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I trust no one, not even myself. Joseph Stalin
Clever tyrants are never punished. Voltaire
In any country there must be people who have to die. They are the sacrifices any nation has to make to achieve law and order. Idi Amin
The man dies in all who keep silent in the face of tyranny. Wole Soyinka
Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown. William Shakespeare
It is humiliating to remain with our hands folded while others write history. It matters little who wins. To make a people great it is necessary to send them to battle even if you have to kick them in the pants. That is what I shall do. Benito Mussolini
Democracy consists of choosing your dictators, after they've told you what you think it is you want to hear. Alan Coren
When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right. Victor Hugo
True individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made. Franklin D. Roosevelt
I am responsible only to God and history. Francisco Franco
Ignorance is an evil weed, which dictators may cultivate among their dupes, but which no democracy can afford among its citizens. William Beveridge
Every dictator is an enemy of freedom, an opponent of law. Demosthenes
Dictators must have enemies. They must have internal enemies to justify their secret police and external enemies to justify their military forces. Richard Perle
The man is a tyrant and he killed lots of people . Mike Huckabee
Workers ... do not eat legal rights but bread. History, especially recent history, gives much evidence to support the contention that men want security more than freedom and that for an indefinite time they may be successfully governed by a dictator who keeps in mind the maxim that 'contented cows give the best milk.' Norman Thomas
The manner of their government is much after the Turkish fashion: which they seem to imitate. The state and form of their government is plain tyrannical, as applying all to the behoof of the prince, and that after a after a most open and barbarous manner.... It giveth the nobility a kind of unjust and unmeasured liberty to command and exact upon the commons and baser sort of people in all parts of the realm... Giles Fletcher the Elder
My word in Pakistan will be like the word of God. No one will go back on it. Muhammad Ali Jinnah
We don't do the poor any favors by respecting the sensitivities of bad rulers who oppress their own people. William Easterly
Arab leaders ... preach incessant hatred of Israel because the hatred justifies a powerful army, which also comes in handy to suppress political dissidents and preserve the autocrat's hold on power. William Easterly
As our commerce spreads, the flag of liberty will circle the globe and the highway of the ocean–carrying trade to all mankind–will be guided by the guns of the republic. And as their thunders salute the flag, benighted people will know the voice of liberty is speaking, at last, for them ... that civilization is dawning at last, for them. Albert J. Beveridge
Mobutu was mainstream Africa. Every independent African Government was a one-party state at the time. None allowed opposition. Every one of them had rent-seeking political leaders. The only thing that set Mobutu apart was how ostentatious his theft was. Herman Jay Cohen
The strategies and assumptions [of the propaganda model] are fundamentally contrary to a democratic model.... The goal of the propaganda model is simply to achieve efficient indoctrination, and it therefore tends to regard the assumptions of the democratic model as inconvenient obstacles to efficient communication. Sheldon Rampton
Personalist regimes mute factional differences the most .... Dictators usually retain the loyalty of elites through some combination of coercion, personal favors, and material rewards. Elites are frequently rotated or jailed to avoid factionalism. The military is usually a depersonalized instrument for the dictator's power, holding no sense of independent institutional identity. Divisions between so-called hard-liners and soft-liners are virtually non-existent... C. William Waldorf Jr.
Most [Arab] people are very pleased that he is out, but they are embarrassed that they didn't do it and that it was done for them. Clovis Maksoud
As an autocrat becomes older, the struggle for influence intensifies, which in turn makes the sovereign even more dangerous. Simon Sebag Montefiore
That power which had both the purse and the sword, had the government of the whole country, and might extend its powers to any and to every object. Melancton Smith
Outcome of these elections is not in doubt due to simple fact that there is only one candidate for each position…. You may be wondering why party propaganda machine attaches such importance to electoral campaign and surrounds it with such unparalleled pomp and circumstance. George F. Kennan
Until we apply terror to speculators --- shooting on the spot --- we won’t get anywhere. Vladimir Lenin
We do well in a country where people determine their own future. We suffer then there are dictators. Paul Wolfowitz
The blood of the Carrera cries for vengeance. Vengeance, fellow countrymen! Hatred eternal for the despots of South America... Chile is to be a mere colony of Buenos Aires, as she once was a colony of Spain... From the Argentine they send governors for your provinces, magistrates for your towns, generals and armies for you frontiers Jose Miguel Carrera
I know nothing of these torturous arts by which a man may aspire to govern a state torn by envy, parties, and factions. This evil is almost always unavoidable in newly fledged governments, which must look to themselves for sustenance and growth Bernardo O'Higgins
When I entered Mexico (City) my own will was the law; I commanded the public force...and who compelled me to divide the powers? Myself, and myself alone, because I thought it was right. Agustin I; Agustin de Iturbide
I have sworn to the nation to govern it under a constitutional system. But if, through the vices of its organization or the passions of its agents, it wants to convert itself into an instrument of anarchy, the nation itself in use of its sovereign rights will give a new representation, and I will be the first to invoke it. Agustin I; Agustin de Iturbide
If Brazil should decide on separation, let it be under your leadership, since you are bound to respect me, rather than under one of these adventurers. John IV
It is a simple truth that the human mind can face better the most oppressive government, the most rigid restrictions, than the awful prospect of a lawless, frontierless world. Katherine Anne Porter
The Turkish state has neither a crowned head nor a dictator. Kemal Ataturk
Foreign policy can be the undoing of absolute rulers, tempted to foreign adventure in order to compensate for failure at home or spurred on by domestic adulation. Andrew Mango
