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We have no ground of quarrel with these people. Their interests are our own, and those of the entire civilized world will be best served by close and friendly co-operation between us. …. We and the Germans are blood-kindred and, as Herr Hitler remarked to me, our nations have fought each other only once - though in many campaigns they have been faithful allies. The German Chancellor repeatedly expressed in our conversation his desire for a complete Anglo-German understanding, which he regards as a sure road to peace....

There was a small but influential pro-Nazi segment of British society which had a small parallel in the United States. Even the Duke of Windsor had pro-German sympathies as did the American Ambassador to England, Joseph Kennedy (father of JFK) see {610119}.
Harold Harmsworth
Harold Harmsworth
  • Born: April 26, 1868
  • Died: November 26, 1940
  • Nationality:
  • Profession:

Harold Sidney Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Rothermere, PC was a leading British newspaper proprietor, owner of Associated Newspapers Ltd. He is known in particular, with his brother Alfred Harmsworth, the later Viscount Northcliffe, for the development of the Daily Mail and Daily Mirror. He was a pioneer of popular journalism.

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