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I am surprized this does not hurt the feelings of the fair Sex to see those young boys of Fourteen and Fifteen years old to Attend them, [their] whole nakedness Expos’d, and I can Assure you It would Surprize a person to see those damn black boys how well they are hung.

When the Union Army had taken Richmond—the Capitol of the Confederacy—the Lieutenant had been invited to dinner at one of the Virginia plantations while slavery was still legal, and slaves served the dinner. The general (but erroneous) belief that Black males were “well hung” as compared with whites tended to make white observers notice the large size Negro penises when they saw them and often to perpetuate that as is the case with this quotation. It seems to be human nature to observe, notice and perpetuate instances of what one believes more often that that which contradicts our beliefs. In actuality Blacks as a groups have an average penis diameter that is very slightly less than whites and an average penis length that is longer than whites—by only one-tenth of an inch. See http://www.penissizes.org/average-penis-size-ethnicity-race-and-country

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  • Born:
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Military Officer

Civil War Union Army Lieutenant who served with the 1st Pennsylvania Regiment. He tape a very detailed diary of his wartime service that is a major Civil War historical source.

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