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The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more. Jonas Salk
The highest of distinctions is service to others. King George VI
Being elected to Congress, though I am very grateful to our friends for having done it, has not pleased me as much as I expected. Abraham Lincoln
Politics is the only field in which the more experience you have, the worse you get. Kinky Friedman
Public life is regarded as the crown of a career, and to young men it is the worthiest ambition. Politics is still the greatest and the most honorable adventure. Pat Riley
Two truths are all too often overshadowed in today's political discourse: Public service is a most honorable pursuit, and so is bipartisanship. Olympia Snowe
What's wrong with being a boring kind of guy? George H. W. Bush
Be able to resign. It will improve your value to the President and do wonders for your performance. Donald Rumsfeld
Politicians should read science fiction, not westerns and detective stories. Arthur C. Clarke
The civil service can never be placed on a satisfactory basis until it is regulated by law. James A. Garfield
The reward of one duty is the power to fulfill another. George Eliot
A thick skin is a gift from God. Konrad Adenauer
To be great is to be misunderstood. Ralph Waldo Emerson
Fools are more to be feared than the wicked. Queen Christina
I've got the greatest job in the world. There's no other job in government where cause and effect is so tightly coupled where you can make a difference every day in so many different ways and in so many different people's lives. It's a great challenge. Michael Bloomberg
An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field. Niels Bohr
I will undoubtedly have to seek what is happily known as gainful employment, which I am glad to say does not describe holding public office. Dean Acheson
Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth. Muhammad Ali
Success is the child of audacity. Benjamin Disraeli
Politics, like theater, is one of those things where you've got to be wise enough to know when to leave. Richard Lamm
Public behavior is merely private character writ large. Stephen Covey
I would rather have honesty and character than prestige and wealth. I can walk and ride the streets of this city, hold my head up, and look all men in the face. Samuel Jesse Battle
In 44 states, the [parole] board is wholly appointed by the governor, and the well-paid positions can become gifts for former aides and political allies. While some state laws require basic qualifications, these statutes are often vaguely worded, with language that is easily sidestepped. Many states have no minimum requirements at all. Beth Schwartzapfel
At the dawn of the nuclear age, national security officials could not win top jobs without knowing the language of nukes. In contrast, today the vast majority of these officials are cyber-illiterate [when the current major threat was cyber-attacks]. David Rothkopf
There is in most Americans some spark of idealism, which can be fanned into a flame. It takes sometimes a divining rod to find what it is; but when found, and that means often, when disclosed to the owners, the results are often extraordinary. Louis D. Brandeis
There is a tragic flaw in our precious Constitution, and I don’t know what can be done to fix it. This is it: Only nut cases want to be president. Kurt Vonnegut
Long ago I gave my word solemnly that I would not accept any rank or military or political position; for this reason I hope that Your Excellency will not compromise my honour before the people, and that you will not attribute my returning the appointment to excessive pride. Jose de San Martin
The present national situation is such that the man who becomes its leader has no alternative to a complete dependence on one single faction, save the complete renunciation of authority, The last is what I choose Jose de San Martin
Now I am a private citizen, During the time of my government I have wielded almost absolute powers. I ask you to believe me that whatever wrongs I may have done have been the result of difficult conditions in which it was my lot to govern, and not the fruit of evil passions. I am ready to answer any accusations you wish to make against me. And if the wrongs I have done can be purged by my blood, then take of me the vengeance you will. Here is my breast! Bernardo O'Higgins
I have solemnly renounced all political power. I shall never reassume it – never – even should the votes of the nation seek to restore me to it. This I have publicly declared and I do not go back on my word. Bernardo O'Higgins
Because my life is so hard, I feel that I am not going to extend my term artificially. Never. Boris Yeltsin
My job is discouraging in the extreme—it often tempts me to quit the helm in despair. Edwin M. Stanton
My pecuniary circumstances (barely competent) and my settled domestic habits make it very undesirable for me to be in high office with low pay—it subjects a man to great temptations to live above his income, and thus become dishonest; and if he have the courage to live economically, it subjects his family to ridicule. Edward Bates
Why should one have to be sad, ugly, and boring to go into politics these days. Segolene Royal
The governor’s mansion was not good enough for me, although it was too good for my predecessor. Huey P. Long
Mr. Secretary, I have enormous respect for your character and ability. You have preserved more international credibility for us than our policy deserves, and salvaged something positive from the excesses of an ideological and self-serving Administration. But your loyalty to the President goes too far. We are straining beyond its limits an international system we built with such toil and treasure, a web of laws, treaties, organizations, and shared values that sets limits on our foes far more effectively than it ever constrained America's ability to defend its interests. John Brady Kiesling
We all have to make sacrifices for the New Frontier. Cyrus Vance
My abilities, I well know, are not of the superior kind, but it will be my study to do what is right; and with the assistance of abler counsel, I trust that religion and learning, as well as the rights of human kind, will be advanced and protected under the new government. Thomas Hartley
Women are unfit for parliament and parliament is unfit for them. Mary Kingsley
In this job you are going to write things and say things. Some people will hate them and some people will love them. That goes with the job and I respect the right of the people to have views and express them. Aberto Gonzales
I consider my job a gift. Anthony Fauci
If you grew too fond of public life it might exact compromises even if finances were not involved. Eleanor Roosevelt
… open, competitive examinations for testing the fitness of applicants for the public service now classified or to be classified hereunder. Such examinations shall be practical in their character, and so far as may be shall relate to those matters which will fairly test the relative capacity and fitness of the persons examined to discharge the duties of the service into which they seek to be appointed. United States
Who would have believed that the day would come when I would sit here, in the office of the minister of justice of the Jewish state, and appoint you, a small and wretched child suffering from malnutrition in the Kovna ghetto, to be a justice of the Supreme Court? This is proof that Hitler did not succeed. Avraham Melamed
In the 1950s, buggery was a criminal offence. Now it's a requirement to receive benefits from the federal government. Garry Breitkreuz
Only people who look dull ever get into the House of Commons, and only people who are dull ever succeed there. Oscar Wilde
If you have never experienced life under a microscope, you need to understand that those who live a public life are no longer seen as real persons -- human beings. Rather, they are objects to be examined, manipulated, ridiculed and sometimes even hated Rose Bird
Experience is a good school, but the fees are high. Heinrich Heine
It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena. Theodore Roosevelt
No matter who you are, President of the United States or rock star, you are going to be criticized. So you can’t take it personally. Jon Bon Jovi
It is impossible that a man who is false to his friends and neighbors should be true to the public. George Berkeley
I have done so many things and the pressure is so great. I am sure I have been a good deal dehumanized. Henry L. Stimson
…it has fallen to you to do a dirty job which your predecessors ought to have done before you. William Howard Taft
…this duty lies in your path and that you ought to undertake it. If defeated, so much the better for you personally; if victorious, the greatest opportunity in the American struggle for self-government except that afforded by the Presidency will lie at your hands. Elihu Root
