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Modern administrative government springs from the inadequacy of a simple tripartite form of government to deal with modern problems …. It vests the necessary powers with the administrative authority it creates, not too greatly concerned with the extent to which such action does violence to the traditional tripartite theory of government organization.




James M. Landis, 1899-1964, Chairman, Securities & Exchange Commission and Civil Aeronautics Board, National Director of Civil Defense, Dean, Harvard Law School, 1938

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James M. Landis
James M. Landis
  • Born: September 25, 1899
  • Died: July 30, 1964
  • Nationality:
  • Profession: Lawyer

James McCauley Landis was an American academic, government official and legal adviser. He served as Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission from 1934 to 1937.

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