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The trade union movement represents the organized economic power of the workers... It is in reality the most potent and the most direct social insurance the workers can establish. Samuel Gompers
The General Strike has taught the working class more in four days than years of talking could have done. Arthur Balfour
The worst crime against working people is a company which fails to operate at a profit. Samuel Gompers
Machines were, it may be said, the weapon employed by the capitalists to quell the revolt of specialized labor. Karl Marx
The organized workers of America, free in their industrial life, conscious partners in production, secure in their homes and enjoying a decent standard of living, will prove the finest bulwark against the intrusion of alien doctrines of government. John L. Lewis
On ..., the very day after the great pageantry of Hitler's first German Labor Day, the Nazi Government occupied–without a struggle–all trade union headquarters, arrested all trade union officials, and took control of all trade union property.... They set up official arbitrators and denied to the unions the right to strike or otherwise to function independently. In practice, these fascist-controlled unions were scarcely more than debating societies. Norman Thomas
All my life I have been under investigation.... I will just have to hire 200 more lawyers to keep me out of jail. James R. Hoffa
The French 35 hour work week is a bribe given to the French people by a grateful government Denis Boyles
Men were shot dead for trying to hold on to their job. Les Standiford
There we were, men who a few years before had been scorned, some of us in jail and many more of us very near it, now being the men to whom the people pinned their faith. David Kirkwood
Don't be a marshmallow. Walk the street with us into history. Get off the sidewalk. Stop being vegetables. Work for Justice. Viva the boycott! Dolores Huerta
All the legislation ever secured for the ventilation or safety of mines, factory or workshop is the result of the efforts of organized labor? Samuel Gompers
Labor has no quarrel with capital, as such. It is merely the possessors of capital who refuse to accord to labor the recognition, the right, the justice which is the laborers' due, with whom we contend. Samuel Gompers
If you can peel off a few unions, you can make the Democratic Party irrelevant. Peter Morici
The unions used to sell security. They can’t deliver any more. Peter Morici
The labor movement has failed to capture the support of the public at large. Thomas E. Mann
A divided labor movement hurts the prospects of union members and it makes me very angry. John Sweeney
When the businessmen of the country were demanding the right to organize themselves adequately to promote their legitimate interests; when the farmers were demanding legislation which would give them opportunities and incentives to organize themselves for a common advance, it was natural that the workers should seek and obtain a statutory declaration of their constitutional right to organize themselves for collective bargaining. Franklin D. Roosevelt
The denial by employers of the right of employees to organize and the refusal by employers to accept the procedure of collective bargaining lead to strikes and other forms of industrial strife or unrest, which have the intent or the necessary effect of burdening or obstructing commerce. United States Congress
The inequality of bargaining power between employees who do not possess full freedom of association or actual liberty of contract, and employers who are organized in the corporate or other forms of ownership association substantially burdens and affects the flow of commerce, and tends to aggravate recurrent business depressions, by depressing wage rates and the purchasing power of wage earners. United States Congress
Trade unionism is not a discovery or a formula. It grew and evolved slowly out of the needs of human experience. William Green
No king on earth is as safe in his job as a Trade Union official. There is only one thing that can get him sacked; and that is drink. Not even that, as long as he doesn't actually fall down. George Bernard Shaw
The individual's freedom to withhold personal service is basic to the constitutional concept of liberty. Without this freedom, working people would be at the total mercy of their employers, unable either to bargain effectively or to extricate themselves from an intolerable situation. Such a situation would make a mockery out of the fundamental right to pursue life, liberty and happiness.... Rose Bird
I believe not only in the right of the laboring man to organize in unions but also in the duty of the Government which that laboring man supports to facilitate and to protect these organizations against the vested interests of wealth and of intellect. National Union of Social Justice; Charles E. Coughlin
If work were good for you, the rich would leave none for the poor. Haitian Proverb
As corporations get larger worldwide, we have to be organizing those companies worldwide. Anna Burger
I’m not a humanitarian. I’m a hell raiser! Mary Harris Jones; Mother Jones
I was anxious to save the great coal operators and all of the class of big propertied men, of which they were members, from the dreadful punishment which their own folly would have brought on them if I had not acted. Theodore Roosevelt
If I ever thought it necessary, if I thought a combination of laborers were doing wrong, I would apply for an injunction against them just as quickly as against so many capitalists. Theodore Roosevelt
Labor organizations are like other organizations, like organizations of capitalists; sometimes they act very well and sometimes they act badly. We should consistently favor them when they act well, and as fearlessly oppose them when they act badly. Theodore Roosevelt
The Labor Community is carrying on … a very significant and instructive struggle. Randolph Churchill
After contract negotiations and organizing, playing an active role in the political process is one of a union's most important functions. Gains won at the bargaining table or through sacrifice on the picketline can be wiped out by politicians on the state or federal level. Transportation Workers of America
The courts may have their finest hours, but they'll not break us. We will not settle for one penny less than our objectives. The judge can drop dead in his black robes. I don't care if I rot in jail. I will not call off the strike. Michael J. Quill
We were no experts in the field of labor organization, but we had something in common with our fellow workers -- we were all poor -- we were all overworked -- we were all victims of the 84 hour week. In fact, we were all so low down on the economic and social ladder that we had nowhere to go but up Michael J. Quill
An injunction can't run a subway. Michael J. Quill
Tomorrow I expect to make a trip to the planet Mars and, if so, will immediately commence to organize the Mars canal workers into the I.W.W. …. I have nothing to say for myself, only that I have always tried to make this earth a little bit better. Joseph Hillstrom
The labor question is the same the world over, and laborers of the world should clasp hands for their common wealth. Frank K. Foster
There's a direct relationship between the bread box and the ballot box, and what the union fights for and wins at the bargaining table can be taken away in the legislative halls. Walter Reuther
We want Bread and Roses Too! Better to starve fighting than to starve working! Anonymous
