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To say that only those businesses affected with a public interest may be regulated is but another way of stating that all those businesses which may be regulated are affected with a public interest. Harlan Stone
We should place priority on the development of safeguards against unwise, permanent alterations in the human gene pool. Now that we have become principle agents of evolution, it is crucially important to recognize that the pursuit of short-term goals through human modification can be dangerously inconsistent with the long-term best interests of the human species. Al Gore
We are enjoying the longest sustained growth period in recent history. But the capital controls are very damning for investment interest in Iceland but also very damaging to the real economy where we are losing opportunities. Bjarni Benedikisson Jr.
Television is just another appliance–it's a toaster with pictures. Mark Fowler
I had the feeling after a meeting with company executives that they were at no time wholly frank with me, and this attitude has obtained in all our conferences, etc. regarding this drug. Francis Kelsey
Globalization must be controlled. Frederick Tluway Sumaye
Know that we have permitted tournaments to be held in England in five places; …. Yet so that the peace of our land be not broken, nor justice hindered, nor damage to our forests …. Richard I (Richard Lion-Heart)
All woolen cloths shall everywhere be made of the same breadth, two ells within the lifts …. The ell shall be of the same length over all the kingdom …. No merchant in and part of the Kingdom of England shall stretch before his shop or booth a red or black cloth, or any other thing, by which the sight of buyers is frequently deceived in the choice of good cloth ….. In all cities and burghs, 4 to 6 men, according to the size of the place, shall be appointed to enforce the observation of these regulations by seizing the persons and goods of those who transgress them. Richard I (Richard Lion-Heart)
Every man holds his property subject to the general right of the community to regulate its use to whatever degree the public welfare may require it. Theodore Roosevelt
If we have done anything wrong, send your man to my man and they can fix it up. J. Pierpont Morgan
The most monstrous men a plea of power in the history of the world William Howard Taft
The child labor amendment would commit this country forever to the Communist system of the nationalization of her children ... It would certainly impose involuntary servitude. William H. O'Connell
Only the corporation that shirks from the light would have anything to fear from government. About the welfare of such corporations we need not be over-sensitive. Theodore Roosevelt
Government regulation is not a dangerous usurpation of your Constitutional rights. It's just a pain in the ass. Molly Ivins
Governments should not meddle with these trade issues… if we believe in free markets, then they have to be free Naguib Sawiris
... an instrument of oppression and disturbance and injury instead of help to business. William E. Humphrey
Corporations have neither bodies to be punished, nor souls to be condemned; they therefore do as they like. Edward Thurlow
A corporation is an artificial being, invisible, intangible, and existing only in contemplation of law. Being the mere creature of law, it possesses only those properties which the charter of its creation confers upon it, either expressly or as incidental to its very existence John Marshall
No business is above government, and government must be empowered to deal adequately with any business that tries to rise above government. Franklin D. Roosevelt
I do not expect monopoly to restrain itself. Woodrow Wilson
In areas where competitive markets work well beyond question, they are constantly under attack by government—members of both parties. Richard Epstein
Every contract, combination in the form of trust or otherwise, or conspiracy, in restraint of trade or commerce among the several States, or with foreign nations, is declared to be illegal. Every person who shall make any contract or engage in any combination or conspiracy hereby declared to be illegal shall be deemed guilty of a felony….. Every person who shall monopolize, or attempt to monopolize, or combine or conspire with any other person or persons, to monopolize any part of the trade or commerce among the several States, or with foreign nations, shall be deemed guilty of a felony… John Sherman
Men may differ as to the particular form of governmental activity with respect to industry and business, but nearly all are agreed that private enterprise in times such as these cannot be left without assistance and without reasonable safeguards lest it destroy not only itself but also our processes of civilization. Franklin D. Roosevelt
The steps which my predecessor took and the legislation passed on his recommendation have accomplished much, have caused a general halt in the vicious policies which created popular alarm, and have brought about in the business world a much higher regard for existing law. William Howard Taft
Unfair methods of competition in commerce are hereby declared unlawful. The commission is hereby empowered and directed to prevent persons, partnerships, or corporations, except banks, and common carriers subject to the Acts to regulate commerce, from using unfair methods of competition in commerce. United States Congress
Business, too, need to mend its ways. For many years various sections of American industry have asked for special legislation which offered a temporary benefit at the expense of normal economic processes. Business has asked for special subsidies and special tariffs, for special protection against price cutters or low cost producers, for government appropriations for this or that special purpose. Business cannot ask for government interference at one time, and then indignantly reject it at another. Wendell Wilkie
Regulation has crept up on us steadily…. The most alarming feature of this concentration of power in the Federal government is the creation of omnipotent commissions to exercise it. The new fields of Federal control are administered by small Boards or executive commissions, usually appointed by the President and responsible to no one but the President. They are part of the Executive Department. But their function is not executive only. They have two additional functions: one is legislative, the other is judicial. These commissions write the rules which make the laws effective. Then they administer the rules; and when the rules are violated, they it in judgment on the violations. Wendell Wilkie
To follow the example of other states would deprive Wisconsin of a large measure of its sovereign prerogative, and establish great corporations as independent powers within the state, a sort of imperia in imperiis (empire within an empire), baffling state order, state economy, state policy. Edward G. Ryan
Every state has the right to take the necessary steps to maintain under public control the use, possession, disposal and reservation of land. Every state has the right to plan and regulate the use of land, which is one of its most important resources, in such a way that the growth of population centers both urban and rural are based on a comprehensive land use plan. United Nations
I recommend that a law be enacted to regulate interstate commerce in misbranded and adulterated foods, drinks, and drugs.... Traffic in foodstuffs which have been debased or adulterated so as to injure health or to deceive purchasers should be forbidden. Theodore Roosevelt
We demand that big business give the people a square deal; in return we must insist that when anyone engaged in big business honestly endeavors to do right he shall himself be given a square deal. Theodore Roosevelt
We've learned, and this is true in many areas within the environmental movement, that change occurs more rapidly through marketplace movement than through regulation. We are also recognizing that not only do companies want to be green, they also want to save money. Rick Hind
There is $2.6 trillion spent in Washington, with the authority to regulate everything in your life…. People will spend unheard-of amounts of money to influence that. Newt Gingrich
