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If anyone is crazy enough to want to kill a president of the United States, he can do it. All he must be prepared to do is give his life for the president's. John F. Kennedy
Divine right went out with the American Revolution and doesn't belong to the White House aides. What meat do they eat that makes them grow so great? Sam Ervin
Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job. Douglas Adams
I am rather inclined to silence, and whether that be wise or not, it is at least more unusual now-a-days to find a man who can hold his tongue than to find one who cannot Abraham Lincoln
The most important aspect of the relationship between the president and the secretary of state is that they both understand who is president. Dean Acheson
All presidents rail against the press. It goes with the turf. Helen Thomas
We are all the President's men. Henry A. Kissinger
In our brief national history we have shot four of our presidents, worried five of them to death, impeached one and hounded another out of office. And when all else fails, we hold an election and assassinate their character. P. J. O'Rourke
I tread in the footsteps of illustrious men... in receiving from the people the sacred trust confided to my illustrious predecessor. Martin Van Buren
A President's hardest task is not to do what is right, but to know what is right. Lyndon B. Johnson
The President is the last person in the world to know what the people really want and think. James A. Garfield
The presidency has made every man who occupied it, no matter how small, bigger than he was; and no matter how big, not big enough for its demands. Lyndon B. Johnson
In the infancy of societies, the chiefs of state shape its institutions; later the institutions shape the chiefs of state. Charles de Montesquieu
If we don't succeed, we run the risk of failure. Al Gore
I love to deal with doctrines and events. The contests of men about men I greatly dislike. James A. Garfield
A group of politicians deciding to dump a President because his morals are bad is like the Mafia getting together to bump off the Godfather for not going to church on Sunday. Russell Baker
I am the guardian of power, not its owner. Vicente Fox
You may think the president is all-powerful, but he is not. He needs a lot of guidance from the Lord. Barbara Bush
When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become President; I'm beginning to believe it. Clarence Darrow
I have as much chance of becoming Prime Minister as of being decapitated by a frisbee or of finding Elvis. Boris Johnson
No man will ever carry out of the Presidency the reputation which carried him into it. Thomas Jefferson
I ordered that they use any means necessary, including illegal means, to accomplish this goal. . . . The president of the United States can never admit that. Richard Nixon
You remember Huston's plan. I want it implemented on a thievery basis. God damn it. Blow the safe and get it. Richard Nixon
Making sensitive political inquiries at the IRS is about as safe a procedure as trusting a whore. Since the administration has no reliable political friends at IRS. We won't be in control of the government and in a position of effective leverage until such time as we have complete and total control of the top three slots of the IRS. Tom Charles Huston
I suppose this [Watergate] is an example of the dangers of letting down your guard against increased executive powers–no matter what the circumstances. Not that the danger was not real, but in this case the risk of the remedy was as great as the disease. There was a willingness to accept without challenge the Executive's claim to increased power. That's why we acted as we did, and it was a mistake. Tom Charles Huston
Communists will infiltrate the highest offices of government in the US until the president is a Communist, unknown to the rest of us. Fred Koch
He was the John the Baptist of the Reagan revolution. Victor Gold
Personalist regimes mute factional differences the most .... Dictators usually retain the loyalty of elites through some combination of coercion, personal favors, and material rewards. Elites are frequently rotated or jailed to avoid factionalism. The military is usually a depersonalized instrument for the dictator's power, holding no sense of independent institutional identity. Divisions between so-called hard-liners and soft-liners are virtually non-existent... C. William Waldorf Jr.
Bush’s crimes are … more worrisome than Clinton’s. He has taken powers and … is adopting standards that are a terrible anathema to our people...He claims powers that even King George did not claim at the time of the Revolution. Bruce Fein
I will be a President for the middle class. William B. Richardson
Protection really takes on the personality of the President. Joseph Petro
The President of the United States has more than the responsibility for the people of this country. He has the responsibility of providing hope for the people of the world. Andrew Card
My role is not to be the President’s friend….When I am no longer the Chief of Staff, I expect to be the President’s friend. Andrew Card
I have to give him and I have to have 100 percent of his confidence…. If I do not have his confidence, someone else should be chief of staff. Andrew Card
The great constraint on the Presidency is time. Andrew Card
I am someone who facilitates the President’s ability to make tough decisions. Andrew Card
We didn’t have a moral majority in America. If we did, Clinton would have been impeached. Paul Weyrich
Presidential politics is not like a golf tournament. There’s no prize for second place. Haley Barbour
We talk about issues, but I'm not his adviser, I'm his wife... I find that it's really best not to give your spouse a lot of advice. I don't want a lot of advice from him. Laura Bush
George W. Bush has gathered around him upper-crust C-students who know no history or geography. Kurt Vonnegut
I am pretty rigid. It’s very hard for me to compromise on things I feel strongly about. Jimmy Carter
The President must certainly be punishable for giving false information to the Senate. He is to regulate all intercourse with foreign powers, and it is his duty to impart to the Senate every material intelligence he receives. If it should appear that he has not given them full information, but has concealed important intelligence which he ought to have communicated, and by that means induced them to enter into measures injurious to their country, and which they would not have consented to had the true state of things been disclosed to them, — in this case, I ask whether, upon an impeachment for a misdemeanor upon such an account, the Senate would probably favor him. James Iredell
A President could be impeached only for an error of the heart, and not of the head. James Iredell
If the President be connected, in any suspicious manner, with any person, and there be grounds to believe he will shelter him, the House of Representatives can impeach him. James Madison
It is the President upon whom the Constitution devolves, as head of the executive department, the duty to see that the laws be faithfully executed; but as he cannot execute them in person, he is allowed to select his agents, and is made responsible for their acts within just limits. So complete is the presumed delegation of authority in the relation of a head of department to a President, that the Supreme Court of the United States have decided that an order made by a head of department is presumed to be made by the President himself. Andrew Johnson
If the president were to displace from office a man whose merits require that he should continue in it… he will be impeachable by this House before the Senate, for such an act of mal-administration; for I contend that the wanton removal of meritorious officers would subject him to impeachment and removal from his own high trust. James Madison
If he be not impeachable whilst in office, he will spare no efforts or means whatever to get himself reelected. William Richardson Davie
Black Cabinet Anonymous
We will fuck him. Do you hear me? We will fuck him. We will ruin him. Like no one has ever fucked him! Karl Rove
I ask you to accept one thing. Hand on heart, I did what I thought was right. I may have been wrong. That's your call Tony Blair
I want to lead a government humble enough to know its place. Gordon Brown
The crowd poured in as rapidly as the door would admit them, and many climbed in at the windows. John G. Nicolay
If you are as happy, my dear sir, on entering the house as I am in leaving it and returning home, you are the happiest man in this country. James Buchanan
You are now public property, and ought to be where you can be reached by the people until you are inaugurated. William H. Seward
The truth is, I suppose I am now public property; and a public inn is the place where people can have access to me. Abraham Lincoln
Only the people who elected the President -- only those people -- can determine the President's fate. Boris Yeltsin
The President is not a God, not a miracle worker. He is a citizen. Boris Yeltsin
By the nature of his office, a President is separated from his natural constituency and from the art of his profession, politics. The office restricts his movements, his access to events and reality. David Halberstam
…the nomination of Mr. Lincoln took everybody by surprise: it was brought about by accident or trick, by which my pledged friends had to vote against me… The thing was well planned and boldly executed. Edward Bates
I must, in candor, say I do not think myself fit for the Presidency. Abraham Lincoln
An elected executive—whether President, governor or mayor—needs a popularity majority every day in his term. Dick Morris
Now look, that damned cowboy is President of the United States. Mark A. Hanna
Don’t any of you realize that there is only one life between this madman and the Presidency. Mark A. Hanna
This is the last office I shall ever hold. I have offended so many powerful interests and so many powerful politicians. Theodore Roosevelt
The only known cure for the Presidential virus is embalming fluid. Morris K. Udall
No government, be it the most perfect, can stand without strong executive authority. Poland
Saying my President right or wrong is like saying my driver drunk or sober. James Reston
There are still people who look askance at a minister dressed in indigenous skirts …. The old elite wonders where the president’s tie is. But things are changing. Casimira Rodriguez
I will accept for two years only. Antonio Jose de Sucre
The first thing that any President must do to lead effectively on economic issues is to persuade the country that trade matters. Daniel Drezner
There is not a single Supreme Court case that insinuates that the President can violate a federal statute in order to gather foreign intelligence. It was a flagrant violation of The Constitution. Bruce Fein
I did a lot of mischief while I was a little boy, and I continue to do it now that I am President. Vincente Fox
I could not have told where those damned islands were within 2,000 miles. William McKinley
We cannot have two policies. That is axiomatic. Hubert Humphrey
Ohio claims they are due a President as they haven't had one since Taft. Look at the United States, they haven't had one since Lincoln. Will Rogers
That after the President shall be seated in his Chair and the Vice-President, Senators and Representatives shall be again seated, the Vice-President shall announce to the President that the members of both Houses will attend him to be present at his taking the Oath of Office required by the Constitution. To the end that the Oath of Office may be administered to the President in the most public manner, and that the greatest number of the people of the United States and without distinction, may be witnesses to the solemnity, that therefore the Oath be administered in the outer Gallery adjoining to the Senate Chamber. United States Congress
In parliamentary and presidential democracies, the chief executive has been elevated from first among equals to the status of a monarch. Michael Lind
Presidents do not like to preside over such disagreements and scenes. That’s what presidential aides are for. Kenneth O'Donnell
Do it now. Not next week. Not tomorrow. Not later this afternoon. Now. Lyndon B. Johnson
At times we used questionable means to achieve our noble ends. Joseph A. Califano Jr.
You’re not saying “No” to me. You’re saying “No” to the presidency and to your country. Hasn’t your country been pretty good to you? Lyndon B. Johnson
The statement is reprehensible….If I find out some damn fool aide did it, I’ll fire the sonuvabitch. Lyndon B. Johnson
Every senator sees a president when he looks in the mirror each morning. Lyndon B. Johnson
It is one thing to be elected President and quite another for a man to become President. Yesterday, you decisively became President of this great nation. Joseph A. Califano Jr.
Presidents always interpret things as they wish to. Robert Dallek
The Congress may no more regulate the president's ability to detain and interrogate enemy combatants than it may regulate his ability to direct troop movements on the battlefield Jay S. Bybee
The Lovers of Fringe and Embroidery have, however, been defeated and a Taste for Simplicity has prevailed over adulation. Lambert Cadwalader
With Concern I perceive that it has infused into the Minds of People here the most intolerable Rage for Monarchy that can be imagined. Verily I believe that a very great proportion are ripe for a King & would salute the President as such with all the Folly of Enthusiasm. Thomas Tudor Tucker
His Highness the President, Protector of the Liberties of the United States United States Congress
You may depend on being the Contempt, the Scorn and the Derision of all Europe, while you call your national Conductor, General or President. You may depend on another Thing. The State Government will ever be uppermost in America in the Minds of our own People, till you give a superior Title to your first national Magistrate. John Adams
Joint committee to consider what STYLE or TITLES it will be proper to annex to the OFFICES of President and of Vice President of the United States--if any other than those given in the Constitution. Richard Henry Lee
Both Houses having resolved to accompany the President after he shall have taken the Oath, to St. Paul’s Chapel, to hear divine service, to be performed by the Chaplain of Congress,… United States Congress
We now discovered the Shores crowded with thousands of People––Men Women & Children––May I may venture to say Tens of Thousands; From the Fort to the Place of Landing altho’ near half a Mile, you could see little else along the Shores-- -in the Streets and on Board every Vessel, but Heads standing as thick as Ears of corn before the Harvest- Elias Cornelius Boudinot
I had the honor to receive your Official communication by the hand of Mr Secretary Thompson, about one O’Clock this day. Having concluded to obey the important and flattering call of my Country, and having been impressed with an idea of the expediency of my being with Congress at as early a period as possible; I propose to commence my journey on thursday morning which will be the day after tomorrow. . . George Washington
Prime Minister Anonymous
Arabs will participate on an equal footing throughout all sectors of the country’s public life….In every cabinet where the prime minister is a Jew, the vice-premiership shall be offered to an Arab and vice versa. Vladimir Jabotinsky
I know that I am the hardest working man in America. James K. Polk
I have not had the cabinet here for 6 weeks. I can run the government better without them. James K. Polk
If you are a United States senator and are not under indictment or in detoxification, you automatically consider yourself as a potential candidate for the Presidency. Morris K. Udall
The President of today is the postage stamp of tomorrow. Gracie Allen
I must let you know that I will not let any of my ministers be questioned by you... Charles I
What you learned on the streets of Brooklyn will be a damn sight more helpful to your president than anything you learned at Harvard. Lyndon B. Johnson
In many ways, however, inheriting success is as difficult as taking over at a time of crisis. The latter requires the leader to extricate the nation from its turmoil. While succeeding in such a situation is not easy, you begin at a lower base with a lot of upside. In my situation, the upside is not so obvious, but the downside is patently clear. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
The President alone has the power to speak or listen as a representative of the nation. He makes treaties with the advice and consent of the Senate; but he alone negotiates. Into the field of negotiation the Senate cannot intrude; and Congress itself is powerless to invade it. George Sutherland
When we walk everyday on the razor-edge of danger, a peace-loving people do not want a trigger-happy President in the White House. John F. Kennedy
National morality, by example and by persuasion, should begin at the White House and have the good influence to reach out to every corner of the land Barry Goldwater
Presidents don’t get to do do-overs! George W. Bush
The President of the U. S. every time he opens his mouth, has to mention God—well, my God!. I mean, not even the Pope does that. Oriana Fallaci
Being responsible, I will direct, and will be responsible for nothing that I do not direct. William Pitt the Younger
When your President calls you, you have to say yes Thierry Breton
The principle issue in this election is whether or not you are prepared to do anything new. Eleanor Roosevelt
The person of the king is sacred and secure from everything. Doing nothing of himself, he shall be answerable for nothing to the nation. He shall not be autocrat but father and chief of the nation, and as such the present law and constitution deems and declares him to be. Poland
I shall be an autocrat, that's my trade; and that good Lord will forgive me, that's his. Catherine II