There are higher things than mere professional success as a lawyer, and one of them is usefulness in a situation like that of New York, the great National problem of America. Henry L. Stimson
I would regard it as a great misfortune to run for Mayor and still more to be elected. Henry L. Stimson
I didn’t want you to recommend anyone for the place who I cannot implicitly rely upon to refuse a $10 bill when an Italian offers it to him, as will happen almost every day. Franklin D. Roosevelt
In the past decade, nearly a dozen elected Latin American presidents have been forced from office. Peter Hakim
The Crown can have no rights inconsistent with the happiness of the people. Jonathan Shipley
I’m an elected official so I can talk at any time or any place, light or dark. Calvin Mundinger
A person who gives his verdict before thoroughly examining the situation, and, a person who believes before looking at the evidence Do not give him the power to rule over those who seek for Knowledge, because he will not be able to do justice to his authoritarian position and hence, not being able to understand the judgments of the other wise people under him, he would not be able to distinguish a good man form a wicked person Jewish Proverb
Reasonable people can make reasonable mistakes. Stephen Tobin
A public official must feel that he is a servant of the people. This is true of all public officials but perhaps in a special sense true of the Secretary of State, for our party lines stop at the water’s edge. Theodore Roosevelt
it is hard to find new jokes. What I need is new audiences. Morris K. Udall
I have lost middle America. Lyndon B. Johnson
No definition of a quality life does not include service to others. George W. Bush
Let public service be a proud and lively career. And let every man and woman who works in any area of our national government, in any branch, at any level, be able to say with pride and with honor in future years: I served the United States Government in that hour of our nation's need. John F. Kennedy
It’s hard to have a better job than the government, where you really do have an opportunity to have a broad reaching impact. Very few private sector jobs are going to offer you that. Barbara Turner
Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Her Other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith Anonymous
If a man becomes an official, even his chickens and dogs will go to heaven. Anonymous
He that has nothing but merit to support him, will likely starve. Anonymous
He that serves the public obliges nobody. Anonymous
He who serves the public has but a scurvy master. Anonymous
If God lived on earth, people would break His windows. Anonymous
A politician is well-qualified if his promises are, too. Anonymous
To leave positions of great responsibility and authority is to die a little. Dean Acheson
Men seem to live for action as long as they can and sink into apathy when they retire. Charles Francis Adams Sr.
My return to public life in a subordinate station is disagreeable to my family, and disapproved by some of my friends. John Quincy Adams
Public business … must always be done by somebody…. If wise men decline it, others will not; if honest men refuse it, others will not. John Adams
Public life is like a long journey, in which we have immense tracks of waste countries to pass through for a very few grand and beautiful prospects. John Adams
I'm not that smart. I work very hard. Madeleine Albright
Such kings of shreds have wooed and won her, Such crafty knaves her laurel owned, It has become almost an honor Not to be crowned. Thomas Bailey Aldrich
It is the lot of a king to do well but to be ill spoken of. Antisthenes
There is no leisure about politics. Thomas Aquinas
The son of the ruler is an orphan. Arab Proverb
Television changed politics forever. If you’re not any good at it, forget it. Denys Arcand
The qualities necessary for a demagogue are these: to be foul-mouthed, base-born, and a low and mean fellow. Aristophanes
To plunder, to lie, to show your ass, are the three essentials for climbing high. Aristophanes
A man who aspires to any high office should have three qualifications: first, he should be prepared to support the constitution of his country; second, he should have a special aptitude for the office he desires; and third, he should have virtue and justice as they are understood by his fellow citizens. Aristotle
For the sake of advantage which is to be gained from the public revenues and from office, men want to be always in office. Aristotle
No man is fit to be a senator unless he is willing to surrender his political life for a great principle. Henry F. Ashurst
In public politics as in private life, character is better than brains, and loyalty more valuable than either. Herbert Henry Asquith
It is royal to do good and be abused. Marcus Aurelius
Politically, it may not be the right thing to do, but sometimes proceeding with one's responsibilities can have personal costs. David Axelrod
It is a miserable state of mind, to have few things to desire and many things to fear; and yet that commonly is the case of Kings. Francis Bacon
Men in great places are thrice servants: servants of the sovereign or state, servants of fame, and servants of business. Francis Bacon
Professionalism is friendly to the qualified performance of precise tasks, but unfriendly to those accommodations and bargains that give coherence and direction to general public objectives. Stephen Bayley
When I talk to young people about entering government, I tell them, “Now think of the worst thing you’ve ever done in your life. Don’t tell me what it is. Now think about having it on the 10 o’clock news.” Thomas M. Barrett
When you leave Washington, you may miss Washington, but Washington will not miss you. Thomas M. Barrett
The pleasure politicians take in their limelight pleases me with a sort of pleasure I get when I see a child's eyes gleam over a new toy. Hilaire Belloc
Please consider this resignation a sacrifice on my part in the interest of stability of the nation. Chadli Benjedid
I didn't take a vow of poverty. William Bennett
Life in Washington is pressure. William Bennett
We don't need the best and the brightest. We need people of average competence and good character. William Bennett
Before I entered politics, when I used to appear in public everyone would applaud; now half of the people applaud, and half of them boo. Silvio Berlusconi
It is very rarely that a man of brains, honor and good manners gets into public life. In most instances the man who holds an office is a rogue, a vulgarian or an ignoramus; commonly he is all three. Ambrose Bierce
Is there any statute that gives the President authority in any way to change the spelling? Henry H. Bingham
Credibility is not a renewable resource in Washington. Michael Binstein
I want to get into politics so I can make a decent salary and do something that isn't all that difficult. But if politics don't work out I'm going to be a welder. Timothy Birard
No one, not even the most malicious democrat, can form a conception of the charlatanism and self-importance of our assembled diplomacy [the Prussian parliament]. Otto Von Bismarck-Schoenhausen
In the atmosphere existing in this country today, the charge that someone is a Communist is so common that hardly anyone active in public life escapes it. Hugo Black
Ministers [of government] fall like buttered bread: usually with the good side down. Ludwig Borne
To their entertainments princes invite only the nobility; but when they meet with misfortune, they invite also citizens. Ludwig Borne
I had rather tug at the oar than to occupy such a place. Bolesaus
The politics of personal smear is degrading the dignity of public office David Bonior
Elect me for what I am, not for what I was born. Betty Boothroyd
Full time politics is a difficult road. Most women have a home and children to attend to. Whether you're in Glasgow or Ohio. it's tough for women. Betty Boothroyd
The common people are more disposed to trust one of their own class [in political office] than those who may efect to be superior. Hugh H. Brackenridge
If you run for public office today you must be prepared for a massive invasion of privacy. William W. Bradley
The great happiness in life is not to donate but to serve. Louis D. Brandeis
I haven't had a dull day since coming to Capitol Hill ... We're on the spot 100 percent of the time. Donna Brazile
I was attracted and repelled by what I saw of politics in my father's house. Attracted by the adventure, the opportunity. Repelled by the grasping, the artificiality, the obvious manipulation and role-playing, the repetition of emotion without feeling, particularly that: the repetition of emotion. Edmund G. Brown Jr.
