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I have seen the ravages of unemployment.... The government will never refuse to go as far as the resources of the country will permit [in order to help]. But do not ask it to commit acts that risk to compromise the balance of the budget.

In the midst of the depression:

Pierre Laval, 1883-1945, French Premier (Vichy), National Assembly debate, 1932

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Pierre Laval
Pierre Laval
  • Born: June 28, 1883
  • Died: October 15, 1945
  • Nationality: French
  • Profession: Politician

Pierre Jean-Marie Laval was a French politician. During the time of the Third Republic, he served as Prime Minister of France from 27 January 1931 to 20 February 1932, and a second time from 7 June 1935 to 24 January 1936.