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Auguste Rodin, 1840-1917, French Sculptor, Repeated Statement

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Auguste Rodin
Auguste Rodin
  • Born: November 12, 1840
  • Died: November 17, 1917
  • Nationality: French
  • Profession: Sculptor

François Auguste René Rodin, known as Auguste Rodin (/oʊˈɡuːst roʊˈdæn, roʊˈdæ̃/; French: [oɡyst ʁɔdɛ̃]), was a French sculptor. Although Rodin is generally considered the progenitor of modern sculpture, he did not set out to rebel against the past. He was schooled traditionally, took a craftsman-like approach to his work, and desired academic recognition, although he was never accepted into Paris's foremost school of art.

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