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We the children of the third and fourth generations are doomed to pay the penalties of the compromises made by the first.

The compromises were in regard to slavery. The founding fathers – the first generation of Americans could not resolve the slavery issue. In order to get the Southern States into the original union, the Northern states had to make very unpalatable compromises that in effect gave Southern states much more political power than their numbers would entitle them to. In addition, they agreed not to even discuss slavery in Congress for many years. The institution grew worse and the third and fourth generations of Americans were at each other’s throats over slavery finally culminating in the Civil War.

Charles Francis Adams, Sr. 1807-1886, Historian & U. S. Ambassador to England, Diary entry, April 18, 1861

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Charles Francis Adams Sr.
Charles Francis Adams Sr.
  • Born: August 18, 1807
  • Died: November 21, 1886
  • Nationality:
  • Profession:

Charles Francis Adams Sr. was an American historical editor, writer, politician, and diplomat. He was a son of President John Quincy Adams and grandson of President John Adams, of whom he wrote a major biography.

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