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Truth never damages a cause that is just. Mahatma Gandhi
I was determined that no British government should be brought down by the action of two tarts. Harold MacMillan
A private sin is not so prejudicial in this world, as a public indecency. Miguel de Cervantes
Publish and be damned. Arthur Wellesley
Come up with a few examples from the Bible – or from history, or from whatever – that kind of show, you know, how when you've made a mess, you can do the best you can to clean it up, you make it right the best you can, and you keep going. Mark Sanford
We were caught in a hell of a trap. Jeb Stuart McGruder
So often the seeds of a Congressional ethics scandal are sown by the reforms of the last ethics scandal. Karen Tumulty
I resent the implication that there was some kind of performance review process going on. They had other things on the table…. When all else feels they should try the truth. Bud Cummins
Scooter Libby probably took a bullet for the administration, so he will probably be pardoned. Donald Trump
In 2020 hindsight, probably you can do everything a little bit better Dennis Hastert
Isn’t that a sweetheart deal. The Attorney General is appointed by the President; then investigates the President. Tom Harkin
Twelve hundred people died last week in Darfur. Their lives are just as important is yours and mine. The Foley story is a big story but in the interest of pursuing a sex scandal we are ignoring life and death problems all over the planet. Benjamin J. Stein
I hope today’s bill is a pedophile’s nightmare. Mark Foley
I’ve studied Nixon since the Kennedy campaign. I’ve no doubt that the trail will lead to the Oval Office. Lawrence O'Brien
I’m not your lawyer. But if I were in your shoes, I’d tell the President to burn the tapes immediately and then proclaim he’d done so as a matter of national security and executive privilege and out of an obligation to protect the office of the presidency. Joseph A. Califano Jr.
No one can have 33,000 employees and not do something wrong or have one of them do something wrong. Ernie Fletcher
The investigation has shown, let us hope, privilege at its worst. The trail is one of dishonesty, greed, violation of law, secrecy, concealment, evasion, falsehood, and cunning. It is a trail of betrayals by trusted and presumably honorable men--betrayals of a government, of certain business interests and the people who trusted and honored them; it is a trail showing a flagrant degree of the exercise of political power and influence, and the power and influence of great wealth upon individuals and political parties; it is the trail of despoilers and schemers, far more dangerous to the well-being of our Nation and our democracy than all those who have been deported Gerald Nye
Clinton lied. A man might forget where he parks or where he lives, but he never forgets oral sex, no matter how bad it is. Barbara Bush
The people of this country do not mind fornication but they loathe adultery. James Ramsay MacDonald
Four years after 9/11 it is scandalous that police and firefighters in large cities still cannot communicate reliably in a major crisis. It is scandalous that airline passengers are still not screened against all names on a terrorist watch list. It is scandalous that we still allocate scarce homeland security dollars on the basis of pork barrel spending, not risk. Thomas Ken
Leave me alone. I'm Carl Albert, Speaker of the House ... I just got you raises. Carl B. Albert
Failures happen in any system. Robert Bartley
… better a glass door than a glass ceiling. Gary Bauer
Christianity gave eroticism its savor of sin and legend when it endowed the human female with a soul. Simone de Beauvoir
The [American Catholic] Bishops have to understand that they are part of the problem. William Bennett
I was entangled by weakness, by passion, by sin, in coils which it was almost impossible to break. William Cabell Preston Breckinridge
Business pages of American newspapers should not read like a scandal sheet. George W. Bush
If I ever give another interview on the biblical sins of pride and lust, it will be to a reporter from Our Sunday Visitor Jimmy Carter
Alas, what is terrible is not the skeletons, but the fact that I am no longer terrified by them. Anton Chekhov
I did not have sexual relations with that woman–Miss Lewinsky. Bill Clinton
There's no negative to this except I might lose the [Democratic presidential] nomination to Bob Kerry .... Because he's single, nobody cares who he's screwing. Bill Clinton
I guess we have found the smoking pistol, haven’t we? Barber Conable
I hope our relationship is strong enough to endure all of this. Gary Condit
Most scandals involve broken laws. In the case of the congressional campaign financing system, the laws themselves are the scandal. Archibald Cox
Every time we seem to have a scandal in Washington, the discussion of Kay Summersby [his English female driver] and Dwight Eisenhower always comes up. Carlo D'Este
If this loan becomes public information it could be the end of your political career. Noah Dietrich
The story in its facts and in its inferences is totally inaccurate. Gary Hart will not dignify it with a comment because it's character assassination. It's harassment. He's offended and he's outraged. He's furious. He's a victim. Someone has got to say at some point that enough is enough. William Dixon
Dead flies cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a stinking savor; so too does a little folly for a person of wisdom and honor. Book of Ecclesiastes
I don’t have any skeletons in my closet. They’re all out front. Edwin W. Edwards
I’m going to change this frivolous attitude I’ve had towards womanizing. Edwin W. Edwards
I used to think the Civil War was our country's greatest tragedy, but I do remember that there were a few redeeming features in the Civil War in that there was some spirit of sacrifice and heroism displayed on both sides. I see no redeeming features in Watergate. Samuel J. Ervin Jr.