Iowa Idea Anonymous
Is there anything in the existing condition that makes the duty of Congress to put the liberty of all the people of the United States in jeopardy?... Are we going to take up the question of what a man shall eat and what a man shall drink, and put him under severe penalties if he is eating or drinking something different from what the chemists of the Agricultural Department think desirable? Nelson W. Aldrich
If anyone harness a yoke of oxen, his wages are one-half peck of barley. If a smith make a copper box, his wages are one hundred pecks of barley. He who makes a copper dish of two-pound weight, his wages are one peck of emmer. Anatolia
All regulation can ever do is approximate the results of competition. Kevin Arquit
In 1985 five Senators had received contributions from Lincoln Savings and Loan, and had interceded on the bank's behalf with federal regulators. The same request was made of the governor who refused. You don't intervene in the regulatory process. It's law enforcement. It's like a parent ... calling the police chief to say, "Don't touch my kid." It's wrong. [The Senators' efforts delayed the closure of the bank, costing the taxpayers billions of dollars. Bruce Babbitt
What else are we not knowing about, and when didn’t we know it. Sue Bailey
Government has a perfect right, indeed a duty, to intervene in the economy in the name of justice, ecology, strategic interests, full employment, or other public goods in which the market has and can have no interest. Benjamin R. Barber
Sometimes regulators are the most reactionary people and are looking backward. William P. Barr
The measures have not yet been devised which can permanently protect men from their folly. Bernard Baruch
Look with favor on the merchants of the land; always care for them; let no one order them about, for through their trading the land becomes prosperous ... Ahmet Sinan Celebi Behesti
The agencies of production, of manufacture, distribution, and of finance: all the parts of the capitalist system, have only one purpose and that is to work for the welfare of the people. And when any of those instruments in any way fails, it is the plain duty of a government which represents the people to remove the cause of the failure. Richard Bedford Bennett
Free competition and the open market system as they were known in the old days, have lost their places in the system, and that the only substitute for them, in these modern times, is government regulation and control. Richard Bedford Bennett
In a free and democratic society, borrowing is one of the inalienable rights of human beings. The Government will never dictate when to lend, when to borrow. Sali Berisha
We must switch from a regulatory framework centered on the protection of individual jobs to the idea of protection on the market based on the concept of employability. Marco Biagi
We should like to see such legislation as would beggar the lot of them and confiscate their roads, lands, rolling stock and all that is theirs.... These men have set themselves apart—have divorced their interests from those of all other classes. They have deliberately antagonized civilization and affronted humanity. Their methods are so exceptional that they can be reached only by exceptional methods. They have presumed on our reluctance to apply them. Ambrose Bierce
We would write an amendment to the Constitution giving the Federal Government the right to regulate all private business and to enter into any business which it deemed proper … Paul Blanshard
To save my live I cannot see what right we have to control the air that God Almighty gave the people. Coleman L. Blease
You can't, in a government agency, regulate everything that moves ... you can't regulate everything ... you must strike a balance. Ann Brown
Self regulation is important but it is not enough. George W. Bush
Regulatory enforcement mechanisms need to be sure and they need to be swift. Lynn Butler
Every attempt, by whatever authority, to fix a maximum of productive labor by a given worker in a given time is an unjust restriction upon his freedom and a limitation of his right to make the most of himself in order that he may rise in the scale of the social and economic order in which he lives. Nicholas M. Butler
Regulators are wined and dined by the people they regulate. John Camp
The job of government must be to provide the rules and the climate that will let the system work. Joe Clark
They not only deregulated. They desupervised. Tony Coleho
There is no system of regulation or law that can prevent crime, white collar or otherwise. Bruce Corrigan
In undertaking the regulation of inter-State commerce, Congress is entering upon a new and untried field. Shelby M. Cullom
Once parties [businesses] merge, the eggs are very difficult to unscramble. John Cuneo
Deregulation [of electricity] does not work unless you have more power than you need. Gray Davis
We need horror stories for people to focus on. Thomas D. DeLay
In matters relating to business, finance, industrial and labor conditions, health and the public welfare, great leeway is now granted the legislature, for there is no guarantee in the Constitution that the status quo will be preserved against regulation by government. William O. Douglas
Self regulation is a myth. Thomas F. Eagleton
When an industry has a blanket exemption and someone suggests the most modest regulation, they see it changing the universe in which they do business. Dennis E. Eckart
Tough enforcement of the antitrust laws can help prevent a recurrence of inflation by attacking abuses of economic power. Lewis A. Engman
Because market forces and institutions are ethically indifferent, they require a deliberative, communal intelligence to prevent extreme injustice. Yaron Ezrahi
The private sector, when left alone, can make better decisions than government can. Rudolph W. Giuliani
... an altruistic institution ... a distinctly nonpartisan organization whose functions are to be wholly divorced from politics. Carter Glass
I don't think you can ask the free market to make sure that airplanes are working or that the cockpit crew is rested. Dan Glickman
The locomotive is coming into contact with the framework of our institutions. In this country of simple government, the most powerful civilizing force which civilization has yet produced must … assume its relation to that political machinery which is to control and regulate it. Edwin Lawrence Godkin
We do not want to place more power in the hands of government to investigate and regulate the lives, the conduct and the freedom of America's workers. Samuel Gompers
Work of intellectual daring carries the danger of increased error, in both frequency and consequence.... Intrusive regulation by nonscientists is most frightening for this reason: innovation and chanciness will die. Stephen Jay Gould
Regulations are in the eye of the beholder. Jere Goyan
I felt terrified as the chief regulator that I would start a run on my own industry Edwin J. Gray
It is the culture at the Fed [Federal Reserve Board] to seek consensus as distinct from merely recording one's vote.... Unless the chairman has everyone behind him, he can't go very far. Alan Greenspan
We don't have the right under the 1st Amendment to act as the national program director. Mark Fowler
Television should be regulated like a toaster. Mark Fowler
a king-sized cancer on our economy. William Frenzel
The Department of Insurance should be a state watchdog for the people, not a lap dog. James J. Florio
If you had wanted to alienate every prominent citizen in every major town, you couldn't have done a better job—insurance salesmen, funeral directors, doctors, dentists, used car dealers— if the [Federal Trade] commission had chosen to get everybody up in arms, it did exactly the right thing. Wendell H. Ford
I do not dread these corporations as instruments of power to destroy this country, because there are a thousand agencies which can regulate, restrain and control them. Benjamin H. Hill
While property may he regulated to a certain extent, if regulation goes too far it will he recognized as a taking. Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.
