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There is violence in real life but I would never impose violence in a film just to attract the audience.






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Abbas Kiarostami
Abbas Kiarostami
  • Born: June 22, 1940
  • Died: July 4, 2016
  • Nationality: Iranian
  • Profession: Film Director, Screenwriter, Photographer, Producer, Painter, Poet

Abbas Kiarostami was an Iranian film director, screenwriter, poet, photographer and film producer. An active film-maker from 1970, Kiarostami had been involved in over forty films, including shorts and documentaries. Kiarostami attained critical acclaim for directing the Koker trilogy (1987–94), Close-Up (1990), Taste of Cherry (1997) – which was awarded the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival that year – and The Wind Will Carry Us (1999). In his later works, Certified Copy (2010) and Like Someone in Love (2012), he filmed for the first time outside Iran: in Italy and Japan, respectively. His films have often ranked among the greatest in the history of cinema. Notably, Close-Up was ranked among the 50 greatest movies of all time in the famous decennial Sight & Sound poll conducted in 2012.

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