It is hard to manage a personal life when everything you do is amplified in the public media. Edmund G. Brown Jr.
... a passion for anonymity. Louis B. Brownlow
I have had all my life-time to fight against powerful odds, but I have never seen any way to do, but to keep on fighting. No man ever yet stood up for truth and justice, God and heaven, but he had to complain of opposition from all quarters. Orestes Augustus Brownson
Why the best men do not get into politics. James Bryce
I could not permit my silence and my inaction to be construed as condonation.... With my tongue tied by the confidentiality demanded of me by law, there was only one way I could make a statement that something was wrong. I chose it. I resigned. Arnold I. Burns
I'm here to talk about Job Corps training—just Job Corps training. Barbara Bush
I've got to run now and relax. George W. Bush
I have heard with much pain that you have not recovered your health yet. Would a session in the [State] legislature be of benefit to you? John Campbell
... unspeakably lonely. Kim Campbell
Men who have greatness within them don't go into politics. Albert Camus
If you get a good night’s sleep the chances are you did a good job the day before. Andrew Card
I would always make the mansion available, or send a plane or a car to pick them [former governors] up. Hugh L. Carey
What is Aristocracy? A corporation of the best, the bravest. Thomas Carlyle
I think he [President Jimmy Carter]'s around too many people that kiss his ass all the time. Billy Carter
We want to bring back to Washington people who are more interested in public service than they are in private gain. Jimmy Carter
[Characterizing public criticism:] It only hurts for a day. William J. Casey
This is a hard job to do …. We represent the underdog, and that makes the top dogs angry. Gilbert Cassellas
Father of the Country [Pater Patriae] Marcus Porcius Cato Cato; Cato the Censor
Can we wonder that all has gone ill with us when our love of office survives in our very ruin? Cato the Younger; Marcus Porcius Cato Uticensis
A woman’s experience as a mother makes her uniquely qualified to govern. Violeta Barrios de Chamorro
Boy, the things I do for England. Prince Charles
One thing I've learned in politics—you have to make time for your family, no matter how busy you are. Jean Chretien
The thing I like least about this job is the amount of security I have. Warren Christopher
There isn't a lot of room for people who are thin skinned in this business. Henry Cisneros
[Grover Cleveland] had a sort of patent way of shaking hands which he probably invented for self-protection. He grabbed the visitor's hand, gave it a slight squeeze, and dropped it like a hot potato. He never under any circumstances whatsoever permitted a visitor to grip his large, fat hand. James B. Clark
I'm not the greatest. I'm the best available. Joe Clark
Government is a trust, and the officers of the government are trustees; and both the trust and trustees are created for the benefit of the public. Henry Clay
I don't know anyone else on Wall Street who ever conducted a major currency reform. Or for that matter, who established a government. Lucius D. Clay
The conduct of organized humanity requires brains, and, furthermore, educated brains. The right kind of temperament is equally essential. You wish to persuade, to overcome resistance, to impose your will in virtue of a heroic endurance, and you encounter every form of accusation and every degree of hatred with all their consequences. Is it not a task to make any man hesitate? Georges Clemenceau
Every citizen owes to the country a vigilant watch and close scrutiny of its public servants and a fair and reasonable estimate of their fidelity and usefulness. Grover Cleveland
Those who are selected for a limited time to manage public affairs are still of the people, and may do much by their example to encourage, consistently with the dignity of their official functions, that plain way of life which among their fellow-citizens aids integrity and promotes thrift and prosperity. Grover Cleveland
I don't believe the American people want a Gelding in the White House. Grover Cleveland
Office holders are the agents of the people, not their masters. Grover Cleveland
Public officers are the trustees of the people. Grover Cleveland
You cannot bring inexperienced men ... into the government and expect the government to run well. Clark M. Clifford
No one has ever seen a congressman who left office because he didn't get paid enough. On the contrary, many of them spend millions of dollars to get there.... Congressmen do not make good hardship cases. Eleanor Clift
It does take courage to be in public life. Hillary Clinton
He has slipped the surly bonds of public service. William S. Cohen
The only problem with running for office is, once you are elected you have to serve. J. Marshall Coleman
A religion that has a personal God, outside of humanity, to worship and to please, is quite apt to get appointed an official to regulate the people, and particularly to execute punishment adequate to the offense committed against an Infinite Ruler of the universe. Lucy Colman
Expect not praise without envy until you are dead. Charles Caleb Colton
A mayor is a political leader for a city. He doesn't know anything necessarily about city administration, and furthermore he shouldn't have to. L. P. Cookingham
It's a good idea to get out while they still want you. Calvin Coolidge
Nobody lives there [the White House]—they [Presidents] just come and go. Calvin Coolidge
We cannot permit any inquisition either within or without the law or apply any religious test to the holding of office. The mind of America must be forever free. Calvin Coolidge
I was weary of being a messenger, negotiator, manipulator and middleman. Thomas G. Corcoran
No ugly woman can succeed in politics. Edith Cresson
I always thought it would be a terrible mistake, and I would hope that none of my news journalist colleagues would ever consider it. Walter Cronkite
What we affirm is that the theory which regards places in the public service as prizes to be distributed after an election, like plunder after a battle, the theory which perverts public trusts into party spoils, making public employment dependent on favor and not on proved merit, necessarily ruins the self-respect of public employees, destroys the function of party in a republic, prostitutes elections into a desperate strife for personal profit, and degrades the national character by lowering the moral tone and standard of the country. George William Curtis
If you cannot tilt the playing field against convicted felons, you cannot tilt it against those politicians who have committed the lesser charge of being elected. Lloyd Cutler
No public character has ever stood the revelation of private utterance and correspondence. John Emerich Edward Dalberg; Lord Acton
There is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder of it. John Emerich Edward Dalberg; Lord Acton
They have vilified me, they have crucified me—yes, they have even criticized me! Richard Joseph Daley
No man is worth more than 1,000 pounds a year. Eamon de Valera
Yes! I have climbed to the top of that greasy pole. Benjamin Disraeli
The conduct and opinions of public men at different periods of their careers must not be curiously contrasted in a free and aspiring society. Benjamin Disraeli
I’m not a seat warmer. I want to get in there and make a difference. Elizabeth Dole
It would be all right with me. I'd probably get a car and driver out of it. Bob Dole
If you accept the privilege of public service, you had better understand the responsibilities of public service. Michael Dukakis
I think that at the close of next November, I ought to hang up the boxing gloves. George Dunne
Be nice to people on your way up, because you'll meet 'em on your way down. Jimmy Durante
One of the nice things about being out of office is not being responsible for what you say. Lawrence Eagleburger
