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A nickel ain't worth a dime anymore. Yogi Berra
Counting is the religion of this generation it is its hope and its salvation. Gertrude Stein
Capitalism is at least tolerable, which cannot be said of Socialism or Communism. Benjamin Tucker
Capitalism inevitably and by virtue of the very logic of its civilization creates, educates and subsidizes a vested interest in social unrest. Joseph A. Schumpeter
As one digs deeper into the national character of the Americans, one sees that they have sought the value of everything in this world only in the answer to this single question: how much money will it bring in? Alexis de Tocqueville
A law can be both economic folly and constitutional. Antonin Scalia
Politics is not an exact science. Otto von Bismarck
As soon as the land of any country has all become private property, the landlords, like all other men, love to reap where they never sowed, and demand a rent even for its natural produce. Adam Smith
As soon as cap and trade was presented as a bipartisan compromise, many conservatives who originally supported the idea, turned against it ... Thus have fossil fuel companies and their ideological allies paralyzed the policymaking process both at the global level and in the United States. Al Gore
Americans know that war must be paid for and it is they who must pay for it. Woodrow Wilson
Countries that most welcome migrants have an economic advantage, but open immigration policies also carry risks. New waves of migrants will be ethnically different, less educated, and sometimes unskilled. They will often be among the very religious in otherwise secular societies. Many will move illegally. The greater ethnic diversity they create can cause social tensions and have profound effects on cultural identity and social cohesion. Lee Kuan Yew
Capitalism without Judaism, Christianity, or some other moral basis is just pure greed. Rick Warren
A Constitution is not intended to embody a particular economic theory... It is made for people of fundamentally differing views … Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.
Anyone here own 4 suits? Three suits? Even 2 suits? Well J. P. Morgan has over 100 suits, each one stolen off the back of a working man. Huey P. Long
Select Committee of the House and Senate on the Insurrectionary States United States Congress
Canada was built from its very beginnings on the belief that public leadership in the economy and on social issues would be as effective and cheap as anything done by the private sector. John Ralston Saul
As chairman of the president’s Council of Economic Advisers during the 1990s, I had to make projections about where the economy was going to be one, two, or three years ahead; frankly, I often found myself facing a cloudy crystal ball. Forecasting a few years out is hard enough; forecasting seventy-five years out is essentially impossible. Slight changes in life expectancy, immigration, wage growth, and interest rates could have large effects on the solvency of the (Social Security System.) Joseph Stiglitz
A Socialist Government cannot carry on a capitalist system better than the capitalists. The men bred by a capitalist system are men of affairs who understand their business. They are not apprentices. David Kirkwood
An economic policy which does not consider the well-being of all will not serve the purposes of peace and the growth of well-being among the people of all nations. Eleanor Roosevelt
Arabs and Muslims have no political heritage to draw upon in administering their affairs today. Politics for them was a way to rule, not a science or a political doctrine. Shaker Al-Nabulsi
Democracy has to deliver. It is not enough for people to vote. They must also eat. Madeleine Albright
Americans feel squeezed between prices that are rising and wages which are not. Mark Mellman
Capitalism is so successful economically that it creates, educates and subsidizes a vested interest in social unrest. Joseph A. Schumpeter
All civilizations must go through four stages: The first stage is the emergence of a new civilization and society. The second stage covers a period of growth and prosperity. Stagnation and decadence characterize the third stage where wealth can no longer increase. This brings us to a fourth stage of decline leading to the ultimate collapse. Finally, a new civilization emerges from the ashes of the previous one and another cycle is born. The conditions of the world, and of the nations do not persist in one unchanging state but are transformed with the passage of time and move from one condition to another Ibn Khaldoun
Hoarding money is not like hoarding grain or food supplies. Moses' advice to the Pharaoh was the right advice for the dark years of Egypt. The Pharaoh had to store up in the seven good years to tide one over for the seven bad years. Egypt needed huge stocks of grain and staples to help its people pull through a severe drought. The ultimate reserve fund for a king is a healthy, vibrant and skilled population Ibn Khaldoun
Science of Society Ibn Khaldoun
Such forms of wealth as gold, silver, precious stones are only minerals and products having an exchange value. It is social effort, the search for profit and the use of tools that cause the increase or decrease of the quantity of precious metals in circulation and hence, the real wealth of a King Ibn Khaldoun
As long as we are suffering economically and politically in the Muslim world, God will be the solution. Ahmed Fakhr
Capitalism did not arise because capitalists stole the land and the workmen's tools, but because it was more efficient than feudalism. It will perish because it is not merely less efficient than socialism, but actually self-destructive. John Burdon Sanderson Haldane
What intellectuals have done is that they've brought to the surface important problems that face society, that are on the subconscious of culture, of society. They've provided societies with insights, with concepts, with perspectives that allowed people and communities to make sense of the world. Frank Furedi
The very first instrument for the improvement of the condition of men is knowledge. John Quincy Adams
While all other sciences have advanced, that of government is at a standstill—little better understood, little better practiced now than three or four thousand years ago. John Adams
