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Ambassador of Unity Sarojini Naidu
The Confederate Cromwell Anonymous
Buffalo Soldiers Anonymous
Wide Awakes Anonymous
The Equality State Anonymous
Sword of Islam Anonymous
Kenya Tree Lady Anonymous
Black Sabbath Anonymous
Equality State Wyoming
Messiah of the People Anonymous
Savior and Champion of Humanity Anonymous
Hundred Thousand Sons of St. Louis French Army
Apostle of liberty. Adam Zamoyski
Attorney General of Fugitive Slaves Anonymous
Freedom Fries Jones Anonymous
Madame Deficit Marie Antoinette
The Tennis Court Oath Serment du jeu de Paume Anonymous
I feel as fit as a bull moose. Theodore Roosevelt
El Libertador Anonymous
State Song Emeritus Ginni Rometty
Vlad the Impaler Anonymous
Pope of Marxism Anonymous
Mr. Education Anonymous
Taxachusetts Anonymous
Casanova of the Commons Anonymous
Conscience of the Senate Anonymous
Governor Gloom Anonymous
Madman Zhu [Zhu Fengzi] Anonymous
Pathmarker of the West Anonymous
Singing Cowboy Anonymous
The Admiral Anonymous
Alcalde Jaime Miguel Curleo Anonymous
Alfalfa Bill Anonymous
The American Talleyrand Little Magician Anonymous
The Arab Ataturk Anonymous
Miss Nancy Aunt Fancy Anonymous
Baba Blackshirt Anonymous
Backstage Boss of the Pentagon Anonymous
Barnburners Anonymous
Battling Bella Anonymous
The Beast of Buffalo. Anonymous
The Big Knife Anonymous
Blue-light Federalists Anonymous
Bomber Harris Anonymous
The Booklover Anonymous
The Buddha Anonymous
Bully Anonymous
Butcher of Zacapa Anonymous
The Hammerer The Butcher Anonymous
Bwana Makuba Great Master Anonymous
Calico Charlie Anonymous
The Citizen King Anonymous
Copperheads Anonymous
Richard the Lionheart (or Lion-Hearted) [Couer de Leon] Anonymous
Czar" Reed believed in wielding the power of the Speaker of the House for party and special interests. His physical bulk and his brusque manner helped the spread of the nickname. Anonymous
Czar Reed Anonymous
Dollar Mark Anonymous
Earthquake Allen Anonymous
Emperor Max. Anonymous
Evan The Terrible Anonymous
Exodusters Anonymous
Father of all the peoples. Anonymous
Father of Savings Banks Anonymous
Father of Secession Anonymous
Father of Texas Anonymous
Father of the Spanish Republic Anonymous
Fighting Bob Anonymous
The Fighting Quaker Anonymous
Fire Eaters Anonymous
First Lady of the 20th Century First Lady of the Free World Anonymous
Foul mouthed Joe Anonymous
General Manager of the United States Anonymous
General Mum Anonymous
The Ghetto Wizzard Anonymous
Give ‘Em Hell Zell Anonymous
Goodtime Charlie Anonymous
Goo-goos Anonymous
Governor Goofy Anonymous
Governor Nancy Anonymous
The Great Agnostic Anonymous
Boy Orator of the Platte The Black Eagle of Nebraska The Silver Knight of the West The Great Commoner Anonymous
The Great Opposer Anonymous
Millboy of the Slashes The Cock of Kentucky The War Hawk The Great Kentuckian Harry of the West Prince Hal The Great Compromiser The Farmer of Ashland The Old Prince The Great Commoner The Great Pacificator Anonymous
The Great Resigner Anonymous
Great White Chief Anonymous
Grocer George Anonymous
Hammer of the Scots Anonymous
Happy Chandler Anonymous
High Sheriff of the Jews Anonymous
His Accidency Anonymous
His Accidency Anonymous
Honest Abe Anonymous
Honest John Anonymous
Honey Fitz Anonymous
The Human Iceberg Anonymous
Hunkers Anonymous
The Ice Man Anonymous
Immortals Anonymous
The Incorruptable Anonymous
Inferior Secretary Anonymous
Iron Butterfly Anonymous
Iron Chancellor Anonymous
Jihad Jim Anonymous
King Jeff the First Anonymous
King of Honoraria Anonymous
King of Meetings Anonymous
King of the lobby Anonymous
Kingfish Anonymous
The Last Populist Anonymous
Lawrence of Astoria Anonymous
Leader of the Irish Race Anonymous
Lemonade Lucy Anonymous
Lion of the Andes Anonymous
Little Ben Anonymous
Little Father Anonymous