If people are going to stay in Office because of the money they get there, apart from the attractions of political life, they are going to be more difficult than ever to remove. Anthony Eden
I have found it impossible to carry the heavy burden of responsibility and to discharge my duties as King as I would wish to, without the help and support of the woman I love. Edward VIII
To be elected to public office requires no qualifications. Ed Eilert
The great scientist was offered the Presidency of the young state of Israel:] I am deeply moved ..., though also sad and abashed that it is impossible for me to accept this offer. Since all my life I have been dealing with the world of objects. I have neither the natural ability nor the experience necessary to deal with human beings and to carry out official functions. Albert Einstein
You get burned out very quickly. You can sprint 100 yards, but you cant sprint a mile, and these jobs are all sprints. Stuart Eizenstat
'Was I not born in the realm? Were my parents born in any foreign country? Is not my kingdom here? Whom have I oppressed? Whom have I enriched to another's harm? What turmoil have I made in this commonwealth that I should be suspected to have no regard to the same? How have I governed since my reign? Elizabeth I
If a ruler is not a Christian he ought to be one, in this land of evangelical light, without delay; and he ought, being a follower of Jesus, to honour him even as he honours the FATHER Ezra Stiles Ely
Moral character has now some influence in our elections, but not that place which it deserves. The law of public opinion excludes confirmed sots, and persons judicially convicted of high crimes and misdemeanors against the State; but it ought to render the election of all profane swearers, notorious Sabbath breakers, seducers, slanderers, prodigals and riotous persons, as well as the advocates of dueling, impracticable. Ezra Stiles Ely
In politics and in trade, bruisers and pirates are of better promise than talkers and clerks. Ralph Waldo Emerson
Every hero becomes a bore at last. Ralph Waldo Emerson
Why are people so sensitive about the reputation of General [George] McClellan? There is always something rotten about a sensitive reputation. Besides, is not General McClellan an American citizen? And is it not the first attribute and distinction of an American to be abused and slandered as long as he is heard of? Ralph Waldo Emerson
Take egoism out and you would castrate the benefactors. Luther, Mirabeau, Napoleon, John Adams; and our nearer eminent public servants,—[Horace] Greeley, Theodore Parker, [Henry] Ward Beecher, Horace Mann, [William Lloyd] Garrison would lose their vigour. Ralph Waldo Emerson
Hew not too high, lest the chips fall in thine eye. English Proverb or Saying
If you hear that someone is speaking ill of you, instead of trying to defend yourself you should say, he obviously does not know me very well, since there are so many other faults he could have mentioned. Epictetus
I've been very successful in business and I owe it all to politics. Meade Esposito
It's all in the day's work [C'est le métier]. Eugénie Marie
I am working for the time when unqualified Blacks, Browns and women join the unqualified men in running our government. Frances Sissy Farenthold
It is hardly possible to believe that one is not the greatest scoundrel on earth, when one is assured of it on all sides on such excellent authority. William E. Gladstone
We underrate their honesty and overrate their intelligence. Edwin Lawrence Godkin
There is nothing wrong with a political joke as long as it doesn't get elected. Miles Godwin
Genius develops in quiet places; character out of the full current of human life. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
If they chased every man or woman out of this town who has shacked up with somebody else or got drunk, there wouldn't be any government left in Washington. Barry Goldwater
I was assailed so bitterly that I hardly knew whether I was running for the Presidency or the penitentiary. Ulysses S. Grant
To stand in the spotlight of public attention means not just accepting the light but the heat. Jeff Greenfield
It’s like eating peanuts. You just keep doing it and keep liking it. Alan Greenspan
Democracy requires a strong civil service—government employees who are sufficiently protected from random political influences to carry out the law in a disinterested fashion. William Greider
Here it may be convenient ... to say something of recreation and home life. Both are sadly curtailed by office. Edward Grey; Viscount Fallodon
The first years in office are necessarily important in the life of a young man. Edward Grey; Viscount Fallodon
We are fixed with every convenience, long desks, easy revolving chairs, footstools, plenty of servants and no specific work to be done. Virginia Grigsby
If they think its such a sacrifice to go into public service, then they should stay the heck out. Barney Frank
The trust that goes with public service is a heavy burden on those who would lead us. Fred W. Friendly
Government has recognized woman's worth as a worker by placing her in various departments at Washington, and her service are now rendered in the general Post Office Department, the Treasury Department, and the Department of the Interior, and we have the testimony of the highest officials as to her capability and honest in these employments. Matilda Joslyn Gage
I never did care much for the upholstery of office. James A. Garfield
My God. What is there about this place [the White House] that a man should ever want to get into it? James A. Garfield
The tradition of our Navy mandates that senior officials bear the ultimate responsibility for their command. H. Lawrence Garrett III
Every man makes his own pressure. Marlin Fitzwater
At times I thought guys were going to pop me right there in Town Hall …. The level of incivility is more than I'm willing to put up with. I like to ski … drink a beer, and not have someone come up to me and complain. Rob Ford
This office [Secretary of Defense] will probably be the greatest cemetery for dead cats in history. James Forrestal
Bring back that better era of the republic in which, when men consecrated themselves to the public service, they utterly abnegated all selfish purposes. Abram Stevens Hewitt
Join cooperatively with one another, put aside self-interest, and take on service to the public … Hirohito
I am a man whose mind has been ulcerated with a variety of embarrassments for 30 weary months. James Hobart; Second Earl of Buckinghampshire
All persons who take part in government are accountable for their actions. Gijsbert Karel Van Graff Hogendorp
Politics can bring a lot of happiness, but you can also experience a lot of unhappiness. Harri Holkeri
When people have recently asked me my profession, I have not dared to reply. Francois Hollande
I do not believe I have the mental attitude or the politician's manner ... I am too sensitive to political mud. Herbert Hoover
In the Middle Ages it was the fashion to wear hair shirts to remind one's self of trouble and sin. Many years ago I concluded that a few hair shirts were part of the mental wardrobe of every man. The President differs only from other men in that he has a more extensive wardrobe. We have had tonight an indication of the great variety of persons and organizations who cheerfully and voluntarily insist on acting as hair-shirts to the President. Herbert Hoover
[Referring to public service:] Men can make a living with far more satisfaction and many less wounds to the souls at some other calling. Herbert Hoover
Have you ever noticed that it’s only the public sector that complains about too many customers. Jacob Hornberger
I am busier than a whore working two beds. C. P. Howe
Fellow citizens, I offer myself as a candidate before you, for the office of governor. I do not pretend to be a man of extraordinary talents .... Nevertheless, I do think I can govern you pretty well. I do not think it will take a very smart man to govern you ... I do not think you will be very had to govern. Adolphus Frederick Hubbard