Exempting judicial nominations from filibusters would expand Presidential power. George Will
The Vice Presidency is sort of like the last cookie on the plate. Everybody insists he won't take it, but somebody always does. William E. Vaughan
The Tsar lives in twenty rooms, let him occupy no more than five and have only five heated in the winter. He is served six dishes at table; let them give him three or four. The Tsaritsa will wear only a black dress...she will seem lovelier and sweeter to us. Three lumps of sugar are put into their children's tea; let them sip it through a single lump ...and when they complain of its not being sweet, tell them it is because the French are in the Crimea and the English at Kronstadt Mikhail Petrovich Pogodin
The right of initiative...belongs exclusively to ME, and is indissolubly bound to the autocratic power entrusted to ME by GOD....No one is called to take upon himself before ME petitions about the general welfare and needs of the state. Such departures from the order established by existing legislation can only hinder me in the execution of MY aims Alexander II
I am doing my best to prevent the corporations and the Republican Party Machine making me the … candidate for the vice presidency in order to get rid of me here as governor. Theodore Roosevelt
A flawed candidate with a strong character versus a strong candidate with a flawed character. David Shribman
A monologue is not a decision. Clement Attlee
This is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered at the White House, with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone. John F. Kennedy
I am much obliged to you gentlemen for leaving me one sentence of my own. Theodore Roosevelt
I am no longer a political accident. Theodore Roosevelt
I do not believe that I have ever before written to an individual legislator in favor of an individual bill, but …. Theodore Roosevelt
I do not want to establish the precedent of going about guarded. Theodore Roosevelt
I don’t care a damn about stocks and bonds, but I don’t want to see them go down the first day I am President. Theodore Roosevelt
I don’t think any President ever enjoyed himself more than I did. Theodore Roosevelt
I have received more advice than any man living—mostly bad. Theodore Roosevelt
I like my job. The burdens of this great nation I have borne up under for the past seven years will not be laid aside with relief, as all presidents have heretofore said, but will be laid aside with a good deal of regret, for I have enjoyed every moment of this so-called arduous and exacting task. Theodore Roosevelt
I wish to preach not the doctrine of ignoble ease but the doctrine of the strenuous life. Theodore Roosevelt
If I could only be President and Congress too, for just 10 minutes. Theodore Roosevelt
If there is not the occasion, you don't get the great statesmen. If Lincoln had lived in peacetime, you would not know his name today. Theodore Roosevelt
It shall be my aim to continue absolutely unbroken the policy of President McKinley for the peace and prosperity and the honor of our beloved country. Theodore Roosevelt
It's a dreadful thing to come in this way. Theodore Roosevelt
My belief was that it was not only the President's right but his duty to do anything that the needs of the nation demanded unless such action was forbidden by the Constitution or by the laws. Under this interpretation of executive power I did and caused to be done many things not previously done by the President. Theodore Roosevelt
In matters of war, we undermine presidential credibility at our nation’s peril. Joseph I. Lieberman
The most important thing that the person at the White House knows when he talks to you is that you are not in there. Robert Teeter
I apprehend... that the total abandonment of the principle of rotation in the offices of President and Senator will end in abuse. Thomas Jefferson
A sinning, oppressive Caliph should be removed by the Majlis-ash-Shura Council. However, if much bloodshed among the Muslims is forthcoming, then the ummah should avoid the fighting and bear him. An-Nawawi
You can’t have simultaneous notification on important issues. Some people always get the word before others. Jimmy Carter
It’s hard for a President to make case for more powers when he has not used the powers he already has. Artur Davis
I trust God speaks through me. Without that I could not do my job. George W. Bush
Roosevelt, never let Hoover near the White House and they never liked each other. Hoover didn't speak to Roosevelt when they were riding down the avenue, you know. James H. Rowe
As democracy is perfected, the office represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. We move toward a lofty ideal. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron. H. L. Mencken
There is one good thing about no longer being President. You can make your own notes and say what you want. Of course no one cares any more what you say. Bill Clinton
The President is to be commander-in-chief of the army and navy of the United States…In this respect his authority would be nominally the same with that of the king of Great Britain, but in substance much inferior to it. It would amount to nothing more than the supreme command and direction of the military and naval forces…while that of the British king extends to the DECLARING of war and to the RAISING and REGULATING of fleets and armies, all [of] which, by the Constitution under consideration, would appertain to the legislature. Alexander Hamilton
I was circulating around briefing these guys. Starting with Mitchell, and Haldeman, and [domestic policy adviser] John Ehrlichman, and all the guys. Just sort of circulating around with a briefcase. I cobbled together a briefing of a sort that would do the trick. And introduced them to technical systems of one kind or another. Richard Lehman
I never had an idea that didn’t come from [Thomas] Jefferson. Abraham Lincoln
If I had two faces, do you think I would be wearing this one. Abraham Lincoln
More and more of our imports are coming from overseas. George W. Bush
We have exchanged the Washingtonian dignity for the Jeffersonian simplicity, which was in truth only another name for the Jacksonian vulgarity. Henry Codman Potter
The most secretive White House in modern history has learned the hard way …that it must reveal a pretty steady stream of secrets. David E. Sanger
They have the marshals, I have the Army. Richard Nixon
If I win, fine; if not, the people will bring me to power anyway Evo Morales
For more than 500 years -- since the rise of nation-states and parliaments -- a preoccupation of Western political thought has been the problem of defining and confining executive power. George Will
The Bush administration is not arguing that the President is above the law; they are arguing that the President is the law. Mark Shields
When the Vice President of the United States shoots somebody, the public has the right to know. Linda Chavez
With his arrogant usurpation of power and refusal to follow well-established wire-tapping laws, I believe this president is not living up to [his] oath. By shunning the oversight of the courts and ignoring the express language of the laws passed by Congress, this president is, in my judgment, defiantly and stubbornly ignoring the Constitution and the laws passed by Congress. Ted Kennedy
It has been a habit of presidents to try to write their own history, to establish themselves as a legitimate embodiment of America's past and shaper of America's future. Michael Barone
When you are President you have to get something done, and that often means compromise. George W. Bush
The President has the power to wage war but not against U. S. laws…. He is a President; not a king. Russ Feingold
The Vice President is not the Vice President of Torture. Lindsey Graham
The more you live the greater your obligations to the public grow. Bill Clinton
For Ronald Reagan, the Presidency was the role of a lifetime. He was the star of the planet. Bonnie Angelo
First Lady sounds like the name of a race horse. Jacqueline Kennedy
I feel like I have just become public property. Jacqueline Kennedy
As you get further away from a presidency you are better able to assess that presidency. Daniel D. Holt
The President has no authority to direct anyone to disobey the law. Emett C. Choate
Having now finished the work assigned me, I retire from the great theatre of action, and bidding an affectionate farewell to this august body, under whose orders I have so long acted, I here offer my commission, and take my leave of all the employments of public life. George Washington
Nobody is strong-minded around a President… George E. Reedy
I used to tell my husband that, if he could make me understand something, it would be clear to all the other people in the country. Eleanor Roosevelt
The Rover Anonymous
His Accidency Anonymous
His Highness the President of the United States of America and Protector of the Rights of the Same Anonymous
Presidents govern in the center. Anonymous
The Crime of ‘76 Anonymous
The little man in the Palace Anonymous
Virginia—Mother of Presidents. Anonymous
About other Democratic candidates: Never say that any of them is not qualified to be President. Never say any of them can't win. Never suggest that any of them is the tool of an group or interest ... Dean Acheson
I have a constituency of one. Dean Acheson
To afford the President the greatest deference and respect should be a gratification to any citizen. Dean Acheson
You are the President. You tell them to go to hell. Dean Acheson
Where he [her husband John Adams] is wounded, I bleed. Abigail Adams
No merely legislative body could control a single, concentrated Executive …. Henry Adams
The success of any executive measure must now be bought by the use of political patronage in influencing the action of legislators. Henry Adams
The presidency of the United States was an office neither to be sought nor declined. To pay money for securing it directly or indirectly, was in my opinion incorrect in principle. John Quincy Adams
The respective powers of the President and Congress of the United States, in the case of war with foreign powers are yet undetermined. Perhaps they can never be defined. John Quincy Adams
This policy and drill [of political parties], first organized by Thomas Jefferson, first accomplish his election, and established the Virginia Dynasty of twenty-four years, a perpetual practical contradiction of its own principles. John Quincy Adams
Methought I heard him say, "Ay! I am fairly out, and you fairly in. See which of us will be the happiest. John Adams
I pray to heaven to bestow the best of blessings on this house and all that shall hereafter inhabit it. May none but honest and wise men ever rule under this roof. John Adams
My country has in its wisdom contrived for me the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived. John Adams
If there is one certain truth to be collected from the history of all ages, it is this: that the people's rights and liberties, and the democratic mixture in a constitution, can never be preserved without a strong executive, or, in other words without separating the executive power from the legislature. John Adams
Smilin' for the Presidency Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams
Perhaps the next and the next will inherit his virtues but in time the worst will take over. Samuel Adams
If a President doesn't make enemies, he just won't be a very good President, that's all. George Aiken
If the current Khalifa [Caliph] forces someone on the people to be the next Khalifa, but that person is righteous, the people must accept him as long as he remains righteous. Similarly, if there is no Khalifa (again, the situation today), it is permitted for someone to forcibly seize power and declare himself the Khalifa if he guarantees to abide by his responsibilities under Islam. Gharm Allah Al-Ghamdy
Caliph: Derived from the Arabic “Khalifa” meaning “one who replaces someone else who left or died.” In the context of Islam, however, the word acquires a narrower meaning. The Muslim Khalifa is the successor (in a line of successors) to Prophet Muhammad's position as the political, military, and administrative leader of the Muslims. The prophetic role of Muhammad is strictly not included in this definition Gharm Allah Al-Ghamdy
The President was a responsibility beyond that of managing the government. He has a responsibility as a moral leader. George Allen
Protect the people from the oppression of dictatorships. Leo E. Allen
A President must always be given credit for all his administration's successes and the final blame for the failures. Joseph Alsop
The way you judge presidents is the way you judge plumbing fixtures. It doesn't matter whether plumbing fixtures are orchid or white. What really matters about a plumbing fixture is—does it flush? Joseph Alsop
Essentially, Eisenhower passed on to his successors the problem of guaranteeing constitutional rights to Negro citizens. Stephen Ambrose
They [the founding fathers] conceived of the vice president as a runner-up presidential candidate. Joyce Appleby
It is my responsibility to the Haitian people not to expose myself to danger except for good reason. Jean-Bertrand Aristide
The office of Vice President is a greater dream than I ever expected. Chester A. Arthur
The President should have full opportunity ... of opposing whatever appropriations seemed to him objectionable without imperiling the success of others. Chester A. Arthur
Well, there doesn't seem anything else for an ex-President to do but go into the country and raise big pumpkins. Chester A. Arthur
Every presidential library is a reflection of the society at the time in terms of the media in it. David Ashbrook
The whole power of the national government is gradually but surely passing under the complete control of our Presidents. John N. Mitchell Ashley
I slept soundly. David Rice Atchison
It is contrary to political precedent for the voters to kick out an administration in time of prosperity. Eben Ayers
There aren't many Presidents who have had an effect on the fundamental policies of the nation. Howard Baker
The President is accountable only to the country. Holmes Baldridge
In what other democracy is the President in charge of the executive and the legislature and the judiciary? Edouard Balladur
I have no heart to campaign for a job I did not seek. Alben W. Barkley
When presidents are in trouble, there's two things they always do: reshuffle the staff and call in a bunch of reporters for advice. Fred Barnes
If you want to be President, you'll have to remain poor. Bernard Baruch
The key question is who determines if a President is unable to perform his duties? Birch Bayh
Character is the single most important thing the voter considers when voting for the presidency. Robert Beckel
He can't spend all his time running his mouth; he's got to run the country. Paul Begala
I always remember I'm the monkey and he's the organ-grinder. Paul Begala
An attorney general has to stand up [to the President], and sometimes he will be replaced. Griffin Bell
Lincoln is a religion in this country. He is a sacred icon. Millions of people make money selling Lincoln. He is an industry. Lerone Bennett Jr.
The Vice Presidency is the job description from Hell. William Bennett
Yes, Ronald Reagan did sleep through cabinet meetings—and deservedly so. They were incredibly tedious. I know; I was there. William Bennett
Presidency: The greased pig in the game of American politics. Ambrose Bierce
We cannot with faithfulness to our constitutional system hold that the Commander in Chief ... has the ultimate power as such to take possession of private property in order to keep labor disputes from stopping production. This is a job for the Nation's lawmakers, not for its military authorities. Hugo Black
One of the problems of being a prime minister is that you can't do what people want all at once. Tony Blair
Even for a President who is not a professional actor, misrepresentation is a part of the job. Commentators who do not bear this in mind are like critics in the audience shouting, “Tell us what you really think” at an actor who is trying to bring off his drama. Roy Blount, Jr.
... Monarches who call themselves presidents. Simon Bolivar
I want someone in the White House who's had a life. Mary Bono
When the President calls you and asks you what you think, you owe him what you think, not what you think he wants to hear. William W. Bradley
[Assessing William Howard Taft:] It is very difficult for me to understand how a man who is so good as Chief Justice could have been so bad as President. Louis D. Brandeis
The office of the President is such a bastardized thing, half royalty and half democracy, that nobody knows whether to genuflect or spit. Jimmy Breslin
It is easy to be President if there are no problems and the money comes pouring in. David Brinkley
His Presidency gave his post-Presidency credibility. Douglas Brinkley
Always take a good look at your problems as they are going to be with you for a long time. Richard Brookhiser
Some of your enemies are real enemies and you are just going to have to fight them Richard Brookhiser
Our Presidents have ranged from the disgraceful to the heroic, but almost none of them were actually normal human beings. David Brooks
I don't think that winning the presidency of the United States is a matter of a single issue. Ronald H. Brown
It is certainly not the most democratic way to proceed. Ronald H. Brown
Executive Privilege Herbert Brownell
There is a substantial difference between the President being able to wave to the crowd from a hospital window and being able to govern. Herbert Brownell
The President has rarely leisure to give close or continuous attention to foreign policy. James Bryce
The President is hampered at every turn by the necessity of humoring his party. James Bryce
Why Great Men Are Not Chosen President James Bryce
That, Madam, is my misfortune, not my fault. James Buchanan
The office of the President is so staggeringly complicated that nobody can ... be a good President. William F. Buckley Jr.
