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Negotiating in the classic diplomatic sense assumes parties more anxious to agree than to disagree. Dean Acheson
If you want to make peace, you don't talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies. Moshe Dayan
We lost the American colonies because we lacked the statesmanship to know the right time and the manner of yielding what is impossible to keep. Queen Elizabeth II
Never claim as a right what you can ask as a favor. John Churton Collins
It is weary work negotiating with these people [India's Moslem, Hindu and Sikh political leaders] It takes weeks or months to make any progress on a point which ordinary reasonable men would settle in an hour or so. Archibald Percival Wavell
Now, enough of your chicane of prudent pauses , Sage provisos, sub-intents and saving-clauses!. Robert Browning
Grand bargains area a bad idea. Grand bargains are usually sought by people who do not want to make any progress. Arthur C. Brooks
I shall not lick the hand besmeared with the blood of my children, sisters, and brothers. Tara Singh
... any assurance of generous terms to Sikhs under a Muslim-dominated State does not cut much ice. Yadvinder Singh Mahendra Bahadur
Reasonable, sensible men can always make a reasonable scheme appear such to other reasonable men. Benjamin Franklin
Their [the North Koreans] idea of a concession was not a quid pro quo, like in Western countries. Their idea of a concession was that they're not going to budge, but what they will budge on is they will give you enough time to come to their conclusion, eventually. Time for them is not of the essence. William B. Richardson
Jaw jaw is better than war war. Winston Churchill
It never pays … for one great power to take advantage of the momentary weakness or distraction of another great power in order to force upon it concessions it would never have accepted in normal circumstances. George F. Kennan
The people will have two governors for the price of one.... If your wife was governor, would you get mad and leave home or would you stick around and help her? James E. Ferguson
The time for negotiation has arrived. F. W. DeKlerk
The secret of America is compromise. Compromise is a sign of weakness in any other country. In America it is a great strength. Anthony Joseph Francis O'Reilly
Russia doesn't negotiate with terrorists. It destroys them…. These are cruel people, beasts in human disguise. Vladimir Putin
It is the nature of the idealist to sacrifice all that he has for the triumph of his idea. If one must relinquish one’s ideal in even the smallest measure, it is not a full relinquishment. Instead, one keeps a watchful eye for an opportune moment to come and collect his own. Thus, such compromises (with idealists) are untrustworthy. Yehuda Ashlag
In human societies there will always be differences of views and interests. But the reality today is that we are all interdependent and have to coexist on this small planet. Therefore, the only sensible and intelligent way of resolving differences and clashes of interests, whether between individuals or nations, is through dialogue. The promotion of a culture of dialogue and nonviolence for the future of humankind is thus an important task of the international community. It is not enough for governments to endorse the principle of nonviolence or hold it high without any appropriate action to promote it. Tenzin Gyatso; Dalai Lama
Why did you send that fool with the umbrella to talk to Hitler?. Why didn't you send a man? Henry Ford
Compromise is an underrated virtue. The world is awash with dead people because politicians would not compromise. Bill Clinton
I don’t bluff, but I do act with realism. Pervez Musharraf
To obtain a just compromise, concession must not only be mutual--it must be equal also....There can be no hope that either will yield more than it gets in return. John Marshall
Iranians find Americans easy to deal with because they are straightforward. That … could give Iranians an advantage in any negotiations. But for Americans to understand Iranians, they must recognize that with Iranians the mind thinks something, the head feels something else, the tongue says something else, and manners do something else. It doesn’t mean people are lying. They are just dealing with you with a different character. Muhammad Atrianfar
When it comes to international negotiations it cannot all be kept confidential and secret. There must be a way of preparing publics for what is being negotiated. Dennis Ross
All good Presidents are supple. Jonathan Alter
He that is won with a nut, may be lost with an apple. Galician Proverb