The good of man must be the goal of the science of politics. Aristotle
Dogs have fleas and we have anthropologists. Australian Aboriginal Saying
Capitalism robs you and makes a wage slave of you. The law upholds and protects that robbery. The government fools you into believing that you are independent and free. In this way you are fooled and duped every day of your life. Alexander Berkman
A scientifically trained observer can of course always analyze a particular social abuse, or suggest a particular remedy. but he can do little, as a scientist, to predict what general effects the application of a given remedy or the elimination of a given source of misery or injustice is going to have on other—especially on remote—parts of our total social system. Isaiah Berlin
Politics are not an exact science. Otto Von Bismarck-Schoenhausen
What we may call, by way of eminence, the dismal science. Thomas Carlyle
…In the human and social sciences it is well to be aware above all of the plurality of methods and viewpoints, each of which reveals only one aspect of reality which is so complex that it defies simple and univocal explanation. Catholic Church
A poor man is a man who has not got much money. This may seem a simple and unnecessary description, but in the face of a great mass of modern fact and fiction, it seems very necessary indeed; most of our realists and sociologists talk about a poor man as if he were an octopus or an alligator. Gilbert K. Chesterton
Commerce is the weapon …., the all powerful arm with which we have entered in earnest, with every prospect of success, upon our conquest of Mexico. El Paso Bureau of Information
Sociology almost always dominates technology. Ideas often lie unused because people do not want to use them. Thomas Friedman
Capital as such is not evil. It is its wrong use that is evil. Capital, in some form or other, will always be needed. Mohandas K. Gandhi
Experience has instructed us that no skill in the science of government has yet been able to discriminate and define, with sufficient certainty, its three great provinces—the legislative, executive, and judiciary; or even the privileges and powers of the different legislative branches. Questions daily occur in the course of practice which prove the obscurity which reigns in these subjects, and which puzzle the greatest adepts in political science. James Madison
In the old days the problems of government were few and political, now they are many and are economic and sociological ... John A. Martin
A society which is clamoring for choice, which is filled with many articulate groups, each urging its own brand of salvation, its own variety of economic philosophy, will give each new generation no peace until all have chosen or gone under, unable to bear the conditions of choice. The stress is in our civilization. Margaret Mead
The great axioms of political science are deduced from the knowledge of the true political interests of all States: in these general interests lies the security for their existence, while the individual interests,—to which the daily or transitory political movements occasionally lend a great importance, and the promotion of which constitutes political wisdom in the eyes of a restless and short-sighted policy,—possess only a relative and secondary worth. Klemens von Metternich
I acknowledge the traditional owners of this land whose rights extend from the distant past unbroken to this day and into the future, and I renew my commitment to act in support of Aboriginal land rights. Hannah Middleton
The reality of this [scientific] "objectivity" is that it is intended to conceal the truth, the reality of colonialism, exploitation, racism and imperialism; it is intended to prevent scientists from taking effective action by pretending that partisanship contradicts scientific endeavor, it is intended to make us "neutral" when to do so commits us—consciously or not—to the status quo, to the side of the existing structure of domination. Hannah Middleton
The great scientific revolution is still to come. It will ensue when men collectively organize their knowledge for application to achieve and make secure social values; when they systematically use scientific procedures for the control of human relationships and the direction or the social affairs of our vast technological machinery. John Dewey
The Egyptians had no Stone age, and were born civilized. James Cocke Southall
Before the stock market crash of 1929 approximately half of all the stock sold in America was fraudulent. President Coolidge did not believe in the Federal Government interfering with business and would not interfere. His Secretary of Commerce, Herbert Hoover however was worried about the extreme corruption of the system. By the time he succeeded Coolidge as President, it was too late. Don Ritchie
Antimarket, antiglobalist posture resounds among the people, because the people are afraid. Gerard Grunberg
As to the authority of the husband, this has always been weaker among the poor peasants because, out of economic necessity, their womenfolk have to do more manual labor than the women of the richer classes and therefore have more say and greater power of decision in family matters. Mao Zedong
A man who could not serve in the trenches of France might nonetheless serve in the financial trenches at home…. William Gibbs McAdoo
Bragg has been defeated at Chattanooga with great loss-abandoned Look Out Mountain and fell back we don't know where. The worst news of the war for us here. It looks as if we are to be exterminated. I now anticipate nothing better James Henry Hammond
African slavery is the corner-stone of the industrial, social, and political fabric of the South; and whatever wars against it, wars against her very existence. Strike down the institution of African slavery and you reduce the South to depopulation and barbarism. Lawrence Massillon Keitt
Cheap goods are the artillery for battering down Chinese walls and for overcoming the obstinate hatred entertained against foreigners by semi-civilised nations Karl Marx
Before the time of the conquest, the Irish people knew nothing of absolute property in land. The land belonged to the entire sept; the chief was Little more than the managing member of the association. The feudal idea which came in with the conquest was associated with foreign dominion, and has never to this day been recognized by the moral sentiment of the people John Stuart Mill
