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An acre of corn, one of the rare plant species to use a carbon dioxide efficient photosynthesis system, removes more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than does an acre of mature Amazonian rain forest…

The Congress had voted to require 10 percent of all the gasoline sold in America to be alcohol made from corn to reduce the air pollution of car driving. They precluded using Brazilian alcohol made from sugar cane which was already available and far less expensive. In a classic example of unintended consequences the price of grain worldwide increased harming some of the very poor nations. The price of corn run increased in the United States because the law required corn alcohol and nothing else was allowed. Farmers across America switched from wheat, soybeans and other grains to corn to earn more money. This then diminished the American supply and raised the price of wheat and other grains which Americans could afford but much of the rest of the world could not. And now the U. S. had less grain to export driving the world price higher. Worst of all, the environmental impact was negative—not positive. In addition to the carbon dioxide problem Daschle discusses in this quote, the electrical energy that was generated with oil and needed to turn the corn into alcohol required more oil than was saved by using the alcohol. Everyone lost except the corn farmers. The political promises to make corn alcohol required were made by most of the candidates during the Iowa presidential primaries the previous year.

Tom Daschle, “Myth Verses Reality’, Foreign Affairs, September / October 2007

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Tom Daschle
Tom Daschle
  • Born: December 9, 1947
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Politician

Thomas Andrew Daschle is a retired American politician and lobbyist who served as a United States Senator from South Dakota from 1987 to 2005. He is a member of the Democratic Party.