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At an ever accelerating rate we are now squandering the capital of metallic ores and fossil fuels accumulated in the earth’s crust during hundreds of millions of years. How long can this spending spree go on?




Aldous Huxley, 1894-1963, English Writer, Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, 1956

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Aldous Huxley
Aldous Huxley
  • Born: July 26, 1894
  • Died: November 22, 1963
  • Nationality: English
  • Profession: Novelist

Aldous Leonard Huxley was an English writer and philosopher, a member of the Huxley family. The author of nearly fifty books, he wrote novels, such as Brave New World (1931), set in a dystopian future; nonfiction works, such as The Doors of Perception (1954), interpreting his psychedelic experience with mescaline; and wide-ranging essays.