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Do you know, I have often thought that I am the cleverest woman who ever lived and that others cannot compare with me. Although I have heard much about Queen Victoria . . . still I don't think her life is half as interesting and eventful as mine. Now look at me, I have 400 million people all dependent on my judgment.

Indeed she did. In actuality, she was the ruler of the largest nation on Earth. However, she was not a very clever ruler and actually was responsible for keeping China very backward and weak because she was convinced that China was the most advanced of nations and very strong. Therefore nothing should be changed. Over 5 decades with no change is sure to make a nation backward, even if it started as advanced. See {620090}.

Tzu-Hsi, 1834-1908, [Cixi], Empress Dowager of China, Comparison she made with Queen Victoria

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  • Born: November 29, 1835
  • Died: November 15, 1908
  • Nationality:
  • Profession:

Empress Xiaoqinxian, of the Manchu Bordered Yellow Banner Yehe Nara clan, personal name Xingzhen, was a consort of the Xianfeng Emperor. She was four years his junior.

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