The Little Giant Anonymous
Little Mac Anonymous
The Lone Lion of Idaho Anonymous
Loophole Lloyd Anonymous
Lord Thurlow Anonymous
Maximum Leader Anonymous
The Merry Monarch A merry monarch, scandalous and poor. Anonymous
Minister of Silence Anonymous
Monsieur Cool Anonymous
Moses of the Negroes Anonymous
Moses Anonymous
Mr. President by Three Votes. Anonymous
Mr. Republican Anonymous
Mr. Tobacco Anonymous
The Napoleon of the Stump Anonymous
The new Missouri Compromise Anonymous
Nurse Bossyboots Anonymous
Old Blood 'n' Guts Anonymous
Old Bullion Anonymous
The Old Chieftan Anonymous
Old Figgers Anonymous
Old Figgers Anonymous
Old Man Eloquent Anonymous
Old Rough and Ready Anonymous
The Orator of Secession Anonymous
Panama Paul Anonymous
Papa Doc" Duvalier. Anonymous
Pasionaria Anonymous
Pass the Biscuits, Pappy Anonymous
Pitchfork Ben Anonymous
The Pocket Dictator Anonymous
Polk's War Anonymous
Pothole Senator Anonymous
Presidentress of the United States Anonymous
Prince of the Fire-Eaters Anonymous
Princess Alice Anonymous
Pushful Joe Anonymous
Quisling Anonymous
Radical Jack Anonymous
Radio General Anonymous
Raging Cajun Anonymous
Red Ken Anonymous
The Citizen King Roi Citoyen Anonymous
His Fraudulency Old 8-to-7 Rutherfraud B. Hayes Anonymous
The Sacred Cow Anonymous
Sage of Greystone. Anonymous
Saviour of Europe Anonymous
The Screaming Skull Anonymous
Secretary of Everything Anonymous
The Senator from Formosa Anonymous
The Senator from Kennecott Copper Anonymous
Senator Sleaze Anonymous
Short-weight Jim Anonymous
Sieve Anonymous
Silent Cal Anonymous
Sister Moonbeam Anonymous
Slade the Blade Anonymous
Sleepy Phil Anonymous
Slick Willie Anonymous
Somsteu White Father Anonymous
The Sooner State Anonymous
The Sphinx Anonymous
Sunny Jim Anonymous
Superchief Anonymous
Tenth justice of the Supreme Court Anonymous
The Terrible Turk Anonymous
The Barefoot Boy of Wall Street Anonymous
The Human Iceberg Anonymous
Charles V—the iron hand in a velvet glove. Anonymous
The liberator Anonymous
The Modern Cincinnatus Anonymous
The Pathfinder. Anonymous
The Red Spy Queen Anonymous
The stealth candidate Anonymous
The Trimmer Anonymous
The Yankee Castro Anonymous
The Tiger Anonymous
Tommy the Cork Anonymous
Tory Anonymous
Uncle Mark Anonymous
The uncrowned king of Ireland Anonymous
Veto President Anonymous
Wally World Anonymous
Warhawks Anonymous
Watchdog of the Treasury Anonymous
Whigs Anonymous
Whispering John Anonymous
The White Mouse Anonymous
White Mike Anonymous
Wild Bill Anonymous
The Lucifer of the lobby Wizard of the lobby Anonymous
Wooden-Indian President Anonymous
Ambassador Bulldozer Anonymous
Assistant President Anonymous
Father of American Intelligence Anonymous
Father of anarchism Anonymous
Londonstan Anonymous
Mr. Abortionist Anonymous
Senator Sunday School Anonymous
Zig-Zag Anonymous
The Captain with the Mighty heart Dean Acheson
Spiritual Leader of the Nation Argentina
I remain unvanquished Armstrong Clan
He's changed from the hatchet man to the chain saw man. Robert Beckel
Society Carey Jimmy Breslin
The Ayatollah of the Assembly. Willie Brown
I am an old public functionary. James Buchanan
The Crocodile. He just lies there on the riverbank, his eyes half closed, looking sleepy. Then whap, he bites. McGeorge Bundy
Generalissimo of the Forces for the Suppression of Communism Chang Tso-lin
The Young Slasher Silvio O. Conte
Alexander III of Macedonia is known as Alexander the Great because he killed more people of more different kinds than any other man of his time. William Jacobiam Cuppy
Father of his country Tomas Davis
Twitters Benjamin Disraeli