What is sudden for one person may not be sudden at all for another; eclipses of the sun occur “suddenly” for the ignorant but by no means for the astronomer. The same thing applies to revolutions: those political “catastrophes” happen “suddenly” for the ignorant and, the great majority of self-satisfied philistines, but very often they are by no means sudden for the man who understands the social phenomena surrounding him. Georgi Valentinovich Plekhanov
All citizens have the right to engage in industrial and commercial occupations. This right is founded on: (1) The right to hold property in houses, including the right to sell them, … (2) The right to make contracts with local authorities to build on urban and rural land, with the right of ownership for 49 years. (3) The right to own houses, factories and workshops, industrial and commercial undertakings, machinery, and means of production, agricultural and industrial property, financial capital. (4) The right to mortgage these properties or to borrow money on land. (5) The right to inventions, trade marks, and author’s royalties. (6) The right of married people and their children to testamentary or legal inheritance, up to 10,000 gold rubles, the right of legal enforcement of contracts. Russia
Demoralization is something I know a great deal about, all my life I have got something for nothing. That is entirely due to luck and I think a great many members opposite are in the same position. We have all got something for nothing. The question is: are we demoralized? I am not demoralized. Cynthia Mosley
Consumerism is not simply a market strategy. It has become a demonic spiritual force among us Walter Brueggemann
Africa has failed to develop because, our leaders opted for socialism and . short-sighted policies of seizing. . .private business wrecked economies by chasing off investors while taking away incentives for local business to flourish Yoweri Museveni
Because of the demand for luxury articles, they become customary, and thus come to be necessities Ibn Khaldun
Both excessively low prices and excessively high prices are disruptive to markets. It is therefore advisable that states not hold prices artificially low through subsidies or other methods of market intervention. Ibn Khaldun
High earnings in one craft attract others to it… Ibn Khaldun
Buy cheap and sell dear. Ibn Khaldun
A large civilization yields large profits [earnings] because of' the large amount of [available] labor which is the cause of profit. Ibn Khaldun
Nations and races change with the change of periods and the passage of time. Ibn Khaldun
People who, whether they inhabit the desert or settled areas and cities, live a life of abundance and have all the good things to eat, die more quickly than others when a drought or famine comes upon them Ibn Khaldun
Capitalism is very unfair but it is the only system that works. Richard Branson
As economic globalization brings more states into the global economy, … the first fruits of the process will often fall to those groups best positioned by history or culture to take advantage of the new opportunities for enrichment, deepening social cleavages rather than filling them in. Jerry Z. Miller
A serious and explicit purpose of our foreign policy is the encouragement of a hospitable climate for investment in foreign nations. Dwight D. Eisenhower
In the twentieth century, the essence of man is not that he is a rational, or a political, or a sinful, or a thinking animal, but that he is an industrial animal. It is not his moral or intellectual or social or aesthetic ... attributes which make man what he is. His essence resides in his capacity to contribute to, and to profit from, industrial society. The emergence of industrial society is the prime concern of sociology. Ernest Andre Gellner
At the end, governance is reflected in what is delivered to people. If you have a good trade agreement, for example, hopefully that will reduce prices and help exports…. I have no opinion about who is better or worse. I am not a politician. I am not in politics. I'm just a citizen. It is interesting for me to know who is doing better than the others. …We all have our perceptions. I go to visit a country, I end up in a five-star hotel in a nice city and I'm driven there and taken back and I say, ‘Wow, this is a wonderful country, it's safe.’ But I've been looked after. Is the country really safe? How do we get the facts away from perception? Mo Ibrahim
Despite the enormous historical achievements of decolonization and civil rights, African and Caribbean states remain marginalized in the world and African diasporas in their host countries. The pace, breadth and depth of the strides we have made since independence and civil rights over the last fifty years vary enormously between countries and regions, among social classes and genders, across periods and sectors. Nevertheless, our states and societies are still largely pawns rather than players on the world stage. This will not fundamentally change unless we pull all our resources—demographic, political, economic, cultural, and imaginative—to fight for our collective emancipation and empowerment. Paul Tiyambe Zeleza
A lifeline to sinking men. Ernest Bevin
After the end of the Cold War, we have the obligation to help these Eastern European countries to enjoy the same kinds of benefits that we enjoyed 50 years ago. K. Erik Tygesen
An economically successful Africa is not only in the interest of the Africans but also is in the interest of the United States as well. Robert E. Rubin
Clearly, sustained low inflation implies less uncertainty about the future, and lower risk premiums imply higher prices of stocks and other earning assets. We can see that in the inverse relationship exhibited by price/earnings ratios and the rate of inflation in the past. But how do we know when irrational exuberance has unduly escalated asset values, which then become subject to unexpected and prolonged contractions … Alan Greenspan
An English merchant is a new species of gentleman. Samuel Johnson
All our measures should tend towards the immediate encouragement of our woolen manufactures, which must be looked upon as the basis of our wealth. George Berkeley