Governor Murphy, when you gave ardent support to the Irish revolutionary movement against the British Empire, you were not doing that because of your high regard for law and order. You did not then say "Uphold the law!" when your father, Governor Murphy, was imprisoned by the British authorities for his activities as an Irish revolutionary. You did not sing forth with hosannas and say, "The law cannot be wrong. The law must be supported. It is right and just that my father be put in prison. Praised be the law!" And when the British government took your grandfather as an Irish revolutionary and hanged him by the neck until he was dead, you did not get down on your knees and burst forth in praise for the sanctity and the glory and the purity of the law, the law that must be upheld at all costs! But here, Governor Murphy, you do. You want my answer, sir? I give it to you. Tomorrow morning I shall personally enter General Motors Plant Chevrolet Number 4. I shall order the men to disregard your order, to stand fast. I shall then walk to the largest window in the plant, open it, divest myself of my outer rainments, remove my shirt and bare my bosom. Then when you order your troops to fire, mine will be the first breast those bullets will strike! And as my body falls from the window to the ground, you listen to the voice of your grandfather as he whispers in your ear. John L. Lewis
The hospital strikers have demonstrated that you don't get a job done unless you show the Man you're not afraid...If you're not willing to pay that price, then you don't deserve the rewards or benefits that go along with it. Malcolm X
Those who are today beating the drum loudest for the ‘Labor Party’ are radicals of various Marxist or pseudo-Marxist groups. These same people will tell you that they believe in the class struggle and economic action by the workers. Some will explain that parliamentary action is only a gimmick to gain a public forum, or free time on television every four years Sam Dolgoff; Sam Weiner; Sholem Dolgopolsky
It is impossible for any political party of "Labor" to reach power without concessions to the Right--to the middle class--at the expense of basic principles. "Labor" (or "Socialist") parties lose their identity and eventually are found to differ only on minor points from the "conservative" contenders for power. Labor Partyism is class-collaboration in the political field and it is just as disastrous for the workers as class-collaboration has been in the economic field Sam Dolgoff; Sam Weiner; Sholem Dolgopolsky
The strongest form of fight against the capitalist class is the strike. Strikes are necessary, ever again, against the capitalists’ tendency to increase their profits by lowering wages and increase the hours or the intensity of work. Anton Pannekoek
In a situation like that obtaining in Germany, I can only conceive a political general strike as a unique event in which the entire proletariat throughout the nation engages with all its might, as a life-and-death struggle, one in which our adversary is beaten down or else all our organizations, all our strength shattered or at least paralysed for years to come Karl Kautsky
Unorganized masses … are highly unpredictable in character Karl Kautsky
Governments' thirst for investment is compounded by the insatiable appetite of employers for new markets and a 'competitive' labor force, by which they mean cheap and endlessly exploitable. Bill Jordan
Leaders of the business community ... have chosen to wage a one-sided class war today in this country - a war against working people, the unemployed, the poor, the minorities, the very young and the very old. . Douglas Fraser
To permit ourselves to be provoked into violence would mean defeating ourselves; our real power is in our solidarity and our capacity to endure suffering rather than to give up the fight for the right to organize; no one can weave wool with machine guns; that cheerfulness was better for morale than bitterness and that therefore we would smile as we passed the machine guns and the police on the way from the hall to the picket lines around the mills. A. J. Muste
It was the spirit of the workers that was dangerous. They are always marching and singing. The tired, gray crowds ebbing and flowing perpetually into the mills had waked and opened their months to sing. Mary Heaton Vorse
Twenty thousand textile workers in Lawrence had walked out against a wage cut. It was a sudden, unplanned uprising. A fifty-four-hour week for women and children had been put into effect in Massachusetts, and the textile industry employed so many women and children that it meant a fifty-four-hour week for everyone. Consequently, there was a wage cut. It was a small cut, but it meant "four loaves of bread" to the workers. Mary Heaton Vorse
It was their orderly mass picketing and parading that swung the strike into public notice. No strike of this size ever had such parades. No strike of this size had ever had such picket lines. They sweep out the three strike halls two by two. They stream down the streets gathering volume as they go until there are thousands of people in the parade. As they go they sing and shout. Flags go with them. Women and children, young girls, old ladies, grandmothers, all shouting and singing together. Who will ever forget them who has seen them out on the picket line early in the morning in dark groups that look like swarming bees? The lines of pickets, the constant file of people was an exciting thing. It became contagious. Picketing became Passaic's favorite game. Children played at picketing. They picketed their schools. They picketed their homes. Children came out after school to go on the picket line. Mary Heaton Vorse
Here live women, the mothers of many children, who work at night. These women have never rested. They do not know what an unburdened hour is. Five nights a week for ten hours they work for a quarter an hour at midnight. Mary Heaton Vorse
As we grow richer, the ties that used to bind workers together in a risk-pooling welfare state (first locally, later nationally) have loosened. David Goodhart
You do not have people with placards out in the street on North Korea. I mean, that is a disgusting regime. The people are kept in a form of slavery, 23 million of them, and no one protests! Tony Blair
If work were good for you, the rich would leave none for the poor. Anonymous
Better to starve fighting than to starve working. Anonymous
Bread and Freedom Anonymous
Eight hours a day good for white men, all the same good for Chinamen. Anonymous
We affirm, as a fundamental principle, that labor, the creator of wealth, is entitled to all it creates. Anonymous
Viva la Huelga [Long Live the Strike] Anonymous
Red Because We Fight For Bread Anonymous
With respect to government service, we hold distinctly that the rights of the people are paramount to the right to strike. Anonymous
We denounce the arbitrary interference by federal authorities in local affairs as a violation of the Constitution and as a crime against free institutions, and we especially object to government by injunction as a new and highly dangerous form of oppression by which federal judges ... become at once legislators, judges and executioners. Anonymous
Union gives strength. Aesop
Labor unions must have conflict in order to justify their existence. Richard K. Armey
To live well in the second half of the 1990s and into the 21st Century, Australians have to produce and trade better than we have in the past….to improve workers' living standards and generate more jobs, we need to make major changes in the way our companies are managed and our factories produce wealth Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union
The rights and interests of the laboring man will be protected and cared for—not by the labor agitators, but by the Christian men to whom God in His infinite wisdom has given the control of the property interests of the country. George F. Baer
Juridically they are equal; but economically the worker is the serf of the capitalist … The worker always has the right to leave his employer, but has he the means to do so? No, he does it in order to sell himself to another employer. He is driven to it by the same hunger which forces him to sell himself to the first employer. Mikhail Bakunin
There are three groups that no British Prime Minister should provoke: The Vatican, the Treasury and the miners. Stanley Baldwin
The trade union, which originated under the European system, destroys liberty. Henry Ward Beecher
There can be no harmony between organized capitalists and organized labor. Our present wage system is slavery in its worst form. Edward Boyce
