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A colonel or general with 30 years of fighting and leadership experience and 3 years of procurement experience has to run a DOD procurement shop and go up against a company vice president, a divisional vice president, and the executive vice president who gets advice from a President—all of whom have collective experience of over 100 years screwing the government on contracts and procurement.

Fogleman came out of retirement at the request of Air Force General Bernard Schriever, Commander of Air Force Systems Command, which was responsible for acquiring all missiles. He oversaw 40 percent of the Air Force budget most of which was spend on procurement contracts with companies. Schreiver wanted an experienced business man to oversee his procurement. In 1964 Foglemen volunteered to start up and train the procurement department for Sargent Shriver, President Johnson’s designee to direct the War on Poverty. 210 Job Corps Centers had to be constructed and corporations hired to operate the largest ones—all within a two year span. Fogleman faced the same problem where the Federal officials responsible for the Job Corp had very little business experience. He was very successful and persuaded Shriver and his key staff to hire a cadre of people with business experience and pay them at the high end of the Federal pay scale. The unit met the President’s deadline and obtained great prices, making exemplary use of taxpayer’s money. Fogleman retired for the third time, and after a few years the Job Corps was transferred to the Labor Department and the typical government procurement staff and norms began to operate. Forlleman and General Schreiber were unable to institutionalize Fogleman’s methods and after the General retired, the command that had been so effective for a few years, reverted to standard DOD procurement. See {634893} for a quotation of one of Fogleman’s trainees on military procurement.

Milton Fogelman, 1917-1985, Business Executive, Senior Contacting Officer, U. S. Air Force, Director of Contracts, Executive Office of the President, Office of Economic Opportunity, Contract Monitoring Training Course,, Job Corps Technical Contract Managers, 1965

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