The belief in the therapeutic and redemptive force of dialogue depends on the assumption … that, after all, no idea is worth fighting over to the death and that we can always reach a position of accommodation if only we will sit down and talk it out Stanley Fish
He was amenable to argument, but it took a hell of a lot of argument Richard Lehman
The main purpose of dialogue is to come to an agreement on how the two parties can work together, realize their mutual interests, and avoid conflict as much as possible Sheikh Salman Al-Oadah
The jihad with decisive proofs and the tongue takes precedence over the jihad with the sword and the spear Ibn Al-Qayyim Al-Jawziyya
In Russia the workers are powerless, kept in spiritual as well as physical bondage. The American workers are free to take up the fight, free to act, to read, to publish, to discuss, to instruct themselves, to combine in unions, to assemble in meeting, to strike. Hence it is only here [America] that the fight for peace can begin…. The [solution] consists in mass-actions of American workers against capitalist power. If they should proceed to wrench the decision on policy from big capital, the most essential step to deter the threat of atomic war would be made Anton Pannekoek
I was afraid if I didn’t do the right thing a lot of people would die Tobin J. Bradley
We are disagreeing. We are failing to reach compromises. But we are not killing each other. Barham Salih
Get what you can and keep what you have. Anonymous
Mountains do not meet, but men do. Anonymous
As long as there is a great disparity of power which makes negotiations seem to be unnecessary to one side, that causes them to believe that they can accomplish their purposes without it. Dean Acheson
You cannot make progress in a political vacuum. Gerry Adams
Neither truth, reason, nor justice consists in stubbornness of assertion, nor in the repetition of error. John Quincy Adams
The one sure way to conciliate a tiger is to allow oneself to be devoured. Konrad Adenauer
Please all and you please none. Aesop
I had never met an Israeli before. Abu Ala
If you’ve been negotiating for 6 or 7 months and people come up with new ideas, it’s very bad. Abu Ala
You cannot be too certain of anything unless you have it in hand. Abdul Amir Al-Anbari
Negotiations can create conditions that can lead to solutions. Hafez Al-Assad
The lion shall lie down with the lamb, but the lamb won’t get much sleep. Woody Allen
The Jews and Arabs should sit down and settle their differences like good Christians. Warren R. Austin
You cannot just dictate at negotiations. You must also listen. Ehud Barak
I have sworn that my right eye shall fall out, my right arm shall wither if I dismantle a single settlement. Menachem Begin
No society ... can fail in time to explode if it is deprived of the arts of compromise .... No good society can be unprincipled and no viable society can be principle-ridden. Alexander M. Bickel
Lord, if only I could have talked with Hitler, all this might have been avoided. William E. Borah
I will not comment [to the press] on the negotiations. Every comment produces an hour of recriminations [among the negotiators.] Nicholas Brady
The art of government is the art of negotiating and compromise. John Breaux
In any negotiation, my goal is to be the most unreasonable person in the room. David R. Brower
Dialogue can be a very dangerous pastime, for it may force us to give up some of our most cherished caricatures—and these die hard. Robert McAfee Brown
All government—indeed, every human benefit and enjoyment, every virtue and every prudent act,—is founded on compromise and barter. Edmund Burke
Early and provident fear is the mother of safety. Edmund Burke
The concessions of the weak are the concessions of fear. Edmund Burke
The superior power may offer peace with honor and with safety. Edmund Burke
I looked the man in the eye and found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy. George W. Bush
[Addressing Congress:] The people await action. They did not send us here to bicker ... Let us negotiate soon—and hard. But in the end, let us produce. George W. Bush
Menace not intended is an engine which Great Britain could never condescend to employ. George Canning
It’s better to negotiate with a soft voice and a loaded gun, than to negotiate with just a soft voice. Al Capone
When diplomats meet, they are, of necessity, ambiguous, in order to get an agreement. Robert Carey
It’s very hard for me to compromise when I believe in something very deeply. Jimmy Carter
Conciliation is the enemy. John Jay Chapman
If you have a coalition, you must have a little give. Linda Chavez
