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It was my idea to keep the [Justice] Department purely a law office and not have it engage in the administration of legislation. This was based on my view that the best quality in a lawyer’s advice is disinterestedness.

This Attorney General didn’t even want the FBI or the Immigration & Naturalization Service in his department as size and power might compromise the objectivity of the advice he gave the President. See {45926}

Robert Houghwout Jackson, 1892-1954, Chief Prosecutor, Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal, U. S. Attorney General (Democrat), U. S. Supreme Court Justice, Memoir: That Man, 1954

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Robert Houghwout Jackson
Robert Houghwout Jackson
  • Born: February 13, 1892
  • Died: October 9, 1954
  • Nationality:
  • Profession:

Robert Houghwout Jackson was an American attorney and judge who served as an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. He had previously served as United States Solicitor General, and United States Attorney General, and is the only person to have held all three of those offices. Jackson was also notable for his work as the Chief United States Prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials of Nazi war criminals following World War II.

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