycling, sustainable development and international cooperation.

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