As capital is thus the most essential element in setting industry in motion, so it is by the amount of it, that the productiveness of that industry is chiefly determined. Adam Smith
… a crowd is more than the sum of the individuals who compose it. The collective body thinks and acts in ways which the component units thinking and acting for themselves would never sanction and would often reprobate. In general the action of the crowd is more emotional and less intellectual than the action of an individual. The nerve counts for more, the brain for less. Waves of sentiment or cruelty pass through the collective body with a force which the individuals who compose it find it difficult to comprehend, when they are removed from the contagion of their neighbours… Herbert A. L. Fisher
Freedom to breed Is intolerable…. People vary. Confronted with appeals to limit breeding, some people will undoubtedly respond to the plea more than others. Those who have more children will produce a larger fraction of the next generation than those with more susceptible consciences. The differences will be accentuated, generation by generation. Garrett Hardin
Individualism, one of the great achievements of Western civilization, is now accompanied more and more by such phenomena as fragmentation, solitude, egocentricity and the disintegration of solidarity Edgar Morin
As for Physicians, it is not hard by the help of the observations which have been lately made upon the Bills of Mortality, to know how many are sick in London by the number of them that dye, and by the proportions of the City to find out the same of the Country; and by both, by the advice of the learned College of that Faculty to calculate how many Physicians were requisite for the whole Nation; and consequently, how many Students in that are art to permit and encourage; and lastly, having calculated these numbers, to adopt a proportion of Chyrurgeons [doctors], Apothecaries, and Nurses to them, and so by the whole to cut off and extinguish that infinite swarm of vain pretenders unto, and abusers of that God-like Faculty William Petty
As wiser Physicians tamper not excessively with their Patients, rather observing and complying with the motions of nature, then contradicting it with vehement Administrations of their own; so in Politicks and Economics the same must be used; William Petty
Among the general Causes is, First, the unwillingness of the people to pay them [taxes]; arising from an opinion, that by delay and reluctancy they may wholly avoid them, with a suspicion that what is imposed is too much, or that what is collected is embezzled or ill expended, or that it is unequally levied and assessed…. Moreover, the peoples believing that Forms of Government shall in a few years produce any considerable alteration as to the wealth of the Subject; that the Form which is most ancient and present is not the best for the place; that any established family or person is not better then any new pretender, or even then the best Election that can be made; that Sovereignty is invisible, and that it is not certainly annexed unto some certain person or persons …. Causes of Civil War are also, that the Wealth of the Nation is in too few mens’ hands … the allowing Luxury in some, whilst others starve. William Petty
Black market sounds negative, but, in fact, everybody loved the black markets during the communist era. It was the only place that officials and others could get shoes and consumer products. There were shortages everywhere. The black market during the Soviet era was essentially the only capitalism there was. Amy L. Chua
You need to figure out other societies, where they came from, what the people believe in, what they do, how their ethnic divisions work, which is often very different from our own; then design your policies around that. Pay attention. I think that's the simple answer, which is just to realize that not everybody is like the United States. Whether you study history or sociology, or anthropology, journalism, there's room for seeing there are other cultures and other ways and other structures. Amy L. Chua
As China grows economically, in its wake you will see a greater degree of political liberalization, a greater confidence in embracing the democratic principles … Anson Chan
As long as there are jobs waiting in our country, there is no way we can stop illegal immigration at the borders. Doris Meissner
An economic failure becomes a radicalizing force only when an alternative exists Tariq Ali
China has come a long way from being a nation of opium addicts to the status of a global power Randeep Wadehra
An economist always shows two sides to the same coin and a politician pretends that the coin has just one side. Prakarsh Singh
Back home in Maine people tend to think that there should be a balance between money coming in and money going out in their own lives, in their businesses and the Federal government. Tom Allen
Religion and politics are inseparable. Without religion, political science can create only despotism or anarchy. Guiseppe Mazzini
Social science has been established not to set policy but to measure its results. Daniel P. Moynihan
The marriage of Capital with Science was responsible for the great leap forward into what we live in today. Pure scientists discovered the components into which the natural environment could be decomposed; investors placed their bets on the various methods of decomposition; applied scientists or managers saw to it that the wage workers in their charge carried the project through. Social scientists sought ways to make the workers less human, more efficient and machine-like. Thanks to science, capitalists were able to transform much of the natural environment into a processed world, an artifice, and to reduce most human beings into efficient tenders of the artifice. Fredy Perlman
The altering of African facial features and the lightening of the skin colors of painted reliefs inside the tombs are central aspects of the conspiracy to destroy the memory of classical African civilizations. The two main conspirator groups carrying out these acts are European and American research teams, and local Arab government workers. Manu Ampim
Debt is more of a problem for Blacks than racism. Being in debt is being in slavery. DeForest Soaries
