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Nothing in the world can be more exciting than to create something and see it work.






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Paloma Picasso
Paloma Picasso
  • Born: April 19, 1949
  • Nationality: French
  • Profession: Fashion Designer, Jewellery Designer, Businesswoman Socialite Style Icon

Paloma Picasso, is a French and Spanish fashion designer and businesswoman, best known for her jewelry designs for Tiffany & Co. and her signature perfumes. She is the youngest daughter of 20th-century artist Pablo Picasso and painter Françoise Gilot. Paloma Picasso's older brother is Claude Picasso (b. 1947), her half-brother is Paulo Picasso (1921-1975), her half-sister is Maya (b. 1935), and she has another half-sister, Aurelia (b. 1956), from her mother's relationship with artist Luc Simon.

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