I knew I could get a better price without calling for bids Albert B. Fall
The savings and loan scandals grew in the dark basements of official government secrecy. Henry B. Gonzalez
No personal consideration should stand in the way of performing a public duty. Ulysses S. Grant
Political scandal has become devalued. There are so many of them. Susan Garment
Scandal is news with a very human face, interesting to a high percentage of the American public. Philip B. Heymann
Before the [Buddhist] priests are big trays of delicacies, Behind them lurk graceful nuns. … Kings and Lords only love that little thing Ho Xuan Huong
Come, come, come and play spy with me, Down at the old Watergate; Come, come, come live and lie with me, Down at the old Watergate. See the little German band, Ehrlichman and Haldeman; Don't Martha Mitchell look great? Come, come, come don't be shy with me; I'll have the whole FBI with me; Down at the old Water—we'll make the police blotter — Down at the old Watergate. William Hungate
The statute of limitations has long since passed on my youthful indiscretions. Henry Hyde
The wonder of this month's military procurement scandal is that it can still scandalize us. The practices that are being exposed—the revolving door between government and industry, the mutual backscratching between the military and the companies that build the weapons—aren't abuses of the system. They are the system. David Ignatius
Love knows no rule. Saint Jerome; Hieronymus
He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone. Book of John
In any single "first-class" hotel in Washington, at any time during midsession, at least half a dozen of these lobbyesses are thus at work at once, each one roping in her dozen or ten of wild-cat Congressmen. The lever of lust is used to pry up more legislators to the sticking point than money itself avails to seduce. Edward Winslow Martin
I am a seducer, not a womanizer. Carlos Menem
I think this administration has turned completely against my husband. In other words, they're desperate, and I will not under any circumstances let them pin it [Watergate] on my husband. I think my husband has become the whipping boy for the whole administration, and they want to hide who is really involved. Martha Mitchell
“Never again” doesn’t reckon with money’s ability to erase memory. Bill Moyers
Wolves can't catch what dogs do not expose. Jean de La Fontaine
Scandal is the first weapon, the most continuous one, and the last weapon used against a woman anywhere, and particularly one of … prominence Judy LaMarsh
We, in a sense, are taking back Uncle Sam's checkbook. Tom Lantos
The one thing we ought to worry about is the propensity of this country to overreact, and to engage in cycles of bitterness. Edward Levi
It used to be that Washington admired Hollywood for its sex and Hollywood admired Washington for its power. These days, Washington admires Hollywood for its power and Hollywood admires Washington for its sex. Robert Lichter
I have strayed from my marriage. Robert Livingston
It is impossible and incompatible with the dignity of the United States to have its senior official [President Nixon] and to have its Secretary of State under this sort of attack in the face of the dangers we confront and the risks that may have to be run and the opportunities that may have to be seized. Henry A. Kissinger
If you are confirmed, there is one thing you must bear in mind. You will be working for the government of the United states—not for the Republican Party, and not for me. Let this fact guide you, no matter what ugly matters come to light. You may call on me for whatever assistance you may need. Don't hesitate to ask. Calvin Coolidge
It is not for the President to determine criminal guilt or render judgment in civil causes. That is the function of the courts. It is not for him to prejudge. I shall do neither; but when facts are revealed to me that require action for the purpose of insuring the enforcement of either civil or criminal liability, such action will be taken. That is the province of the Executive … I feel the public is entitled to know that in the conduct of such action no one is shielded for any party, political or other reason. Calvin Coolidge
Mr. Doheny, Mr. Sinclair, and Mr. Fall will have the best attorneys their millions can employ. The United States Government needs the biggest and best prosecutors that can be had to meet those attorneys in the courtroom and carry the criminal prosecution to conviction Clarence Cleveland Dill
