Catharine Beecher Quotes

We are now going through a period of demolition. In morals, in social life, in politics, in medicine, and in religion there is a universal upturning of foundations. But the day of reconstruction seems to be looming, and now the grand question is: Are there any sure and universal principles that will evolve a harmonious system in which we shall all agree?

Many historians and political scientists believe that there was no time in American History where there was a general consensus of values and political outlook. In each generation there are those who nostalgically looked to the past erroneously thinking that there was more uniformity of belief then.
Catharine Beecher
Catharine Beecher
  • Born: September 6, 1800
  • Died: May 12, 1878
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Educator

Catharine Esther Beecher was an American educator known for her forthright opinions on female education as well as her vehement support of the many benefits of the incorporation of kindergarten into children's education.