The Presidency is a Tudor monarchy with telephones. Anthony Burgess
The end of every President's second term is always a bit disappointing, isn't it? Alistair Burnett
Most presidents, as practical men and accomplished bargainers, have resisted ideological and even program commitments. James MacGregor Burns
[The first lady broke her leg while sledding. Reporters asked if it was painful. The President stated that it "smarted a little." That's easy for him to say! Barbara Bush
I may be the only mother in America who knows exactly where her son is at every moment. Barbara Bush
Someday, someone will follow in my footsteps and preside over the White House as the President's spouse. And I wish him well. Barbara Bush
Our nation is still somewhat sad, but we’re angry. There’s a certain level of blood lust…. pretty soon we’ll have to start displaying scalps. George W. Bush
The peaceful transfer of authority is rare in history yet common in our country. George W. Bush
I take personal responsibility for everything I say. George W. Bush
I’ve had foreign policy experience as governor of Texas—with Mexico. George W. Bush
I cannot consult with 535 strong willed individuals. George W. Bush
I had my chance. Now he has his. George W. Bush
The first responsibility of any President is to work for peace in the world and prosperity at home. George W. Bush
There is no area where experience matters more than in war and diplomacy. George W. Bush
When I make a call, we move as a team. George W. Bush
We screwed things up and got a lot of things right. George W. Bush
... as long as there is no chance of my being elected Vice President. Nicholas M. Butler
If perjury and obstruction of justice do not undermine the integrity of office, what offenses would? Charles T. Canady
The transition is probably the most important part of the President's administration. Hodding Carter
I don't have any influence over the Fed [Federal Reserve System], none at all. It's carefully isolated from any influence by the President or Congress. Jimmy Carter
I don't intend to lose. Jimmy Carter
I will never lie to you. Jimmy Carter
The most difficult issues—the toughest decisions—are the ones that invariably end up on the President’s desk. Jimmy Carter
The problems of the country look very different from the Oval Office than they do from the campaign trail. Jimmy Carter
I could stay here and pour tea and entertain the guests all day and I would be criticized. Roslyn Carter
I had learned from more than a decade in political life that I was going to be criticized no matter what I did, so I may as well be criticized for doing something I wanted to do. If I had spent all day pouring tea, I would have been criticized for doing that too. Roslyn Carter
Image became a nuisance that wouldn’t go away. I thought that if I were working productively and accomplishing something worthwhile, the image would take care of itself. Roslyn Carter
There is no way I could discuss things with Jimmy in an intelligent way if I didn’t attend cabinet meetings Roslyn Carter
What irritates me is that people in our country expect women to work now, but when the First Lady tries to do something, she is criticized for it. It’s ridiculous, but it’s a way to get at a President. Roslyn Carter
The presidency is a big job and there are some people who don't always wish him well. There are those who throw banana peels in his way hoping he'll slip. James Carville
You need a story, a scenario as First Lady. Oleg Cassini
The way a President runs his business ought to remain highly idiosyncratic. Douglas Cater
There will be a new president in this country someday, and I have as good a chance as anybody. Albert B. Chandler
We are practically an island here [the White House.] Dwight Chapin
In the tough and dangerous world in which we live a President must always say what he means and mean what he says. Dick Cheney
Being cast in marble is something that every Vice President looks forward to. It’s not only a high honor, but it’s our only shot at being remembered. Dick Cheney
The deficit is potentially Ronald Reagan’s Vietnam. Dick Cheney
It’s a huge country. Floods, fires, accidents. You worry, you make phone calls, you sort things out. Victor Chernomyrdin
A President cannot call men from all parts of the country during the time between his nomination and his election, seek their advice, their counsel, their service, their cooperation in his personal behalf and in behalf of the party ... and also tell them in the same breath, to see the Secretary of War, the Attorney General and the Postmaster General about a presidential nomination. George B. Christian Jr.
If he trips he must be sustained. If he makes mistakes, they must be covered. If he sleeps, he must not be wantonly disturbed. If he is no good, he must be pole-axed. Winston Churchill
So they [the Government] go on in strange paradox, decided only to be undecided, resolved to be irresolute, adamant for drift, solid for fluidity, all-powerful to be impotent. Winston Churchill
The more the President cares about things, the more the other people in the government will attend to them. Henry Cisneros
Ministers do not function well when they are unsure of their authority or of their standing with the Leader [ the Prime Minister] Joe Clark
The President in the late Executive proceedings in the relation to the public revenue, has assumed upon himself authority and power not conferred by the Constitution and laws, but in derogation of both. Henry Clay
I trust the sentiments and opinions are correct; I had rather be right than President. Henry Clay
We need a President who is more interested in being right and just than being President. Emanuel Cleaver II
Make sure that they do not break anything because we are coming back in 4 years Frances Folsom Cleveland
[Theodore] Roosevelt is the most perfectly equipped and the most effective politician thus far seen in the Presidency. Grover Cleveland
The Presidency is the repository of the people’s power. Grover Cleveland
[Describing the executive branch:] ... a chameleon taking its color from the character and personality of the President. Clark M. Clifford
A President immunized from political consideration is a President who need not listen to the people ... Clark M. Clifford
[President Jimmy Carter] had so much going for him. He was elected without any real commitments.... To come in with no commitments gives a President a marvelous, broad flexible horizon of operation. Clark M. Clifford
Every President needs a hand holder. Clark M. Clifford
A man who understands the power of the Presidency, who understands the potential of the Presidency, can get almost anything accomplished. Clark M. Clifford
We've had some Presidents who were pretty lazy. Clark M. Clifford
The President represents everybody and he sets the moral tone of the country. Clark M. Clifford
The problems of the President of the United States are not susceptible to scientific treatment. Clark M. Clifford
He [her husband] asks me for advice and doesn't take it as much as he does. Hillary Clinton
Get a good team and do what you think is right. Bill Clinton
I have got to lay a foundation of personal security for the working people of this country and their families in order to succeed as your president. Bill Clinton
I left the White House but I’m still here. Bill Clinton
Is what he is saying true? …. How did this happen? …. I want to get to the bottom of this. Bill Clinton
President's have feelings too. Bill Clinton
When you leave the White House, you wonder if you’ll ever draw a crowd again. Bill Clinton
Never underestimate the power of an American President in his early days. Daniel R. Coates
Every President has to have a scapegoat. Philip E. Coldwell
[Presidential] nominations are won consistently by the front-runners. Jo-Anne Cole
I don't care whom you take; Chester Allen Arthur will do as well as any other. Roscoe Conkling
In politics, something is always wrong: the year, the opponent, the issues. Think of how few people actually run for President ... For most, it is like a romance that is never in sync; one of the parties is always free when the other is married. John Connally
Any man who doesn’t like dogs … shouldn’t be in the White House. Calvin Coolidge
I have never felt that it was my duty to attempt to coerce Senators or Representatives, or take reprisals. Calvin Coolidge
As Vice President I must uphold the policies of the Administration 100 percent. If I disagree in any way it is my duty to keep silent. Calvin Coolidge
Presidents come from the people and the should return to the people. Calvin Coolidge
The public wants a solemn ass as a President. And I think I'll go along with them. Calvin Coolidge
The President cannot, with success, constantly appeal to the country. After a time he will get no response. Calvin Coolidge
If you keep dead still, they will run down in three of four minutes. Calvin Coolidge
The Presidents who have gone to Washington without first having held some national office have been at great disadvantage. It takes them a long time to become acquainted with the Federal office-holders and the Federal Government. Calvin Coolidge
A charismatic president has a secret weapon: the public. Elmer E. Cornwell
It was the saddest day of my life. Norris H. Cotton
Unlike a monarch, the President is not the Sovereign. Archibald Cox
It's the fate of every executive. He gets in on promises and finds that things can't be fulfilled as he hoped. Walter Cronkite
To be a great president you have to have a war. All the great presidents had their wars. William J. Crowe Jr.
The presidency is not about easy choices. William M. Daley
... the second hardest job in America. Margaret Truman Daniels
By God, he looked like a President. Harry M. Daugherty
Be a President. Don't try to be a lawyer. Lanny Davis
The White House is another world. Expediency is everything. John Dean
This memorandum addresses the matter of how we can maximize the fact of our incumbency in dealing with persons known to be active in their opposition to our Administration. Stated a bit more bluntly—how we can use the available federal machinery to screw our political enemies? John Dean
I’ve never formally been number 1 in the Party, but everybody keeps hanging around me, showing me deference. I have to give the nod on every important decision. I carry too much weight and that is not good for the Party or the state. Deng Xiaoping
The president can talk at a very high level of abstraction that is sometimes misinterpreted when it is applied in concrete situations. Donald Devine
The office of the President is not such a very difficult one to fill, his duties being mainly to execute the laws of Congress. Should I be chosen for this exalted position, I would execute the laws of Congress as faithfully as I have always executed the orders of my superiors. George Dewey
Don’t get fat, don’t lose your zeal, and you can be President someday. Thomas E. Dewey
When I want to read a novel, I write one. Benjamin Disraeli
We've paved the way for the woman who will be the first female President. Elizabeth Dole
I don't think the first hundred days measures the success or failure of any President. Bob Dole
[Describing the vice presidency:] ... inside work with no heavy lifting. Bob Dole
History buffs probably noted the reunion at a Washington party a few weeks ago of three ex-presidents. Carter, Ford and Nixon. See no evil, hear no evil and evil. Bob Dole
It only takes one vote to win the Vice Presidential nomination. Bob Dole
President [William Howard] Taft is an amiable man, completely surrounded by men who know exactly what they want. Jonathan Dolliver
The President is the ultimate role model. Robert Dornan
What a President may do as a matter of expediency or extremity may never reach a definitive constitutional decision. William O. Douglas
The margin of error when working on the White House staff is zero. Any mistake you make will wind up on the front page of the Washington Post. Kenneth M. Duberstein
Well Mr. President, it isn’t quite as simple as that. John Foster Dulles
The door to the White House hinges on timing. Tom Dunkel
There are unpleasant things which it is easy for only me to tell him. Tatyana Borisovna Dyachenko
Go ahead, make my day! Clint Eastwood
Today being President is really no different than running for President. It’s about approval ratings and photo ops and damage control and deniability. Barbara Ehrenreich
I think you are going to have to send troops to Vietnam and if you do, I will come up from Gettysburg to support you. Dwight D. Eisenhower
If I mis-hit the golf ball, the world doesn't blow up. Dwight D. Eisenhower
I’ll lie as much as the next guy when my country’s interests are involved—if I have a chance of being believed.. Dwight D. Eisenhower
It's really difficult to go out on a date with the Secret Service ... How about the Secret Service on your honeymoon? It's amazing that David and I are still together. Julie Nixon Eisenhower
Ike runs the country. I turn the pork chops. Mamie Eisenhower
Give members of Congress a sense of equity in your administration. Stuart Eizenstat
If the Chief Magistrate of a nation may be an irreligious man, with impunity, who may not? Ezra Stiles Ely
If a king goes astray the common people pay for the sin. English Proverb or Saying
In court a man must sail after every wind. English Proverb or Saying
[Impoundment has become] a means whereby the White House can give effect to social goals of its own choosing by reallocating national resources in contravention of congressional dictates. Samuel J. Ervin Jr.
I do not believe that the President has any powers at all except such as the Constitution expressly gives him or such as are necessarily inferred. Samuel J. Ervin Jr.
I do not believe that we [Congress] should allow him [the President] to nullify acts of Congress by executive fiat. There is not one syllable in the Constitution which authorizes the President to exercise such power. Samuel J. Ervin Jr.
The President ... should be merely the executor of a power of decision that rests elsewhere; that is, in the Congress. Samuel J. Ervin Jr.
There is nothing in the Constitution that authorizes or makes it the official duty of a President to have anything to do with criminal activities. Samuel J. Ervin Jr.
The president is the only one we have to make decisions. We have no one else. Samuel J. Ervin Jr.
The U. S. Presidency could be decided by a system Americans would find unacceptable abroad…. U. S. officials, working in newly democratic countries don’t spend much time encouraging laws that would allow the second place candidate for national office to triumph. Drew Fagan
During my seven years in office, I was in love with seventeen million French women. Valery Giscard D'estang
The first essential for a Prime Minister is to be a good butcher. William E. Gladstone
If the American President had control of the media, his job would be much easier. April Glaspie
Control is not a luxury that most Presidents are allowed. James K. Glassman
Is there really a way to restrict the powers of the Commander in Chief ... when one man's swiftly pressing the button may be necessary for some degree of national survival? Eric F. Goldman
You never tear your President down. Barry Goldwater
President's are compelled to shout across the gap between politics and society. Arpad Goncz
At the end of 4 years, you have a President who turns over all this enormous power without a single shot being fired. Aberto Gonzales
I'm nothing. I'm zip. I'm not a government employee. I can't even get a government rate from airlines. I'm a volunteer in the office of the President. Tipper Gore
When a President asserts constitutional powers he needs to be pretty certain he has those powers. Phil Gramm
They can't do it. They can't compel me to do it. It is as important for the cause that Lincoln should be elected as that the army should be successful in the field. Ulysses S. Grant
Under no circumstances will I allow expenditures upon works not clearly national. Ulysses S. Grant
A president in his first year has a mandate and some political capital. When he picks an issue, he can practically roll any Congress. William H. Gray
The President is suffering from nervous exhaustion….He needs to rest for a considerable time. Cary T. Grayson
This entire administration has been a disgrace from the very beginning to everyone who has had any thing to do with bring it to power. I take my full share of the … shame myself. I can atone for what I have done no otherwise than in refusing to be instrumental in continuing it. James W. Grimes
Every night, whisper "peace" in your husband's ear. Andrei A. Gromyko
The President has a constitutional right to behave like a spoiled child. Barney Frank
If America wins they win together; if it fails the President fails alone. Thomas Friedman
The glory of a next Augustan age A golden age of poetry and power Of which this noonday’s the beginning hour. Robert Frost
If I do not stand for a third term the opposition will undermine all that I've achieved. Alberto Fujimori
The person who manages the state is me. Alberto Fujimori
I don't mind if my life goes in the service of the nation. If I die today every drop of my blood will invigorate the nation. Indira Gandhi
It had better be known in the outset whether the President is the head of the government or the registering clerk of the Senate. James A. Garfield
My fellow citizens, the President is dead, but the Government lives and God Omnipotent reigns. James A. Garfield
We are apt to be deluded into false security by political catchwords, devised to flatter rather than instruct. James A. Garfield
Worst damnfool mistake I ever made was letting myself be elected Vice-President of the United States. Should have stuck with my old chores as Speaker of the House. I gave up the second most important job in the Government for one that didn't amount to a hill of beans. I spent eight long years as Mr. Roosevelt's spare tire. I might still be Speaker if I hadn't let them elect me Vice-President. John Nance Garner
This is absolutely terrible. I’m quite unprepared for it. David [his older brother] has been trained for this all his life. I’ve never even seen a state paper. George V
You must lay out of vision of what you want for the country. There is no more important thing. Richard A. Gephardt
Re-election campaigns of sitting presidents are always about the sitting president. Howard Fineman
I do not believe that being First Lady should prevent me from expressing my views. Betty Ford
I wish I'd married a plumber. At least he'd be home by 5 o'clock. Betty Ford
I think a president has to be able to think like the people think. Betty Ford
[Describing the presidency:] ... the organ of the will of the nation ... elective kingship. Henry Jones Ford
We never going to have someone who's perfect [for President] We have to change our system so that it can operate with flawed people. Hendrik Hertzberg
We're choosing our Presidents from a smaller and smaller pool—a gene pool. Ted Hertzberg
Never has any one office had so much power as the President of the United States possesses. Never has so powerful a leader been so impotent to do what he wants to do, what he is pledged to do and what he knows he must do. Godfrey Hodgson
Form your ranks and fight! Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.
