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A behemoth budget does not mean there is much discretion in allocating it.



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Kenneth Lipper is a prominent figure in the arts, the world of finance, and government. He served as New York City’s Deputy Mayor under Mayor Ed Koch. Mr. Lipper was a General Partner at Lehman Brothers and Salomon Brothers, serving as the investment banker for some of the leading public corporations in the United States and Europe. He was Adjunct Professor at Columbia School of International Affairs in the field of international economics. Mr. Lipper serves as a director of corporations and government agencies. He is Chairman of Lipper & Co, an investment bank and investment management company, and also serves as Chairman of the Board of Lippmann Enterprises LLC, a cosmetics company. In November 2010, after winning a civil class action, Lipper was awarded more than $15 million in indemnification, because as a New York State Supreme Court judge’s findings noted, "none of the investigations and claims asserted against [Lipper] had resulted in a finding that he had engaged in 'negligence, malfeasance or a violation of applicable law.'" In 2013, Governor Andrew Cuomo nominated, and the New York State Senate confirmed, Kenneth Lipper as a member of the Board of Commissioners of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the Port Authority’s governing body. The Port Authority is a congressionally created bi-state agency which owns and operates JFK International, LaGuardia, and Newark International airports, the bridges and tunnels, PATH railroad, ports and terminals and the World Trade Center. Mr. Lipper won an Academy Award in 1998 for producing the best feature-length documentary. He is author of the novels Wall Street and City Hall and wrote the original screenplay for the feature film "City Hall." Mr. Lipper was Producer of the feature films: "City Hall", "The Winter Guest" and "The Last Days," as well as Chief Technical Adviser of "Wall Street." He is the co-founder and co-publisher of Lipper Viking Penguin, a celebrated biography series which has published 24 books in multiple languages and countries.

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