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Only dead mathematics can be taught where the attitude of competition prevails: living mathematics must always be a communal possession.

Under the laws of the United States, ideas are NOT intellectual property that can be protected and controlled via patents or copyright. Mathematics is not copyrightable with the exception of the individual pages as originally written or typeset. Anyone can change the variable symbols and use all mathematical equations publicly. There has been commercial pressure to change that, but as Boole observed, the development of mathematics is dependent on the free exchange of mathematical ideas and expressions.

Mary Everest Boole, 1832-1916, English Mathematician, Collected Works, Vol. 3

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Mary Everest Boole
Mary Everest Boole
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Mary Everest Boole was a self-taught mathematician who is best known as an author of didactic works on mathematics, such as Philosophy and Fun of Algebra, and as the wife of fellow mathematician George Boole. Her progressive ideas on education, as expounded in The Preparation of the Child for Science, included encouraging children to explore mathematics through playful activities such as curve stitching. Her life is of interest to feminists as an example of how women made careers in an academic system that did not welcome them.

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