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The poachers were using heavy weapons. It was a real war. I realize this is what I wanted to do.

He was visiting the Congo where heavily armed poachers were thwarting the outgunned Wildlife Rangers. Klaxon then began training the Wildlife Rangers and getting them more heavily armed and skilled with their weapons and then fought with them and the poachers were routed and the Rangers were much more successful in protecting the elephants and rhinos who had been slaughtered for their tusks and horns, both of with commanded very high prices in Asia.

Quoted in Joshua Hammer, "Wildlife Warriors", Smithsonian Magazine, June 2016

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  • Born:
  • Nationality: Israel
  • Profession: Soldier, Military Consultant & Conservationist.

Nir Kalron is a former Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) combatant for special air operations. He spent over a decade in the security and defense-consulting sector, specializing in Africa geo-politics, wildlife protection, and illicit traffic of contraband.

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