Regulation of private enterprise and not Government ownership or operation is the course rightly to be pursued in our relation to business. Herbert Hoover
It emasculated people to be protected in this way... [They should] be used to protecting themselves. Samuel Gridley Howe
Our government is the most successful contrivance the world has ever known for preventing things from being done. Charles Evans Hughes
No system of regulation can safely be substituted for the operation of individual liberty as expressed in competition. Louis D. Brandeis
We can continue to have a policy in which the public interest means whatever they [broadcasters and communications companies] want it to mean in order to make money. Or we can give it real meaning. Reed Hundt
Civil Rights Program is a farce and a sham – an effort to set up a police state in the guise of liberty. Lyndon B. Johnson
We should get rid of laws that retard competition and let these financial companies [large banking corporations] go at each other. William Isaac
The FCC on any given day has much more influence than the better known agencies like the entire Department of Health and Human Services. Jesse Jackson
... a wise and frugal government which shall restrain men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government, and this is necessary to close the circle of our felicities. Thomas Jefferson
The power given to Congress by the Constitution does not extend to the internal regulation of the commerce of a State (that is to say, of the commerce between citizen and citizen) which remain exclusively with its own legislature, but to its external commerce only; that is to say, its commerce with another State, or with foreign nations, or with the Indian tribes. Thomas Jefferson
The complete destruction of all enforced segregation is now in sight. Thurgood Marshall
Where you have a monopoly the American public will get gouged. It's as simple as that. Howard M. Metzenbaum
Things in which the individual is the person directly interested, never go right but as they are left to his own discretion; and that any regulation of them by authority, except to protect the rights of others, is sure to be mischievous. John Stuart Mill
Regulators will issue regulations until someone says no. James Miller
Only God can fix prices. Muhammad
The railroads saw that they must either accept control by the State of control the State. Robert M. La Follette
I am conscious each time I ask a question that there is a deep resentment in the heart of the railroad official at being compelled to answer; but that he is compelled to, he recognizes. Franklin K. Lane
People who believe in governmental regulation and intervention in life—for them government is a church. Frank Lavin
The railroad men did not hesitate to dominate government where they could. Ernest I. Lewis
The belief in the power of charms for good or evil produces not only honesty, but a great amount of gentle dealing. The powerful are often restrained in their despotism from a fear that the weak and helpless may injure them … David Livingston
[Legislators] can have no power to transfer their authority of making laws and place it in the hands of others. John Locke
The best way for you to keep Government out of your business is to promote competition. William Kennard
Regulators all too often encourage or approve unreasonably high prices, inadequate service, and anti-competitive behavior. The cost of this regulation is always passed on to the consumer. And that cost is astronomical. Edward M. Kennedy
If you'd like to buy some of the fruits of deregulation, we have some S&L's [savings & loan's] we'd like to sell you. Ted Koppel
If you think that government regulators are going to outwit the market, you've got a Jurassic Park fantasy. Lawrence Kudlow
Regulating the prices of goods in general would be an endless task, and no legislator has ever been weak enough to think of attempting it. Jeremy Bentham
Just because there is a market failure, doesn’t mean there is a government solution. David Boas
Going to public events and getting searched is not a normal event in a free society. We are growing up with a generation of young people who accept the wand and the metal detector. Dean Cameron
A man may not sell above the current price, i.e., such a price as is usual in the time and place, and as another (who knows the worth of the commodity) would give for it When a man loseth in his commodity for want of skill, etc., he must look at it as his own fault or cross, and therefore must not lay it upon another John Cotton
Who are a free people? Not those over whom government is exercised, but those who live under a government so constitutionally checked and controlled that proper provision is made against its being otherwise exercised John Dickinson
The serfs of princes, nobles, ministerials, and churches shall no be admitted to our cities Frederick II
You must keep the wealth of the country scattered, and you must limit the amount that any one man can own. Huey P. Long
I see the FCC responding to an already repressive society and raw censorship is the result. Alanis Morissette
If someone said you’re not allowed to wear red T-shirts, that’s all many people would ever think about and many people would want to wear them. Alanis Morissette
The reason that we have rules is so that sometimes they can be suspended. Geoffrey Neale
Regulations are a form of legislation and should be decided by a political process, not more or better benefit-cost analyses. William A. Niskanen
The era of big government may be over, but the era of regulation through litigation has just begun. Robert Reich
This nation is asking for action and action now. Franklin D. Roosevelt
The only area in our society in which I favor more regulation is controlling fraud. Fraud harms markets and more important, fraud harms families. Alan Greenspan
How do we say to the phone companies that you have to maintain an affordable [subsidized] system for everybody in America and the data companies can do whatever they want? It gives us two different Americas. Reed Hundt
To prohibit the Exportation of Money, in that it is a thing almost impracticable, it is almost nugatory and vain. William Petty
We have been trying at Washington to remove some of the shackles that have been put upon American business; but after you have removed the shackles you must determine what you are going to do with your liberty. And there are many tasks to perform for mankind. There are many things to be bettered in this world. Woodrow Wilson
Possible economies cannot be used as a defense to illegality. Congress was aware that some mergers which lessen competition may also result in economies but it struck the balance in favor of protecting competition. William O. Douglas
That's what we were doing for the last twenty years, telling everybody to adopt a raw capitalism with no safety nets, no redistributive mechanisms…. I think we have to find ways to spread the benefits of global markets beyond just the small group of market-dominant minorities and foreign investors. We need to find ways to redistribute the wealth, whether it's property title and giving poor people property, land reform.... Redistributive mechanisms are tough to have if you have so much corruption. Amy L. Chua
The financial failure of the United States was a government failure and not a market failure. Vaclav Klaus
Chemical plants should not be allowed to regulate their own security. Thomas J. Ridge
When you are dealing with the United States Government and the Department of Justice you have to always be looking over your shoulder. Roy Black
It was pretty seamy stuff for the middle of the afternoon. Michael J. Copps
The wise rule of action is to restrict the powers of corporations within the … constitutional barrier. William Gilpin
