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We need more people with military background [in the conservation field]. The big problem is that the wildlife organizations hate to be seen as militaristic. But people in the United States don't understand the nasty people [poachers] you're dealing with. You have to deal with them in like manner.

Many of the wildlife poachers are armed with heavy weapons and modern qeopositioning equipment. The think nothing of killing Wildlife Rangers who try to stop them from killing elephants and rhinos for their tests and horns which are highly prized in Asia. Much of the funding to protect the wildlife of Africa comes from United State Non Profit Organizations for whom spending resources to train Wildlife Rangers to use heavy weapons is not very comfortable. But Kalron and others argue that if the local authorities cannot confront the poachers, there is no practical way to preserve the wildlife.


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  • Born:
  • Nationality: Israel
  • Profession: Soldier, Military Consultant & Conservationist.

Nir Kalron is a former Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) combatant for special air operations. He spent over a decade in the security and defense-consulting sector, specializing in Africa geo-politics, wildlife protection, and illicit traffic of contraband.

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