Don't assume that the interests of employer and employee are necessarily hostile—that what is good for one is necessarily bad for the other. The opposite is more apt to be the case. While they have different interests, they are likely to prosper or suffer together. Louis D. Brandeis
Labor cannot on any terms surrender the right to strike. Louis D. Brandeis
Neither the common law nor the Fourteenth Amendment confers the absolute right to strike. Louis D. Brandeis
No matter what the motive of the employer, any strike aimed at him is in physical fact a strike against ourselves and our country. No matter if he claims or seems to be in non-essential production, no strike is proper, for strikes are infectious and damaging to morale. Harry Bridges
The strike weapon is overboard, not only for the duration of the war, but after the war too. Harry Bridges
Attacking communists was generally nothing more than a smokescreen for attacking the CIO. John Brophy
The leadership of these unions lead a lifestyle of the rich and famous. Edward Bryant
I am always on the side of labor when there is any compromise to be made. Plutarco Elias Calles
The task is before us. We have a labor movement that is completely discouraged and demoralized. We have an organized labor movement that is unable on any front to put up an effective struggle against the drive of destruction organized by the masters….the labor unions of America are being broken up because there is not sufficient unified understanding, because there is not sufficient leadership to save them. James P. Cannon
The price tag for principles is sometimes much higher than what’s on the table in terms of dollars and cents. Ron Carey
Thou shalt not take thy neighbor’s job. Andrew Carnegie
The Church fully supports the right of workers to form unions or other associations to secure their rights to fair wages and working conditions. Catholic Church
Unions may also legitimately resort to strikes where this is the only available means to the justice owed to workers Catholic Church
Solidarity Forever Ralph Chaplin
We are poor and our allies are few, but we have our bodies and justice as our tools. Cesar Chavez
Labor Unions are revolutionary and anarchistic and a menace to the entire social and industrial system of the United States. Chicago Tribune
If you ever saw a cat and a dog eating out of the same plate, you can bet your ass it was the cat's food. William Clay
Something may be done under Federal authority to prevent the disturbances which so often arise from disputes between employers and the employed. Grover Cleveland
There can be no distress, there can be no hard times, when labor is well paid. The man who raises his hand against the progress of the workingman raises his hand against prosperity. William B. Cockran
One of the great reasons for the popularity of strikes is that they give the suppressed self a sense of power. For once the human tool knows itself a man, able to stand up and speak a word or strike a blow. Charles Horton Cooley
There is no right to strike against the public safety by anybody, anywhere, any time. Calvin Coolidge
I don't propose to let either the NAM [National Association of Manufacturers] or labor unions hand me a bill and say: "Take it or leave it. Norris H. Cotton
A strike cannot be tolerated under any circumstances for it would be a stab at our armed might. Daily Worker
The only way a workingman can get anything is by collective bargaining, and by saying "If you don't give us a raise, not only will I quit but we will all quit and tie up your business Clarence Darrow
Labor unions are often brutal, they are often cruel, they are often unjust.... I don't care how many brutalities they are guilty of. I know that their cause is just. I meant that however unjust and cruel they sometimes are, their cause is just. Clarence Darrow
This trial is a fight between capital and labor, of which this is but a manifestation up here in the woods. Clarence Darrow
I will use the power of the government of the United States within my control to prevent the labor unions ... from destroying the open shop. Harry M. Daugherty
I had never traveled in the United States and I was quite unprepared for the cultural gap. At the entrance to the large auditorium in the Statler-Hilton I discovered an honor guard waiting to march me up the center aisle to the platform, a ceremony I found altogether too military and pretentious for ordinary mortals and union leaders. Joe Davidson
When wage controls and other legal restrictions on Canadian workers of the government's only answer to that country's deepening economic problems, the labor movement's response has to be fundamentally political. Joe Davidson
When it comes to turning the other cheek, I draw the line at bosses. Joe Davidson
The American motto is "fair play." Boycotting is not fair play—it is not in consonance with American ideas of justice ... it does not recognize personal liberty and personal rights. Eugene V. Debs
No strike has ever been lost. Eugene V. Debs
Organize! Educate! Agitate! Eugene V. Debs
The strike is the weapon of the oppressed, of men capable of appreciating justice and having the courage to resist wrong and contend for principle. The nation had for its cornerstone a strike. Eugene V. Debs
I would proceed to discharge every man ... who continued to foment, and cause a disturbance .... It would be a sad thing for some of the old white-haired engineers ... to be thrown out of work, but I told the Committee I should strike with an unsparing hand. John H. Devereux
Union busting has become an art form. Barbara Ehrenreich
I consider it important, indeed urgently necessary, for intellectual workers to get together, both to protect their own economic status and, also generally speaking, to secure their influence in the political field. Albert Einstein
The strikebreaker is the hero of American industry. Charles W. Eliot
Bayonets cannot weave cloth. Joseph J. Ettor
Industrial relations are like sexual relations. It's better between two consenting parties. Victor Feather
The union in many cases is reduced to the level of a facilitator, an agent or a "party" in negotiations. As such, how can it be seen by its members to be an organized and dedicated instrument relentlessly pursuing their aspirations and resolutely protecting their wages, conditions and standards? Steve Gibson
The only safeguard of order and discipline in the modern world is a standardized worker with interchangeable parts. That would solve the entire problem of management. Jean Giraudoux
If it becomes a question of destruction of this union or the preservation of the country, the country is going to be preserved. Thomas Alan Goldsborough
There may be here and there a worker who for certain reasons unexplainable to us does not join a union of labor. That is his right. It is his legal right, no matter how morally wrong he may be. Samuel Gompers
The toilers have awakened to the new found power of organized effort. Samuel Gompers
Labor organizations had been the victims of so much political trickery that we felt that the only way to keep this new organization free from taint was to exclude all political partisan action. Samuel Gompers
Many of those who helped to lay the foundations of the trade union movement were men who had been through the experience of Socialism and found their way to sounder policies. Samuel Gompers
What does labor want? We want more schoolhouses and less jails; more books and less arsenals; more learning and less vice; more leisure and less greed; more justice and less revenge; in fact, more of the opportunities to cultivate our better natures, to make manhood more noble, womanhood more beautiful, and childhood more happy and bright. Samuel Gompers
To get organized labor to realize that we are entering the 21st century is a very difficult job. William Goodling
I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half. Jay Gould
Capital and labor are just as harmonious as roast beef and a hungry stomach. Laurence Gronlund
Strikes are a crime ... the law of jungles and primitive societies. Francisco Franco