Among the Gauls there are subdivisions, not only in every nation, and in every district and village, but almost in every house, every one must fly to some patron for protection. Julius Caesar
There is more than two sides. Facts are often apart from what both sides say about each other. Walter Pincus
The quality of the data and information of a social science, economics or government study is inversely proportional to its importance and social significance. Bernard R. Berelson
Credit default swaps were nothing more than souped up versions of things that have been around for a long time like soy bean futures Steve Forbes
All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America rise, not from defects in their Constitution or Confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation John Adams
Are we really certain that the mechanism of society, like the mechanism of the heavenly bodies or the mechanism of the human body, is subject to general laws? Are we really certain that it is a harmoniously organized whole? Or is it not true that what is most notable in society is the absence of all order? Frederic Bastiat
After World War II, the United States became the world’s undisputed leader, first by providing markets for the recovering European and Asian economies but also by offering international security. Victor D. Cha
Capitalism, wisely managed, can probably be made more efficient for attaining economic ends than any alternative system yet in sight, but that in itself it is in many ways extremely objectionable John Maynard Keynes
Change comes in various wavelengths. There are changes in the game, changes in the rules of the game, and changes in how the rules are changed Kevin Kelly
A broke nation is a weak nation. Mark Udall
Dollar Diplomacy Theodore Roosevelt
Good policy analysis recognizes that physical truth may be poorly or incompletely known. Its objective is to evaluate, order, and structure incomplete knowledge so as to allow decisions to be made with as complete an understanding as possible of the current state of knowledge, its limitations, and its implications. M. Granger Morgan
If the ideas of any particular man are determined by his environment, then the ideas of humanity, in their historical development, are determined by the development of the social environment, by the history of social relationships. Georgi Valentinovich Plekhanov
Millions of dollars have been expended to excavate and transport to museums the tools, weapons, and other artifacts of Indians--but scarcely a penny has been spent to save the living descendants of those who made them Peter Farb
All American and Israeli goods and products should be boycotted in a way that undermines American and Israeli interests so as to act as deterrence to their war against Muslims and Islam that is being waged under the pretense of fighting terrorism. This boycott should become an overwhelming trend that makes these two states feel that their economies are in a real and actual danger. Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah
There is no sociology worthy of the name which does not possess a historical character. Emile Durkheim
An elite has prospered with our kinds of institutions, but the same cannot be said of the masses. Niall Ferguson
An industrialist's answer [to inflation] is to charge more for his product to the public, never to cut his own profits. Labor's answer is even more natural. Since the worker would have to change his entire mode of life, labor asks for higher wages to cover the higher expenses. Eleanor Roosevelt
95% of economics is common sense deliberately made complicated. Ha-Joon Chang
The trend of psychology, education, anthropology, and social science is toward environmentalism in the explanation of group differences, which means that the racial beliefs which defended caste are being torn away. It also means, by implication, that the white majority group in power is accused of being the cause of the Negro's deficiencies and unhappiness. Gunnar Myrdal
An enduring peace cannot be achieved without a strong America-- strong in the social and economic sense as well as in the military sense. Franklin D. Roosevelt
The combination of some data and an aching desire for an answer does not ensure that a reasonable answer can be extracted from a given body of data. John Tukey
Balanced budgets have a lot to do with National Defense. Howard Dean
All of you, I am sure, have heard many cries about Government interference with business and about "creeping socialism." I should like to remind the gentlemen who make these complaints that if events had been allowed to continue as they were going prior to March 4, 1933, most of them would have no businesses left for the Government or for anyone else to interfere with — and almost surely we would have socialism in this country, real socialism. Harry S Truman
As Islam came to the world at a time when the stage of slavery was coming to an end and that of feudalism just beginning, it brought with itself laws, creeds and a discipline of life all of which were in concord with the then prevalent circumstances of economic existence. That is why it approved of slavery as well as permitted feudalism, for Islam could not anticipate the next stage of economic development nor give any system to the world for which the economic circumstances were not ripe... Muhammad Qutb
At the bottom of education, at the bottom of politics, even at the bottom of religion, there must be for our race, economic independence. Booker T. Washington
A free-enterprise economy depends only on markets, and according to the most advanced mathematical macroeconomic theory, markets depend only on moods: specifically, the mood of the men in the pinstripes, also known as the Boys on the Street. Barbara Ehrenreich
The Social Sciences will concern themselves with the rationalization of social control... the control of human behavior. Charles Max Mason
America is as much an economic phenomenon as it is a nation. David Chandler
Social scientists have established only one fact about single women's mental health: employment improves it. Susan Faludi
Competition—ruthless, unforgiving, to-the-death competition—is a crucial feature of capitalism. Jim Stanford