The power cannot be delegated. Joseph Holt
Every man has a few mental hair shirts and … Presidents differ only in their larger wardrobe. Herbert Hoover
Most ex-Presidents would be glad to become ex-officio members of the Senate without a vote. Herbert Hoover
The President has become increasingly the depository of all national ills, especially if things go wrong. Herbert Hoover
Mr. Roosevelt, when you are in Washington as long as I have been, you will learn that the President of the United States calls on nobody. Herbert Hoover
I have outlined to Senator Harding several constructive proposals ... and it remains for him to make the decision. [Harding accepted Hoover's conditions.] Herbert Hoover
I am loathe to proceed with recommendations to the Congress until I can have an opportunity to confer with you personally. Herbert Hoover
I have no right to be a king, but I have the right to create a king. Hun Sen
It is true that a house divided against itself is a house that cannot stand. There is division in the American house now and believing this as I do, I have concluded that I should not permit the Presidency to become involved in the partisan divisions that are developing in this political year. Accordingly, I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your President. Lyndon B. Johnson
I would dare to dispute the integrity of the President on any occasion my country's welfare demanded it.... The President is neither an absolute monarch nor a descendant of a sun goddess. Harold L. Ickes
Any President has authority who asserts authority. Walter Isaacson
The Sacred Throne was established at a time when the heavens and earth became separated. The Emperor is Heaven descended, divine, and sacred. He is preeminent above all his subjects. He must be reverenced and is inviolable. He has indeed to pay due respect to the laws, but the law has no power to hold him accountable to it. Hirobumi Ito
The Executive is a co-ordinate and independent branch of the Government equally with the Senate; and I have yet to learn under what constitutional authority that branch of the Legislature has a right to require of my an account of any communication ... made to the heads of departments ... Andrew Jackson
As the legislature of my state has thought proper to bring my name forward without consulting me, I mean to be silent, and let the people do as seemeth unto them. Andrew Jackson
I can say with truth mine is a situation of dignified slavery. Andrew Jackson
Was there ever such a bare-faced corruption in any country before? Andrew Jackson
I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of God than live in that palace at Washington [the White House.] Rachel Donelson Jackson
Presidents today spend more time speaking than they do reading or thinking. Kathleen Hall Jamieson
The Emperor is the head of the Empire, combining in Himself the rights of sovereignty, and exercises them, according to the provisions of the present Constitution. [1889 Constitution] The Emperor shall perform only such acts in matters of state as are provided for in this Constitution and he shall not have powers related to government. [1946 Constitution] Japan
The empire of Japan shall be reigned over and governed by a line of emperors unbroken for ages eternal. [1889 Constitution] The Emperor shall be the symbol of the State and the unity of the people, deriving his position from the will of the people with whom resides sovereign power. [1946 Constitution] . Japan
I shall often go wrong through defect of judgment. When right, I shall often be thought wrong by those whose positions will not command a view of the whole ground. I ask your indulgence for my own errors, which will never be intentional, and your support against the errors of others, who may condemn what they would not if seen in all its parts. Thomas Jefferson
[Describing the White House:] Big enough for two emperors, one Pope and the Grand Lama. Thomas Jefferson
I am no longer fit for these times. We are in a new era to which I do not belong. Thomas Jefferson
I have here [at the White House] company enough, part secretly hostile and a constant succession of strangers. Thomas Jefferson
I intend to withdraw after my second term. General Washington set the example. I will follow. Thomas Jefferson
… the most superlatively ridiculous thing Thomas Jefferson
No man will ever bring out of the Presidency the reputation which carries him into it. Thomas Jefferson
He [the President] may be reelected from four years to four years for life …. Once in office, and possessing the military force of the union, without either the aid or check of a council, he would not be easily dethroned. Thomas Jefferson
That I should lay down my charge at a proper period is as much a duty as to have borne it faithfully. Thomas Jefferson
Experience concurs with reason in concluding that the first magistrate [President] will always be re-elected if the constitution permits it. He is then an officer for life. Thomas Jefferson
The King, long in the habit of drowning his cares in wine, plunges deeper and deeper; the Queen cries out but, but sins on. Thomas Jefferson
The President’s own Thomas Jefferson
The second office of the government is honorable & easy; the first is but a splendid misery. Thomas Jefferson
When brought together in society all are perfectly equal, whether foreign or domestic, titled or untitled, in or out of office. Thomas Jefferson
The Show Andrew Johnson
Let them impeach and be damned! Andrew Johnson
I did not have Eleanor Roosevelt’s courage, her energy, her determination … Mrs. Roosevelt just didn’t pay attention to all the snide things that were said about her. I respect that but I could not be like that. Lady Bird Johnson
The first lady is, and always will be, an unpaid public servant elected by one person, her husband. Lady Bird Johnson
The gold coin is spent. Lady Bird Johnson
When he is pierced, I bleed. Lady Bird Johnson
One of the things about the White House is that you know from the moment you walk in there that this has a time limitation. You don't know exactly what it is; it may be the four years you were elected for, or death, but you know it's got a time limitation. And that's one reason why you do as much as you can do, because you know that this will never happen again, and you can drum up the energy from somewhere within you to go more, do more, learn more, for this limited time. Lady Bird Johnson
You can take my job any time you’re ready. Lyndon B. Johnson
An assassin's bullet has thrust upon me the awesome burden of the Presidency. I am here to say that I need the help of all Americans, in all America. Lyndon B. Johnson
Being president is like being a jackass in a hailstorm. There's nothing to do but stand there and take it. Lyndon B. Johnson
Boys, I've just reminded Hubert that I've got his balls in my pocket. Lyndon B. Johnson
I hear you're losing Ohio, but we're doing fine in Pennsylvania. Lyndon B. Johnson
I just knew in my heart that it was not right for Dick Nixon to ever be the President of this country. Lyndon B. Johnson
I was no longer the man whose mistake could involve the world in war. Lyndon B. Johnson
If the ... President has much more than a hangnail, the stock market goes crazy. Lyndon B. Johnson
If you ever keep [Vice President] Hubert [Humphrey] waiting again, I'll kick your ass down that hall. Lyndon B. Johnson
The presidency is worse than being in jail. Lyndon B. Johnson
They're all mine, son. Lyndon B. Johnson
Welcome to your house! Lyndon B. Johnson
When things haven't gone well for you, call in a secretary of a staff man and chew him out. You will sleep better and they will appreciate the attention. Lyndon B. Johnson
What a President says and thinks is not worth five cents unless he has the people and Congress behind him. Without the Congress I'm just a six-feet-four Texan. With the Congress I'm President of the United States in the fullest sense. Lyndon B. Johnson
All I have I would have given gladly not to be standing here today. Lyndon B. Johnson
I do not believe I can physically and mentally carry the responsibilities of the bomb, and the world, and the Negroes and the South and so on and so forth. Lyndon B. Johnson
I would never want to trade a vote for a gavel. Lyndon B. Johnson
Now, boys, let me tell you something. Sometimes you may see me coming out of a room in the White House with a woman. You just remember that it is none of your business. Lyndon B. Johnson
There was no one at the table [of a Cabinet meeting] who could be of help to me except the President, and when I needed to consult him I did not choose a Cabinet meeting to do so. Jesse Holman Jones
If Presidents are not looking for confrontations with the Congress—even with their own party members—then their aides are. Phil Jones
The office of the President represents every child on earth. Tommy Lee Jones
I'm only good at transitions in—not transitions out. Hamilton Jordan
The Presidency is a four-year contract with the American electorate. But with television news, the American people can more easily monitor that contract, being sure every "i" is dotted and every "t" crossed. Hamilton Jordan
Even when it's true, it sounds bad for any President to claim that criticism of him is damaging to the country's interest. Hamilton Jordan
Compared to this [the transition] the election was easy. Vernon Jordan
To be seen only in public on stated times, like an eastern Lama would be ... offensive. William Maclay
The danger of undue power in the President is not, to me, formidable. James Madison
... the decisive engine of impeachment. James Madison
The President can set the cultural agenda. Myron Magnet
You are living in an unreal world when you work there [the White House.] Jeb Stuart Magruder
The son of the coarsest man in the country, if he attends to his learning may become President. Horace Mann
I don't feel qualified to be President either, but I've got the job. Harry S Truman
That the president of the United States may be subpoenaed, and examined as a witness, and required to produce any paper in his possession, is not controverted. John Marshall
Once there were two brothers. One ran away to sea, the other was elected Vice President, and nothing was ever heard from either of them again. Thomas R. Marshall
The Vice President is like a man in a cataleptic state. He cannot speak. He cannot move. Thomas R. Marshall
The kind of people we want to be President don’t want to run. Lynn Martin
[I am] against giving the power of war to the Executive, because [he is] not safely to be trusted with it. George Mason
It would be as unnatural to refer the choice of a proper character for chief magistrate to the people, as it would be to refer a trial of colors to a blind man. George Mason
Most people still believe that the White House is a moral address and that only men and women of good character should occupy it. Tom Mathews
The more a President sits surrounded only by his own views and those of his personal advisors, the more he lives in a house of mirrors in which all views and ideas tend to reflect and reinforce his own. Charles McC. Mathias Jr.
Why must I imitate the sideways walk of a crab? … Hasn’t he [Emperor Hirohito] become human? Jiichiro Matsumoto
Presidents ... become hermits only at their peril. Running the executive branch is now a team sport. It is operated best by politicians who thrive on command, possess a fine and sure touch for the levers of power and enjoy the company of those who serve them. Christopher Matthews
The Presidency is an important executive office but is also a symbolic office. Christopher Matthews
No President should seek a third term, that is if he believes in the continuation of democracy in this country. Patrick Anthony McCarran
… a job of infinite stress David McCullough
We seem so anxious to tear down everyone who gets the job [the Presidency]. We look to exploit every chink in his armor. Derrick McGinty
The only person who can get a country as diverse as ours to rise above narrow interests is the President of the United States. Matthew F. McHugh
I can no longer be called the President of a party. I am now the president of the whole people. William McKinley
Why should I? No one would wish to hurt me. William McKinley
Part of your job as President is not only to make the tough calls, but to get people to agree with you. Michel McQueen
There is nothing about the President's health that should be secret—that includes baldness. Maryanne Means
One party should not have the power to impeach the President of the other party. Marty Mehan
A Galileo could no more be elected president of the United States than he could be elected Pope of Rome. Both high posts are reserved for men favored by God with an extraordinary genius for swathing the bitter facts of life in bandages of self-illusion. H. L. Mencken
Here, indeed, was his one really notable talent. He slept more than any other President, whether by day or by night ... Nero fiddled, but Coolidge only snored ... He had no ideas, and he was not a nuisance. H. L. Mencken
This paper does not wish to damage the dignity of the President of the United States. Eugene Meyer
That's part of being President. You can't focus on any one thing to the exclusion of all other things. Dee Dee Myers
The only way a President-elect is ever going to get the sort of cabinet he himself wants is to shoot out his list right at the beginning, consulting nobody and sticking to his first selections. The minute he begins asking advice he is in trouble. Charles Michelson
There’s a difference between a citizen and the President of the United States. The citizen can’t kill as many people. Arthur Miller
As Chairman of the [House] Ways and Means Committee, I can contact the President whoever he may be, quite readily on the telephone. As a Vice President, I don't know whether he'd listen to me or not. Wilbur Mills
A President is not elected to do as he pleases. He is elected to do as the people please. Walter F. Mondale
Presidents cannot lead if they don't know what's going on in the life of the average American. Walter F. Mondale
The Vice President breaks ties in the Senate. In our 200 years of history there have been about 200 ties broken so you can see what an important job it is. Walter F. Mondale
A committee of the Senate ought to confer with a committee of the President through a head of a department and not with the Chief Magistrate, for in the latter case a committee of that House is equal to the President. James Monroe
... the head of the Cabinet is primus inter pares [first among equals], and occupies a position which, so long as it lasts, is one of exceptional and peculiar power. John Morley; Lord Morley
The healthy presidency is one that never lets the press hustle the President's priorities. Bill Moyers
The more publicized the presidency the less powerful the office. Bill Moyers
The roots of power in the White House are often bourbon and branch water taken with the President at the end of the day. Bill Moyers
It's very dangerous ... to confuse the confuse the identity and fortune of the President with the success and fortune of the nation. Bill Moyers
If something awful happens to the President, we’ll get another President. Daniel P. Moynihan
Presidents cannot seem to be hesitating in any area that concerns their propriety. Daniel P. Moynihan
Impossible! No President ever steps down! Hosni Mubarak
You elect a President for four years and then you judge him in 100 days. Brian Mulroney
Political spouses don't announce that they're staying, only that they're leaving. And that I have no announcements to make here tonight, at this time, with you, on this occasion. Mila Mulroney
The need for this amendment grows directly out of the unfortunate experience we had in this country in 1940 and again in 1944 when a President (FDR) who had entrenched himself in power by use of patronage and the public purse refused to vacate the office at the conclusion of 2 terms, but used the great powers of the Presidency to perpetuate himself in office. Karl E. Mundt
This talk of blindly following the President in everything pertaining to war—except as to his conduct of military operation in the field—is blithering idiocy.... The Constitution still abides. It defines the powers and duties of Congress. It gave Congress every war power, except that it left with the President the right to direct all military operation in the field. It gave him no other war power. Robert M. La Follette
Every president of the United States federalizes his values. Richard Lamm
Our President is not a King, nor our senate a House of Lords. Richard Henry Law
Neither of them could defend himself against assaults from an able bodied woman in the city. Ward Laymanm
If you’re going to remove a President from office and overturn a national election, you had better be sure that it’s ‘beyond a reasonable doubt.’ Patrick Leahy
The next time we elect a President let’s do a background check. David Letterman
There's a rigid template a first lady has to fit into. You're either the Dragon Lady or the Happy Homemaker. Ann F. Lewis
… the honor of the nation and the good of mankind, demand that Mr. Lincoln be sustained and re-elected. James T. Lewis
No, I haven’t given any thought to running for President. But my mother has thought about it. Joseph I. Lieberman
The Founding Fathers wisely concluded that it was not enough for the President to swear to obey the law. He had to "take care that the laws be faithfully executed," which means by his appointees and subordinates. Arthur L. Liman
As Commander-in-Chief of the army and navy, in time of war, I suppose I have a right to take any measure which may best subdue the enemy. Abraham Lincoln
I have got you together to hear what I have written down. I do not want your advice about the main matter – for I that I have determined for myself. Abraham Lincoln
I would rather have a full term in the Senate—a place in which I would feel more consciously able to discharge the duties required, and where there is more chance to make a reputation, and less danger of losing it than four years of the presidency. Abraham Lincoln
If any man wishes to exchange his life for mine, there is nothing that can prevent it. Abraham Lincoln