It's much better to have a good agreement than a quick agreement. Warren Christopher
Leaders glare at each other across the chasm of misunderstanding. Henry Cisneros
You're constantly trading assets back and forth to get your program. Clark M. Clifford
Only negotiations can resolve long standing grievances. Bill Clinton
That's what the United States is about: honorable compromise. Bill Clinton
… the duress of the facts Michael Collins
Whenever you accept our views we shall be in full agreement with you. Moshe Dayan
As long as we are still talking, that's progress. Kamu De Almida
You have a solid State behind you, a united nation, a great army. For my part, I am too poor to afford bending. Charles de Gaulle
If you are not very clever, you should be conciliatory. Benjamin Disraeli
Negotiations take time. Bob Dole
Public men have, however, to pick their steps as best they may, for the straight path would lead too often to the cliff-edge. Arthur Conan Doyle
If you are scared to go the brink, you are lost. John Foster Dulles
Time and again ... governments have rejected proposals today—and longed for them tomorrow. Abba Eban
Since negotiation would have to take place after the war, why not have negotiations before and instead of the war. Abba Eban
You may gain temporary appeasement by a policy of concession to violence, but you do not gain lasting peace that Anthony Eden
A kingdom knows no kindred. Elizabeth I
Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing. Ralph Waldo Emerson
Better bow than break. English Proverb or Saying
Men should give enemies leisure to flee. English Proverb or Saying
Encourage a readiness to find consensus. Arpad Goncz
Hot heads and cold hearts never solved anything. Billy Graham
No terms except an unconditional and immediate surrender can be accepted. I propose to move immediately on your works. Ulysses S. Grant
Open a door for the disaffected of your State to come in. Nathanael Greene
The decision is not directed against either of the two national groups that inhabit Palestine. On the contrary, it corresponds to the fundamental interests of both peoples. Andrei A. Gromyko
The length of time during which you must play your fish depends on his choice, not on yours. Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil; 3rd Marques Salisbury
Issuing an ultimatum is not negotiation. Thomas M. Foglietta
Negotiating is a little like jazz. You improvise on a theme. You know where you want to go, but you’re not always sure how to get there. Richard Holbrooke
When a man tells me he's going to put all his cards on the table, I always look up his sleeve. Leslie Hore-Belisha
Synchronize the presentation of diplomatic notes with the arrival ... of a first-class warship with landing forces. Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson
Come now, and let us reason together or you shall be devoured by the sword. Book of Isaiah
We must not allow expectations to outdistance negotiations. Jesse Jackson
With whom is one supposed to do business in this country? Peter Jay
Reason is the only umpire between just nations. Thomas Jefferson
These claims [to then Spanish Florida] will be a subject of negotiation with Spain, and if, as soon as she is at war, we push them strongly with one hand, holding our a price in the other, we shall certainly obtain the Floridas, and all in good time. Thomas Jefferson
Don't spit in the soup. We've all got to eat. Lyndon B. Johnson
I saw our bombs as political resources for peace. Lyndon B. Johnson
I'm a compromiser and a maneuverer. I try to get something. That's the way our system works. Lyndon B. Johnson
Jaw-jaw is better than war-war. Harold MacMillan
In theory I suppose I am a separatist, In practice I would accept any settlement that would enable Irishmen to freely control their own affairs. If the truth were known, I think that this represents the political views of ninety-nine out of every hundred nationalists. John Eoin MacNeill
I could sit down and talk with the devil if necessary. Donald McHenry
War should never be entered upon until every agency of peace has failed; peace is preferable to war in almost every contingency. Arbitration is the true method of settlement of international as well as local or individual differences. William McKinley
I am not a priest, you know. Slobodan Milosevic
There is no conflict that can’t be solved. George J. Mitchell
We should not check American ideals at the door when we engage in discussions with other nations. George J. Mitchell
Is anything more common in public negotiations than to begin with a higher demand, and that failing, descend to a lower? James Monroe; Robert Smith
Talking with people who agree with you is like jogging in a cul de sac. Bill Moyers