People who will not turn a shovel full of dirt on the project [Muscle Shoals Dam] nor contribute a pound of material, will collect more money from the United States than will the People who supply all the material and do all the work. Thomas A. Edison
The policy which has been adopted by the Secretary of the Navy and the Secretary of the Interior in dealing with these matters was submitted to me prior to the adoption thereof, and the policy decided upon and the subsequent acts have at all times had my entire approval. Warren G. Harding
Can the public business be thus transacted and in secret? Atlee Pomerene
Aging leaders have put their own survival ahead of their reason for being and above that of the institution they serve. Bob Schieffer
I wouldn't depend on the Justice Department for investigative purposes, nor would I approach the Attorney General's office for information if I were you …. It is my conviction that the man would go to any lengths to protect himself and his friends—and make no mistake about it, the people we are after are friends of the Attorney General. Harry Daugherty has had a hand in every dirty piece of business which has come out of the Harding administration. There is every reason to believe that, at the very least, Daugherty is one of the men who knows the whole sordid story of the oil leases—and there is enough evidence to warrant the suspicion that he himself might have profited from them Thomas J. Walsh
Never! Don’t tell me never! Katharine Graham
The truth is that I am a gay American. James McGreevey
It irritates me that that silly little man should destroy a great monarchy by giggling into a flirtation with a third-rate American. Harold Nicolson
the Mayor of the city [John T. Monroe], during my absence, suppressed the Convention by the use of their police force, and in so doing attacked the members of the Convention and a party of two hundred negroes, and with fire-arms, clubs, and knives, in a manner so unnecessary and atrocious as to compel me to say that it was murder. About forty whites and blacks were thus killed, and about one hundred and sixty wounded. Everything is now quiet, but I deem it best to maintain a military supremacy in the city for a few days until the affair is fully investigated, IT WAS NOT RIOT. IT WAS AN ABSOLUTE MASSACRE BY THE POLICE, WHICH WAS NOT EXCELLED IN MURDEROUS CRUELTY BY THAT OF FORT PILLOW. IT WAS A MURDER WHICH THE MAYOR AND POLICE OF THE CITY PERPETRATED WITHOUT THE SHADOW OF NECESSITY. Philip Henry Sheridan
In a close election no one is going to pass up an opportunity to mix politics with a little sex. Carlos Watson
That's garbage. Why can't they catch me in a sex scandal. I could use some good publicity. Willie Brown
Why the hell do I want to go to a place like Mombassa?... I just see myself in a pot of boiling water with all these natives dancing around me. Mel Lastman
Even if there were only one communist in the State Department, that would still be one communist too many. Joseph R. McCarthy
The theory of evolution is quite rightly called the greatest unifying theory in biology. The diversity of organisms, similarities and differ- ences between kinds of organisms, patterns of distribution and behavior, adaptation and interaction, all this was merely a bewildering chaos of facts until given meaning by the evolutionary theory. Ernst Mayr
No, not at liberty; because it was considered a stain on the family, but the young men did it; there was a good deal of it.  They often kept one girl steady and sometimes two on different places; men who had wives did it too sometimes; if they could get it on their own place it was easier but they would go wherever they could get it. Harry McMillan
Scandal is an absolute nightmare in politics. Tony Blair
Scandals are only increased by hushing them up. Rudyard Kipling
It would be far more comfortable for me to stay where I was in Connecticut, making 10 times more money and enjoying life than to come down here and subject myself to the kinds of discussions I've gone through for the last three days. Alexander Haig
The Watergate burglary was both illegal and stupid Alexander Haig
Follow me around.... I'm serious. If anybody wants to put a tail on me, go ahead. They'd be very bored. Gary Hart