May the future bring all the best to you, your family and friends, and may your mother never find out where you work. William Hungate
My best experience was my business training. George W. P. Hunt
[Public] officials are becoming irate with charges made by those opposing Communists. If the officials are nearly or completely innocent, they will not be injured by false charges made against them. H. L. Hunt
Church affiliation, protestant, endorsed by Tom and Joe Jackson County
I couldn't find it within me to focus on the positives. I just keep focusing on the negatives. Bobby Inman
When I watched what public life in Washington is like these days, I concluded that I didn't want it ... the whole climate of public service—that every day you've got to expect a negative story. Bobby Inman
Every man who has been in office a few years believes he has a life estate in it. Andrew Jackson
I am wearied with public life. I have been accused of acts I never committed, of crimes I never even thought of. Andrew Jackson
I am not a perfect servant. I am a public servant doing my best against the odds. Jesse Jackson
... men of whom the people have had time to form a judgment, and with respect to whom they will not be liable to be deceived by those brilliant appearances of genius and patriotism, which like transient meteors sometimes mislead as well as dazzle. John Jay
I am being portrayed as some kind of a medieval monster ... a megalomaniac. If the people were to really believe all that the press has written about me then I must be the most evil person in the country today. Jayalalitha Jayaram
In public life, a man whose political principles have any decided character and who has energy enough to give them effect must always expect to encounter political hostility from those of adverse principles. Thomas Jefferson
A splendid misery. Thomas Jefferson
I feel much alarmed at the prospect of seeing General [Andrew] Jackson President. He is one of the most unfit men I know for such a place. Thomas Jefferson
I ... think public service and private misery inseparably linked together. Thomas Jefferson
I find the pain of a little censure, even when it is unfounded, is more acute than the pleasure of much praise. Thomas Jefferson
Some men are born for the public. Nature by fitting them for the service on a broad scale, has stamped them with the evidence of her destination and their duty. Thomas Jefferson
There is not a single crowned head in Europe whose talents or merits would entitle him to be elected a vestryman by the people of any parish in America. Thomas Jefferson
When a man assumes a public trust, he should consider himself as public property. Thomas Jefferson
With the rashness of ignorance the uninitiated dare to dabble in affairs of state. John of Salisbury
I would rather be a free man than be President and a slave. Andrew Johnson
I'm tired. I'm tired of feeling rejected by the American people. I'm tired of waking up in the middle of the night worrying about the [Vietnam] war. Lyndon B. Johnson
The only difference between the Kennedy assassination and mine is that I am alive and it has been more torturous. Lyndon B. Johnson
I have the ablest staff that ever served any President in my memory. There's not a playboy among them. They aren't sitting around drinking whiskey at 11 o'clock at night. They aren't walking around with their zippers unbuttoned. Lyndon B. Johnson
You can serve with anybody for the good of America ... You've never turned your country down. This is not me. This is your country. Lyndon B. Johnson
Mr. [Judah P.] Benjamin, unquestionably, will have great influence with the President [Jefferson Davis], for he has studied his character most carefully. He will be familiar not only with his "likes" but especially his "dislikes. J. B. Jones
A public man should have no resentments. John A. MacDonald
For titles do not reflect honor on men, but rather men on their titles. Niccolo Machiavelli
No man can be a competent legislator who does not add to an upright intention and a sound judgement, a certain degree of knowledge on the subjects on which he is to legislate. James Madison
I suppose John ought to be the center of my life, but he's not because he's out of it so much of the time. Norma Major
I mean to retire from public life and spend all my time with you. Andrew Jackson
He is violating his oath of office. Tom Tancredo
The Presidential function is difficult and full of responsibility. It calls from the incumbent a plenitude of his physical vigor. I am aware I am no longer strong enough for the task. Wherefore, I resign. Tomas G. Masaryk
You must come forth to any Publick Service, whereof you may be capable, when you are called unto it. Cotton Mather
Somebody has to try it. Tadeusz Mazowiecki
To be a politician must not be a pleasure always. Kurt Masur
When I cannot get the President to read my reports, then its time to go. John A. McCone
You don't need brains for this job, just physical stamina. Audrey McLaughlin
I had been in the administration long enough to know that Cabinet rank meant nothing. Edwin Meese
A damned bore William Lamb Melbourne
The saddest life is that of a political aspirant under democracy. His failure is ignominious and his success is disgraceful. H. L. Mencken
The man of public life has always at command a sure resource against this danger [losing political battles],—that is, retirement. Klemens von Metternich
You come here recommended by one of the most respected members of the U. S. Senate, a friend of mine. But other than that fact, I do not know why you should be the head of the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention rather than any one of 215 million other Americans, except maybe they are not as old as you.... Why you? What is there about you that qualifies you to head up this department instead of Mr. Jones and Mr. Smith or Mr. Anybody? [Regnery was confirmed.] Howard M. Metzenbaum
[Announcing his retirement:] While I will retire my seat, I will not retire my views or retire my voice. Howard M. Metzenbaum
It is also absolutely necessary that the examinations should be competitive, and the appointments given to those who are most successful. A mere pass examination never, in the long run, does more than exclude absolute dunces. John Stuart Mill
If the constitution of the electoral body disposes them to choose unfit persons, there are always plenty of such persons to choose from John Stuart Mill
Is there so great a superfluity of men fit for high duties, that society can afford to reject the service of any competent person? John Stuart Mill
To ordain that any kind of persons shall not be physicians, or shall not be advocates, or shall not be Members of Parliament, is to injure not them only, but all who employ physicians or advocates, or elect Members of Parliament, and who are deprived of the stimulating effect of greater competition… John Stuart Mill
This system stinks and every senator who participates in it knows it stinks. And the American people are right when they mistrust this system, when what matters most in seeking public office is not integrity, not ability, not judgment, not reason, not responsibility, not experience, not intelligence, but money …. Money dominates the system. Money infuses the system. Money is the system. George J. Mitchell
The position should not be regarded as permanent to the person. Public service is not the private domain or the private possession of any one person. It is a temporary opportunity for the individual to act for the larger and common good. George J. Mitchell
[Referring to political leaders:] Since they take the risks, they need the laurels. Jean Monnet
You're going to find that, intellectually, the [governors] as a whole are a cut or two above what they were 10 or 20 years ago. Arch A. Moore Jr.
