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Iran controls over 2,000 km of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. Iran can block oil export whenever necessary. Fox News doesn't have to make propaganda out of this. This is a natural ability of our country…. Both geo-politically and geo-strategically, we control this strategic artery of the world

Fox News, the more conservative of the American networks, had raised the specter of the world’s oil supply being cut off by Iran. A blockade, under international law, is an act of war, and having declared war against the United States and other countries, the Iranian military might be able to sustain a blockade for 3 or 4 days before, in addition to the massive damage that would be done to the Iranian infrastructure and the loss of all their aircraft, the Iranian Radar would be rendered inoperable and their missiles would have little effect. The oil sea lanes are within range of Iranian missiles and aircraft. But Iran could not sustain control of the artery, and they and most of the world military and political leaders know it. The few who may not face the reality are the Moslem nations whose military assessment has always been at great variance with reality causing the Islamic nations to make a series of military delusional blundering leading to their losing war after war.

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