The minute your membership looses a job that can be identified, economic theory goes out the window. You're dealing with frightened human beings. Douglas Frasier
We do not fear you [the Mafia] any more. We will root you out from under every rock, from the dark places where you hide. Louis Freeh
I will never recognize the union, never, never! Henry Clay Frick
Violation of workers' rights persists, but workers can't turn to the authorities because it is the authorities themselves who commit the violations. Manuel Fuentes
The methods by which a trade union can alone act are necessarily destructive; its organization is necessarily tyrannical. Henry George
Labor unions are the worst thing that ever struck the earth because they take away a man's independence. Henry Ford
Developing fascism in the United States has a main foundation in the leadership of the AFL [American Federation of Labor]. William Z. Foster
Regardless of the degree of class consciousness of their members, the trade unions are, by their very nature, driven on to the revolutionary goal. William Z. Foster
What labor is demanding all over the world today is not a few material things like more dollars and fewer hours of work, but the right to a voice in the conduct of industry. Sidney Hillman
The strike is the weapon of the industrial jungle. Sidney Hillman
Don't waste any time mourning—organize! Joseph Hillstrom; Joe Hill
This government must go. It is our duty to make sure that it does go. Frank Hodges
[T]he Committee on Un-American Activities calls upon the American labor movement ... to amend its constitutions where necessary in order to deny membership to a member of the Communist party or any other group which dedicates itself to the destruction of America's way of life. House Un-American Activities Committee
It is the historic mission of the working class to do away with capitalism. Industrial Workers of the World
Dictatorship dooms labor. Labor dooms dictatorship. International Ladies Garment Workers Union
Universal economic evils afflicting the working class can be eradicated only by a universal working-class movement. Such a movement of the working class is impossible while separate craft and wage agreements are made favoring the employer against other crafts in the same industry, and while energies are wasted in fruitless jurisdictional struggles which serve only to further the personal aggrandizement of union officials. International Workers of the World
I will only stop defending the rights of workers when I die. Tucapel Jimenez
It is not right for public officials to bring scabs and gunmen into any state. I am directly opposed to it myself, but if it is a question of strike or you go into slavery, then I say strike until the last one of us drop into our graves. Mary Harris Jones; Mother Jones
My address is like my shoes. It travels with me wherever I go. Mary Harris Jones; Mother Jones
On their side the workers had only the constitution. The other side had bayonets. Mary Harris Jones; Mother Jones
There are two forces in this and in every other nation of the world today. One force is the taker and the other force is the maker. Mary Harris Jones; Mother Jones
We must be together; our masters are joined together and we must do the same thing. Mary Harris Jones; Mother Jones
You have a task; go bravely home and take it up like men …. Do your duty also as citizens of the United States, do your duty as men who feel a responsibility upon you, and remember, friends, that it is better to die an uncrowned free man than a crowned slave. You and I must protest against this injustice to the American people that we are suffering Mary Harris Jones; Mother Jones
Arm yourselves! Return home and kill every goddamned mine guard on the creeks. Mother Jones; Mary Harris Jones
No labor strike will last more than 15 minutes. Gerardo Machado y Morales
We back Solidarity [the Polish trade union], and bust our unions. Eric Mann
The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath. Book of Mark
I love to bug the little bastard. James R. Hoffa
Labor in white skin cannot be free so long as labor in a black skin is branded. Karl Marx
No strike is a loss or failure to the workers, even if the point sought is not gained for the time being. If naught else they teach the capitalists that they are expensive luxuries. Peter J. McGuire
There is no mutuality of interests ... between capital and labor. It is the iron heel of a soulless monopoly, crushing the manhood out of sovereign citizens. George Edwin McNeill
Unionism seldom, if ever, uses such power it has to insure better work; almost always it devotes a large part of that power to safeguarding bad work. H. L. Mencken
There is no good reason why police, or gaols, or the administration of justice, should be differently managed in one part of the kingdom and in another. John Stuart Mill
Provoking us into quarrels and violations of the peace is one of the most common methods used … to destroy public sympathy and defeat our cause. John N. Mitchell
The number of men out on strike exceeds that of any other industrial contest in the history of our country. John N. Mitchell
The one among you who violates the law is the worst enemy you have. John N. Mitchell
The present miner has had his day; he has been oppressed and ground down and denied the right to live as a human being; but there is another generation coming up, a generation of little children prematurely doomed to the whirl of the mill and the soot and the noise and the blackness of the breaker. It is for them that we are fighting. John N. Mitchell
Reform starts here. William 'Bill' Morris
Some call it power; I prefer to call it responsibility. William 'Bill' Morris
It has happened, in all ages of the world, that some have labored and others have, without labor, enjoyed a large proportion of the fruits. This is wrong and should not continue. To secure to each laborer the whole product of his labor, or as nearly as possible, is a worthy object of any good government. That's my platform, but when the average Republican leader in the East hears it, he thinks I am quoting from Karl Marx. I did quote it, but not from Karl Marx. I quoted it from Abraham Lincoln. Fiorello H. La Guardia
We must have modern conditions to meet modern machinery. As labor-saving devices are installed and used for production we must necessarily shorten the number of hours per day, and we are now at the state where we will necessarily have to come to a five day week because, gentlemen, you cannot have prosperity unless you have employment. Fiorello H. La Guardia
I've been raped in Macy's window at high noon. Roger Lapham
Every worker receives from society as much as he has given it. Vladimir Lenin
The history of all countries shows that, by its own efforts, the working class can develop only a trade-union consciousness—that is, the realization of the need of getting together in unions in order to fight employers and to demand from the government the passing of laws necessary for the workers. Vladimir Lenin
Trade unionism means the enslavement of the workers by the bourgeoisie. Vladimir Lenin
Labor which is too long and too hard and the belief that pay is inadequate not infrequently give workers cause to strike and become voluntarily idle. This evil, which is frequent and serious, ought to be remedied by public authority, because such interruption of work inflicts damage not only upon employers and upon the workers themselves, but also injures trade and commerce and the general interests of the State Leo XIII
I'm not interested in classes ... Far be it from me to foster inferiority complexes among the workers by trying to make them think they belong to some special class. John L. Lewis
Let him who will, be he economic tyrant or sordid mercenary, pit his strength against this mighty upsurge of human sentiment now being crystallized in the hearts of thirty million workers who clamor for the establishment of industrial democracy and for participation in its tangible fruits. He is a madman of a fool who believes that this river of human sentiment can be damned. John L. Lewis
Heed this cry that comes from the hearts of men. Organize the Unorganized. John L. Lewis