The railways of the world, except in those countries where they have been held under the strict regulation and supervision of the government, have proved themselves arbitrary, extortionate and as opposed to free institutions and free commerce between states as were the feudal barons of the middle ages. Illinois State Farmers' Association
The Diet shall have the right, moreover, to suppress on its own authority, without being petitioned, such writings, in whatever German state they may appear, as, in the opinion of a commission appointed by it, are inimical to the honor of the union, the safety of individual states, or the maintenance of peace and quiet in Germany. There shall be no appeal from such decisions Klemens von Metternich
there is often an imbalance between the prerogatives of the executive branch and the capacity of a parliament to truly exercise its regulatory powers over public spending and the budget. Eva Joly
Being offended is the natural consequence of leaving one’s home. I do not like after- shave lotion, adults who roller-skate, children who speak French, or anyone who is unduly tan. I do not, however, go around enacting legislation … Fran Lebowitz
He will place a tax on the air you breathe and on the bread you eat; he will give you a legislation which is as legitimate as it is unjust and instead of reasons, he’ll give you laws. These will grow in the course of time, until you no longer exist for yourselves but for others. Franz Grillparzer
Rational as distinguished from vindictive regulation by public authority turns out to be an extremely delicate problem which not every government agency, particularly when in full cry against big business, can be trusted to solve. Joseph A. Schumpeter
We require two safeguards against a return of the evils of the old order; there must be a strict supervision of all banking and credits and investments; there must be an end to speculation with other people's money, and there must be provision for an adequate but sound currency. Franklin D. Roosevelt
The importance of supervising the business of great railways and industrial combinations and the necessary investigation and prosecution of unlawful business methods are another necessary tax upon Government which did not exist half a century ago. William Howard Taft
It’s a big country; it needs a lot of regulation. Eleanor Clift
Marriage has always been a subject of regulation by the State. Is marriage ever looked upon as only a private contract between the man and the woman, to be made whenever they alone think fit, to last only during the term they may agree upon, and to end at their own will? Is the State no party to such a contract? Has the State no voice in consenting that it shall be made, in regulating its conditions after it is made, and in determining when and how it may be dissolved? Away, then with this argument of the free-love school! Roger Pryor
The financial failure of the United States was a government failure and not a market failure. Vaclav Klaus
The pursuit of happiness … calls for the institution of government to regulate and adjust the collisions and passions of society incident to the existence of a civil society. John Quincy Adams
It is difficult to change the rules in the middle of a crisis. Ben Bernanke
Americans oppose public intervention or regulation if it helps others, but favor it if it helps them — take social security, disaster relief, public works projects, for example. Jonathan Ellis Meacham
In England the attempts which our fore-fathers made for Regulating of Manufactures, when left to the Execution of some particular person, in a short time resolved but into a Tax upon the Commodity, without respect to the goodness thereof … a Seal was invented, as a signal that the Commodity was made according to the Statutes, which Seals it is said, may now be bought by Thousands, and put upon what the Buyers please. Josiah Child
Strong banks want strong regulation. Jamie Diamond
We want to be sure that it is more profitable to play by the rules than it is to game the system. Barack Obama
The word to regulate implies in its nature full power over the thing to be regulated, it excludes, necessarily, the action of all others that would perform the same operation on the same thing. John Marshall
AIG’s failure was possible because of the sweeping deregulation of over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives, including credit default swaps, which effectively eliminated federal and state regulation of these products, including capital and margin requirements that would have lessened the likelihood of AIG’s failure. The OTC derivatives market’s lack of transparency and of effective price discovery exacerbated the collateral disputes of AIG and Goldman Sachs and similar disputes between other derivatives counterparties. AIG engaged in regulatory arbitrage by setting up a major business in this unregulated product, locating much of the business in London, and selecting a weak federal regulator, the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS). Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission
The Commission concludes that the banking supervisors failed to adequately and proactively identify and police the weaknesses of the banks and thrifts or their poor corporate governance and risk management, often maintaining satisfactory ratings on institutions until just before their collapse. This failure was caused by many factors, including beliefs that regulation was unduly burdensome, that financial institutions were capable of self-regulation, and that regulators should not interfere with activities reported as profitable. Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission
A power to regulate trade, is a power to make all needful rules and regulations concerning trade. Why may it not, then, include that of erecting a trading company, as well as, in other cases, to erect a government ? Alexander Hamilton
The most frequent request we get at the FCC is from companies who say, “Please regulate my rival.” The Commission can become a new tool for competitive strategy. Robert M. McDowell
No significant deregulation of financial institutions occurred in the last 30 years. Peter J. Wallinson
Law and technology produce, together, a kind of regulation of creativity we've not seen before. Lawrence Lessig
That an enormous proportion of property vested in a few individuals is dangerous to the rights, and destructive of the common happiness, of mankind, and that every free state hath a right by its laws to discourage the possession of such property. Anonymous
You can't keep fraud out of the system. The key to good regulation is how quickly you catch it. John G. Heimann
Unfortunately, public officials are largely controlled by the very corporations against which they should proceed. William Randolph Hearst
With Government funding comes regulation. Alcee Hastings
If our great corporations would more scrupulously observe their legal limitations and duties, they would have less cause to complain of the unlawful limitations of their rights or of violent interference with their operations. Benjamin Harrison
… a federal industrial commission comparable to the Interstate Commerce Commission and the protection of the people from concerns offering worthless investments under highly colored and specious appearances Theodore Roosevelt
… strong national regulation of interstate corporations Theodore Roosevelt
Governmental regulations all carry coercion to some degree, and even where they don't, they habituate man to expect teaching, guidance and help outside himself, instead of formulating his own. Wilhelm von Humboldt
Let business oversee itself. Sharron Angle
Too big to fail is too big. Jon Huntsman, Jr.