Anybody who deliberately tries to get himself elected to a public office is permanently disqualified from holding one. Thomas More
To enjoy a prince's favor does not rule out the possibility of merit, but neither does it argue for its existence. Jean de la Bruyere
Government profits from the experience of people who have not spent their careers in government or running for office. Philip Lader
The curiosity of the public took the greatest toll on me of anything in politics Judy LaMarsh
High rank is—like one's body—a source of great trouble. Lao Tzu
There are no words which men detest more than "solitary," "desolate," and "hapless." Yet Lords and Princes use them to describe themselves. Lao Tzu
I can't afford to send three kids to college and support four more on a Government salary. Rex E. Lee
The king never dies. Rex nunquam moritur. Legal maxim
No one with a weak heart or delicate digestion should seek the job [Secretary of the Navy] John F. Lehman
Describing his job as State Parks Commissioner:] You're always visiting wonderful places, seeing historic sites. Orin Lehman
Tell Congress to go home and make an honest living instead of riding on the backs of the taxpayers. William Lemke
People fall in love with their identity with their own position and are often reluctant to leave. Gerald Levin
I resolve in future to live for mankind, as I have heretofore lived for myself. Meriwether Lewis
Other things being equal, I would much prefer a temperate man [for public office], to an intemperate one; still I do not make my vote depend absolutely upon the question of whether a candidate does or does not taste liquor. Abraham Lincoln
I will work and get ready and perhaps my time will come. Abraham Lincoln
If there is a worse place than Hell, I must be in it. Abraham Lincoln
Truth is generally the best vindication against slander. Abraham Lincoln
I may not be smarter, I may not be as well-known, but I know I can outwork any of them. Jerry L. Litton
I don't think you're going to be a success in anything if you think about losing, whether it's in sports or in politics. Edward M. Kennedy
They even cut your hair free of charge. John F. Kennedy
Well gentlemen, today we are going to earn our pay. John F. Kennedy
I'm sort of a workaholic. Henry A. Kissinger
If you're in public life, a certain percentage of what you do must be done on television. Ted Koppel
In common council and unanimously, we have also sworn, determined and designated to each other that we will neither accept nor recognize any judge in the aforementioned valleys who had bought that office at some price or for money, nor any who is not our inhabitant and one of our people. Anonymous
I should take up a different line of work if I can’t take criticism. Evan Bayh
Government posts are for sale, preventing some poor people with abilities from serving in those positions. Chinese Proverb
Having wealth and prestige by being a court official comes at a cost. Being poor and having low social status give people freedom. Chinese Proverb
Only he that has traveled the road knows where the holes are deep Chinese Proverb
People always say it is carefree leaving officialdom, but actually they do want to keep the position. Chinese Proverb
It is Ordered, sentenced, and decreed, that no person be chosen Governor above once in two years Connecticut
Those who do not serve the public interest should not hold a public license. Michael J. Copps
Joan of Arc was not elected. Charles de Gaulle
I am aware that I have caused you pain and anguish, but I think you will allow me to take my decision. Sonia Gandhi
Working in the White House is a relentlessly demanding responsibility. Mack McLarty
That sheriffs and coroners be annually appointed; and that no person shall be capable of holding either of the said offices more than four years successively New York State
The governor shall continue in office three years, and shall, by virtue of his office, be general and commander-in-chief of all the militia, and admiral of the navy of this State New York State
I have an obligation to the people of Illinois, to the Senate and to myself to leave the Senate while I am still eager to serve, not after I tire of serving. Paul Simon
To what higher station, to what greater glory can any mortal aspire, than to be, during the whole course of his life, the support of good, the control of bad government, and the guardian of public liberty? Henry St. John; 1st Viscount Bolingbroke
The Tribune and other papers commend him to popular favor as having had but six months’ schooling in his whole life; and because he cut a great many rails, and worked on a flatboat in early youth; all which is somehow presumptive evidence of his statesmanship. George Templeton Strong
Those who make laws and prescribe penalties are also men subject to temptations, and may also miscarry through ignorance, heedlessness, or sinister respects. John Winthrop
I am the only public servant and the only Mexican President ever who has made his finances public from before, during, and after public service. Vincente Fox
The people who give themselves up to manual labor are never promoted to public offices. Xenophon
it is not appropriate for a Christian to serve as a magistrate …: The government magistracy is according to the flesh, but the Christian's is according to the Spirit; their houses and dwelling remain in this world, but the Christian's are in heaven; their citizenship is in this world, but the Christian's citizenship is in heaven; the weapons of their conflict and war are carnal and against the flesh only, but the Christian's weapons are spiritual, against the fortification of the devil. The worldlings are armed with steel and iron, but the Christians are armed with the armor of God, with truth, righteousness, peace, faith, salvation and the Word of God. Anabaptists
The logical sequence of suffrage is office-holding. Female suffrage will never reach its full fruition until fully one-half of all public offices, legislative, judicial and executive, local and national, are filled by women. Is the public mind ready for this risky innovation? Kelly Miller
Everybody must be removed [from public office] who has the mentality of the capitalist. Idi Amin Dada
It is no part of my job as Chancellor of the Exchequer to put before the House of Commons proposals for the expenditure of public money. The function of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, as I understand it, is to resist all demands for expenditure made by his colleagues and, when he can no longer resist, to limit the concession to the barest point of acceptance. Philip Snowden Ickornshaw; 1st Viscount Snowden
An ambassador also serves as an emblem of the country that appoints him. James Traub
There are, perhaps, few men who can for any great length of time enjoy office and power without being more or less under the influence of feelings unfavorable to the faithful discharge of their public duties … They are apt to acquire a habit of looking with indifference upon the public interests and of tolerating conduct from which an unpracticed man would revolt. Office is considered a species of property, and government rather as a means of promoting individual interests than as an instrument created solely for the service of the people. Andrew Jackson
In a country where offices are created solely for the benefit of the people no one man has any more intrinsic right to official station than another. Offices were not established to give support to particular men at the public expense Andrew Jackson
Those who labour in this publick Service, must also be maintained in a proportionable splendour; and must withall have the means to allure men with some kinde of reward, even in this life; forasmuch, as many heretofore followed even Christ himself, but for the Loaves he gave them. William Petty
Each duumvir shall have the right and the power to employ two lictors, an aide, two clerks, two summoners, a copyist, a crier, a soothsayer, and a flutist Marc Antony
We are here to serve our citizens and not our ambitions. Barack Obama
Well, I’ll never have to talk about crap like dope addiction again. Richard Nixon
Robert, you are just a transient. I have seen them come and I have seen them go and I’ll be here long after you have gone. Felix Edward Hebert
I have no more obligation to spin. When you’re in the White House, you spin. Richard A. Clark
In a country where offices are created solely for the benefit of the people no one man has any more intrinsic right to official station than another. Andrew Jackson
We have entered the era of the “imperial” former presidency with lavish libraries, special staffs and benefits, around-the-clock Secret Service protection for life and other badges of privilege. Lawton M. Chiles Jr.