The term negotiation implies compromise; painful concessions on the part of both parties. Edward R. Murrow
When you make a proposal [to your allies], you've got to make it stick. W. Anthony Lake
I did not know anybody cared any longer about these sorts of things. Now I have a hold on the fools. William Lamb Melbourne
Men are able to trust one another knowing the exact degree of dishonesty they are entitled to expect. Stephen Leacock
The French monarchist and I shook hands, knowing that each of us would gladly have hung the other. But at the moment, our interests coincided. Vladimir Lenin
Never corner an opponent, and always assist him to save his face. Basil Lidell Hart
Before going into a room, make sure you can get out again. Yegor Ligachev
The genius of America is in it's ability to make adjustments. David Eli Lilienthal
What is said in public [regarding ongoing political negotiations] is often very different than what is said in private. Mark Little
The more I yielded, the more unreasonable their demands became. David Livingston
Please refresh my memory. Is it Upper or Lower Silesia that we are giving away? David Lloyd George
The Soviet Union prepared to test [nuclear weapons] while we were at the table negotiating with them. If they fooled us once it is their fault; if they fool us twice, it is our fault. John F. Kennedy
Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate. John F. Kennedy
We cannot negotiate with those who say, "What's mine is mine, and what's yours is negotiable. John F. Kennedy
We know enough about broken negotiations, secret preparations and the [Soviet] advantage gained from a long test series never to offer again an uninspected moratorium. John F. Kennedy
Negotiation is not a solution and will not solve anything. Those who think of negotiation when they are threatened only reveal their weakness and incapability. That is a bad move. Ali Khamenei
Take what you can get and then march forward again. Robert Kimmitt
I have not come to discuss but to dictate. John Kirk
You don't give a carrot to a killer rabbit. Jeane Kirkpatrick
We are making remarkable progress toward an agreement—and toward a nervous breakdown. It's going to be a race to see which we achieve first. Henry A. Kissinger
If after negotiations there are still some differences outstanding between us, the differences will be adjusted by arms. Attila
Towards the end of the Banquet came the news, the great world stirring news, that Neville [Chamberlain], on his own initiative, seeing war coming closer and closer, had telegraphed to Hitler that he wanted to see him, and asked him to name an immediate rendezvous…. Of course a way out will not be found. Neville by his imagination and practical good sense, has saved the world. Henry Channon
Negotiating is like trying to pick up mercury with a fork. Winston Churchill
The Israelis were willing to accept a cease-fire proposal, but the Egyptians would not accept anything that implied that Israel had the right to exist. Anatoly Dobrynin
It was a remarkably reasonable compromise. It pleased nobody, but everybody signed on. Alan Greenspan
Build us a fort for the securing our old men, women and children when we turn out to fight the Enemy on their coming Heygler
I desire a stop may be put to the selling of strong Liquors by the White people to my people especially near the Indian nation. If the white people make strong drink, let them sell it to one another, or drink it in their own families. This will avoid a great deal of mischief which otherwise will, happen from my people getting drunk and quarrelling with the White people. I have no strong prisons like you to confine them for it. Our only way is to put them under ground and all these (pointing proudly to his Warriors) will be ready to do that to those who shall deserve it. Heygler
He who is content with a moderate victory is always most successful; for those who would more than conquer, commonly lose. Leo X
Talking to people is not giving them anything. Carl Levin
We have had enough of meetings for meetings’ sake in the Middle East. Gamal Mubarak
If you threaten force, you better be ready to use it. Richard Shelby
Americans must reconcile themselves to limited objectives and work in congress with others, for an essential part of American power is the ability to evoke support from others---an ability quite as important as the capacity to compel. Dean Acheson
Only when not a single breach is visible in the iron wall, only then do extreme groups lose their sway, and influence transfers to moderate groups. Only then would these moderate groups come to us with proposals for mutual concessions …. the only path to an agreement in the future is an absolute refusal of any attempts at an agreement now. Vladimir Jabotinsky
