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While I worry about an erosion of truth, I don’t think people want to live in a world where you can only say things that tech companies decide are 100 percent true. Mark Zuckerberg
Rules about what you can and can’t say often have unintended consequences. … In everything we do, we need to make sure we’re empowering people, not simply reinforcing existing institutions and power structures. Mark Zuckerberg
Often, the people who call the most for us to remove content are often the first to complain when it’s their content that falls on the wrong side of a policy. Mark Zuckerberg
In times of social tension we pull back on expression, and we always end up believing that it was the wrong thing to do. Mark Zuckerberg
Some people believe giving more people a voice is driving division rather than bringing us together. More people across the spectrum believe that achieving the political outcomes they think matter is more important than every person having a voice. Mark Zuckerberg
The most repressive societies have always restricted speech the most — and when people are finally able to speak, they often call for change. Mark Zuckerberg
Judge Learned Hand once observed that “the spirit of liberty is the spirit that is not too sure it is right.” If we don’t accept others’ good faith and the limitations of our own expertise—if we are so quick to attack others’ errors that we forget how often we too are wrong—the enterprise of free speech is fraught, and the spirit of liberty of which it is part is at peril. Gus Hurwitz
One need only watch totalitarians at work to see that once men gain power over other men’s minds, that power is never used sparingly and wisely, but lavishly and brutally and with unspeakable results. E. B. White

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