If we must grind up human flesh and bones in the industrial machine, then, before God, I assert that those who consume coal, and you and I who benefit from that service, owe protection to those men [the miners] first, and we owe security to their families after, if they die. I say it! I proclaim it! And I care not who in heaven or hell oppose it! John L. Lewis
I shall order the men to disregard your order, to stand fast. I shall then walk to the largest window in the plant, open it, divest myself of my outer reinments, remove my shirt and bare my bosom. Then when you order your troops to fire, mine will be the first breast those bullets will strike! John L. Lewis
It ill behooves one who has supped at labor's table and who has been sheltered in labor's house to curse with equal fervor and fine impartiality both labor and its adversaries when they become locked in deadly embrace. John L. Lewis
Labor and capital may be partners in theory, but they are enemies in fact. John L. Lewis
The future of Labor is the future of America. John L. Lewis
No tin hat brigade of goose-stepping vigilantes or Bible-babbling mob of blackguarding and corporation paid scoundrels will prevent the onward march of labor. John L. Lewis
You can't dig coal with bayonets. John L. Lewis
Marxism today is playing dead, but it is not altogether abolished. Robert Ley
All that harms labor is treason to America. Abraham Lincoln
I am glad to see that a system of labor prevails under which laborers can strike when they want to...I like the system which lets a man quit when he wants to and wish it might prevail everywhere. Abraham Lincoln
If any man tells you that he loves America yet he hates labor, then that man is a liar. Abraham Lincoln
And inasmuch as most good things are produced by labor, it follows that all such things of right belong to those whose labor has produced them. Abraham Lincoln
Thank God we have a system of labor where there can be a strike. Abraham Lincoln
Fight labor's demands to the last ditch and there will come a time when it seizes the whole of power, makes itself sovereign and takes what it used to ask. Walter Lippmann
When a scab comes down the street, men turn their backs, angels weep in heaven, and the Devil shuts the gates of Hell to keep him out....Judas Iscariot was a gentleman compared to a scab. Jack London; John Griffith London
Look at your [labor] strikes. They are proof that the men are desperate. Nikita Khrushchev
There is no other bargaining but collective bargaining. Clarence Darrow
The worker retains no respect for the property “rights” of the profit-takers … He knows that the present laws of property were made by and for the capitalists. Therefore he does not hesitate to break them. William Dudley Haywood
The Socialist Party emphatically rejects the proposal that in times of war, the workers should suspend their struggle for better conditions. Morris Hillquit
In truth, also, however the matter may be disguised, the combinations among workmen to obtain higher wages, which are now so general and so much complained of, are practical attacks on the claims of capital…. On the side of the labourers there is physical strength, for they are more numerous than their opponents. They are also fast losing that reverence for their opponents which was and is the source of their power, and they are daily acquiring a moral strength which results from a common interest and a close and intimate union … Thomas Hodgskin
It is gratifying that societies of this kind [labor unions], composed either of workers alone or of workers and employers together, are being formed everywhere, and it is truly to be desired that they grow in number and in active vigor. Leo XIII
From a military point of view it was a complete success Jose Luiz Lopes da Silva
Any member of the party who … advocates crime, sabotage, or other methods of violence as a weapon of the working class to aid in its emancipation, shall be expelled from membership of the party. Socialist Party
It is essential that there be organization of labor…. Capital organizes and therefore labor must organize. Theodore Roosevelt
If the weapon of the general strike is to be utilized, then the organization must be so built up that this weapon will stand ready for instant use. For the certainty of success in a general strike lies in its suddenness. Ever more numerous and greater will become the great strikes and outbreaks of this character which shake the social life of the nation to its foundation … Herman Gorter
The formation of the smallest worker’s organization will for the history writers of the future be more important than the battle of Sadova Johann Jakoby
The boycott, which the bourgeoisie regards with sentimental tenderness when directed against the trade of its commercial rival, it considers as a crime when employed by the workers in defense of their livelihood. Paul Lafargue
The Socialists are no fomenters of strikes; they know too well that a strike is a two-edged weapon, wounding the proletariat more deeply and more grievously than the capitalist. But, when the strike is declared, they take their part in the fight. They organize and assist the workers, protecting them against the snares of the police and the brutality of the military, and giving them such moral and material support as is in their power Paul Lafargue
They have the right; yes, sir. We have the right to say whether we will receive them or not. Thomas H. Wickes
Workers thought that the moment was ripe to take possession once [and] for all the means of production. They armed for self-defense. . . and began to organize production on their own. . . . It was the right of property abolished in fact. . . it was a new regime, a new form of social life that was being ushered in. And the government stood by because it felt impotent to offer opposition. Errico Malatesta
Those who work in the mills should own them Anonymous
Stand in back of me and we will make this town union free. You are either with me or against me. Harrison Grey Otis
The weapon of political action. That is going to be the main fighting weapon of all labor, international as well as national, if we are going to do those things that we are in business to do as a labor union Harry Bridges
There are plenty who think a union should not speak out, fight for or criticize the foreign policy of our government; that it should be a matter of our government, right or wrong, in matters of foreign policy. We have never adhered to that belief. And we shouldn’t. Harry Bridges
We still have to deal as an organization of labor with the number one problem facing the people of this nation and every nation: that of war or peace; an armament race or disarmament; higher or lower living standards for all the world’s people; Harry Bridges
I do not think I will die, but whether I do or not, the company will pursue the same policies. Henry Clay Frick
The most conservative man in the world is the British Trade Unionist when you want to change him. Ernest Bevin
We know that the organized workers of the country are our friends. As for the rest, they don't matter a tinker's cuss. Emanuel Shinwell
We are here to confederate the workers of this country into a working class movement that shall have for its purpose the emancipation of the working class from the slave bondage of capitalism. There is no organization, or there seems to be no labor organization, that has for its purpose the same object as that for which you are called together today. The aims and objects of this organization should be to put the working class in possession of the economic power, the means of life, in control of the machinery of production and distribution, without regard to capitalist masters. William Dudley Haywood; Big Bill Haywood
Do the poor in the United States and Western Europe wish to pay more to support higher labor standards in the developing world? Ethan B. Kapstein
I’ll stop demonizing business when business stops putting their profits before the country and starts putting their workers before their greed. Richard Trumka
Stand in back of me and we will make this town union free. You are either with me or against me. Harrison Grey Otis