If we can’t even agree on the facts, it will be very difficult for us to lock arms and deal with these problems. Ron Kind
I am the army. You can negotiate with me. I represent the army. I represent the people. Pervez Musharraf
We don’t negotiate for hostages’ release. Paul Bremer
If there were women negotiating at Camp David, we would have signed a treaty. Bill Clinton
He who cannot agree with his enemies is controlled by them. Chinese Proverb
I am the army. You can negotiate with me. I represent the army. I represent the people. Pervez Musharraf
Ask a lot, but take what is offered. Russian Proverb
The old idea of a good bargain was a transaction in which one man got the better of another. The new idea of a good contract is a transaction which is good for both parties to it.. Louis D. Brandeis
Open covenants of peace, openly arrived at, after which there shall be no private understandings of any kind but diplomacy shall proceed always frankly and in the public view. Woodrow Wilson
You have to negotiate with people who don’t trust you and vica versa. You have to be very careful but you can’t be paralyzed. Hillary Clinton
Quarrels would not last long if the fault were only on one side. Francois de La Rochefoucauld
Gentlemen, I speak to you for the miners' families... The little children are gathered around a bare table without anything to eat. They are not asking for a $100,000 yacht like yours, Mr.______..." (here, he would gesture with his cigar toward an operator), "...or for a Rolls-Royce limousine like yours, Mr. _____..." (staring at another operator). They are asking only for a slim crust of bread. John L. Lewis
Recesses [in negotiations] allow positions to become entrenched. Howell T. Heflin
Wars are ... often the product of the conflicting intentions of decent men who have lost the patience to negotiate. Vance Hartke
Compromise created the Constitution. Richard Stengel
Strong men know when to compromise. Andrew Carnegie
Comprise should not be a dirty word. It should be what we all strive to achieve jointly. Lisa Murkowski
Every man cannot have his way in all things…Without this mutual disposition, we are disjointed individuals, but not a society Thomas Jefferson
Concluding a trade agreement is like pole-vaulting. Everything must come together at once. After the extensive preparation and the building of momentum, there is that one giant leap—with the hope that the entire body will go over the bar. Susan C. Schwab
… even the best of intentions are stymied when every negotiators’ concessions are more clear than their potential gains … Susan C. Schwab
If the Palestinians will give, they will get. If they won't give, they won't get Benjamin Netanyahu
I am sick of answering questions about the fucking peace process. John Bruton
A precondition for any solution to the Arab Israeli problem must be a recognition on the part of all parties on the legitimacy of all parties. That is, you cannot build a political agreement on the premise that a Jewish state in Palestine is illegitimate. Richard Perle
Striking bargains with repressive regimes does require making moral compromises . Charles A. Kupchan
I propose that we insert a "not" before every verb in the text. Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov
The negotiations required here make the Paris Peace talks seem like a polite school conference. Walter L. Bell
The White House described the talks as “frank” which is diplomatic language for the fact that the talks went badly. Tony Blankley
Said Indians, further expressly agree: ….That they will not attack any persons at home or traveling, nor molest or disturb any wagon trails, coaches, mules or cattle belonging to the people of the United States, or to persons friendly therewith. That will never capture or carry off from the settlements women or children. They will never kill or scalp white men, nor attempt to do them harm. They will not in future oppose the construction of railroads, wagon roads, mail stations, or other works of utility or necessity which may be ordered or permitted by the laws of the United States; but should such roads or other works be constructed on the lands of their reservation, the government, will pay the tribe whatever amount of damage may be assessed by three disinterested commissioners to be appointed by the President for that purpose, one of said commissioners to be a chief or head man of the tribe. William Tecumseh Sherman
My definition of bipartisanship is Democrats agreeing with Republicans Richard Mourdock