It was with the deepest regret that the Executive found the duty of employing the war-power, in defense of the government, forced upon him …. These measures whether strictly legal or not, were ventured upon, under what appeared to be a popular demand, and a public necessity; trusting, then, as now, that Congress would readily ratify them. Abraham Lincoln
No vigilance could keep them out….A conspiracy to assassinate, if there were such, could easily obtain a pass to see me for any one or more of its instruments. Abraham Lincoln
As President, I have no eyes but constitutional eyes. I cannot see you. Abraham Lincoln
Everything I say, you know, goes into print. If I make a mistake, it doesn't merely affect me or you, but the country. Abraham Lincoln
I must in candor say I do not think myself fit for the Presidency. Abraham Lincoln
I have been driven many times to my knees by the overpowering conviction that I had no where else to go. My own wisdom and that of all about me seemed insufficient for the day Abraham Lincoln
I confess that I desire to be reelected. God knows I do not want the labor and responsibility of the office for another four years. But I have the common pride and want my past four years of administration and endorsed. Abraham Lincoln
If I were to read, much less answer, all the attacks made on me, this shop might as well be closed for any other business. Abraham Lincoln
If they do kill me, I shall never die another death. Abraham Lincoln
It would never do for the President to have guards with drawn sabers at his door, as if he fancied he were, or were trying to be, assuming to be, an Emperor. Abraham Lincoln
No man knows, when the Presidential grub gets to gnawing at him, just how deep it will get until the has tried it. Abraham Lincoln
Nobody has ever expected me to be President. In my poor, lean lank face nobody has ever seen that any cabbages were sprouting. Abraham Lincoln
Gentleman, I can't do it . You may be right, and I may be wrong; but I'll tell you what I can do: I can resign in favor of Mr. Hamlin [the Vice President]. Perhaps Mr. Hamlin could do it. Abraham Lincoln
The chief magistrate derives all his authority from the people, and they have conferred none upon him to fix terms for the separation of the states [from the Union]. The people themselves can do this also if they choose; but the Executive, as such, has nothing to do with it. Abraham Lincoln
The presidency is an office for which none of us is great enough. Abraham Lincoln
The world knows how reluctantly I accepted this issue of battle forced upon me on my advent to this place [the White House] by the internal enemies of our country. Abraham Lincoln
Oh, there's nothing like getting used to things. Abraham Lincoln
... this damned old house. Abraham Lincoln
I may in an emergency do things on military grounds which cannot be done constitutionally by Congress. Abraham Lincoln
I must myself be the judge, how long to retain in, and when to remove any of you from, his position. It would greatly pain me to discover any of you endeavoring to procure another's removal, or in any way to prejudice him before the public. Such endeavor would be a wrong to me, and much worse, a wrong to the country. Abraham Lincoln
Because of the perverse, hostile, and malignant state of the opposition [the Federalists], with their faculty of imposing on the public mind and producing excitements, every measure originating with the executive will be attacked. Levi Lincoln
If he [Abraham Lincoln] is re-elected I can keep him in ignorance of my affairs, but if he is defeated, then the bills will be sent in, and he will know all. Mary Todd Lincoln
If he is reelected, I can keep him in ignorance of my affairs. Mary Todd Lincoln
If he is reelected, I can't keep him ignorance of my affairs, if he is defeated then the bills will be sent in and he will know all. Mary Todd Lincoln
My position requires my presence but it is so far from my heart. Mary Todd Lincoln
I must dress in costly materials. People scrutinize every article I wear with critical curiosity. The very fact of having grown up in the West, subjects me to more searching observation. Mary Todd Lincoln
We’ve got to stop this. This is crazy. We’re about to impeach the President of the United States. Robert Livingston
A woman running for President. There is not a thing in the Constitution to prohibit it. I cannot vote but I can be voted for. Belva Lockwood
If a woman demonstrates that she is fitted to be President, she will one day occupy the White House. It will be entirely on her own merits however. No movement can place her there simply because she is a woman. Belva Lockwood
Is not Victoria Empress of India? Have we not, among our country-women, persons of as much talent and ability? Is not history full of precedents of women rulers? Belva Lockwood
I don't mind not being President; I just mind that someone else is. Edward M. Kennedy
I am available for kings and queens but not banana republic presidents. Jacqueline Kennedy
I can’t go around being on committees and thumping for government subsidies for art—I hate committees! Jacqueline Kennedy
I’m not going to go down in coal mines like Mrs. Roosevelt. Jacqueline Kennedy
Jack’s life had more to do with myth, legend, saga, and story than with political theory or political science. Jacqueline Kennedy
There are positives and negatives to every situation in life. You endure the bad things but you enjoy the good. And what incredible opportunities—the historic figures you meet and come to know, the witness to history you become … Jacqueline Kennedy
Having been elected President, one of my first acts was to send the Pope a cable: “Unpack!” John F. Kennedy
I don’t care if it’s horse piss. It works! John F. Kennedy
I guess this is the week that I earn my salary. John F. Kennedy
Just think of what we'll pass on to the poor fellow who comes after me. John F. Kennedy
Mothers may still want their sons to grow up to become President, but they don't want them to become politicians in the process. John F. Kennedy
[Describing the presidency:] No one in the country is more assailed by divergent advice and clamorous counsel. John F. Kennedy
So you want this fucking job. John F. Kennedy
There is no sense in putting the office of the President on the line on an issue and then being defeated. John F. Kennedy
When things don't go well they like to blame the Presidents, and that is one of the things that President's are paid for. John F. Kennedy
… with the stroke of a pen. John F. Kennedy
You don't make new friends in the White House. John F. Kennedy
There is no question that in the next thirty or forty years a Negro can achieve the position ... of President of the United States. Robert Kennedy
One sole sun in the sky; one sole sovereign on earth. Genghis Khan; Temujin
Mo [Congressman Morris K. Udall] is too funny to be President. James J. Kilpatrick
You are the only man in history to every use the Presidency as a stepping stone to greatness. Larry L. King
Almost nobody is thought of as presidential caliber until he gets himself elected. Jeane Kirkpatrick
The word of the president is a national asset not to be trifled with. Henry A. Kissinger
[Referring to Ronald Reagan:] When you meet the President, you ask yourself, "How did it ever occur to anybody that he should be governor much less President? Henry A. Kissinger
The main aim of any American President is to prevent World War III. Henry A. Kissinger
What is a problem is that you tell the President something that contradicts what he believes. Henry A. Kissinger
We elect our presidents to protect U. S. national interests. Ted Koppel
I rise to perform a painful but, nevertheless, to me, an imperative duty; a duty which I think ought not longer to be postponed, and which cannot, without criminality on our part, be neglected.… I charge Andrew Johnson, Vice President and acting President of the United States, with the commission of acts which in contemplation of the Constitution, are high crimes and misdemeanors, for which, in my judgment, he ought to be impeached … I do impeach Andrew Johnson, Vice President and acting President of the United States, of high crimes and misdemeanors: I charge him with a usurpation of power and violation of law: In that he has corruptly used the appointing power; In that he has corruptly used the pardoning power; In that he has corruptly used the veto power; In that he has corruptly disposed of public property of the United States; In that he has corruptly interfered in elections… John N. Mitchell Ashley
I am Turkey. To destroy me is to destroy Turkey. Kemal Ataturk
The sovereign has under a constitutional monarchy such as ours, three rights—the right to be consulted, the right to encourage, the right to warn. Walter Bagehot
I resigned because the government failed to implement all my plans. Shamil Basayev
I seem to be the only Western playwright not personally acquainted with the new President of Czechoslovakia [Vaclav Havel]. I envy him though. What a relief to find oneself head of state and not have to write plays but just make history. And no Czechoslovak equivalent of Charles Osborne snapping at your ankles complaining that the history you’re making falls between every possible stool, or some Prague Steven Berkoff snarling that it’s not the kind of history that’s worth making anyway. I wonder whether Havel has lots of uncompleted dissident plays. To put them on now would be somehow inappropriate. Still, he could write a play about it. Alan Bennett
Gradually, between his 15th and 25th years, during the ascendancy of Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin began to persuade himself that he would become God’s chosen, and the American people’s constitutionally elected, instrument for the stewardship of the country. Conrad Black
I’m the commander, see, I don’t need to explain why I say things. That’s the interesting thing about being the President. Maybe somebody needs to explain to me why they say something, but I don’t feel like I owe anybody an explanation. George W. Bush
The office moves with the President George W. Bush
He [President George W. Bush] really doesn’t want a lot of advice from me. Laura Bush
A unity of the Executive would be necessary in order to promote dispatch; -that a plurality of Persons would never do. When I was in Holland the States general were obliged to give up their power to a French Man to direct their military operations…. However power is always increasing on the part of the Executive Pierce Butler
My subjects are like children they cry when they are washed. Charles II of Spain
If the head of the state is exemplary and his officials are competent, all things will go well. If the head of the state will worry about minute details, his officials will be lazy, and all things will go bad. Chinese Proverb
I, poor in virtue and of contemptible personality, have incurred the wrath of God on high. My Ministers have deceived me. I am ashamed to meet my ancestors; and therefore I myself take off my crown, and with my hair covering my face, await dismemberment at the hands of the rebels. Do not hurt a single one of my people! Chongzhen
If you are going to be a wartime president, you have to have the characteristic of being able to be very, very hard. Elliot A. Cohen
The men who have had great vision in the White House are those who are most enduring in the minds of the public. America loves visionary Presidents. Robert Dallek
The Executive should be able to be removed from office by the national Legislature, on the Petition of seven States. John Dickinson
The Executive should be removed at the request of a majority of the State Legislatures John Dickinson
for such is my will Felipe V; Philip V
Presidents, under the pressure of events, especially war, find themselves needing to articulate new and persuasive rationales for their policies—especially when great sacrifices are involved. Thomas Friedman
President’s, liberal and conservative, have this propensity to tinker with the Constitutional system. Lewis Gould
Many people were grateful that President Johnson had not had hemorrhoid surgery. Katharine Graham
Presidents have molded and been molded by all that happens here [Washington DC]. Katharine Graham
The process of election affords a moral certainty, that the office of President will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications. Talents for low intrigue, and the little arts of popularity, may alone suffice to elevate a man to the first honors in a single State; but it will require other talents, and a different kind of merit, to establish him in the esteem and confidence of the whole Union. Alexander Hamilton
is clothed with powers competent to calling for the resources of the community. Alexander Hamilton
I feel like a repair man behind a dyke. No sooner do I plug one leak, than another springs. Herbert Hoover
Politics as well as religion has its superstitions. These gaining strength with time, may, one day, give imaginary value to this relic, for its association with the great Charter of our Independence…. carried in the procession of our nation’s birthday, as the relics of the Saints are in those of the Church. Thomas Jefferson
Lincoln was very wise about the Mexican War. He waited until the war was over until he criticized it. Robert Johannsen
I never think about politics more than 18 hours a day. Lyndon B. Johnson
I want to know what he did and who he failed. Lyndon B. Johnson
That’s a detour. Lyndon B. Johnson
doing what is right is easy. The problem is knowing what is right Lyndon B. Johnson
I am naturally antislavery. If slavery is not wrong, nothing is wrong. I cannot remember a time when I did not so think, and feel. Abraham Lincoln
Seances remind me of cabinet meetings. The spirits give conflicting advice. Abraham Lincoln
I am in favor of seven years [term for the President] and future ineligibility. By this Provision the executive is made independent of the Legislature, who may be his Electors if he could be re-elected; he will be complaisant to the Legislature to obtain their favor and his own re-election. George Mason
His career will greatly engage historians, if any good ones ever appear in America, but it will be of even more interest to psychologists. H. L. Mencken
Roosevelt, if he had lived, would probably have been unbeatable, despite the inevitable reaction against the war. He was so expert a demagogue that it would have been easy for him to divert the popular discontent to some other object. He could have been beaten only by a demagogue even worse than he was himself. H. L. Mencken
If white settlers just took the land from us without paying for it, we can, in a similar way, just take it from them without paying for it. Robert Mugabe
Any President who performs his duties diligently has no time for leisure. James K. Polk
Modern Times. It’s a very good historical book about history. J. Danforth Quayle
By a single Executive, there will be danger of Monarchy or Tyranny. If the Executive consist of three persons, they may act without danger. If of one, he will be dependent on the Legislatures & cannot be impeached till the Expiration of his Office. A single Executive is against the Genius of America. Edmund Jennings Randolph
I’ve never felt that his private life was the way to judge him. We should judge a president by the way he performs as president. Sumner Redstone
And he does this without ever having taken a lesson. Eleanor Roosevelt
The Maine was sunk by an act of dirty treachery on the part of Spain. Theodore Roosevelt
There is no known cure for the Presidential virus other than embalming fluid. Mark Shields
Ultimately the Presidency is about the President. James Steinberg
Lincoln and I were alike in that neither of us liked to hunt and fish. We didn’t like to kill anything. Harry S Truman
Everything the President of the United States does is totally choreographed. Diana Walker
There’s so much in the papers about Ronald Reagan and it looks like he’s on his way to become president, it does look scary. Andy Warhol
abolished by slow, sure and imperceptible degrees George Washington
I bade adieu to Mount Vernon, to private life, and to domestic felicity, and with a mind oppressed with more anxious and painful sensations than I have words to express, set out for New York with the best disposition to render service to my country in obedience to its calls, but with less hope of answering its expectations. George Washington
I beg leave to assure the Congress that as no pecuniary consideration could have tempted me to have accepted this arduous employment, I do not wish to make any profit from it. I will keep an exact account of my expenses. Those I doubt not they will discharge, and that is all I desire. George Washington
The establishment of the militia, of a mint, of standards of weights and measures, of the post office and post roads are subjects which I presume you will resume of course, and which are abundantly urged by their own importance. George Washington
Administrations of both parties lie. The question is the weightiness of the lies. Cornel West
A single Executive may be responsible, but a numerous one cannot be responsible. James Wilson
Ten Presidents have tried to do something about Cuba and the statis is quo. Mark Shields
The Presidency is not a showman’s job. You can’t make a Teddy Roosevelt out of me. Herbert Hoover
When we look at the history of the American Presidency, we are forced to conclude that Darwin had it backwards. Henry Adams
President’s don’t have the authority to go to war. Ronald E. Paul
Liberal activists would often rather be right than be President. Todd Gitlin
The powers conferred by the Constitution upon the Executive enable him to shape the foreign policy of this nation almost independent of the Legislature. A scheming and unscrupulous President can involve the country in serious complications, commit it to an unwise policy, or at least render its foreign diplomacy ridiculous before Congress may have an opportunity to check him. Daniel DeLeon
Who wants to be a war President? I don’t. But this is what came our way. George W. Bush
The White House seems to be a sound-proof booth. Maureen Dowd
