Lawrence Pearsall Jacks Quotes

One of the most disconcerting phenomena of these times is the disparity between the enormous amount of idealist propaganda that goes on from pulpit, platform and press, and the inconsiderable effect that it seems to produce in the actual conduct of men and of nations.

L. P. Jacks. This seems to be a constant refrain of clergy. philosophers and other intellectuals in almost all eras and nations.
Lawrence Pearsall Jacks
Lawrence Pearsall Jacks
  • Born: October 9, 1860
  • Died: February 17, 1955
  • Nationality:
  • Profession: Philosopher, Unitarian Minister

Lawrence Pearsall Jacks, abbreviated L. P. Jacks was an English educator, philosopher, and Unitarian minister who rose to prominence in the period from World War I to World War II.

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