The cigars herein contained are made by WHITE MEN. Cigar Maker's Association of the Pacific Coast
When labor is strong, America is strong. Barack Obama
The New Deal Congress enacted the National Labor Relations Act which granted unrestricted sovereign power to the barons of union labor. Richard Nixon
Guilty! You are on strike against God and Nature!. Anonymous
I am heartedly in favor of these strikers, but they do not appreciate the best of what our society has produced. Anne Tracy Morgan
An idea consisting of a social crime in one age becomes the very religion of humanity in the next Joseph J. Ettor
Labor is marching toward the goal of industrial democracy and contributing constructively toward a more rational arrangement of our domestic economy. John L. Lewis
If there is to be peace in our industrial life, let the employer recognize his obligation to his employees John L. Lewis
I have pleaded labor's case, not in the quavering tones of a feeble mendicant asking alms, but in the thundering voice of the captain of a mighty host, demanding the rights to which free men are entitled. John L. Lewis
The labor union in enforcing a high scale of wages brings about the distribution of wealth throughout the entire community. William Randolph Hearst
Fellow workers, this is the Continental Congress of the working class. The aims and objects of this organization shall be to put the working class in possession of economic power. William Dudley Haywood
We need unions to make sure that working people have a legitimate and consistent voice. Orrin Hatch
A rise of prices necessarily results in a diminution of the enjoyments of the laboring class until they can force the employers, through a long process of agitation, to make an increase in their wages. James Laughlin
The [American] South and the Communists brought out the worst in each other. Irving Howe
The proportion of mental workers increases with the cultural development of the people…. The capitalist, or entrepreneur contributes mental labor to his enterprise. His work is that of organizing and managing the business. The wage-earner’s contribution consists chiefly of physical labor. Dov Ber Borochov
Under a more developed capitalism, and to a greater extent even in the age of imperialism, the Trade Unions have ever more become gigantic unions, with a trend of development, equal to that of the bourgeois State bodies themselves. They have produced a class of officials, a bureaucracy, that controls all the engines of power of the organization, the finances, the press, the appointment of lower officials; often it is invested with even greater power, so that from a servant of the rank and file, it has become the master, identifying itself with the organization. The Trade Unions can be compared to the State and its bureaucracy, also in this: that, notwithstanding the democracy that is supposed to reign there, the members are unable to enforce their will against the bureaucracy; every revolt is broken against the cleverly constructed apparatus of official ordinances and statutes, before it has been able even to shake the highest regions. Herman Gorter
Men trade unionists are accused of sex privilege and prejudice ... A belief in the divine right of every man to his job is not peculiar to kings and capitalists, and men in organized trades are not disposed to share these advantages with a host of women competitors. Barbara Drake
It is impossible to place labor and capital in harmonious or friendly relations, except by the means of slavery George Fitzhugh
I remember going from house to house during the last fearful days of the strike and seeing men gaunt from hunger, women and little children unable to stand from want and exhaustion, with the threat of eviction hanging over their heads, and still I heard not one word of complaint, not to speak of surrender to the "boss." Nothing could have better illustrated the peculiar powers of the Jewish character than the patient endurance that marked the whole progress of this struggle for living wages. The cloak-makers won, and it is even yet difficult to estimate the great advantage that their victory brought… Ida M. Van Etten
The Cloak Makers know how to starve. Anonymous
Unemployment payments are now made for 99 weeks. That is the time it takes to get an Associate’s Degree. Establish the principle that we do not give money away for doing nothing. Newt Gingrich
My heart lies with the workers. Benjamin Fine
A. Philip Randolph is the type who believes in force and who has bragged about the technique of force which he used in the threatened march on Washington in 1941. This was the time when he intimidated the President of the United States with the threat of riotous conditions in the Nation's Capital at a moment when the whole Nation was preparing for World War II. Using this method, he and his collaborators secured the President's signature to the famous Executive Order No. 8802, which was the birth of the un-American bastard known as the Fair Employment Practice Committee. The word "reason" is not in his vocabulary. He does not know how to plead or ask for anything that he wants for the Negro people. Using the communistic pattern, he vociferously and obstreperously DEMANDS. Theodore G. Bilbo
… the struggle of men to outvie one another in production is beneficial to the community; their struggle over the division of the joint produce is not. The stronger side will dictate its own terms; and as a matter of fact, in the early days of competition, the capitalists used all their power to oppress the laborers, and drove down wages to starvation point. This kind of competition has to be checked; there is no historical instance of its having lasted long without being modified either by combination or legislation, or both. In England both remedies are in operation, the former through Trades Unions, the latter through factory legislation. Arnold J. Toynbee
We live in a world today where the capitalists' confidence in their ability to rule has been shaken. Augustin Tosco
Today we often take for granted the fact that supporters of The Militant can stand in front of a mine portal and distribute the paper. But this was a right that we along with other miners had to fight for against the coal companies and some conservative-minded workers. Paul Mailhot
You can’t mine coal with bayonets! John L. Lewis
Employers crave the power to fire workers whose performance is judged inferior-not just to get rid of those particular workers, but more importantly to motivate and discipline the rest of the workforce. Jim Stanford
We are asked to permit a hundred men to go round to the house of a man who wishes to exercise the common law right in this country to sell his labour where and when he chooses, and to 'advise' him or 'peacefully persuade' him not to work. If peaceful persuasion is the real object, why are a hundred men required to do it? ... Every honest man knows why trade unions insist on the right to a strong numerical picket. It is because they rely for their objects neither on peacefulness nor persuasion. Those whom they picket cannot be peacefully persuaded. They understand with great precision their own objects, and their own interests, and they are not in the least likely to be persuaded by the representatives of trade unions, with different objects and different interests. But, though arguments may never persuade them, numbers may easily intimidate them. And it is just because argument has failed, and intimidation has succeeded, that the Labour Party insists upon its right to picket unlimited in respect of numbers. Frederick Elwin Smith Birkenhead
When rich men are thus brought to regard themselves as trustees, and poor men learn to be industrious, economical, temperate, self-denying, and diligent in the acquisition of knowledge, then the deplorable strife between capital and labor, tending to destroy their fundamental, necessary, and irrefragable harmony will cease, and the world will no longer be afflicted with such unnatural industrial conflicts as we have seen during the past century... Peter Cooper