Let men in office substitute the midnight oil for the limelight. Calvin Coolidge
The issue is not the length of your resume but the strength of your vision. John Edwards
We have a unique situation in Utah where the mayor of Salt Lake City often thinks differently from the rest of us in the state. Olene Walker
I don’t think that there is ever a Mission Accomplished with an oil spill…the consequences go on for years. Thad William Allan
To call an individual from private life in order that he may preside over the interests of millions; to invest him with the various dignified functions, and the extensive patronage which appertain to a station so exalted; to secure as completely as possible, the free exercise of the people's rights; to discourage and prevent the artifices of party, and of individual ambition; and to accomplish all this by means of a fixed and practicable system which should neither be misunderstood, perverted nor resisted, was a task of no small difficulty. William Rawle
And now when our maimed soldiers have returned from the Civil War and apply for Federal office, the duties of which they are perfectly competent to discharge, they will be rejected to give places to those who were cramming themselves with facts and principles from the books, while they were bleeding for their country, because they do not know the fluctuations of the tide at the Cape of Good Hope, how near the moon ever approaches the earth, or the names of the principal rivers emptying into the Caspian Sea. Matthew Hale Carpenter
Those who by God are helmsmen are ordained to serve the common weal. Joost van den Vondel
We had less qualified trumping more qualified people just because of their political connections. Charles E. Schumer
I love the storm and fear the calm. Christina
King Henry VIII has more learning than any English monarch ever possessed before him. What may we not expect from a king who has been nourished by philosophy and the nine Muses? Thomas More
Her beauty was not in itself quite incomparable, we are told...but conversation with her had an irresistible charm. Her presence, combined with the persuasiveness of her discourse and the character which was somehow diffused about her behavior towards others, had something stimulating about it …. she could readily turn to whatever language she pleased, so that in her interviews with barbarians she seldom had need of an interpreter, but mostly made her replies unaided, whether the men were Ethiopians, Hebrews, Arabians, Syrians, Medes, or Persians. Plutarch
If we do not lay out ourselves in the service of mankind should we serve? Abigail Adams
Without any payment? Your Majesty, that would cost too much. Charles Maurice de Talleyrand
Well you don’t have to do it. Chris Christie
Service is that which is done for love's sake for another. It is not true service which is paid with wages Annie Besant
I dabbled in witchcraft but I never joined a coven… I had a date at an alter once. Christine O'Donnell
I would rather have a Scot come from Scotland to govern the people of this kingdom well and justly than that you should govern them ill in the sight of all the world Louis IX
Choose the manager of your government as you would the manager of your private business. William Randolph Hearst
I regard office as not an end but an opportunity. William Randolph Hearst
Not too much hard work, plenty of time to read, good society, etcetera. Rutherford B. Hayes
I am heartedly tired of this life of bondage, responsibility, and toil. Rutherford B. Hayes
Anybody who get easily frustrated should not be in the United States Senate. We operate by unanimous consent …. Any Senator can stop the train. Lamar Alexander
When I first went to Washington [the senate], I thought, what is l'il ole me doing with these ninety-nine great people? Now I ask myself, what am I doing with those ninety-nine jerks? S. I. Hayakawa
I wish we might have less condemnation of error and more commendation of right. Warren G. Harding
I believe that the people want an ordinary man as President, being a little tired of supermen. Warren G. Harding
You have to have a brain that works like the spokes of a bicycle. You've got to be able to do 18 things at once. Ann W. Harkins
[Impeachment is a] method of national inquest into the conduct of public men. Alexander Hamilton
When you are called, you serve Jon Huntsman, Jr.
Good people are good because they've come to wisdom through failure. We get very little wisdom from success, you know. William Saroyan
He is my President …. When the President asks you to do something, you say yes. Jeffrey R. Immelt
As the only mother on this hearing panel, I think you should go home and get some rest. Jane Harman
Chance and intrigue have produced more heroes than genius and virtue. Maximilien Robespierre
the career bureaucracy can project greater political power on its own, resist more successfully the politician's attempts to assert effective control. What is lost in administrative efficiency through spoils may be gained in political development, especially if party patronage can also be used as a lever to gain control over administration. Fred W. Riggs
You don’t make any money in the White House—that’s for darn sure—but you can get things done….The most rewarding experience I have ever had was my three years in the White House. Jack Valenti
Nothing is so great and clear a proof of unfitness for greater and nobler actions, than a mind which is seriously occupied with trifles. Leopold II
Pubic business must be done. It will be done one way or another. If wise men refuse it, others will not. If honest men refuse it, others will not. John Adams
What is important in a leader is a resolute will and determination. A man may be versatile and learned, but if he lacks resoluteness and determination, of what use will he be? Yoshida Shoin
I know that in my public life I fell below the standards that I had set myself... I have seen what is wrong but not done enough to put it right. I have been more critical than correct. Hartley William Shawcross
A Prince who will not undergo the Difficulty of Understanding, must undergo the Danger of Trusting. George Savile
I have not found a single good man in government; I have found good only in the people. Louis Antoine de Saint-Just
There may be one fault in a man that conceals a thousand qualities, or one excellence that conceals a thousand faults. The little indicates much. Shams Tabrizi
Serve a cause greater than your self interest. John McCain
Time goes by: reputation increases, ability declines. Dag Hammarskjold
The public official must pick his way nicely, must learn to placate though not to yield too much, to have the art of honeyed words but not to seem neutral, and above all to keep constantly audible, visible, likable, even kissable. Learned Hand
One terrible idea occurs in reference to this matter [the Civil War]. Even supposing the war should end to-morrow, and the army melt into the mass of the population within the year, what an incalculable preponderance will there be of military titles and pretensions for at least half a century to come! Every country-neighborhood will have its general or two, its three or four colonels, half a dozen majors, and captains without end,—besides non-commissioned officers and privates, more than the recruiting offices ever knew of,—all with their campaign stories, which will become the staple of fireside-talk forevermore. Military merit, or rather, since that is not so readily estimated, military notoriety, will be the measure of all claims to civil distinction. One bullet-headed general will succeed another in the Presidential chair; and veterans will hold the offices at home and abroad, and sit in Congress and the State legislatures Nathaniel Hawthorne
Public Service was never meant to be an easy living. John Boehner
Complaint is made that the Southern people have recently elected military men to most of their local State offices. We do ourselves a wrong in making this complaint. I found it almost everywhere true in Georgia and the Carolinas that the best citizens of to-day are the Confederate soldiers of yesterday. Of course, in many individual cases they are bitter and malignant; but in general the good of the Union, no less than the hope of the South, lies in the bearing of the men who were privates and minor officers in the armies of Lee and Johnston. Sidney Andrews
It is proper to demand more from the man with exceptional advantages than from the man without them… To the great body of men who have had exceptional advantages in the way of educational facilities we have a right, then, to look for good service to the state. Theodore Roosevelt