Capitalism … has existed for fewer than 300 years. If the entire history of Homo sapiens was a 24-hour day, then capitalism has existed for two minutes … Economic systems come, and economic systems go. No economic system lasts forever. Capitalism is not likely to last forever, either. Jim Stanford
Although capitalism is, in principle, strongly individualistic, it has contributed in practice to reinforce the trend to integration, because it has made our lives more and more interdependent. Amartya Sen
Any existing structures and all the conditions of doing business are always in a process of change. Every situation is being upset before it has had time to work itself out. Economic progress, in a capitalist society, means turmoil. Joseph A. Schumpeter
No branches of historical inquiry have suffered more from fanciful speculation than those which relate to the origin and attributes of the races of mankind. The differentiation of these races began in prehistoric darkness, and the more obscure a subject is, so much the more fascinating. Hypotheses are tempting, because though it may be impossible to verify them, it is, in the paucity of data, almost equally impossible to refute them. James Bryce
There is no fundamental difference in the ways of thinking of primitive and civilized man. A close connection between race and personality has never been established. Franz Boas
It is not only by the questions we have answered that progress may be measured, but also by those we are still asking. The passionate controversies of one era are viewed as sterile preoccupations by another, for knowledge alters what we seek as well as what we find. Freda Adler
As the first generation of Chinese Communism passes, we are baffled by its unexpected successes Leland Hazard
At the bottom of the Wealth curve Men and Women starve and children die young. In the broad middle of the curve all is turmoil and motion: people rising and falling, climbing by talent or luck and falling by alcoholism, tuberculosis and other kinds of unfitness. At the very top sit the elite of the elite, who control wealth and power for a time – until they are unseated through revolution or upheaval by a new aristocratic class. There is no progress in human history. Democracy is a fraud. Human nature is primitive, emotional, unyielding. The smarter, abler, stronger, and shrewder take the lion's share. The weak starve, lest society become degenerate: Vilfredo Pareto
Any system of economics is bankrupt if it sees either value or virtue in unemployment. Jimmy Carter
As we look deeper for the soul of capitalism, we find that, in the terms of ordinary human existence, American capitalism doesn't appear to have one. William Greider
Probably 95 percent of ‘white’ Americans have some ‘Negroid blood.’ Carl T. Rowan Jr.
Depression is a situation of self-fulfilling pessimism. Joan Robinson
... the misery of being exploited by capitalists is nothing compared to the misery of not being exploited at all. Joan Robinson
A basic contradiction between socialism and the market economy does not exist. Deng Xiaoping
The best industrial policy is competition. Feng Xingyuan
Capitalism is not simply mass production, but mass production to satisfy the needs of the masses. Ludwig von Mises
… the science of government is an experimental science, and that, like all other experimental sciences, it is generally in a state of progression. No man is so obstinate an admirer of the old times as to deny that medicine, surgery, botany, chemistry, engineering, navigation, are better understood now than in any former age. We conceive that it is the same with political science Thomas Babington Macaulay
The trouble with our intelligence is that we have a bunch of social scientists doing the analysis when the world is dominated by fanatics. David Brooks
Capitalists are generating death. Hugo Chavez
As Minister of Economics, Funk accelerated the pace of rearmament and as Reichsbank president banked for the SS the gold teeth fillings of concentration camp victims, probably the most ghoulish collateral in banking history. Robert Houghwout Jackson
Competition to the economist is predatory pricing to the business person. Lewis D. Eigen
The belief that politics can be scientific must inevitably produce tyrannies. Politics cannot be a science, because in politics theory and practice cannot be separated, and the sciences depend upon their separation. W. H. Auden
Buying securities is usually easier than selling securities. Warren Buffett
As for Marx, his economic value, apart from occasional … flashes of insight, is nil. John Maynard Keynes
All models are wrong, but some are useful. George E. P. Box
The science of politics is the one science that is deposited by the streams of history, like the grains of gold in the sand of a river; and the knowledge of the past, the record of truths revealed by experience, is eminently practical, as an instrument of action and a power that goes to making the future Lord Acton; John Emerich Edward
Of all sciences there is none where first appearances are more deceitful than in politics David Hume
Antiques exist as evidence of the cultural tracks we made in the past. Ai Weiwei
A true socialist never hates people. He knows, that they are products of the great economical laws, which in the present society divides man into two nations of poor and rich… We socialists never hate specific individuals. But we hate the system - capitalism, militarism, reaction – and that system we scorn with a healthy, burning, eternal hatred. Ture Nerman
All of the economic theories in the world translate themselves eventually to what happens to people in communities. Eleanor Roosevelt
The more one-dimensional an explanation of something complex and far reaching, the greater the grounds for skepticism. Kevin Phillips
Capitalism with airbags—the type of capitalism I am a fan of. Mark Blyth
An economic version of mutual deterrence is preserving the uneasy status quo between China and Japan. Richard Katz
If my child were in a school where he was not learning, I would not wait for a gathering of social scientists to tell me whether it was okay for me to send him to another school. Diane Ravitch
American economic history does not support the idea that a strong economy depends on chronic federal borrowing. Bill White (Texas politician)
Anything which dominates the life of the community should be owned by the community. Leo XIII
