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Any diminishment of the government forces stationed here endangers the safety of the state, for the militia are not & cannot for some time be made efficient as the Want of Arms & munitions of War, are sources of great embarrassment.

For most of the history of the United States – especially in the governments of our Founding Fathers, there was an extreme antithesis to defense spending and military preparedness a fact that conservatives who look to the Founding Fathers as models and legal precedents for everything that we do today generally do not realize as they lobby for defense spending. The change really took place after Pearl Harbor and WWII where America was totally unprepared for war.
William Charles Cole Claiborne
William Charles Cole Claiborne
  • Born:
  • Died: November 23, 1817
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William Charles Cole Claiborne was an American politician, best known as the first non-colonial Governor of Louisiana. He also has the distinction of possibly being the youngest Congressman in U.S. history, although reliable sources differ about his age.

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