Screw the cabinet and the rest of those. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve made the speech now and let the rest of them – if they like it, fine. But no more suckin’ around. From now on they come to me. I’m sick of the whole bunch. Richard Nixon
I not only use all the brains I have but I borrow what I can from everyone about me. Woodrow Wilson
No one is ready to be President. If you end up with the title, you adjust to the position. Willie Brown
You don’t tell the truth just some of the time… The American people deserve the truth all of the time. John D. Rockefeller IV
When I tell you to do something, I want it done -- and fast. Lyndon B. Johnson
The Presidency, even to the most experienced politicians, is no bed of roses; and Gen. Taylor like others, found thorns within it. No human being can fill that station and escape censure. Abraham Lincoln
In the fullness of time, every President ends up hating his Vice President. Paul Begala
I must go into the Presidential chair the inflexible and uncompromising opponent of every attempt on the part of Congress to abolish slavery in the District of Columbia against the wishes of the slaveholding States, and also with a determination equally decided to resist the slightest interference with it in the States where it exists Martin Van Buren
Nixon's the kind of guy that if you were drowning fifty feet off shore, he'd throw you a thirty foot rope. Then Kissinger would go on TV the next night and say that the President had met you more than half-way Mort Sahl
The American people are entitled to see the president and to hear his views directly, and not to see him only through the press Richard Nixon
Presidents cannot be constrained by administrative flowcharts. Henry A. Kissinger
The Bush administration has operated on an entirely different concept of power that relies on minimal deliberation, unilateral action and legalistic defense. This approach largely eschews politics: the need to explain, to justify, to convince, to get people on board, to compromise. Jack Goldsmith
The president has already decided that terrorists do not receive Geneva Convention protections. You cannot question his decision. David S. Addington
The important thing is the boldness of the President. He will lead opinion and not follow it. He does not want war but will not shrink from it. Winston Churchill
[Advising a member of his cabinet on handling the cabinet: Never let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Franklin D. Roosevelt
Thoughts of the President have to be in line with the thoughts of the Supreme Leader. Ahmad Jannati
“You are a gutless son of-a bitch and you ought to resign the Presidency of the United States.” That’s about as mean as they get. Let’s use it. Lyndon B. Johnson
The office is there, ready to be molded by the occupant. I don’t think the structure is ever anything permanent. What is gained by one president can be lost, voluntarily or not, by the next. Harvey C. Mansfield
President Johnson wanted no admission fee charged at the library. I have been sorely tempted to change that policy often, but I fear the reaction from the grave would be overwhelming. Harry Middleton
If a great multitude of men should call one of their number King, unless this instituted Prince, appear in greater visible splendor then others, can reward those that obey and please him, and do the contrary to others; his Institution signifies little, even although he chance to have greater corporal or mental faculties, than any other of the number William Petty
I have no ambition to govern men. It is a thankless office. Thomas Jefferson
An executive department war ... is very difficult to sustain. Jim Webb
Our nation has no right to expect that it will always have wise and humane rulers, sincerely attached to the principles of the Constitution. Wicked men, ambitious of power, with hatred of liberty and law, may fill the place once occupied by Washington and Lincoln. David Davis
The Bureau of the Budget is part of the Executive Office of the President and serves as an augmentation staff for the White House. David E. Bell
The presidency is a place that is hemmed with all sorts of constraints and limitations. I don't think the American people quite know that the presidency is really a juggling act of competing pressures. Norman Cousins
I long ago made up my mind that if anybody wants to kill me, they could do it. Abraham Lincoln
Grateful acknowledgments are due to my fellow citizens generally, whose support has been my great encouragement under all embarrassments. In the transaction of their business I cannot have escaped error. It is incident to our imperfect nature. But I may say with truth, my errors have been of the understanding, not of intention; and that the advancement of their rights and interests has been the constant motive for every measure. On these considerations I solicit their indulgence. Thomas Jefferson
This candid and liberal experiment having thus failed … Thomas Jefferson
Mrs. Madison was a remarkably fine woman. She was beloved by everybody in Washington, white and colored. Whenever soldiers marched by, during the war, she always sent out and invited them in to take wine and refreshments, giving them liberally of the best in the house…. In the last days of her life, before Congress purchased her husband's papers, she was in a state of absolute poverty, and I think sometimes suffered for the necessaries of life. While I was a servant to Mr. (Daniel) Webster, he often sent me to her with a market-basket full of provisions, and told me whenever I saw anything in the house that I thought she was in need of, to take it to her. I often did this, and occasionally gave her small sums from my own pocket, though I had years before bought my freedom of her. Paul Jennings
It has often been stated in print, that when Mrs. Madison escaped from the White House, she cut out from the frame the large portrait of Washington (now in one of the parlors there), and carried it off. This is totally false. She had no time for doing it. It would have required a ladder to get it down. All she carried off was the silver in her reticule, as the British were thought to be but a few squares off, and were expected every moment. John Suse (a Frenchman, then door-keeper, and still living) and Magraw, the President's gardener, took it down and sent it off on a wagon, with some large silver urns and such other valuables as could be hastily got hold of. When the British did arrive, they ate up the very dinner, and drank the wines, &c., that I had prepared for the President's party. Paul Jennings
You may judge for yourselves, without partiality, whether I have not sacrificed my life, my being, every minute of my time in order to make a nation of you. Simon Bolivar
Soldiers will fight for our independence and the honor of the Volk. My cause is the cause of my Volk. Frederick William I
Never let a national crisis go to waste. Rahm Emanuel
The President has to persuade Congress to do what they do not want to do. Bert Carp
Over time, the best politics are policies that actually work …. Others in the White House are looking for short term political victories. The political hacks are just doing their jobs. Bruce Reed
I am the army. You can negotiate with me. I represent the army. I represent the people. Pervez Musharraf
Thou shalt be king so long as thou dost do right; but if thou do not do right, thou shalt no longer be king. Visigoths
There were differences of opinion, but the only opinion that mattered was the President’s opinion. Colin Powell
Our Presidents should not be able to conduct secret operations which violate our principles, jeopardize our rights, and have not been subject to the checks and balances which normally keep policies in line Morton H. Halperin
Lodge reservations? Never! I’ll never consent to any policy with which that impossible name is so prominently identified. Woodrow Wilson
You may rest assured, that while Woodrow Wilson is lying in the White House on the broad of his back I will not be a party to ousting him. He has been too wonderful to me to receive such treatment at my hands. Joseph Tumulty
Every four years, presidents claim more than they have accomplished; opponents portray alternative policies in terms that can only later lead to disillusion. Anthony Lake
All recent U.S. presidents have learned the hard way that, despite their immense power, they remain at the mercy of uncontrollable global forces that render their personal views and campaign promises largely irrelevant. Moises Naim
President Bush should learn to focus on the shades of grey Chandra Muzaffar
For better or worse the country has no alternative other than trust the President when we are at war. Bradford A. Berenson
When you have an incumbent President, reality trumps argument. Ron Brownstein
No President is going to say, “I am not going to preempt.” This is simply a reality. Charles Hill
The President may be removed from office before his term expires if approved by a majority vote in a plebiscite called pursuant to a resolution adopted by three-fourths of the Members of Althingi [the Parliament.] Iceland
In case of urgency, the President may issue provisional laws when Althingi is not in session. Such laws must not, however, be contrary to the Constitution. They shall always be submitted to Althingi as soon as it convenes. Iceland
I never feared clamor. I have never been afraid of the people, for by them I have always been sustained. And when I have all the truth, argument, fact and reason on my side, clamor nor affront, nor animosities can drive me from my purpose. Andrew Johnson
You cannot leave your office until you have answered every phone call from every Congressman or Senator who called you that day….Break your backside to respond fast to every request…and if you have to say no, do it gently. Lyndon B. Johnson
The nation needs"a president with brains; one who can make a plan and carry it out. Charles Sumner
The Freedmen's Bureau, that sacred charity of the Republic, was despoiled of its possessions for the sake of rebels, to whom their forfeited estates were given back after they had been vested by law in the United States. The proceeds of captured and abandoned property, lodged under the law in the national treasury, were ravished from their place of deposit and sacrificed. Rebels were allowed to fill the ante-chambers of the Executive Mansion and to enter into his counsels. The pardoning power was prostituted, and pardons were issued in lots to suit rebels. Charles Sumner
He is like a daddy to me. Lyndon B. Johnson
The Executive Branch, when they put the point on the spear, can get things done. Richard L. Armitage
If there should be blame, it should rest with this office. Ronald Reagan
I was asked to write a press briefing emphasizing the positive steps the administration had taken in the area and minimizing the negative ones. I was an Assistant to the President. I have done that for several Presidents. When you’re on the staff of the President of the United States you try and make things look as good as possible. Richard A. Clark
My speaking is irregular. Sometimes quite good, sometimes not, but generally will do.... I am too far along in experience and years both for this business. I do not go into [it] with the zest of old times. Races, baseball, and politics are for the youngsters. Rutherford B. Hayes
They who among men obtain the chiefest Dominion, cannot be subject to Laws properly so called, that is to say, to the will of men, because to be chief, and subject, are contradictories; Thomas Hobbes
You will feel that you are no longer clothing yourself, you are dressing a public monument. Eleanor Roosevelt
As our boys and men are all expecting to be Presidents, so our girls and women must all hold themselves in readiness to preside in the White House. Jane Grey Swisshelm
A president, however, must stand somewhat apart, as all great presidents have known instinctively. Then the language which has the power to survive its own utterance is the most likely to move those to whom it is immediately spoken. J. R. Pole
All Presidents start out to run a crusade but after a couple of years they find they are running something less heroic and much more intractable: namely the presidency. Alistair Cooke
Our presidents have been getting to be synthetic monsters, the work of a hundred ghost- writers and press agents so that it is getting harder and harder to discover the line between the man and the institution. John Dos Passos
Presidents quickly realize that while a single act might destroy the world they live in, no one single decision can make life suddenly better … Lyndon B. Johnson
George W. Bush has two policy meetings a week. Bill Clinton used to do that every day before breakfast. Eric Alterman
The Lies of George W. Bush David Corn
Give administration a chance to catch up with legislation. Calvin Coolidge
There were two unpleasant surprises. One was the inertia of Congress, the length of time it takes to get a complicated piece of legislation through ... and the other was the irresponsibility of the press.. Jimmy Carter
What I am anxious to do is to secure my legislation.... What I want to do is to get through that, and if I can point to a record of usefulness of that kind, I am entirely willing to quit office. William Howard Taft
I have no disposition to withhold any information which the duty of my station will permit, or the public good shall require to be disclosed: and in fact, all the Papers affecting the negotiation with Great Britain were laid before the Senate, when the Treaty itself was communicated for their consideration and advice George Washington
The veto power is only meaningful if one uses it from time to time Immanuel Wallerstein
We shouldn’t be surprised when Presidents lie. Presidents lie very often. Cornel West
Every joke a President makes about himself is another barb that is taken out of the arsenal of his opponent. Mark Katz
Enough jokes on me. We need to do more jokes on all of them. I thought this was a press dinner where I get to make fun of the press. Bill Clinton
Each word uttered by the President weighs a ton. Anonymous
This Nation asks for action, and action now. Franklin D. Roosevelt
We shall strive for perfection. We shall not achieve it immediately--but we still shall strive. We may make mistakes--but they must never be mistakes which result from faintness of heart or abandonment of moral principle. Franklin D. Roosevelt
Strongmen? You have to have strong people to rule. South America is a rough place. Oliver Stone
I will veto again and again until spending is brought under control. Ronald Reagan
If I can be right 75 per cent of the time I shall come up to the fullest measure of my hopes. Theodore Roosevelt
I am not running for president in order to put Band-Aids on our problems. Hillary Clinton
The great problem is how to discharge presidents who have outlived their usefulness to the country Lloyd Cutler
I do not keep people waiting. I will always be on time. Ronald Reagan
Effective Presidents are those who can achieve a balance between purpose and prudence. Erwin Hargrove
This is the sort of decision that presidents must make: Hard choices with insufficient information. Erwin Hargrove
… the implicit infallibility of presidents, which has been an accepted thing in America, is badly hurt by this, because it shows that people do things the President wants to do even though it's wrong, and the President can be wrong. H. R. Haldeman
Overruling the Joint Chiefs of staff, overruling the State Department, overruling the CIA, President Reagan Authorized providing Stinger Missiles to the Mujahedeen Afghanis. Charles N. Wilson
There is a danger of a takeover of America in which Communists would infiltrate the highest offices of government in the U.S. until the president is a Communist, unknown to the rest of us.” Fred Koch
… the peaceful turn of events Thomas Jefferson
Three Presidents served under Andrew Mellon in his 12 years in office. George W. Norris
The failure of a President to provide information to Congress about impeachment inquiries is itself and impeachable offense. Elizabeth Holtzman
There are circumstances where the President could fail to follow the will of Congress when doing so would interfere with the core of his responsibilities. Walter Dellinger
While I was thus carrying out my obligations, I never did anything with which my conscience would have to find fault Christina
You never get to make friends with a President unless you have known him before he took office. Katharine Graham
Life is a difficult game. You can win it only by retaining your birthright to be a person. And to retain this right, you will have to be willing to take the social or external risks involved in ignoring pressures to do things the way others say they should be done A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
The President … does not originate laws or resolutions; he takes no part in the deliberations on them during their progress; he does not act in relation to them indirectly by advice or interference of any sort, until they have passed both houses: it is only when their operations are concluded that his power begins. William Rawle
The Queen of England opens every new Parliament by reading the government’s political program but no one asks if she even understands it. Noam Chomsky
No man is big enough to run this great republic. Warren G. Harding
I don’t know what to do or where to turn. Somewhere there must be a book that tells me what to do. Warren G. Harding
I love to meet people; it’s the only fun I have. Warren G. Harding
Islam proclaims monarchy and hereditary succession wrong and invalid. When Islam first appeared in Iran, the Byzantine Empire, Egypt, and the Yemen, the entire institution of monarchy was abolished. Ruhollah Khomeini
We need a President who swears that he will ‘defend and protect the Constitution’ and then do it. William B. Richardson
Presidential politics has to be about truth telling and not pandering to the public. Paul O'Neill
There is a general rule, which includes all the duties of a sovereign, and by which he may easily judge how to proceed under every circumstance. Let the safety of the people be the supreme law. Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui
Nothing can be imagined better, or more perfect, than the administration of a virtuous man. Besides, when a single man is master, it is more difficult for the enemy to discover his secret counsels and resolutions. When the government is in the hands of many, it is impossible but enmity and hatred must arise among them; for, as every one desires his opinion to be followed, they gradually become mutual enemies Darius I
Well, what the hell is the Presidency for? Lyndon B. Johnson
The etiquette question has become of so much importance as to be an object of state. Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams
All ladies arriving here as strangers it seems expect to be visited by the wives of the heads of the departments and even by the President’s wife. Mrs. Madison subjected herself to this torture, … but from which having begun the practice, she never found an opportunity of receding from. John Quincy Adams
The African head of state should be in office for no more than 10 years Yoweri Museveni
First Lady Anonymous
It would be Goddamned easy to run this office if you didn’t have to deal with people. Richard Nixon
Most presidents leave office somewhat unpopular. Sharon K. Fawcett
I don’t want people chitting and chatting. Once the game starts, we watch football. Barack Obama
To become Prime Minister of the country at this time is nothing to be pleased about. We are beset with difficulties. Winston Churchill
The Prime Minister of this country should be 100 percent efficient at all time. Robert Menzies
It’s quite difficult to find the time for strategic thought. Tony Blair
One of the reasons that I did not win reelection, was that I was unable to hold the Democratic Party together. Jimmy Carter
There doesn’t seem to be anything for an ex-President to do except go into the country and raise pumpkins. Chester A. Arthur
Vice President Cheney really knew how to bring out the cowboy in George W, Bush. Lawrence Wilkerson
Nancy Reagan was the Personnel Director of the White House. Stuart K. Spencer
I don't think you run just because political opportunity is there. That's how we wind up with politicians who aren't ready for their jobs. Chris Christie
Does an American, when he represents all Americans, have to tell the truth at any cost? The answer is yes, and the consequence of the answer is that our techniques for influencing the rest of the world cannot be rich and flexible like the techniques of our competitors. We can be dramatic, even theatrical; we can be persuasive; but the message we are telling must be true. Edwin Land
It looks like it’s been furnished by discount stores. Jacqueline Kennedy
I can do whatever is necessary to protect the United States. Geraldine Ferraro
It is my opinion that General Washington’s influence will do more than all the Assemblies upon the Continent. I always thought him exceeding popular; but in many places he is little less than adored; and universally admired. His influence in this Country might possibly effect something great. Nathanael Greene
Nobody wants to embarrass a President of the United States by discussing the assassination of foreign leaders in his presence. I just think we all had the feeling that we were hired ... to keep those things out of the Oval Office. Richard Helms
Who would have thought that it would someday be a crime to carry out the orders of the President of the United States? Richard Helms
If you do get into the Senate, don't get the Presidential mania. It makes mad every man who is at all prominent at Washington either in the House or Senate. Scores of men, usually sound and sensible, fancy they can be President, who has no more right to think so than the autocrat of Russia. I have no knowledge of any tolerably conspicuous politician at Washington whose career is not colored and marred by his ambition to be President. I say this in all seriousness. It makes fools of all sorts from [Daniel] Webster and Lewis Campbell. Rutherford B. Hayes
My old friend Judge Johnson used to say, "The Presidency is unlike the Kingdom of Heaven—those who seek shall never find. Rutherford B. Hayes
I recommend an amendment to the Constitution prescribing a term of six years for the Presidential office and forbidding a reelection. Rutherford B. Hayes
I see more clearly than ever, and I thought I saw before, that congressional life is not the best introduction to the President's house. Great and fully equipped as the general [James Garfield] is, there are embarrassments growing out of his long and brilliant career in Congress, which Jackson and Lincoln, and Grant, and myself, escaped. Rutherford B. Hayes
You really can't go back to the Senate after running for President .... The danger of running for the Presidency is that if you don't make it—and that's the case for almost everyone who tries—then you are considered a failure. Gary Hart
I consider the veto power, therefore, given by the Constitution to the Executive of the United States solely as a conservative power, to be used only first, to protect the Constitution from violation; secondly, the people from the effects of hasty legislation where their will has been probably disregarded or not well understood, and, thirdly, to prevent the effects of combinations violative of the rights of minorities. William Henry Harrison
It may be said, indeed, that the Constitution has given to the Executive the power to annul the acts of the legislative body by refusing to them his assent. William Henry Harrison
There is no part of the means placed in the hands of the Executive which might be used with greater effect for unhallowed purposes than the control of the public press. William Henry Harrison
Never with my consent shall an officer of the people, compensated for his services out of their pockets, become the pliant instrument of executive will. William Henry Harrison
I am not fit for this office [the Presidency] and never should have been here. Warren G. Harding
I am a man of limited talents from a small town. I don't seem to grasp that I am President. Warren G. Harding
I am reluctant to intrude my views or in any way suggest what Congress ought to do, but I feel free to say to you that it would be exceedingly gratifying if Congress could clear all appropriation bills out of the way during the present session. Warren G. Harding
Before I was elected President I thought the chief pleasure of it would be to give honors and offices to old friends. But you know you can't do that when you're President of the United States; you have to get the best men. Warren G. Harding
A feeble executive implies a feeble execution of government. Alexander Hamilton
Energy in the Executive is a leading character of good government. Alexander Hamilton
[The Electoral College] affords a moral certainty that the office of the Presidency will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications. Alexander Hamilton
The president does not like you to take an opposite view at a cabinet meeting, or say anything that can be construed to be mildly not in accord with his thinking. H. R. Haldeman
Every president needs an S. O. B. H. R. Haldeman
Rather than the President telling someone to do something, I'll tell the guy. If he wants to find out something from somebody, I'll do it. H. R. Haldeman
I am honest and sincere in my desire to do well, but the question is whether I know enough to accomplish what I desire. Grover Cleveland
Potential presidents are measured against an ideal that’s a combination of leading man, God, father, hero, pope, king, with maybe just a touch of the avenging Furies thrown in. Raymond K. Price
Now that I am no longer in office, I can say things that may be unpopular… Let’s roll! Bill Clinton
If somebody asks me where I stand, I tell them. And that's not a way to get elected, generally. Nobody's going to elect me president of the United States. What I'd like to do is to be able to influence the dialogue. I'm a citizen Michael Bloomberg
I will not be the first American President who lost a war! Lyndon B. Johnson
Séances remind me of Cabinet Meetings. The Cabinet members give conflicting advice just like the spirits. Abraham Lincoln
Failures have been errors of judgment, not of intent Ulysses S. Grant
“I’m going to stop crime in the streets.” A president is pressured to make that promise even though a President can’t do anything about street crime. Alice Rivlin
You don't want me. You want the office of the President, and that doesn't belong to me. It belongs to the American people, and it's not for sale. Harry S Truman
No [electoral] challenge to an incumbent President is ever a “walk in the park,” Howard Dean
When I make a decision, I never am wrong, and I seldom have doubts. Anibal Cavaco Silva
The American people like a President who is for peace, but they also want to know that he is ready to kill. Robert Kagan
The best thing about being President is that it gets you out of American life. I don't know what the theory is behind this, but it is a fact. The first thing we do with a President is shunt him off to a siding where nothing American can ever happen to him. Russell Baker
You can’t beat this prosperity thing. Will Rogers
We observe today, not a victory of party, but a celebration of freedom. John F. Kennedy
I've spent my energy on some reasonably exciting causes, but I've run out of new ideas. Brian Mulroney
The presidency is not an office job. If I only sit in the office in Dar es Salaam, I’m not running the country. I visit the country to inspect development programs, to inspect activities, to see how things are going, how the government agenda is being implemented, what are the teething issues. And some of these problems simply need my simple word. My simple word of do it, then it is done. Jakaya Kikwete
Very few presidents create their own greatness. Greatness is thrust upon them by a crisis. Joe Klein
'Canadian society' or the 'Canadian nation' cannot decide anything, because no one is in charge. Thomas Eugene Flanagan
I don't think that the United States are ready for a presidency as the one of Obama, at least because he would be the first black president. Gianfranco Fini
President for Life, Protector of the People, Maximum Chief of the Revolution, Apostle of National Unity, Benefactor of the Poor, Grand Patron of Commerce and Industry, and Electrifier of Souls François Duvalier
The President of the United States is not the Sovereign of the United States. There is a very near analogy between the position of the President of the United States and that of the Prime Minister of England, and both are paid at much the same rate — the income of a second-class professional man. The Sovereign of the United States is the people; Benjamin Disraeli
I would rather have a saloon on every corner than a catholic in the White House Bob Jones Sr.
Mitt Romney runs on the claim “I ran a business, therefore I know how to run the country.” Actually, all he did was fire people. Bill Maher
The social power of the Presidency is one of the most powerful tools a President can use. Matthew Dowd
This is the most important cabinet meeting since 1861 Franklin D. Roosevelt
The White House Chief of Staff must always remember that he is staff and not chief. Kenneth M. Duberstein
The President is the Custodian in Chief of the American dream Nancy Pelosi
George, we lost 49 states but we didn’t lose our souls. Sargent Shriver
Constitutionally, gentlemen, you have the president, the vice president and the secretary of state, in that order, and should the president decide he wants to transfer the helm to the vice president, he will do so. As for now, I'm in control here, in the White House, pending the return of the vice president and in close touch with him. If something came up, I would check with him, of course. Alexander Haig
It is essential to my position with the Queen that Her Majesty should understand that I have the feelings of a gentleman, and where my duty does not interfere, I cannot act against her wishes. Her Majesty doubtless knows how pressed I am as the head of a powerful party, but the impression I wish to create in Her Majesty's mind is, that I am bound to defend her against their encroachments. Robert Peel
To be President of the United States, sir, is to act as advocate for a blind, venomous, and ungrateful client; still, one must make the best of the case, for the purposes of Providence. John Updike
Poor little queen. She is at an age at which a girl can hardly be entrusted to choose a bonnet for herself, yet a task is laid upon her from which an archangel might shrink. Thomas Carlyle
A new reign is always a time of hope; everybody is disposed to see something for his own wishes and prospects. The policy of a new Sovereign must therefore be to act in such a manner as to hurt as little as possible the amour-propre [public love] of people, to let circumstances and the force of things bring about the disappointments which no human power could prevent coming sooner or later… Leopold II
The Presidency is the vital center of action in America. John F. Kennedy
Every president is a product of those who preceded him. Karl Rove
The increasing complexity of the Executive Branch is mirrored by the size of the cabinet. Karl Rove
You don’t know how to salute correctly. Ronald Reagan
Boys, if you ever pray, pray for me now. I don't know whether you fellows ever had a load of hay fall on you, but when they told me yesterday what had happened, I felt like the moon, the stars and all the planets had fallen on me. I've got the most terribly responsible job a man ever had. Harry S Truman
In American politics if you are perceived as not doing well on the economy, you get fired. Mike Murphy
… a right-minded and true-hearted statesman who has had as much sovereign power placed in his hands as you have placed in mine should regard himself as the servant of the Senate; and often of the people as a whole; and sometimes of private citizens, too. Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar
From now on, I think it is safe to predict, neither the Democratic nor the Republican Party will ever nominate for President a candidate without good looks, stage presence, theatrical delivery, and a sense of timing. James Thurber
I am in love and it will be a White House Wedding. Gary Johnson
I knew that I had been chosen as God's instrument for the work of the healing of the nation. Stanley Baldwin
I am more depressed and troubled than I ever have been in my life. All my life I have been connected with the God-fearing people of this country…and I feel now that I have made a decision which will affront them and make them feel that I have betrayed them. Herbert Hoover
You have summoned me in my weakness. You must sustain me by your strength. Franklin Pierce
In all trying positions in which I shall be placed, and doubtless I shall be placed in many such, my reliance will be upon...the people of the United States; Abraham Lincoln
We want a president who is as much like an American tourist as possible. Someone with the same goofy grin, the same innocent intentions, the same naive trust; a president with no conception of foreign policy and no discernible connection to government. Florence King
The President has kept all the promises he intended to keep. George Stephanopoulos
One of Ivan the Terrible's mistakes was to overlook the five great feudal families. If he had annihilated those five families, there would definitely have been no Time of Troubles. But Ivan the Terrible would execute someone and then spend a long time repenting and praying. God got in his way in this matter. He ought to have been still more decisive! Joseph Stalin
I know my people. They like grandeur. They want us to have respect abroad in the eyes of other countries. Joseph Desire Mobutu
The chief is the chief. He is the eagle who flies high and cannot be touched by the spit of the toad. Joseph Desire Mobutu
I will make a prophecy that may now sound peculiar. In fifty years Lincoln's name will be inscribed close to Washington's on this Republic's roll of honor. Carl Schurz
My best friend is he who rights my wrongs or reproaches my mistakes. Jose de San Martin
The President cannot make clouds to rain and cannot make the corn to grow, he cannot make business good; although when these things occur, political parties do claim some credit for the good things that have happened in this way. William Howard Taft
It seems to be the profession of a President simply to hear other people talk. William Howard Taft
The intoxication of power rapidly sobers off in the knowledge of its restrictions and under the prompt reminder of an ever-present and not always considerate press, as well as the kindly suggestions that not infrequently come from Congress. William Howard Taft
Anybody who is smart enough to be great, will be smart enough not to be President Andy Rooney
Sometimes a President seems greater after he has left office than while he was in it. Andy Rooney
As the age of television progresses, the Reagans will be the rule, not the exception. To be perfect for television is all a President has to be these days. Gore Vidal
I’ve seen the lions of industry become lambs when they come into the Oval Office Charles Colson
Approved, if done under your assurance that it is not traceable. John Erlichman
You can't have fifteen people coming together to give the president advice in a Cabinet session. They're all arguing with each other for their own interests and he gets confused. What he decides has to come to him in an orderly way. John Erlichman
Every senator I know would like to be President. The question is do they want to run to be President. John McCain
Presidents should plan for war before they threaten war. John McCain
The Vice President has two duties: To daily inquire about the health of the President and to attend the funerals of third world dictators, neither of which interest me. John McCain
Any 6 year old’s hindsight is better than a President’s foresight. Harry S Truman
We have an inherently weak institution in the Presidency. It was intentionally set up that way by the founders. David Gergen
It’s very hard for any administration, and I’ve worked with seven, to focus on any more than one major thing at a time. Joseph R. Biden Jr.
