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Inconsistencies of opinion, arising from changes of circumstances, are often justifiable




Daniel Webster, 1782-1852, U. S. Congressman (Federalist, NH & MA) & U. S. Senator (Federalist & Whig, MA), U. S. Secretary of State, Speech, July 25, 1846

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Daniel Webster
Daniel Webster
  • Born: January 18, 1782
  • Died: October 24, 1852
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Statesman

Daniel Webster was an American statesman who represented New Hampshire and Massachusetts in the United States Congress and served as the United States Secretary of State under Presidents William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, and Millard Fillmore. He was also a prominent attorney, especially during the period of the Marshall Court. Throughout his career, he was a member of the Federalist Party, the National Republican Party, and the Whig Party.

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