PUBLIC SERVANT: Persons chosen by the people to distribute the graft. Mark Twain
Governments today are organizations of elderly men who know no other to work and govern than the ways of their youth. Maitreya
On your willingness to contribute part of your life to this country…will depend the answer whether a free society can compete. John F. Kennedy
Men crowd into honorable careers without other vocation than their vanity, or at best their love of fame Marquis de Vauvenargues; Luc de
No one you'd really like to see in public office has the bad taste to run. F. Paul Wilson
The best minds are not in government. If they were, business would hire them away. Ronald Reagan
I need this job [Speaker of the House] like a hole in the head. John Boehner
There are two supreme pleasures in life. One is ideal, the other real. The ideal is when a man receives the seals of office from the hands of his Sovereign. The real pleasure comes when he hands them back. Archibald Philip Primrose Rosebery
I saw Mr. Lincoln a number of times during the canvass for his second election. The characteristic which struck me most was his superabundance of common sense. His power of managing men, of deciding and avoiding difficult questions, surpassed that of any man I ever met. Chauncey Depew
I lived with uncertainty. Robert McNamara
As the record of great figures in history shows, the correlation between a politician's sexual fidelity and his or her contribution to mankind is zero. Anthony Lewis
I now read the newspaper each day and say “Isn’t that interesting” and then go on to other things because I no longer have the responsibility. Condoleeza Rice
He who is unfit to serve his fellow citizens wants to rule them. Ludwig von Mises
The men and women who now run for Congress have special features. Most of them are much wealthier than their constituents. Surprisingly few have strong policy interests or experience. Most are willing to spend a day or two or three each week asking strangers for money on the telephone, a demeaning but obligatory exercise. Most have internalized an ethical code that allows them to solicit campaign contributions from people directly affected by legislation they vote on. This is not rare or even unusual — it’s standard Robert J. Kaiser
They would pull people off the streets, anybody with warm blood who could say yes or no or move arms and legs. Samuel Halpern
The business of serving the American people is a tough, and sometimes thankless task. Susan Rice
You’ve got to seize an opportunity to make a difference. Sally Jewell
Not everyone can be famous, but everyone can be great. Because greatness is a matter of service. Martin Luther King Jr.
A candidate’s command of foreign policy acts as a proxy for assessing broader leadership abilities. Daniel Drezner
I’m still trying to figure out what a Lieutenant Governor is supposed to do. Gavin Newsom
Service to others is the rent you pay for space on earth. Nelson Mandela
Your reputation is the most important thing you've got in Washington. Richard V. Allen
Never let your face show how hard they are taking your ass. Arlen Specter
The very essence of a free government consists in considering offices as public trusts, bestowed for the good of the country, and not for the benefit of an individual or party. John C. Calhoun
If you really wish to be independent and make your own judgements about everything important, it is difficult to be a good team player —because a team has different criteria for making judgements about an issue. J. William Fulbright
I believe television is going to be the test of the modern world, and that in this new opportunity to see beyond the range of our vision we shall discover either a new and unbearable disturbance of the general peace or a saving radiance in the sky. We shall stand or fall by television — of that I am quite sure. E. B. White
The government may be made up of clever, sensible people. But if they do not believe in basic human values, the more clever or shrewd they are the greater the tragedy they will create. Ai Weiwei
Treat every day as the last day of your appointment, regardless of how long you are going to serve. Jiang Yi-huah
Failure in the management of practical affairs seems to be a qualification for success in the management of public affairs. Eric Hoffer
The men who have led the House, whose names have become a splendid tradition to their successors, have gained prominence not through luck or by mere accident. They have had ability, at least in some degree; but more than that, they have had character. Joseph Cannon
After you lose the Presidency, you don’t have much else to lose. My failures have helped make me a better Senator and Secretary of State…. I’m a more effective public person after some of the failures I’ve had through[out] my career. John Kerry
The thing that gives me the most pleasure in the world is knowing that I’m making a difference Michael Bloomberg
People have no idea how much I hate this job. Robert M. Gates
There are a lot of ways to serve and only one is being president. Barbara Bush
Nice guys do not change the world, Hard headed guys do. Cesar Chavez
There are good people, who are in politics — in both parties — who hold this at arm's length, because if they acknowledge it and recognize it, then the moral imperative to make big changes is inescapable. Al Gore
A degree of silence envelops [George] Washington’s actions; he moved slowly; one might say that he felt charged with future liberty, and that he feared to compromise it. It was not his own destiny that inspired this new species of hero: it was that of his country; he did not allow himself to enjoy what did not belong to him; but from that profound humility what glory emerged! Search the woods where Washington’s sword gleamed: what do you find? Tombs? No; a world! Washington has left the United States behind for a monument on the field of battle. Francois Rene de Chateaubriand
I am Bourbon as a matter of honor, royalist according to reason and conviction, and republican by taste and character. Francois Rene de Chateaubriand
'Speak truth unto power'. What does this mean? It means giving your best advice to superiors based on the best information available and objective analysis even when you know it may not be music to their ears Anson Chan
A gram of experience is worth a ton of theory. Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess Salisbury
With a glance, a nod, and a few words, without consulting anyone other than the President, the brothers could mobilize the full power of the United States anywhere in the world. Stephen Kinzer
There will always be authorities who try to make their own lives more comfortable by suppressing critical comment. Anthony Lewis
Some people think I'm a terrible radical, but really I'm not so very dangerous at all. William Jennings Bryan
For God's sake, man, when you leave State, you'll be overwhelmed with offers. You'll be rich. W. Averell Harriman
Politics is a profession; a serious, complicated and, in a true sense, a noble one. Dwight D. Eisenhower
If a senator gets drunk at home it's nobody's business. If he is drunk on the floor of the Senate, it's the public's business. Benjamin C. Bradlee
If you’re going to be in national politics you have to maintain a thick skin. Gerald R. Ford
If you love your country, you serve her. Jon Huntsman
In a country where offices are created solely for the benefit of the people no one man has any more intrinsic right to official station than another. Offices were not established to give support to particular men at the public expense. No individual wrong is, therefore, done by removal, since neither appointment to nor continuance in office is a matter of right. Andrew Jackson
I don’t want any Senator coming in here and seeing me in a luxurious setting when I am asking for millions of dollars to help the unemployed. Harry Hopkins
Those of us who get a chance, and many of us will, should and will be motivated to serve America well. Harry Hopkins
We must not in the course of public life expect immediate approbation and immediate grateful acknowledgement of our services. But let us persevere through abuse and even injury. The internal satisfaction of a good conscience is always present, and time will do us justice. Benjamin Franklin
No salaries should be allowed the public Officers, but that their necessary expenses should be defrayed. This would make Men, he said, more desirous of obtaining the Esteem of their Country-men, than avaricious or eager in the pursuit of wealth. Benjamin Franklin
Federal officials should serve without pay. Benjamin Franklin