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Companies that are owners and producers of oil, natural gas, or coal reserves are excluded from our mutual funds. As inverstors we are not simply passive actors. Each investment is a decision to allocate capital. We should be mindful or the wider implications. This is particualrly true for climate change, which places all life at risk. We are now living on a planet whose atmosphere ahs changed int one that no human being has ever excperienced before.

Many business people believe that the only consideration in making investments should be the safewty of the investment balanced against the likely return. But Domini point out that any investment is an allocation of capital and that capital gives the firm more ability to expand what it is doing. She argued that what the envestment enables should also be a major invesment consideration.

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  • Profession: Stockbroker & Executive

Amy Domini is an American investment adviser and author known for her work in "social investing". As one of the founders of KLD Research & Analytics, Inc., she helped created the Domini 400 Social Index, a stock market index selected according to a set of social and environmental standards. Since its inception in 1990, the Domini 400 has outperformed the S&P 500 on a cumulative basis.

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