If the workers of the world want to win, all they have to do is recognize their own solidarity. They have nothing to do but fold their arms and the world will stop. Joseph J. Ettor
I had rather submit our industrial controversies to the conference table in advance than to a settlement table after conflict and suffering. Warren G. Harding
I fear that unless the general government will assume the responsibility of order throughout the land, the anarchy which is now present will become more terrible than has ever been known in the history of the world. Thomas A. Scott
Hawaii’s Needs. Not Wall Street Greed. Anonymous
The thing which has made Labor great & powerful is labor-saving machinery--& nothing else in the world could have done it. It has been labor's savior, benefactor; but Labor doesn't know it, & would ignorantly crucify it. But that is human & natural. Mark Twain
I shared, naturally, in that hatred of organized labor which has been the one political constant in my lifetime…. No alternative view of organized labor has ever come to us through the popular media. If labor leaders were not crooks like Jimmy Hoffa, they were in the pay of Moscow. Gore Vidal
This labor controversy the world over is purely a question of money, and nothing else. There is just enough money in this country to-day to enable the corporations to corner it. Just enough to enable the banks and the usurers to extort usury .... there are three classes of vampires who are sucking up the last drop of the blood of honest toil the land monopolies James Baird Weaver
The attitude of refusal to participate in collective bargaining with representatives of the employees' own choosing is the negation of this bridge to better relationship. Herbert Hoover
Labor is not fighting for a larger slice of the national pie. Labor is fighting for a larger pie. Walter Reuther
What the working-class can do, when once they grow into a solidified organization, is to show the possessing class, through a sudden cessation of all work, that the whole social structure rests on them; that the possessions of the others are absolutely worthless to them without the workers' activity; that such protests, such strikes, are inherent in the system of property and will continually recur Voltairine de Cleyre
With all their faults, trade-unions have done more for humanity than any other organization of men that ever existed. They have done more for decency, for honesty, for education, for the betterment of the race, for the developing of character in man, than any other association of men. Clarence Darrow
Hold the burgers; hold the fries We can’t survive on Seven Twenty Five Anonymous
Fight for 15 Anonymous
Unquestionably unions and their leaders are not always wise and fair any more than any other human beings. Eleanor Roosevelt
Unquestionably unions and their leaders are not always wise and fair any more than any other human beings. Eleanor Roosevelt
Why cannot we sit down together with a board of arbitration, honestly state our difficulties and try to work out a sane method of procedure? Eleanor Roosevelt
… when so many people seem to be beset by fears of socialism and communism, it seems particularly important that the workers of our country should have an opportunity to study the labor movement and the economic problem of the day. Only through understanding can they be expected to look at questions in a comprehensive way. Our great difficulty in the past has always been that individual groups only see their own point of view and could not understand the situation as a whole.… Those who are interested in the future development of this country must be interested in the education of the workers. Eleanor Roosevelt
In a bankruptcy, everyone around the table has an interest in making the workers take a haircut. The more the workers take a haircut, the more money there is for the bondholders and stockholders. Richard Trumka
I don’t think that we have kept pace with the changing economy and we have not kept pace particularly with young people. Richard Trumka
The first principle of non-violent action is that of non-cooperation with everything humiliating. Cesar Chavez
There is a great fear of our Union -- a fear that I do not fully understand, but that I know is present...What is it that causes some men to act so hastily and so cruelly? It cannot be that we are so powerful. Is it so much to ask that the poorest people of the land have a measure of justice? Cesar Chavez
If you are going to organize and ask for commitment, you cannot go to the most desperately poor. They are not likely to take action. If you stand on a man's head and push it into the dirt, he may not even see the heel of your boot. But if his whole face is already above ground, he can see your heel and he can see freedom ahead. Cesar Chavez
The consumer boycott is the only open door in the dark corridor of nothingness down which farm workers have had to walk for many years. It is a gate of hope through which they expect to find the sunlight of a better life for themselves and their families. Cesar Chavez
The strike and the boycott, they have cost us much. What they have not paid us in wages, better working conditions, and new contracts, they have paid us in self-respect and human dignity Cesar Chavez
We draw our strength from the very despair in which we have been forced to live. We shall endure Cesar Chavez
What is at stake is human dignity. If a man is not accorded respect he cannot respect himself and if he does not respect himself, he cannot demand it. Cesar Chavez
A symbol is an important thing. That is why we chose an Aztec eagle. It gives pride...When people see it they know it means dignity Cesar Chavez
The picket line is the best place to train organizers. One day on the picket line is where a man makes his commitment. The longer on the picket line, the stronger the commitment. A lot of workers think they make their commitment by walking off the job when nobody sees them. But you get a guy to walk off the field when his boss is watching and, in front of the other guys, throw down his tools and march right to the picket line, that is the guy who makes our strike. The picket line is a beautiful thing because it makes a man more human. Cesar Chavez
The name of the game is to talk to people. If you don't talk to people, you can't get started...You knock on twenty doors or so, and twenty guys tell you to go to hell, or that they haven't got time. But maybe at the fortieth or sixtieth house you find the one guy who is all you need. You're not going to organize everything; you're just going to get it started. Cesar Chavez
Every time we look at them, they want more money. Like pigs … Here we’re slaving, and we’re starving, and the god-damned workers don’t give a shit about anything. Cesar Chavez
When schoolchildren start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of schoolchildren. Albert Shanker
One man's wage rise is another man's price increase. Lord Riveaulx; Harold Wilson
It would be well for those interested to reflect whether there now exists, or ever has existed, a wealthy and civilized community in which one portion did not live on the labor of another.... Remember that labor is the only source of wealth, and how small a portion of it, in all old and civilized countries, even the best governed, is left to those by whose labor wealth is created. John C. Calhoun
There is and always has been in an advanced stage of wealth and civilization, a conflict between labor and capital. John C. Calhoun
Stop The War On Workers Anonymous
It is necessary … to agree to any and every sacrifice, and even—if need be—to resort to all sorts of stratagems, maneuvers and illegal methods, to evasion and subterfuges in order to penetrate the trade unions, to remain in them, and to carry on Communist work in them at all costs. Vladimir Lenin; Nikolai
I am writing a line on this subject to the head of the union. In war time it is considered essential to play "The Star Spangled Banner," but to employ musicians for this purpose and this purpose only, seems to be rather difficult. They certainly could not make a living wage on a short engagement of this kind. In this particular case, the theatre was being picketed because it was using a record instead of employing musicians. Eleanor Roosevelt