Conduct peace talks only with those among the Arabs residing in the Land of Israel who are truly willing to recognize the existence of the State of Israel. As to all those who want to continue the battle against Israel, it is incumbent upon us -- including, and above all, the Government and Prime Minister -- to obey the law and wage war against them until their demise. Eliav Shochetman
Conflict resolution cannot be merely about eliminating all opposition or reducing the choices in negotiating the problem to two mutually exclusive sets of rights and wrongs. Rather, it must consist of laboring to bring everybody to accept reality and then to project a future with this understanding as the foundation. Pradip Phanjoubam
Never argue with a man whose job depends on his not being convinced. H. L. Mencken
Trust-based mediation assumes accumulated and at times intimate knowledge shared by both the mediator and disputants. R. K. Satapathy
UN administrators . . . think that no problem in the world is too intractable to be solved by negotiation. These mandarins fail to grasp that men with guns do not respect men with nothing but flapping gums . . . Just as the US Marine Corps breeds warriors, so the UN’s culture breeds conciliators. Max Boot
… negotiating with America is like shaking hands with Satan, and dancing with wolves, because the Americans are interested in negotiations for negotiations' sake....By negotiating with us, they are trying to intimidate the world of Islam and the Islamic movements, saying: "Even Islamic Iran, which you follow and which serves as your model, eventually had no choice but to get along with us.” Hossein Shariatmadari
The essence of liberalism is negotiation, a cautious half measure, in the hope that the definitive dispute, the decisive bloody battle, can be transformed into a parliamentary debate and permit the decision to be suspended forever in an everlasting discussion. Carl Schmitt
If independence is not at stake then I thing it right to consider such an offer. Eric Fredrick Lindley Wood Halifax
It’s hard to cut a deal if you don’t know who to make a deal with. Stanley A. McChrystal
Governing in a polarized society means, making bipartisan deals. Amy Gutmann
We have to face the fact that either all of us are going to die together or we are going to learn to live together and if we are to live together we have to talk. Eleanor Roosevelt
… the principle of give and take--give one and take ten--the principle of diplomacy. Mark Twain
The United States does not negotiate with terrorists. Victoria Nuland
How splendid it would have been had we blazed a new and better trail! However, it is to be doubted whether this could have been done, even if those in authority had so decreed, for the peoples back of them had to be reckoned with. It may be that Wilson might have had the power and influence if he had remained in Washington and kept clear of the Conference. When he stepped from his lofty pedestal and wrangled with representatives of other states upon equal terms, he became as common clay. Edward Mandell House
There never was a greater contrast, mental or spiritual, than that which existed between these two notable men. Wilson with his high but narrow brow, his fine head with its elevated crown and his dreamy but untrustful eye -- the make-up of the idealist who is also something of an egoist; Clemenceau, with a powerful head and the square brow of the logician - the head conspicuously flat topped, with no upper story in which to lodge the humanities, the ever vigilant and fierce eye of the animal who has hunted and been hunted all his life. The idealist amused him so long as he did not insist on incorporating his dreams in a Treaty which Clemenceau had to sign. David Lloyd George
I obtained the occupation of the Rhineland for fifteen years, with partial evacuation after five years. If Germany does not fulfill the treaty, there will be no evacuation either partial or definitive. At last I am no longer anxious. I have obtained almost everything I wanted. Georges Clemenceau
I won't budge; I will act like a hedgehog and wait until they come to talk to me. I will yield nothing. We will see if they can manage without me. Lloyd George is a trickster…. I don't like being double-crossed. Lloyd George has deceived me. He made me the finest promises, and now he breaks them. Georges Clemenceau
We want a rocket-free country. That’s what we want. Avital Liebovitch
Make peace, you fools! Gerd von Rundstedt
Iran is for negotiations…. This is the principle of Iranian Foreign Policy…. Iranians should make sure that the United States is not using pressure on Iran for negotiations. Mohammad Khazaei