… there must be a strict supervision of all banking and credits and investments; there must be an end to speculation with other people's money Franklin D. Roosevelt
Many advantages … may be gained through the establishment of trade commissions, national and state. At first, we should be conservative in giving additional powers to these commissions. The powers given should be based upon the same principles that have been applied in the pure-food laws, and in the control of the public utilities. The American people always move slowly in these matters, and step by step. I should not expect that these trade commissions, if created, would at once be granted all the powers which they would finally exercise. In this matter I should expect the same slow development to take place that has occurred regarding the commissions which control the public utilities. Charles R. Van Hise
As long as politics is the shadow cast on society by big business, the attenuation of the shadow will not change the substance. John Dewey
Pure air, pure water, the inspection of unhealthy habitations, the adulteration of food, these and many kindred matters may be legitimately dealt with by the Legislature; Benjamin Disraeli
Regulation is very much informed by behavioral economics. Daniel Kahneman
We want free markets, but the markets are not going to take care of themselves in all cases. Paul A. Volcker
Regulators are very heavily lobbied and they tend to give in…. We must have strong, vigilant, regulators. Paul A. Volcker
Airbags are a lot of baloney, no matter what Allstate says or no matter what the DOT says. Henry Ford II
It is impossible to build Europe on only deregulation... Europe is much more than the creation of an internal market abolishing barriers to the free movement of goods services and investment...The internal market should be designed to benefit each and every citizen of the Community. It is therefore necessary to improve workers' living and working conditions, and to provide better protection for their health and safety at work... Jacques Delors
The people of this country, by an overwhelming vote, are in favor of having Congress-- this Congress-- put a floor below which industrial wages shall not fall, and a ceiling beyond which the hours of industrial labor shall not rise. Franklin D. Roosevelt
Because of its experiences during the Nazi regime, Germany has a special responsibility to monitor the development of any extreme group within its borders Germany
It is a matter of course and of absolute necessity to the conduct of business, that any discretionary businessman must be free to deal or not to deal in any given case; to limit or withhold the equipment under his control, without reservation. Thorstein Veblen
All of you, I am sure, have heard many cries about Government interference with business and about "creeping socialism." I should like to remind the gentlemen who make these complaints that if events had been allowed to continue as they were going prior to March 4, 1933, most of them would have no businesses left for the Government or for anyone else to interfere with — and almost surely we would have socialism in this country, real socialism. Harry S Truman
The state has an active role to play in ensuring that there is equilibrium between the constituent parts of the economy, the consumers and the producers. Pierre Trudeau
The proper limits of Government interference are relative to the nature of each particular state and the stage of its civilization. Arnold J. Toynbee
It is difficult if not impossible to find some reasonable limit for acquiring more and more property. Arthur Schopenhauer
New Yorkers pay a price of untold millions to the great private monopolies every year an excessive price because these monopolies use their power to defeat effective regulation.- Norman Thomas; Paul Beecher
Restrict the right of the rich to buy up any anything and everything, and then to exercise a kind of monopoly. Thomas More
They want to deliver vast amounts of information over the Internet. And again, the Internet is not something you just dump something on. It's not a big truck. It's a series of tubes. And if you don't understand those tubes can be filled and if they are filled, when you put your message in, it gets in line and it's going to be delayed by anyone that puts into that tube enormous amounts of material. Theodore Fulton Stevens
We need to maintain law and order. We need to maintain peace in the world. We need to protect the environment. We need to have some degree of social justice, equality of opportunity. The markets are not designed to take care of those needs. That's a political process. George Soros
It's appropriate for people to pursue their profit motive in business. If you want to change that, you're going against human nature. But when it comes to setting the rules or creating the institutions, then you should have the general interest at heart. George Soros
Whenever the legislature attempts to regulate the differences between masters [employers] and their workmen, its counselors [members of the legislature] are always the masters. When the regulation, therefore, is in favor of the workmen, it is always just and equitable; but it is sometimes otherwise when in favor of the masters. Adam Smith
Technical problems can be remediated. A dishonest corporate culture is much harder to fix. Bruce Schneier
With deregulation, one sector of the economy after another is "liberated" to capital's unmonitored authority. The very notion that there is a public interest is contested…. Deregulation has been, above all else, a means of reducing corporate business's accountability to the public. Herbert Irving Schiller
Regulation is useful and proper, when aimed at the prevention of fraud or contrivance, manifestly injurious to other kinds of production, or to the public safety, and not at prescribing the nature of the products and the methods of fabrication Jean-Baptiste Say
I wasn't there for one constituent; I was there for a major economic interest of my state. John McCain
Trust and transparency, the great principles of the free market, are at stake here. John McCain
I see dynamite in it. Mark A. Hanna
The best thing that governments can do is get out of business. When governments interfere less, managers can do their jobs better. James Edward Hanson
The regulators can’t do it. These institutions are just too large and complex. Sheila Bair
Free men engaged in free enterprise build better nations, but free enterprise is not a hunting license. Ronald Reagan
The period of Prohibition … brought on the greatest breakdown of law and order the United States has known until today. I think there is a lesson here. Do not regulate the private morals of people. Do not tell them what they can take or not take. Because if you do, they will become angry and antisocial and they will get what they want from criminals who are able to work in perfect freedom because they have paid off the police. Gore Vidal
Raising minimum capital requirements [for banks] is expensive. But it is safe. Jeffery M. Lacker
In Washington, they do take money—I know it’s open, though it’s hard to identify—they take money from the same people they regulate. Now, in New York City, you would never get away with that … Michael Bloomberg
Rigid regulation of inter-State commerce is needed. James Baird Weaver
Canada did not have a financial crises just because the Canadian Government said “No” to their bankers. Chrystia Freeland
We wish to control big business so as to secure among other things good wages for the wage-workers and reasonable prices for the consumers. Wherever in any business the prosperity of the businessman is obtained by lowering the wages of his workmen and charging an excessive price to the consumers we wish to interfere and stop such practices. We will not submit to that kind of prosperity any more than we will submit to prosperity obtained by swindling investors or getting unfair advantages over business rivals. Theodore Roosevelt