Unquestionably unions and their leaders are not always wise and fair any more than any other human beings. There are only two ways to bring about protection of the workers, however, legislation and unionization. So far the majority of the people in this country seem to favor unions as a more democratic and elastic method, though certain things must be dealt with by legislation. Eleanor Roosevelt
Strike Anonymous
In the last years no political strike has taken place in Italy… This is a country where the unions have signed a wage truce…this is a surprising and absurd feature of the present economic situation…. On the other side, a pack of political and economic speculators are taking advantage of the situation. Palmiro Togliatti
Let our government …make one more effort to secure freely from organizations of employees and employers alike, co-operation in keeping our money sound and our prices stable. William Beveridge
Modern trade unions understood that deciphering a balance sheet was more important than decoding Das Kapital. Donald Sassoon
The labor movement was ill-equipped to deal with the new inequalities arising almost inevitably from the less secure, part time and low paid nature of women’s occupations. Donald Sassoon
The ongoing internationalization of the economy is confronting the labor movement Swedish Social Democratic Party
The labor movement was a reaction to capitalism. Olof Palme
Am I allowed to suggest that we owe much to these stubborn and sectarian people, those indefatigable strikers who take over our factories and bring disorder to our streets, these obstinate creatures who ceaselessly fought for reforms while fantasizing of the Revolution, these Marxists who, marching against the current of History, disturbed the complacent sleep of capitalism? … Communism is dead. Let us rejoice. Jean-Denis Bredin
As long as Detroit [the auto companies] was making money, it was always easy for us to accept union demands and recoup them later in the form of price increases. The alternative was to take a strike and risk ruining the company. Lee Iacocca
The strike is the largest and latest manifestation of the working out of the program of the International Communist Party, whose purpose is to capture the political and economic power, to overthrow the government and to establish a dictatorship on the part of what they call the proletariat, and transport to this country the exact chaotic condition that exists in Russia. A. Mitchell Palmer
Do not let [“Big”] Bill Hayward and the Industrial Workers of the World terrorize President, Congress, Judge and Juries. James W. Van Cleave
There are about 8 million negroes in the United States, and, my friends, I not only have not the power to put the negro out of the labor movement, but I would not, even if I did have the power. Why should I do such a thing? I would have nothing to gain, but the movement would have much to lose. Under our policies and principles we seek to build up the labor movement, instead of injuring it, and we want all the negroes we can possibly get who will join hands with organized labor. Samuel Gompers
Where we have blundered into trying to force a policy or decision, even though wise and right, we have impeded if not interrupted the realization of our own aims. Samuel Gompers
What does labor want? We want more schoolhouses and less jails; more books and less arsenals; more learning and less vice; more leisure and less greed; more justice and less revenge; in fact, more of the opportunities to cultivate our better natures. Samuel Gompers
We will stand by our friends and administer a stinging rebuke to men or parties who are either indifferent, negligent, or hostile, and, wherever opportunity affords, to secure the election of intelligent, honest, earnest trade unionists, with clear, unblemished, paid-up union cards in their possession. Samuel Gompers
There is no way whereby our labor movement may be assured sustained progress in determining its policies and its plans other than sincere democratic deliberation until a unanimous decision is reached. This may seem a cumbrous, slow method to the impatient, but the impatient are more concerned for immediate triumph than for the education of constructive development. Samuel Gompers
That's the Rebel Girl, That's the Rebel Girl. To the working class she's a precious pearl. She brings courage, pride and joy To the fighting Rebel Boy We've had girls before, but we need some more In the Industrial Workers of the World For it's great to fight for freedom With a Rebel Girl Joseph Hillstrom; Joe
You may succeed in your policy and insure your own damnation by your victory. The men whose manhood you have broken will loath you and will always be brooding and scheming to strike a fresh blow. The children will be taught to curse you. The infant being molded in the womb will have breathed into its starved body the vitality of hate. It is not they—it is you who are the blind Samsons pulling down the pillars of the social order. George William Russell
Hard Hitting Songs for Hard Hit People Pete Seeger
There is nothing to arbitrate. Workers have nothing to do with the amount of wages they shall receive. This is solely the business of the company. George Mortimer Pullman
It does seem to me that the laboring classes were possessed of the Devil. I believe in the free application of rifle balls, grape and canister to mobs. Joseph Stannard Baker
It is for the benefit of them and to the public that laborers should unite in their common interest and for lawful purposes. If they stand together, they are often able, all of them, to command better prices for their labor than when dealing singly with rich employers … William Howard Taft
We are sons of the Mexican Revolution, a revolution of the poor seeking, bread and justice. Our revolution will not be armed, but we want the existing social order to dissolve, we want a new social order. Cesar Chavez
No better strike leader than John N. Mitchell has ever emerged in any time of industrial strife. Walter Wellman
After one operator referred to the union as ‘a set of outlaws’, I wanted to take him by the seat of the breeches and nape of the neck and chuck him out the window. Theodore Roosevelt
I believe in corporations. I believe in trade unions. Both have come to stay and are necessities in our present industrial system, But where, either one or the other, there develops corruption or mere brutal indifference to the rights of others … then the offender, whether union or corporation, must be fought. Theodore Roosevelt
He should be. Were I on the bench, I would give him one quickly. William Howard Taft
The decline of the trade union is to some extent inevitable and irreversible. John Kenneth Galbraith
to supplement the local government in protecting his property when he enters into a contest with his employees. William Jennings Bryan
Pray for the dead, but fight like hell for the living. Mother Jones; Mary Harris Jones
We should not idealize unions. Occasionally they were corrupt, and sometimes enforced inefficiency. But they helped keep us a middle class society because they provided a counterweight to the power of wealthy individuals and corporations. Paul Krugman
“Right to Work” is wrong for Kentucky. It’s just another word for union busting... Allison Grimes
Labor unions are the worst thing that ever struck the earth. Financiers are behind the unions and their object is to kill competition so as to reduce the income of the workers and eventually bring on war. We will never recognize the United Auto Workers Union. Henry Ford
Can you name one Mayor of New York in the last 50 years who has not had differences with the police Union? Not one. William J. Bratton
In China, the Communist Party’s suppression of free trade unions keeps cotton workers’ wages down, just as British law in the early 1800s saw to it that men and women who abandoned their ill-paid jobs and ran away could be jailed for breach of contract. Adam Hochschild