The art of compromise centers on the willingness to give up something in order to get something else in return. Howard Raiffa
Advice: don't embarrass your bargaining partner by forcing him or her to make all the concessions. Howard Raiffa
We will take the good-will for the deed.. Francois Rabelais
Give your opponent an out. Look at the crises from his point of view.... Try to pick an option that achieves your purpose at minimal cost to him—military, political or otherwise. Robert McNamara
That's the problem with Russia: The world has changed. Europe is not at war, and no one wants to negotiate with us. The world has changed, but Russia prefers to pretend it has not. Andrei Kozyrev
Appeasement cannot happen again because there is nothing like totalitarianism left to appease. Alan Wolfe
Only free men can negotiate: prisoners cannot enter into contracts. Your freedom and mine cannot be separated. Nelson Mandela
It is exceedingly desirable that all parts of this great Confederacy shall be at peace. . . . Let us Republicans do our part to have it so. Even though much provoked, let us do nothing through passion and ill temper. Even though the southern people will not so much as listen to us, let us calmly consider their demands, and yield to them if, in our deliberate view of our duty, we possibly can. Abraham Lincoln
The first rule of negotiations is that normally you have to give to get. John King
You’ve got to start somewhere in order to get somewhere. Tom Davis
You have to find a deal where each side can say “we held firm on what matters.” Norman Ornstein
The President will meet with Republicans at any time, but he will not pay the Republicans ransom to get them to do their job. Jay Carney
It would take weeks, perhaps months of negotiations to get the missiles out of Cuba. Adlai Stevenson
We are eyeball to eyeball and I think the other fellow just blinked. Dean Rusk
Negotiation is not trading. Negotiation is creating new and original solutions. Shimon Peres
Negotiations in pain and frustration for 5 years is better than bullets for 5 minutes. Shimon Peres
The best way to give these negotiations a chance, is to keep them private. John Kerry
It is foreign to the Cherokee principle to feign friendship where it does not exist. John Ross
I hold concession or compromise to be fatal. If we concede an inch, concession would follow concession — compromise would follow compromise, until our ranks would be so broken that effectual resistance would be impossible. We must meet the enemy on the frontier, with a fixed determination of maintaining our position at every hazard. John C. Calhoun
You're bombing that little piss-ant country up there [Vietnam], and you think you can blow them up. You've been doing this all the time. It's a bunch of crap about wanting to negotiate. J. William Fulbright
… negotiating with America is like shaking hands with Satan, and dancing with wolves, because the Americans are interested in negotiations for negotiations' sake....By negotiating with us, they are trying to intimidate the world of Islam and the Islamic movements, saying: "Even Islamic Iran, which you follow and which serves as your model, eventually had no choice but to get along with us.” Hossein Shariatmadari
We will not sit at the same table with the communists. I will never talk to them Manuel Fraga Iribarne
We shall use only peaceful means and we shall not permit any other kind of method. Zhou Enlai
Negotiations can resolve differences, cooperation can replace confrontation and development can create a win-win scenario. Chiang Pin-kung
I think history will judge him very harshly for not having seized the opportunity in the year 2000 to embrace the offer that was very courageously made by the then Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Barack, which involved the Israelis agreeing to 90 per cent of what the Palestinians had wanted. John Howard
Compromises make all of us swallow hard. Patty Murray
In any negotiation you have a wish list but then you proceed from where you can be. John Kerry
Opening positions are opening positions. John Kerry
A pragmatic sense of what will and will not play politically is a critical skill of a negotiator. James Baker
The telephone number is 1-202-456-1414 When you're serious about peace, call us. James Baker
Every one of my generation who preached free love is responsible for AIDS. Camille Paglia
States should engage [negotiate] with other states, but only so long as their diplomats reflected the will of elected officials. Harold Nicolson
