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How can anyone think so insanely that the human life has the same value and, the same morality, independent of numbers? It is lucid to me that every time a new child is born, the value of every human in the world decreases slightly. It is obvious to me that the morality of the population explosion is wholly unlike than when man was a sparse, noble species in its beginning.



Pentti Linkola
Pentti Linkola
  • Born: December 7, 1932
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Kaarlo Pentti Linkola is a radical Finnish deep ecologist, ornithologist, polemicist, naturalist, writer and fisherman. He has written widely about his ideas and in Finland is a prominent, and highly controversial, thinker. Linkola was a year-round fisherman from 1959 to 1995. He has fished on Keitele, Päijänne and Gulf of Finland, and since 1978 he fishes on Vanajavesi.

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