Our aim is not to do away with corporations; on the contrary, these big aggregations are an inevitable development of modern industrialism …. We are not hostile to them; we are merely determined that they shall be so handled as to subserve the public good. We draw the line against misconduct, not against wealth. Theodore Roosevelt
The great corporations which we have grown to speak of rather loosely as trusts are the creatures of the State, and the State not only has the right to control them, but it is duty bound to control them wherever the need of such control is shown. Theodore Roosevelt
If the country is to flourish, capital must be invested in enterprise. But those who seek to draw upon other people's money must be wholly candid regarding the facts on which the investor's judgment is asked. Franklin D. Roosevelt
The financial system is drifting back to business as usual a bit to quickly …. We are starting to see risky behavior of the sort that people were scared of after the crises Alan S. Blinder
Every government interference in the economy consists of giving an unearned benefit, extorted by force, to some men at the expense of others. Ayn Rand
Banks too big to fail are too big to be regulated or controlled by the Federal Government. Mark Shields
A healthy skepticism, regularly exercised… Thomas J. Curry
It is impossible to build Europe on only deregulation ... Jacques Delors
If the large banks can do this without breaking the rules, then the rules should be revamped. Carl Levin
Regulation is often a way to keep a dominant firm in place. Tim Wu
Socialism and Communism both demand a degree of joint effort and administration which would beget more regulation than is wholly consistent with ideal Anarchism; Individualism and Mutualism … Voltairine de Cleyre
The issue is always the same: the government or the market. There is no third solution. Ludwig von Mises
Every restriction of trade creates vested interests that are from then onward opposed to its removal. Ludwig von Mises
We do not think it necessary to prove that a quack medicine is poison. Let the vendor prove it to be sanitive. Thomas Babington Macaulay
We want government to control business and industry enough to protect us as consumers from being cheated, but we oppose government interference in private enterprise. We want government to ensure standards and equality in education, but many of us balk at the idea of a government-imposed curriculum. Rich Turner
We encounter the dilemma of freedom versus authority in all sorts of places but probably nowhere more frequently than in the area of Big Brother's ongoing efforts to protect us from ourselves – efforts that many people view as an invasion of their privacy or as infringement upon their God-given right to be stupid (though they don't usually put it that way). Rich Turner
While public participation in the promulgation of new regulations is allowed, and often required, the process is generally perfunctory and dismissive. Jonathan Turley
I don’t think that Wall Street should write its own rules. Tammy Baldwin
All safe deposit boxes in banks or financial institutions have been sealed... and may only be opened in the presence of an agent of the I.R.S. Franklin D. Roosevelt
Banks always want their capital requirements to be as low as possible, so they can take more risks, which can enable them to make more money – and reap bigger bonuses for executives. Joe Nocera
It is hardly lack of due process for the Government to regulate that which it subsidizes. Robert Houghwout Jackson
Sooner or later, the regulated industry tries to get control of the regulating body. David Broder
It is right to intervene when markets are not working and people are getting hurt. David Cameron
It’s a battle in which the Wall Street lobbying and public-relations machine will have a decisive advantage…. With the regulators, you don’t have to win. You just have to gum them up. And that is exactly what Wall Street has done. Ted Kaufman
For a long time, there had been no organization dedicated solely to going to toe-to-toe with the financial industry, on any issue, no matter how complex or obscure. That’s what we do Dennis M. Kelleher
The fine, $13 billion, is a big number to everybody but Wall Street. Dennis M. Kelleher
I believe that we need to take government out of business, and then we need to take business and put business back into government because government has no place in our businesses Warren G. Harding
It’s very hard to write regulations that will prevent people from acting foolishly—particularly when acting foolishly has recently made them a lot of money. Warren Buffett
Every regulation requires two more regulations to deal with the unintended consequences. Ronald E. Paul
Sir, I did not create a monopoly. Nor did I cheat anyone. I simply had the foresight to bid low and take a loss the first couple of years, with a long view in mind. The only thing I am guilty of is running a successful company. William Edward Boeing
A man should be able to have a whiskey in the evening without jeopardizing his health Theodore Roosevelt
There is only one state in the nation that has no fire code: Texas. There is only one state in the union whose laws prohibit their counties to have a fire code: Texas. Richard Trumka
Fannie Mae may have conformed to the rules but the rules didn’t conform to reality. A major bank or financial institution could meet every single regulatory requirement yet still be at the risk of collapse. Adam Davidson
Change will be in the direction of control over industry and increased restrictions on the operations of competition and free enterprise. Harry Dexter White
In Washington, they [the politicians] do take money—I know it’s open, though it’s hard to identify—they take money from the same people they regulate. Now, in New York City, you would never get away with that … Michael Bloomberg
Everything a woman does while she’s pregnant becomes subject to state regulation. Ada Calhoun
…diligently investigate all complaints which may come to you from any source…and upon your own initiative of violations of the Elkins Act which prohibited “rebates and other discriminatory practices” on the part of corporations. William Henry Moody
Instead of favoring the wealthy, Civil Government ought carefully to protect the poor laborious and industrious Part of Mankind. William Keith
The Federal Trade Commission is not an enforcement agency. Deborah Platt Majoras
The EU represents a highly developed system for mutual interference in each other’s domestic affairs right down to beer and sausages. Robert Francis Cooper
Sound regulation of Wall Street will depend on a different, less money dominated form of politics—like the kind that was generated by the more egalitarian income distribution of the post-World War II years. J. Bradford DeLong
No rules will be strong enough to prevent every abuse, yet good, strong regulations can stop the worst of it. Joseph Stiglitz
Ownership of the means of production was an obsession to be abandoned. What mattered was the state’s control over the economy. Marcel Deat
It was impossible to govern the industrial sector in opposition to the workers … it was equally impossible to govern the great agrarian sector in opposition to the peasants. Otto Bauer
For the working class of the world the choice is simple, either to take the organized political action necessary to introduce Socialism or to continue with capitalism. The one thing that cannot be had is to impose on the capitalist jungle some socially acceptable and satisfying wages policy. Socialist Party of Great Britain
Controlling capitalism has proved far more difficult than controlling anything else, because capitalism is based on the control of the many by the few—the reverse of the conventional definition of political democracy. Donald Sassoon
Society can address the environment’s problems only if it regains some control over the flow of investments. Jorgen Randers