For many years I have known a good deal about international arbitrations and I have never known of one in which both nations in controversy did not benefit more from having the question between them settled than either gained from a favorable judgment or lost by an unfavorable one. Elihu Root
Bargaining chips that you never get to spend are not worth anything Jessica Mathews
The reason that our policy and negotiations with North Korea have failed so badly that is sane people negotiating with crazy people. Jessica Mathews
The French, in 1763, gave up Canada rather than Guadeloupe to the British, who accepted the former instead of the latter with hesitating reluctance. David Hunter Miller
There must of course always be separate interests of different nations which their governments are bound to maintain, but there are also common interests in which all civilized nations share. These common interests arise from the interdependence of civilized peoples and they are a product of developing civilization. Elihu Root
… the invariable Oriental custom of demanding more than is expected Auguste Gauvain
is in contradiction to all these principles of the Rights of Man which the French nation itself, in opposition to its oppression has duly declared … and that this would also be against the true interests of the French Republic to render, through the removal of an important part of its territory, its ally impotent and impoverished. Holland
I have brought you 100 million of these! Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes
Negotiation or Compromise can get you beat. Lee R. Raymond Terry
The more you trust, the more you create trust.. Shimon Peres
Compromise is the oil that makes government go. Gerald R. Ford
If you have to compromise, be sure to compromise up. Louis McHenry Howe
It is impossible for either nations or individuals, in the management of a dispute, to have the benefit of two opposite chances. They may be, from the first, moderate, pacific, magnanimous; they will thus secure certain advantages, and they will lose possible advantages. They may, on the contrary, be haughty, warlike, and selfish ; their chances and advantages will then be the reverse of the former. It is impossible to unite the two. William Smyth
The Republican idea of a compromise is that they take only 90 percent of what they want and the Democrats get nothing. Bill Clinton
Anyone who has ever negotiated an agreement knows that in order to get it, you have to be willing to walk away from the table.. Robert M. Gates
Not a speck of Chinese mud may you have. Cixi
There is no such thing as a happy compromise. Israelis and Palestinians cannot become one happy family because they are not one, not happy and not family either. They are two unhappy families who must divide a small house into even smaller apartments. The first step, is to sign peace with clenched teeth, and after signing the contract, start working slowly on a gradual emotional de-escalation on both sides. Amos Oz
Negotiating is an art—it is a real art. Donald Trump
We should support whatever the enemy opposes and oppose whatever the enemy supports. Mao Zedong
Transparency agreements typically take years to negotiate, lack effective enforcement mechanisms, and focus on narrow issues, such as arms control, where the parties see an advantage, or at least little risk, in trading secrecy for stability. Sean P. Larkin
Free and open interchange of information across national borders as a prerequisite for U.S. disarmament talks with the Soviet Union. Harry S Truman
Global transparency has been a goal of U.S. foreign policy since at least 1918, when U.S. President Woodrow Wilson called for an end to secret diplomatic agreements in his Fourteen Points. Yet Wilson ultimately conceded to British and French demands that the Allied powers honor existing secret pacts, such as the infamous Sykes-Picot Agreement, and consented to conduct the Paris Peace Conference negotiations behind closed doors. Sean P. Larkin
What I learned from clerking for Judge Guido Calabresi and for Justice Steven Breyer was that there is no position, regardless of how wrong you think it is, that does not have some arguments in its favor, and you have to find them. And then, no matter how right your own position is, you must look for the weaknesses in that they are always there. You must be willing to find them and possibly change your approach or your mind on the subject. Jake Sullivan
In general ... I tell people not to bang their heads against the wall and to find a compromise. Shlomo Hasson
A huge amount of negotiations and diplomacy has nothing to do with bartering or arguing but is just trying to get everyone [doing the negotiating] on the same page. It takes yours, days, even weeks sometimes. Jake Sullivan