For the President to perform his constitutional duties, it is imperative that he receive candid and unfettered advice and that free and open discussions and deliberations occur among his advisors and between those advisors and others within and outside the Executive Branch. George W. Bush
These are not grounds for impeachment. These are grounds for divorce. Maureen Dowd
My men were caught by the police tonight. I will probably be going to jail. G. Gordon Liddy
This was a very serious sin in my past for which I am, of course, completely responsible. Several years ago, I asked for and received forgiveness from God and my wife in confession and marriage counseling. Out of respect for my family, I will keep my discussion of the matter there - with God and them. But I certainly offer my deep and sincere apologies to all I have disappointed and let down in any way. David Vitter
What did they know, when did they know it, and what did they do about it. William S. Cohen
When men understand what each other mean, they see for the most part, that controversy is either superfluous or hopeless. John Henry Newman
It is a public scandal that gives offence, and it is no sin to sin in secret. Jean Molière
The trust saga is full of “scandals, deception, dirty tricks and outright villainy,” says the presiding judge. Royce C. Lamberth
This will last, Mr. President, as long as you are President and beyond. Bernard W. Nussbaum
Norse Map a Communist Plot New York Daily News
It’s stupid, and you can’t fix stupid Harry Reid
Mathematics is the true language that the universe is written in. They key to understanding the world around us. Marcus du Sautoy
… you have the ability to give magnificent gentle kisses, or that I love your tan lines or that I love the curve of your hips, the erotic beauty of you holding yourself (or two magnificent parts of yourself) in the faded glow of the night's light. but hey, that would be going into sexual details... Mark Sanford Jr.; Sanford, Marshall Clement 'Mark' Sanford, Jr.
Education in my family was not merely emphasized, it was our raison d'être. Virtually all of our aunts and uncles had Ph.d. 's in science or engineering, and it was taken for granted that the next generation of Chu's were to follow the family tradition. When the dust had settled, my two brothers and four cousins collected three MDs, four Ph.d. s and a law degree. I could manage only a single advanced degree. Steven Chu
… a devout Christian must avoid astrologers and all impious soothsayers, especially when they tell the truth, for fear of leading his soul into error by consorting with demons and entangling himself with the bonds of such association. Saint Augustine; Aurelius
The true men of action in our time, those who transform the world, are not the politicians and statesmen, but the scientists. Unfortunately poetry cannot celebrate them because their deeds are concerned with things, not persons, and are, therefore, speechless. When I find myself in the company of scientists, I feel like a shabby curate who has strayed by mistake into a drawing room full of dukes. W. H. Auden
It was my job to get the skeletons out of the closet and into the press—which I did. Charles Colson
I love you garb’d but naked, more! Warren G. Harding
The reason the President’s office is oval is so he can’t corner an intern. Mark Russell
Museums, free libraries, and art galleries have this in common: that they are each expected to fulfill two purposes which are somewhat incongruous, and require to be pursued by different methods and with different appliances. Each of these institutions is expected to minister to the wants both of trained students and of the untrained and ignorant public; and the demands of these two classes of persons are so diverse that they must be provided for separately British Association for the Advancement of Science
… there are two things that will be believed of any man whatsoever, and one of them is that he has taken to drink. Booth Tarkington
Nature is not as forgiving as Christ. Hyman Rickover
I was no longer committing adultery by that time, the impeachment trial. Tom DeLay
Sex scandals, while embarrassing, are far less depressing than financial corruption. I would way rather have an important elected official who patronized prostitutes than one who spent $60,000 of the taxpayers’ money on sushi and lobster. Gail Collins
New York is having awful corruption scandals. The charges involve politicians acting in such an insanely stupid way, it shatters our longstanding confidence that taking money was the one thing they know how to do well. Gail Collins