Regulators, who could in principle consider both economic growth and larger social needs, do not receive the necessary political mandates from short sighted voters who want low taxes and cheap prices. Jorgen Randers
The Nordic governments have adopted a market-friendly approach to regulation. Although they maintain regulations to protect workers, consumers and the environment, they balance those protections with a system that encourages entrepreneurship and flexibility by making it easy to start or close a business, to hire or fire employees, and to adjust work hours. Lane Kenworthy
I have 13 bankers in my office, and they say that if you go forward with this you will cause the worst financial crisis since World War II. Lawrence Summers
I had made a mistake in presuming that the self interests of the organizations of organizations, specifically banks and others, were such that they were best capable of protecting their own shareholders and their equity in the firms. Alan Greenspan
When things are going well, the companies stress the idea of free enterprise, with no need for government regulation. But when things aren’t going well, they suddenly become a close partner with the government and want it to bail them out. All they have to do is threaten to collapse and the government pours in more money. A. Ernest Fitzgerald
The last 6 months make it abundantly clear that voluntary regulation does not work. Christopher Cox
Our goal is to allow thrifts [certain banks] to operate with a wide breadth of freedom from regulatory intrusion. James Gilleran
Deregulation played virtually no role Phil Gramm
Unregulated derivatives like credit default swaps threaten our regulated markets, or indeed our economy without any Federal agency knowing about it. Brooksley Born
We are steering a course between a kind of computer age Scylla and Charybdis—between the shoals of suffocating regulation on the one side and the rocks of unfettered monopolies on the other. Al Gore
Since 1840 the United States has had 12 systemic banking crises and Canada has had none …. It all has to do with politics. Liaquat Ahamed
… attempting to supervise the financial sector is a fool’s errand Felix Martin
We need new laws to rein in the forces of greed and to curb those ingenious legal advisors of the holders of vast corporate wealth. Theodore Roosevelt
Government exists to protect us from each other. Government does not exist to protect us from ourselves. Ronald Reagan
There is no place for government to prohibit consumers from buying products the effect of which will be to harm themselves. Milton Friedman
Every government interference in the economy consists of giving an unearned benefit, extorted by force, to some men at the expense of others. Ayn Rand
Very often the innovation is way ahead of the regulatory system. Peter Diamandis
More and more it is evident that the State and if necessary the Nation, has got to possess the right of supervision and control as regards the great corporations. Theodore Roosevelt
The proposition that the Federal Government shall lay its hand on business corporations is revolutionary …. It would open the door to an unlimited increase of the powers of the Federal Government …. I deny the political right of the Republican successor of President McKinley to undertake it. Paul Dana
It is no limitation upon property rights or freedom of contract to require that when men receive from Government the privilege of doing business under corporate form, which frees them from individual responsibility, and enables them to call into their enterprises the capital of the public, they shall do so upon absolutely truthful representations as to the value of the property in which the capital is to be invested. Theodore Roosevelt
The large corporations, commonly called trusts, though organized in one State, always do business in many States, often doing very little business in the State where they are incorporated. There is utter lack of uniformity in the State laws about them; and as no State has any exclusive interest in or power over their acts, it has in practice proved impossible to get adequate regulation through State action. Therefore, in the interest of the whole people, the Nation should, without interfering with the power of the States in the matter itself, also assume power of supervision and regulation over all corporations doing an interstate business. Theodore Roosevelt
[President Theodore Roosevelt] has proven himself to be wiser and more resolute than leaders of his party in Congress, who sit supinely in the path of a rising storm of popular indignation and refuse to do anything to ‘disturb the business of protecting monopolies by law. New York World
Property has its duties as well as its rights…. To the neglect of these duties in times past is mainly to be attributed to that diseased state of society in which such crimes can take their rise…. It is not in the enactment of statutes of extraordinary severity, but chiefly in the better and more faithful performance of those duties … that a permanent remedy … is to be sought. Thomas Drummond
Special interests and their allies in Congress will claim that these guidelines will crush the economy and kill jobs. Let’s face it. That’s what they always say. Barack Obama
We needed to be uncompromising [with our workforce], to expect 100 percent of our employees to comply 100 percent of the time with complex and ever-changing government mandates. Striving to comply with every law does not mean agreeing with every law. But, even when faced with laws we think are counter-productive, we must first comply. Only then, from a credible position, can we enter into a dialogue with regulatory agencies to demonstrate alternatives that are more beneficial. If these efforts fail, we can then join with others in using education and/or political efforts to change the law Charles Koch
Thousands of interests that have known no Federal regulation and control will be welded to the Government hereafter, and can only grow and develop under the hands of Congress and the President. William Allan White
Look out for the trusts. I hate to leave you here alone with those dreadful corporations, but I can’t very well help it. Be careful of them and don’t let them hurt you while I am away. Theodore Roosevelt
If railway men are wise, they will not hinder it . Railroads are a public institution—an institution which must be regulated by law. You cannot run the railroads as you would run a private business. You must respond to the public demand. William Howard Taft
The Republican approach would compel the trusts to conduct their business in a lawful manner while [William Jennings] Bryan and the Democrats would destroy the entire business in order to stamp out the evils which they have practiced. William Howard Taft
Liberty implies the absence of arbitrary restraint, not immunity from reasonable regulations... Charles Evans Hughes
From day one, the Internet was a public square, and the providers merely connected everyone, rather than regulating who spoke with whom. That allowed the Internet to evolve into a form of basic infrastructure, used by over a billion people today. Marvin Ammori
Washington faces a simple choice: allow the Internet to remain as an engine of innovation, a platform for speech in even the harshest tyrannies, and a unified connection for people across the globe—or cede control of the Internet to service providers motivated by their parochial interests. Marvin Ammori
The struggle over waterpower is simply another chapter in the everlasting conflict between “the few” and “the many” …. I stand for the Roosevelt policies because they set the common good of all of us against the private gain of some of us. Gifford Pinchot
There are those who say that such research should be stopped by law, alleging that man’s destructive powers are already large enough. So no doubt that the more elderly and ape-like of our prehistoric ancestors objected to the innovation of cooked food and pointed out the grave danger of the use of the newly discovered agency, fire. Francis W. Aston