[Of political nicknames:] This political artifice of appropriating cant terms, or odious nicknames, could not fail to flourish among a people so perpetually divided by contending interests as ourselves [the English]; every party with us have had their watchword, which has served either to congregate themselves, or to set on the ban-dogs of one faction to worry and tear those of another [party]. We practiced it early, and we find it still prospering. Isaac D'Israeli
Tricky Dick Helen Gahagan
Every city and town at which he [John Quincy Adams] arrives sends out its multitudes to welcome "the old man eloquent. Philip Hone
Like an armed warrior, like a plumed knight, James G. Blaine marched down the halls of the American Congress and threw his shining lance full against the brazen forehead of every traitor to this country and every maligner of his fair reputation. Robert G. Ingersoll
My intellectual Lyndon B. Johnson
Mahdi The Expected One or The Redeemer Mahdi; Muhammad Ahmad
Queen of the Great Democracy Maori
Le Ambassador Electrique Marie Antoinette
New England John Smith
Cape of Good Hope Joao II
the White Czar of Congress. John Tyler Morgan
Deseret—Mormon name for Utah And they did also carry with them Deseret, which, by interpretation, is a honeybee; and thus they did carry with them swarms of bees, and all manner of that which was upon the face of the land, seeds of every kind. Book of Mormon
military family Anonymous
The Christian Guerrilla Capital of the United States Anonymous
Butcher Weyler Anonymous
Paquita Anonymous
The Generation of ‘98 Anonymous
The Monster Anonymous
Jakim Boor Francisco Franco
The Spanish Lenin Pravda
Sovereign of the known world Shah Alam
… a beast Harry S Truman
Old Rough and Ready. Anonymous
Ozone Man George W. Bush
Father of American Journalism Anonymous
Angel of the Prisons Anonymous
Yankees Anonymous
I am the Scourge of God. Attila
007 John Dee
My Noble Intelligencer …. My Ubiquitous Eyes Elizabeth I
Uncle Sam Anonymous
Uncrowned Queen of Iraq Anonymous
The Bewitched El Hechizado Anonymous
Merry Monarch Anonymous
Prince of Pagans Anonymous
Young Hickory Anonymous
Protector and friend of all the inquisitors Frederick II
… the Great Deliverer Anonymous
Munich of America, A German Athens Anonymous
Heavenly King Brother of Christ Pinyin Hong Xiuquan
The Green Machine Anonymous
Irish Whales Anonymous
Elegant Arthur Anonymous
Augustus Lucius Munatius Plancus
Apostle of Liberty Anonymous
Father of the American Cavalry Anonymous
The Persians called Cyrus "Father" because he was gentle and procured them all manner of goods. Herodotus
Czar Liberator Anonymous
The Butcher Anonymous
China’s air force, with the assistance of American Volunteer crews, would be greatly enhanced, just like a tiger which gets two wings. T. V. Soon
Congresscritters Jim Hightower
The Magnetic Man Anonymous
Silver Dick Anonymous
Land of Steady Habits Anonymous
The Lawgiver Anonymous
Michael Collins Anonymous
Brother Number Two Nuon Chea
Brother Number One Saloth Sar
Pakistan Chaudhari Rehmat Ali
Archangel of Terror Anonymous
The Butcher Anonymous
The Christian General Anonymous
Colored Broadcasting System Anonymous
Governor Ultrasound Anonymous
Savior of Pakistan Anonymous
The soldier's friend Anonymous
Father of Prohibition Napoleon of Temperance The sublime fanatic. Anonymous
The Big Chief Anonymous
Boy Governor Anpmymous
Father of the Constitution Anonymous
Pope of Pork Anonymous
The Thunderer Anonymous
Black Pimpernel Anonymous
Wegh-wu-law-mo-end, The Man Who Talks The Truth Delaware Tribe
The Hammer Anonymous
The Falcon Anonymous
The Great Commoner Scourge of the South Anonymous
The Second City A. J. Liebling
Father of Japanese Capitalism Anonymous
Father of the American Navy Anonymous
Father of Chemical Warfare. Anonymous
The Great Commoner. Anonymous
Pope of the peasants. Anonymous
Mayor Barely [instead of Barry]. Anonymous
The First Shopper. Gucci Grace Anonymous
El Loco. Anonymous
Rover United States Secret Service
Hillbilly Demosthenes Anonymous
The Princess of the Press Anonymous