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The enormous consumption of coals in the arts and manufactures, and in steam navigation, has excited the fears of ... exhaustion of our mines. These apprehensions, however, may be allayed by the assurance [of] the highest mining and geological authorities, that the coal fields of Northumberland and Durham alone are sufficient to supply [the present demand] for 1700 years, and ... the great coal basin of South Wales will ... supply the same demand for 2000 years longer.

The alarm that we were running out of energy sources was first raised because the steam engine would take so much coal. Lardner, felt that there was a much larger supply than needed for steam engines.
Dionysius Lardner
Dionysius Lardner
  • Born: April 3, 1793
  • Died: April 29, 1859
  • Nationality:
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Professor Dionysius Lardner FRS FRSE was an Irish scientific writer who popularised science and technology, and edited the 133-volume Cabinet Cyclopædia.

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