Pure-food laws have become necessary to keep manufacturers from poisoning their customers; child labor laws have become necessary to keep employers from dwarfing the bodies, minds and souls of children; anti-trust laws have become necessary to keep overgrown corporations from strangling smaller competitors, and we are still in a death struggle with profiteers and gamblers in farm products. William Jennings Bryan
I will put rings in the noses of these hogs. William Jennings Bryan
… tribes with flags Woodrow Wilson
Well, if the Teamsters and the truckers are against it, it must be a pretty good bill. Gerald R. Ford
The New Deal is the recognition that those who are regulated and governed in the interests of the common good are entitled to something far more than the mere right to struggle for existence. Louis McHenry Howe
Another relic of Medievalism was the regulation of wages by Justices of the Peace …. The Justices often ordained a rise in wages, and the workmen themselves were strongly in favour of this method of fixing them. The employers on their part also often approved of it. Arnold J. Toynbee
Historically speaking, Socialism has already shown itself in England in the extension of State interference. It has produced the Factory Laws, and it is now beginning to advance further and interfere directly in the division of produce between the workmen and their employers. Arnold J. Toynbee
The U. S. Code of Federal Regulations is over 170 thousand ages long. Fareed Zakaria
There is not room in the broadcast band for every school of thought, religious, political, social, and economic, each to have its separate broadcasting station, its mouthpiece in the ether. Federal Radio Commission
You need to fix it, Mr. Dudley, or we will get someone who will. Elizabeth Warren
We cannot wait for regulators to catch up with science. Jeffery H. Toney
I want to say this to Citi Bank. I agree with you that the Dodd Frank regulatory bill is not perfect. If it were, you would be broken up into little pieces. Elizabeth Warren
Where the rules of the road are not there, then there’s a tremendous amount of opportunity for entrepreneurs to bring in their innovation and their different way of thinking. Marcelo Claure
A great Want of Money in any Trading Country, occasions Interest to be at a very high Rate… it is impossible by any Laws to restrain Men from giving and receiving exorbitant Interest, where Money is suitably scarce: For he that wants Money will find out Ways Benjamin Franklin
Most regulation of trade is by artful men for private advantage under the pretense of public good Benjamin Franklin
Over time, economic benefits are accrued to the stronger, shrewder people in society, and if unrestrained by government, conditions would lead to economic autocracy and political despotism. Henry A. Wallace
Rugged individualism really means the regimentation of the many for the benefit of the few. Rexford Tugwell
Repealing rules therefore requires federal agencies to explain why the factual and scientific bases for the predicted benefits of their rules were wrong or no longer adequate to justify those rules. Howard Shelanski
If we Republicans celebrate that we have repealed Obamacare, and health insurance premiums keep going up, the voters will tar and feather us, and rightly so. Ted Cruz
The administrative state poses a grave threat to our values of personal liberty. Neil Gorsuch
it's not only companies who can undermine fair competition. Governments can do it, too. And governments do that when they hand out subsidies to just the favorite few, the selected. They may do that when they hand out subsidies -- and, of course, all financed by taxpayers -- to companies. That may be in the form of special tax treatments, like the tax benefits that firms like Fiat, Starbucks and Apple got from some governments in Europe. Those subsidies stop companies from competing on equal terms. They can mean that the companies that succeed, well, they are the companies that got the most subsidy, the ones that are the best-connected, and not, as it should be, the companies that serve consumers the best. Margrethe Vestager
there are times when we need to step in to make sure that competition works the way it should. By doing that, we help the market to work fairly, because competition gives consumers the power to demand a fair deal. It means that companies know that if they cannot offer good prices or the service that's expected, well, the customers will go somewhere else. Margrethe Vestager
It eliminatesall prohibitions against blockingandthrottling (slowing down) applicationsby broadband providers, and enables them to engage inpaid prioritization and unreasonable discrimination at the point of interconnection.It ignoresthousands of consumer complaints and millions of individual comments that ask the FCC to save net neutrality and uphold the principles that all traffic should be created equal. [It] I Increases uncertainty for consumers, ensuring that broadband providers could block or throttle at a whim.  Threatens innovation at the edge, by allowing broadband providers to charge tolls to access their customers.  Enables offerings that favor the vertically integrated broadband provider’s own content and services over those of consumers and innovators who rely on the Internet to grow their own businesses and stay informed.  Prevents states and localities from adopting any related consumer protections –an action that is likely unlawful.  Undoes the light-touch, court-approved Title II classification of broadband Internet access service that was modeled on the wildly-successful approach to mobile voice, and returnsto an unregulated approach where broadband providers reign supreme and customers with complaints have no redress at the FCC. Mignon L. Clyburn
Like other new and potentially powerful technologies, gene editing raises legitimate questions and understandable concerns about possible risks and misuse. How, then, should the technology be regulated? Rules developed decades ago for other forms of genetic engineering do not necessarily fit. Noting that gene-edited organisms are not transgenic, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has reasonably concluded that genetically edited plants are like plants with naturally occurring mutations and thus are not subject to special regulations and raise no special safety concerns. Bill Gates
Gene editing to make crops more abundant and resilient could be a lifesaver on a massive scale. The technology is already beginning to show results, attracting public and private investment, and for good reason. Scientists are developing crops with traits that enhance their growth, reduce the need for fertilizers and pesticides, boost their nutritional value, and make the plants hardier during droughts and hot spells. Already, many crops that have been improved by gene editing are being developed and tested in the field, including mushrooms with longer shelf lives, potatoes low in acrylamide (a potential carcinogen), and soybeans that produce healthier oil. Bill Gates
Improving the productivity of crops is fundamental to ending extreme poverty. Sixty percent of people in sub-Saharan Africa earn their living by working the land. But given the region’s generally low agricultural productivity—yields of basic cereals are five times higher in North America—Africa remains a net importer of food. This gap between supply and demand will only grow as the number of mouths to feed increases. Bill Gates
Hopefully, the world will not have a lot of different privacy standards requirements--particularly some commonality between the United States and Europe. Bill Gates
Repealing rules ... requires federal agencies to explain why the factual and scientic basis for the predicted benefits of their rules were wrong or no longer adequate to justify those rules. Howard Shelanski