It is not important whether or not the interpretation is correct-- if men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences. William Thomas
That is simple my friend,: because politics is more difficult than physics Albert Einstein
An emerging market is a country where politics matters at least as much as economics to the market Ian Bremmer
Politics cannot be a science, because in politics theory and practice cannot be separated W. H. Auden
Careful economic analysis does have one important benefit, which is that it can help kill ideas that are completely logically inconsistent or wildly at variance with the data. This insight covers at least 90 percent of proposed economic policies Ben Bernanke
Any woman who stays with her abuser beyond the first incident is complicitous with him. Camille Paglia; Camile
An economic recession—even when it is of long duration—does not necessarily involve a decline in all trades. A. M. van der Woude
Complexity and innovation are not always good things. Henry Paulson
Deterrence, of course, is all about the perception of power. It hinges on convincing adversaries that, with force, guile, or economic isolation, you can make the think twice about acting against American interests. David E. Sanger
I recognized that … there was a science of society as well as botany. Ida Tarbell
Anything free is worth what you pay for it Robert A. Heinlein
Corporative economy introduces order even into economy. If there is a phenomenon which ought to be well-ordered, which ought to be directed toward certain definite aims, it is precisely the economic phenomenon, which interests the whole of the citizens. Not only industrial economy ought to be disciplined, but also agricultural economy, commercial economy, banking economy, and even the work of artisans. Benito Mussolini
1918-20 was an epoch of unremitting effort to communize peasant Russia. Storm centers were created in the villages in the form of Committees of the Poor; the well-to-do peasant was to be displaced by the ne'er-do-well and the rural proletariat. A socialistic system of agriculture, with Communes and Soviet farms as features of the plan, was finally to link up rural production with the nationalized industries of the cities. Most important of all, a confiscatory socialistic tax was established ….. The peasant was allowed to retain only a certain minimum of his crop and compelled to deliver the remainder to the state. This was to be his contribution to the Worker's Republic which was supposed to have given him "peace and land.” The scheme proved to be a complete failure. Boris Alexandrovich Bakhmeteff
Economic problems have no sharp edges. They shade off imperceptibly into politics, sociology, and ethics. Indeed, it is hardly an exaggeration to say that the ultimate answer to every economic problem lies in some other field. Kenneth Ewart Boulding
Countries that censor news and information must recognize that from an economic standpoint, there is no distinction between censoring political speech and commercial speech. If businesses in your nations are denied access to either type of information, it will inevitably impact on growth. Hillary Clinton
History is the single discipline from the world of learning that most informs action in the world. So if you ask world leaders what guides them in making decisions about a new circumstance that they have just encountered it is usually implicitly “a little like this” or “a little like” something else that happened in the past. They use that much more than they use political science theories or economic theories. It is “what is this like that has happened in the past”. Ashton B. Carter
Half the experimental physicists studied and fully 84 percent of the theoreticians were the sons of professional men, typically engineers, physicians, and teachers …. None of the fathers … were the sons of unskilled laborers. Richard Rhodes
Corporate trading is vicious in principle. The directors of such companies, being the managers rather of other people's money than of their own, it cannot well be expected that they should watch over it with the same anxious vigilance with which the partners in a private copartnery frequently watch over their own … Negligence and profusion must always prevail, more or less, in the management of the affairs of such a company Adam Smith
The individual in physical science is nothing; in human science everything. Arnold J. Toynbee
American economic greatness has never trickled down from the top. Barack Obama
In order to know a community, one must observe the styles of its funerals and know what manner of men they bury with most ceremony. Mark Twain
Distributed technology does not necessarily lead to distributed economics. Andrew Keen
A market economy is to economics what democracy is to government: a decent, if flawed choice, about many bad alternatives Charles J. Wheelan
... our economy is gradually becoming a zero-sum game between financial wealth holders and the rest of America. Wallace C. Turbeville
Actuaries shamelessly, although often in good faith, underestimate pension obligations by as much as 50 percent. Their clients [usually politicians and political entities] want them to. Jeremy Gold
Allowing slavery will starve the poor white laborer. James Edward Oglethorpe
Populism is an ideology that separates society into two homogeneous and antagonist groups. Caa Mudde
human ecology Robert E. Park
If you asked me, ‘Where’s the scientific evidence of what’s adding value to a campaign?,’ I’d say field organizing. But the campaign consultants who are most famous are the strategists, especially the ones who focus on TV. And that’s where the evidence of the effectiveness of anything that people do in campaigns is the most limited. Brendan Nyhan
We liked to think that polling and political analysis had become scientific, but this campaign changes all that. Michael Beschloss
[Should we] pry intimately into the lives of an undefended and appallingly damaged group of human beings, an ignorant and helpless rural family, for the purpose of parading the nakedness, disadvantage and humiliation of these lives before another group of human beings, in the name of science, of ‘honest journalism”? James Agee
The government spends $30 Billion a year on basic health research and the results have been fantastic for the country and the world. Bill Gates
