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The return to collegiate management of finance would bring with it the continued domination of a minority over the majority, with no possibility of setting matters aright without recourse to revolutions provoked by feebleness, feuds, factions, hatreds, and vindictiveness…

“Collegiate management” referred to a government central finance department that would be managed by committees of politicians and/or experts for the entire country. What Google feared was that elites like bankers and merchants would dominate and control the finances of the new government. He preferred to keep most of the financial management at the provincial and city governmental level. Further, that management by committee was inefficient and often produced gridlock. By the 21st century virtually every nation had a central bank or ministry that managed the nation’s finances in a globalized world. And there was a central banker in charge (although the amount of authority differs by nation.) However Gogel’s concern has never been abated. Virtually every country had evolved to where the nation’s finances were operated and/or controlled by elite minorities. The technical and educational requirements forced that to happen.
Isaac Jan Alexander Gogel
Isaac Jan Alexander Gogel
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Isaac Jan Alexander Gogel was the first minister of finance of the Batavian Republic and the Kingdom of Holland. He married Catharina van Hasselt in 1800, and had three children.

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