Sometimes not all adolescent victims [of sexually predatory priests] are so “innocent”. Some can be sexually very active and aggressive and often quite streetwise. Rembert Weakland
I think family skeletons are best left where they are-- in the closet William Colby
There will be huge scandals because there is too much money washing around …. And we don’t know who’s behind it. John McCain
A good many times I have been present at gatherings of people who, by the standards of the traditional culture, are thought highly educated and who have with considerable gusto been expressing their incredulity at the illiteracy of scientists. Once or twice I have been provoked and have asked the company how many of them could describe the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The response was cold: it was also negative. Yet I was asking something which is about the scientific equivalent of: Have you read a work of Shakespeare's? C. P. Snow
A real bombshell …. North had taken the money and out it in a Swiss bank account … to be used for the Contras ….It’s going to be a major flap. George W. Bush
If something happens that reinforces your stereotype, it’s a big deal. Rudy Guliani
Let me be clear to you, if you ever do that again, I’ll throw you off the fucking balcony…. I will break you in half. Michael Grimm
There is no more justice in France. There is only the revolver. Henriette Caillaux
I used crack cocaine probably in one of my drunken stupors Rob Ford
Mary had a little lamb. And when she saw it stricken she shipped it off to Packingtown and now its labeled chicken. New York Post
God gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time. Robin Williams
Honey, there go 20 million votes, but we’ll get over it. Gerald R. Ford
He’s sick. He’s got an addiction. He’s sick. He’s get a sexual addiction. He needs help. Gerald R. Ford
Goddamn bitch set me up! Marion Barry
In Washington, and wherever two or more politicians may gather, he who does not get caught has ‘character’ and he who gets caught has none.. Jonathan Yardley
I will not sit by and watch good people smeared. James Comey
Follow the Money W. Mark Felt
Although readers and viewers tell us that they do not want this filth, that is exactly what they read and tune in to. Dana Milbank
It is well known that the man, whom it delighteth the people to honor, keeps, and for many years past has kept, as his concubine, one of his own slaves. Her name is SALLY. James Thomson Callender
As the mores and laws of the South made such liaisons illegitimate by law and nonexistent in speech, race mixing became an erasable element of one’s past. Sexual intimacy between blacks and whites was not a subversive act provided it was not formally acknowledged. Kevin Noble Maillard
I need you to read more and drink less. Robert Nellor
There is no honor in denigrating a fellow marine in any way shape and form. Robert Nellor
Sex has been getting us in big trouble since the Garden of Eden. Most of us can’t have a happy, successful life without it, but you have to control this powerful force or it will control you, and maybe cause you to lose the things in life that are most important to you. In today’s world, perhaps more than ever before, sex is being used as a kind of currency. Some people barter sexual favors for a push up the ladder to success.” While that might “work in the short term,” he warned, “in the long term, sexual exploitation almost always leads to disaster. Bill O'Reilly
To often, money that comes to Washington never gets back home because it is eaten away by fraud waste and abuse. Tom Price
Independent counsel Kenneth Starr claimed that his official investigation was not about sex, but about perjury and the abuse of power, yet his final report mentioned sex five hundred times. Harper’s Magazine ... claimed that Starr was intent on writing a “dirty book,” recording (and relishing) every trashy detail of a sad soap opera. Nancy Isenberg
A few months ago I told the American people I did not trade arms for hostages. My heart and my best intentions still tell me that's true, but the facts and the evidence tell me it is not. Ronald Reagan
The president has allowed America into the ugliness of his mind - as if he wanted the world to participate in the despoliation of the myth of presidential behavior. ... That was the truly impeachable offense: letting everyone see. Leonard Garment
Grab them by the pussy. Donald Trump