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More than by anything else, Western civilization is defined by total fearlessness of and openness to the truth. To the extent this civilization begins to harbor reservations about this fearlessness and this openness, it ceases to be itself, i.e., Western; and to the extent a society, any society, has developed fearlessness of and openness to the truth, it has become Westernized.

The manifestation of this as open criticism of the state and government is prevalent—some think too prevalent—in Western nations and is shocking to most others who would never allow such.

Charles Habib Malik, 1906–1987, Lebanese Philosopher & Foreign Minister, A Christian Critique of the University

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Charles Habib Malik
Charles Habib Malik
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Charles Habib Malik was a Lebanese academic, diplomat, and philosopher. He served as the Lebanese representative to the United Nations, the President of the Commission on Human Rights and the United Nations General Assembly, a member of the Lebanese Cabinet, a national minister of Education and the Arts, and of Foreign Affairs and Emigration, and theologian. He was responsible for the drafting and adoption of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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