Let the Executive [the President] also be for life. Alexander Hamilton
There are many diseased minds in this country. Mark A. Hanna
When you're in the presidency, and when you've got a major decision to make, you just put everything out of your mind and focus on that decision like a laser beam and when the decision is finally made you just put everything else out of your mind because there's another one right behind it and then you've got to focus in on that. Robert L. Hardesty
They can't hurt you now. Florence Harding
The Bank is trying to kill me, but I shall kill it. Andrew Jackson
Corrupt Bargain Andrew Jackson
In the art of governing you have to almost make love to your opponents and say “No” to some of your fiercest supporters. In campaigning it’s the exact opposite. Kenneth M. Duberstein
Good Heavens! What liberties I have been taking with one of the potentates of the earth, and the man on whose conduct more important consequences depend than on that of any other historical personage of the century! But with whom is an American citizen entitled to take a liberty, if not with his own chief magistrate? However, lest the above allusions to President Lincoln's little peculiarities (already well known to the country and to the world) should be misinterpreted, I deem it proper to say a word or two, in regard to him, of unfeigned respect and measurable confidence. He is evidently a man of keen faculties, and, what is still more to the purpose, of powerful character. As to his integrity, the people have that intuition of it which is never deceived. Before he actually entered upon his great office, and for a considerable time afterwards, there is no reason to suppose that he adequately estimated the gigantic task about to be imposed on him, or, at least, had any distinct idea how it was to be managed; and I presume there may have been more than one veteran politician who proposed to himself to take the power out of President Lincoln's hands into his own, leaving our honest friend only the public responsibility for the good or ill success of the career. The extremely imperfect development of his statesmanly qualities, at that period, may have justified such designs. But the president is teachable by events, and had now spent a year in a very arduous course of education; he has a flexible mind, capable of much expansion, and convertible towards far loftier studies and activities than those of his early life; and if he came to Washington a backwoods humorist, he has already transformed himself into as good a statesman (to speak moderately) as his prime minister. Nathaniel Hawthorne
His dress was of plain cloth, and he rode on horseback to the Capitol without a single guard or even servant in his train, dismounted without assistance, and hitched the bridle of his horse to the palisades. John Davis
Since it was evidently the intention of our fellow-citizens to make Mr. Jefferson their President, it seems proper to fulfill that intention. Gouverneur Morris
You have turned me out; you have turned me out. John Adams
In consequence of a division of opinion existing among our fellow-citizens, as to the proper constitution of our political institutions, and of the wisdom and propriety of certain measures which had been adopted by our government, that portion of our citizens who approved and advocated one class of these opinions and measures selected you as their candidate for the Presidency, and their opponents selected me. If you or myself had not been in existence, or for any other cause had not been selected, other persons would have been selected in our places, and thus the contest would have been carried on, and with the same result, except that the party which supported you would have been defeated by a greater majority, as it was known that, but for you, your party would have carried their unpopular measures much further than they did. Thomas Jefferson
The great challenge to the White House is that nothing inconsequential every comes there. David Axelrod
An important quality for a President of the United States is to make decisions and live with the consequences of them David Axelrod
It is not enough that a President should be patriotic and high-minded in his intentions and wise in his purposes; he must also be efficient in carrying them out. Henry B.F. Macfarland
Most Americans look upon the President as superior to the Congress and the Supreme Court, about whose powers and functions they know very little; Henry B.F. Macfarland
In upwards of half a century, this is the first instance of a Vice President's being called to act as President of the United States, and brings to the test that provision of the Constitution which places in the Executive chair a man never thought of for that office by anybody. John Quincy Adams
I am possessed of two separate powers; the one in esse and the other in posse. I am Vice President. In this I am nothing, but I may be everything. But I am President also of the Senate. John Adams
It has of late … become fashionable to attach very little importance to the office of Vice President; to consider it a matter but of small consequence who the man may be; to view his post merely as an idle post of honor, and the incumbent as a cypher in the government … as a fifth wheel to a coach. The Vice President is not only the second officer of Government in point of rank but of importance, and should be a man possessing and worthy of the confidence of the nation. Samuel White
When one person can initiate war, by its definition, a republic no longer exists. Ronald E. Paul
I think this sets a very bad precedent, the president unilaterally on his own starting war without any consent from Congress Rand Paul
Working at the White House is a great privilege, but I know it is also often a burden on you, and on the family and friends to whom you turn for support. That has meant long days, late nights, and many weekends here. Bill Clinton
I don’t think you’d call the President political. Billy Graham
The president today is the seat of all power. John F. Kennedy
You always have to decide whether an international problem is like a skinned knee or an abscessed tooth. If it’s a skinned knew with a scab and you start messing with the scab you can make it worse. But if you let it alone, it will heal itself. If it is an abscessed tooth, and you leave it alone, it will only fester more and become a bigger problem. Bill Clinton
Christmas is the most sacred religious festival of the year and should be an occasion of general rejoicing throughout the land, from the humblest citizen to the highest official. Benjamin Harrison
Long Live the President!!! Anonymous
What really exercises my mind is not this hypothetical day on which some other Negro ‘first’ will become the first Negro president. What I am really curious about is just what kind of country he’ll be President of. James Baldwin
You didn’t elect me to tell you what you wanted to hear. You elected me to tell you the truth. Barack Obama
The first lesson that you must learn is that, when I call for statistics about the rate of infant mortality, what I want is proof that fewer babies died when I was Prime Minister than when anyone else was Prime Minister. That is a political statistic. Winston Churchill
There is an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African-American should not be president. Jimmy Carter
I can't deny I'm a better ex-president than I was a president. Jimmy Carter
Don’t worry. We have one at home just like him. Elizabeth II
War room William McKinley
First Lady of the Land Zachary Taylor
Every four years the naive half who vote are encouraged to believe that if we can elect a really nice man or woman President everything will be all right. But it won't be. Gore Vidal
Please make sure that they do not break anything because we are coming back in 4 years. Francis Cleveland
To be perfect for television is all a President has to be these days. Gore Vidal
The death of Lincoln was a disaster for Christendom. There was no man in the United States great enough to wear his boots and the bankers went anew to grab the riches. I fear that foreign bankers with their craftiness and tortuous tricks will entirely control the exuberant riches of America and use it to systematically corrupt civilization Prince Otto von Bismarck-Schoenhausen
I have advisors, but I listen to them only when their advice agrees with my view Hastings Kamuzu Banda
I do not desire to be Minister of England; but while I am Minister of England I will hold office by no servile tenure; I will hold office unshackled by any other obligation than that of consulting the public interests and providing for the public safety. Robert Peel
The Queen returns the enclosed draft. She has written upon it, in pencil, a passage which she thinks ought to be added, if the draft—though civil—is not to be a mere refusal to do anything for Austria, and a recommendation that whatever the Italians ask for ought to be given, for which a mediation is hardly necessary. The Queen thinks it most important that we should try to mediate and put a stop to the war, and equally important that the boundary which is to be settled should be such a one as to make a recurrence of hostilities unlikely. Queen Victoria
The position of Princes is no doubt difficult in these times, but it would be much less so if they would behave honorably and straightforwardly, giving the people gradually those privileges which would satisfy all the reasonable and well-intentioned, and would weaken the power of the Red Republicans; instead of that, reaction and a return to all the tyranny and oppression is the cry and the principle—and all papers and books are being seized and prohibited, as in the days of Metternich!.. Queen Victoria
I have a four-year term; presidents have a two-year term, because the midterm elections are so important. Michael Bloomberg
I have read your proposed speech. Your argument is like that of the man who is accused of seduction and defends himself by explaining that he has committed rape. Elihu Root
After a while, you are not the same person you were when you got there. Doris Kearns Goodwin
For a State Dinner there are many people involved in the menu planning—many cooks in the stew as it were. Roland Mesnier
By birth Mr. Roosevelt is an aristocrat. An unfeigned interest in the lives of his fellow millions has made a democrat of him, and through both channels he draws that social understanding …. But partly from the consciousness of a lack of sympathy for his "class," and partly from the inevitable sense that his lot is cast with the multitude, it is the democrat in him which has gained the permanent ascendency. Ellery Sedgwick
The modern institution of the presidency is the primary political evil Americans face, and the cause of nearly all our woes. It squanders the national wealth and starts unjust wars against foreign peoples that have never done us any harm. It wrecks our families, tramples on our rights, invades our communities, and spies on our bank accounts. It skews the culture toward decadence and trash. It tells lie after lie. Lew Rockville; Llewellyn H. Jr.
The presidency is seemingly bound by law, but in practice it can do just about anything it pleases. It can order up troops anywhere in the world Lew Rockville; Llewellyn H. Jr.
Lincoln was a flip flopper in the best sense of the word. Harold Holzer
I am still very much a part of my friends' lives and they are very much a part of my life. A First Lady who does not have this source of strength and comfort can lose perspective and become isolated. Nancy Reagan
The [American] President says one thing during the election; something else when he takes office, something else at midterm and something else when he leaves Deng Xiaoping
Turf battles area a staple of every administration Vali Nasr
It's your constitutional right, but if I were you, I wouldn't do it. I can do better for you. Robert McNamara
A President who wants to focus on domestic affairs must put foreign policy in a framework that Americans understand and that makes them feel secure. Anthony Lewis
I never deny; I never contradict; I sometimes forget. Benjamin Disraeli
I didn't know what country I represented anymore. Mikhail Gorbachev
We [the Republican Party] crank out moderate loser after moderate loser—Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney. We cannot take any more moderate losers. Joshua Trevino
The sign of a failing President is his complaining about the limitations of the office David Brooks
She will never be forgotten because she was truly our first lady for half a century. Zachary Taylor
Seeking the office of the Presidency implies that there is something a little bit wrong with you. Charles Krauthammer
A common person can never again be President of the United States. Steve King
I’ve made the decision to get off the stage. George W. Bush
The nature of the presidency is such that you cannot isolate yourself. George W. Bush
I am overwhelmed by confusion and trepidation…. I have no talent for making laws Simon Bolivar
Ordinary people abroad take a better attitude toward men who come as guests with their wives. ….Therefore, I would propose that Khrushchev take Nina Petrovna with him and also include in the delegation other members of his family. This will be well received by ordinary Americans, and that would be better for us. Anastas Ivanovich Mikoyan
There’s often a fine line between a madman and a prophet… Neither prophets nor madmen should be elected to the presidency. But neither can they safely be ignored. Ross Douthat
In the unlikely event of the wound being mortal, I want to die with my boots on. Theodore Roosevelt
We don’t get to use our names, but we do get to fight for our beliefs. Robert A. Lehrman
Of their serious presidential candidates, and even of their presidents, Americans demand constant reassurance that their country, their achievements and their values are extraordinary. Scott Shane
Historically, a Democrat without business experience has been extraordinarily better for the economy and the stock market than a Republican who had a career in business. In the past 84 years, GDP has grown 7 percent per year under Democrats without business experience (FDR, JFK, LBJ, Clinton and Obama) and fallen by .2 percent under Republicans with business experience (Hoover and the 2 Bushes). The Dow has risen an average of 16.8 percent under Democrats without business experience and has fallen 3.7 percent per year under Republicans with business experience. Robert S. McElvaine
In retrospect, I probably should have avoided some of the controversy and legal setbacks by seeking legislation on military tribunals, the T.S. P., and the CIA enhanced interrogation program as soon as they were created George W. Bush
The President has time to go to a rodeo but hasn’t got time to testify before the Presidential commission [investigating September 11.] John Kerry
We must not allow any president to unleash the dogs of war at his own discretion and for an unlimited period of time. Robert Byrd
The involvement of the government in military adventures always results in the expansion, at least temporarily, of Presidential power. Robert Byrd
Any President can control the agenda. Jack Germond
Anybody having a chance to become President usually tries to do so. Jack Germond
Happily, there has been little occasion in our history for the interpretation of the powers of the President as Commander in Chief. Robert Houghwout Jackson
No penance would ever expiate the sin against free government of holding that a President can escape control of executive powers by law through assuming his military role. Robert Houghwout Jackson
For one branch of government to control each of the other two is not a good thing. Thomas S. Foley
The president is not required to enforce all laws equally or commit the same resources to them. Jonathan Turley
The President cannot refuse to enforce a law simply because he does not like it. Bob Goodlatte
English Prime Ministers and American Presidents, it’s amazing how many of them have lost a parent in their childhood. Malcolm Gladwell
I worked all evening and at midnight was back at the radio station to repeat the program for the west coast, which made the day seen quite long. Eleanor Roosevelt
It might be well if we could start a slogan "Improve your community by knowing real facts about it" and for the newspapers and magazines particularly I wish we could have a slogan "Do not write good stories based on imagination, write good stories based on facts Eleanor Roosevelt
Each representative [Congressperson] is naturally going to feel that the problems of his state require special consideration, and it is the duty of the President to keep the balance and try to work out a program which will be beneficial to all and unfair to none. This can't be done unless you see conditions with your own eyes and talk to people in touch with them. Eleanor Roosevelt
How little authority I have George W. Bush
Whatever you do, make sure you set a pardon policy from the start and stick with it. George W. Bush
If we have another episode like this, I will make sure that all of your belongings and mail are forwarded to your tiny office in the Senate and you will not be welcome back inside the White House. Joshua Bolten
I did it in my capacity as president of the Senate. Dick Cheney
In answer to the resolution of the House of Representatives, asking the grounds, reasons, and evidence upon which the police commissioners of Baltimore were arrested and now detained as prisoners at Fort McHenry, I have to state that it is judged to be incompatible with the public interest at this time to furnish the information called for by the resolution. Abraham Lincoln
I now leave, not knowing when, or whether ever, I may return, with a task before me greater than that which rested upon [George] Washington. Abraham Lincoln
The long-continued and intemperate interference of the Northern people with the question of slavery in the Southern States has at length produced its natural effects. James Buchanan
I don’t care if it’s dog piss. It makes me feel better. John F. Kennedy
The President does not expect impossibilities, but he is very anxious that all this good weather should not be wasted in inactivity. Telegraph when you will move, and on what lines you propose to march. Henry Wager Halleck
Abraham looks quite care-worn and not nearly so well as he did when I last saw him. John W. Geary
I am approached with the most opposite opinions and advice . . . . These are not, however, the days of miracles, and I supposed it will be granted that I am not to expect a direct revelation . I must study the plain physical facts of the case, ascertain what is possible and learn what appears to be wise and right. The subject is difficult, and good men do not agree. Abraham Lincoln
I have never seen my own husband ruffled which must require a certain amount of self-control. Eleanor Roosevelt
… when I motored and was driving my own car by myself, …the Secret Service had asked me to carry a pistol and … I did it and had learned how to use it! Eleanor Roosevelt
Yesterday the President had one of his busiest days. …. The corridor outside his study has been filled with gentlemen all day long. I often wonder how it is possible to adjust to so many different people and their interests in the course of a day, but after all that is one of the things every President must learn to do. Eleanor Roosevelt
Hostility is the natural state of affairs between the White House and the Media Joshua Bolten
No man is big enough to run this great republic. There has never been one. Warren G. Harding
I wish I could be three people. One of them would be in Washington holding teas and luncheons and attending any number of official social and charitable occasions. The second one could sit at a desk eight hours a day and really do her work as it should be done with proper care and attention given to each communication. She could see the people who want to talk about serious things and perhaps even be of some little use in helping other people to work out their plans. The third person could be a wife, mother … Oh well, somehow or other everything will get done but I am afraid nothing will be done very well! Eleanor Roosevelt
People call up just to ask me to thank the President, sometimes for something as intangible as the fact that he has given them back their courage. Eleanor Roosevelt
Having a wife who is a columnist, I occasionally have to wait for her so she can meet her deadline. Franklin D. Roosevelt
Nobody is afraid of him, and that’s not a good place to be for a president. Todd S. Purdum
It’s a graveyard for politics. I see this as the end of my political future George W. Bush
Making choices is what the Presidency is about. Gordon Adams
If someone had told me in 1963 that in 50 years we would see a Black man in the white house, I would have said “You’re crazy! You are not living in the real world.” John Lewis
We must bear a good deal of responsibility for it. The way he was killed make it particularly abhorrent…. I should not have given my consent to it. John F. Kennedy
No Americans may be involved in any operations partaking of a military character in Indonesia Dwight D. Eisenhower
Highly popular and unpopular Presidents do not engage in policy pandering. Brandice Canes-Wrone
We are here today because the President suffered a terrible moral lapse of marital infidelity—not a breach of the public trust, not a crime against society. It is a sex scandal …. And when you hear people say, “This is not about sex”—it is about sex. Dale Bumpers
U. S. Presidents have to play 3-dimensional chess. Every move on the horizontal board against an international adversary simultaneously moves a piece on the vertical board of domestic politics. Graham Tillett Allison Jr.
What would Alex Rose do to us in the next election, Jackie? John F. Kennedy
All our children are grown up and have their own lives. Nancy Reagan
There is no definition for the Role of the First Lady. It is a no win situation. She will be criticized no matter what she does or says. Sheila Rabb Weidenfeld
I will not take orders from Bob Haldeman and the West Wing. Unless I can take orders from you only, I am going to resign. Lucy A. Winchester
As the President of the United States of America, your skin speaks before your mouth opens. Michael Dyson
Mrs. Cleveland should not wear immoral gowns showing her bare arms and shoulders. Women's Christian Temperance Union
The first lady should lean back when in an open car so that the crowd can see the President. Eleanor Roosevelt
Every candidate for the Presidency should read books that strike cautionary notes about how recent leaders miscalculated or allowed themselves to be led astray by false beliefs. Robert Dallek
[Some Americans] choose simply to deny that a black President actually exists. One in four Americans (and more than half of all Republicans) believe Obama was not born in this country, and thus is an illegitimate president. More than a dozen state legislatures have introduced “birther bills” demanding proof of Obama’s citizenship as a condition for putting him on the 2012 ballot. 18 percent of Republicans believe Obama to be a Muslim. The goal of all this is to delegitimize Obama’s Presidency. If Obama is not truly American, then America has still never had a Black President. Ta-Nehisi Coates
Once you create a commission, it’s like watching a hog learning to ice-skate. That hog is going to go wherever it wants to go. Rhett B. Dawson
Far from being an empty gesture, appointing a commission is full of risks. Presidents may appoint such bodies but they cannot control them. Jordan Tama
Every successful president has suffered imputations that he has in sinister fashion charmed the press or used a new medium of communication (radio, television, the Internet) to claim an undeserved standing. David Greenberg
When he [Franklin Delano Roosevelt] advised millions of listeners in one of his fireside chats to “tell me your troubles”, most of them believed implicitly that he was speaking to them personally and immediately wrote him a letter. It was months before we managed to swim out of the flood of mail. Ira Robert Taylor Smith