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It was Neuberger who first taught me how to do research, both technically and as a way of life, and I owe much to him.






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Frederick Sanger
Frederick Sanger
  • Born: August 13, 1918
  • Died: November 19, 2013
  • Nationality: British
  • Profession: Scientist

Frederick Sanger OM CH CBE FAA was a British biochemist who twice won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, one of only two people to have done so in the same category (the other is John Bardeen in physics), the fourth person overall with two Nobel Prizes, and the third person overall with two Nobel Prizes in the sciences. In 1958, he was awarded a Nobel Prize in Chemistry "for his work on the structure of proteins, especially that of insulin". In 1980, Walter Gilbert and Sanger shared half of the chemistry prize "for their contributions concerning the determination of base sequences in nucleic acids". The other half was awarded to Paul Berg "for his fundamental studies of the biochemistry of nucleic acids, with particular regard to recombinant DNA".

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