In a thousand years, archaeologists will dig up tanning beds and think we fried people as a punishment. Olivia Wilde
We can conceive of various kinds of democracy. Baruch Spinoza
We have moved from a commitment to serve the deserving poor to an assumption that all are deserving. And much of this rests at the feet of politicians trolling for votes by larding on the largesse. Peter Cove
The government’s unprecedented expenditures failed to bring about the decline in poverty that Johnson had promised. Instead, they made things worse. Peter Cove
Not only does big government get in the way when it provides disincentives to work, it also has a profoundly negative effect on community. […] The more the government does for individuals, the more community is diminished. Peter Cove
This may sound like common sense, but the unfortunate reality is that objective self-review and recalibration are rarely the norm with most social programs. The widespread belief that commitment, good intentions, and good deeds are enough carries the day. Peter Cove
A trade war between the U.S. and China would hurt both countries, but there is reason to believe that the U.S. has more to lose. Today, 80% of global trade comprises international supply chains,” she writes. “Declining trade costs have allowed firms to splinter their production lines geographically, with goods processed and value added in multiple countries along the chain. If China threw a handful of sand in the gears of these chains, it could disrupt entire production networks, doing serious damage to the U.S…. Keyu Jin
A great paradox laid at the heart of the Soviet State. While rapid scientific progress was needed on a mass scale to advance the cost of a Utopian socialist nation, the Soviet regime didn't want to grant the scientific community inside Russia any intellectual freedom or autonomy, fearing that it might end up undermining the science of Marxism, Simon Ings
Young people must sieze the fortress of science if they want to truly replace the old guard. Joseph Stalin
The loss of respect for religion is the dry rot of social institutions. The idea of God as the Creator and Father of all mankind is to the moral world, what gravitation is in the natural; it holds everything else together and causes it to revolve around a common center. Take this away and any ultimate significance to life falls apart. There is then no such thing as collective humanity, but only separate molecules of men and women drifting in the universe with no more cohesion and no more meaning than so many grains of sand have meaning for the sea. Henry Martyn Field
We soothe our consciences with hashtag activism and feigned disdain for a country we’d never dream of leaving. Jason Whitlock
Obviously something is wrong with the entire argument of "obviousness". Paul Lazarsfeld
More often than not, when someone affirms their privilege or points out the privilege of others, they do so in a way that betrays an utter cluelessness about that very privilege. “Privilege talk” is regularly accompanied by hypocritical accusations, outrage over trivialities, and uncritical hatred of important modern institutions, which are attitudes that would neither exist nor be tolerated but for the privilege that we all enjoy. When someone says, “Speaking from a position of privilege,” it’s a safe bet that what follows will display an indifference to their privilege (or even an implication that it’s some kind of burden), which, of course, is an attitude only a very privileged person could hold. Tristan Flock
Moral indignation has a way of obscuring sober reasoning, and those who speak of privilege are often primed (by professors, peers, and media) to actively seek out moral transgressions. As such, many backwards beliefs and harmful attitudes have found a toehold amongst “privileged” millennials, who presume their views to be self-evidently righteous and thus not up for debate. Many of these views, were they to become widespread, would lead to the destruction of the privileges that we in the developed world are so fortunate to enjoy. These include free expression, freedom of the press, freedom of peaceful assembly, the rule of law, and ongoing efforts to judge people not by their phenotype but rather by their actions. Tristan Flock
Sadly, the pernicious ironies of privilege talk are generally lost on those who claim to be most aware of privilege. Tristan Flock
Many of the ideas that accompany privilege talk, if implemented, would wreak havoc on human wellbeing. If people truly acknowledged their privilege, they would show a greater concern for the forces behind it, which permit them to lead long, healthy, educated, leisure-filled lives, all the while incessantly complaining about the unadulterated evils of modern civilization. Tristan Flock
Many will equate words with violence, claiming that harsh criticism and invective are akin to physical abuse. According to this view, violence may be inflicted upon a person merely by offending them. Anyone who claims to believe this, despite never having experienced actual fist-in-their-face, gun-at-their-back, war-in-their-streets physical violence, may need to check their privilege. … if we tear down the distinction between words and violence, then why not simply use violence to solve our problems as a first rather than a last resort? Tristan Flock
Many of the most privilege-conscious see capitalism as an evil economic regime and think of freedom only as a propaganda term thrown about by neoconservatives. To them, capitalism is the bogeyman hiding behind all of our societal ills, and freedom is an ideal used purely to justify global abuse. If someone lives in a country graced by low levels of poverty, legitimate democratic elections, and a press that publicizes the plight of the governed, yet they wish to abolish markets and live in something more akin to a Communist state, they should check their privilege. Tristan Flock
To call someone “privileged” is to say that his or her successes are undeserved. It’s a personal insult posing as social critique. Phoebe Maltz Bovy
Asking the right questions is half the solution to any problem. Vittorio Loreto
Hatred is a transformative power. It can make the innocuous into the menacing. Shelby Steele
The job of an anthropologist is to make the familiar strange and to make the strange familiar, Clay Risen