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There has been a very great alteration among the youth of the town, with respect to reveling, frolicking, profane and unclean conversation, and lewd songs: instances of fornication have been very rare: there has also been a great alteration amongst both old and young with respect to tavern-haunting.




Jonathan Edwards, 1703-1758, Theologian & Educator, President of Princeton University, Letter to Thomas Prince describing the improved moral climate of Northampton MA

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Jonathan Edwards
Jonathan Edwards
  • Born: October 5, 1703
  • Died: March 22, 1758
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Pastor, Theologian, Missionary

Jonathan Edwards was an American revivalist preacher, philosopher, and Congregationalist Protestant theologian. His colonial followers later distinguished themselves from other Congregationalists as "New Lights" (endorsing the Great Awakening), as opposed to "Old Lights" (non-revivalists). Edwards is widely regarded as one of America's most important and original philosophical theologians. Edwards' theological work is broad in scope, but he was rooted in Reformed theology, the metaphysics of theological determinism, and the Puritan heritage. Recent studies have emphasized how thoroughly Edwards grounded his life's work on conceptions of beauty, harmony, and ethical fittingness, and how central The Enlightenment was to his mindset. Edwards played a critical role in shaping the First Great Awakening, and oversaw some of the first revivals in 1733–35 at his church in Northampton, Massachusetts.

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