Count Friedrich Heinrich von Seckendorf Quotes

All this activity is directed by the King in person, and only by him. Besides, he looks after the whole public administration in all its branches With such care and thoroughness that not a thaler [note: a monetary unit] is spent unless he has given his signature. Those who do not see it cannot believe that there is any man in the world, however intelligent and able he may be, who can settle so many things personally in a single day as Frederick William the First, who works from 3 o'clock in the morning till 10, and spends the rest of' the day in looking after and drilling his army....

Description of Frederick William I, 1688-1740, King of Prussia. The King, a workaholic, operated at such a pace that in 1727 Frederick William had a nervous breakdown.

Count Friedrich Heinrich von Seckendorf, German Field Marshall, On Frederick William I

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