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I cannot do what you have asked me to do.

See {612638}, {620604}, & {620603} for the orders he refused. He was fired and ostracized from his position by the Young Turk Government. However, after the war, when the new government committed to holding a tribunal of the major war criminals, he was appointed to head the Commission of Inquiry. There were almost no experienced jurists and administrators in Turkey who did not participate in the Armenian Genocide and were credible to lead the attempts at justice. See {620596} and {620595} for the triggers to establishing the commission. In the final analysis, there were a few tried and one governor of a province was hanged and a few others received short jail sentences.
Hasan Mazhar
Hasan Mazhar
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Hasan Mazhar or Hasan Mazhar Bey was a Governor of Ankara in the Ottoman Empire, who refused to participate in the genocide of Armenians in 1915-1917 for which he was dismissed. In 1918, he led the Mazhar Commission investigating the crimes of the Armenian Genocide.

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