Authoritarian leadership and therefore a lack of democracy have led to a certain apathy among the people, to a sort of civil nihilism, a skepticism. Boris Yeltsin
Attempting to achieve U. S. strategic ends through partnerships with Arab autocracies yields mixed results, at best, in the short term and is cancerous in the longer run….Middle Eastern dictators are neither moderates nor good allies. Washington Post
Even military juntas want respect. Ethan Kapstein
We have to lock up people, without trial, whether they are communists, whether they are language chauvinists, whether they are religious extremists. If you don't do that, the country would be in ruins. Lee Kuan Yew
If I were in authority in Singapore indefinitely without having to ask those who are governed whether they like what is being done, then I would not have the slightest doubt that I could govern much more effectively in their interests. Lee Kuan Yew
The free world should not wait for dictatorial regimes to consent to reform. Natan Sharansky
Freedom's skeptics must understand that the democracy that hates you is less dangerous than the dictator who loves you. Natan Sharansky
Nondemocratic regimes imperil the security of the world. They stay in power by controlling their populations. This control invariably requires an increasing amount of repression. To justify this repression and maintain internal stability, external enemies must be manufactured. Natan Sharansky
Since the time of the ancient Greeks a democracy has depended on its philosophers and creative artists. It can only flourish by continuous probing, prodding, and questioning of the social conditions under which man exists and tries to better himself. One of the first moves of a dictatorship is to stifle the artists and thinkers who have the ability to stir up dissent from any prescribed dogma which might enslave them. Because the artist can arouse the curiosity and conscience of his community, he becomes a threat to those who have taken power. Uta Hagen
The nation is formed through the law of nature alone. Government stems from the will of nation. The nation stands before all things and is the source of all things. Its will is always law. Above it and before it is but the law of nature alone. By virtue of its very existence, the nation is all things that it may be. The nation cannot surrender its right to a tyrant. Society of Polish Republicans
Huge sums of money, administrative manipulation, have all been mustered to prevent the people from expressing their voice. Viktor Yushchenko
Ukraine is facing a serious threat of isolation as some local political forces want to put an end to democracy and democratic reforms in the country Viktor Yushchenko
All executive power --- from the reign of ancient kings to the rule of modern dictators --- has the outward appearance of efficiency William O. Douglas
Capitalism was reasonably content under Hitler, happy under Mussolini, very happy under Franco and delirious under General Pinochet John Ralston Saul
The Soviets, where ten percent of the population controls the entire public by dictatorship. This will certainly not last long, in light of the historical dialectic Yehuda Ashlag
Even military regimes must protect themselves from their own forces. Aaron Belkin
In the Islamist Palestinian state, every citizen will be required to act in accordance with the codes of Islamic religious law. Mahmoud Al-Zahar
Dictator, n. An evil man who maintains power by intimidation and force, refusing to obey the United States. Jonathan Hayward
I don’t think America wants democracies in the Middle East. They wouldn’t be nearly as friendly to us Henry Chambers
America simply prefers to deal with dictators. Ayad Al-Qazzaz
With George McGovern we wouldn’t have Gestapo tactics in the streets of Chicago. Abraham A. Ribicoff
I had preconceived notions going in and it was even stranger than I thought it would be …. It is a total cult of personality. Bob Woodruff
Today we have in this country the abuses of a military dictation without its unity of action and vigor of execution. John Fremont
I don’t want some bearded dictator ninety miles off thumbing his nose at us. Lyndon B. Johnson
Where did Islamic radicalism grow in the past years? It grew under dictatorships. Reuel Marc Gerecht
Democracy in the Middle East has to be front-loaded. You have to have elections first and then try and build democratic institutions. You are not going to have the dictators and clerics of the Middle East allow you to build up democratic institutions slowly. Reuel Marc Gerecht
I cannot however say that in European countries the control by the Roman Catholic Church of great areas of land has always led to happiness for the people of those countries. Eleanor Roosevelt
A government that is brutal to its own people will be brutal to its neighbors and its enemies. Jerome Corsi
Roosevelt ordered the people to give their gold to private interests - that is, to banks, and he took control of the banks so that all the gold and gold values in them, or given into them, might be handed over to the predatory International Bankers who own and control the Fed. Roosevelt cast his lot with the usurers. He agreed to save the corrupt and dishonest at the expense of the people of the United States…. The International Bankers set up a dictatorship here because they wanted a dictator who would protect them. Louis Thomas McFadden
Socialism has several aspects. Economically, it means the socialization of the means of production; politically, the establishment of the dictatorship of the toiling masses; emotionally, the abolition of the reign of egotism and anarchy which characterizes the capitalistic system. Dov Ber Borochov
a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years. Alexander Fraser Tytler; Lord Woodhouselee
No dictatorship can have any other aim but that of self-perpetuation, and it can beget only slavery in the people tolerating it; freedom can be created only by freedom, that is, by a universal rebellion on the part of the people and free organization of the toiling masses from the bottom up. Mikhail Bakunin
Anyone who offends with his words or in writing or in any way disrespects the President of the Republic … will be punished with prison of 6 to 30 months if the offense is serious and half that if it is light. The term will be increased by a third if the offense is made publicly. Venezuela
Kings have long arms. Portuguese Proverb
When Saddam Hussein buried 300,000 Shiites and Kurds alive, we did not hear a single Muslim protesting. Your silence served to acknowledge the legitimacy of these killings Wafa Sultan
Dictatorships are one-way streets. Democracy boasts two-way traffic. Albert Moravia
The right of initiative...belongs exclusively to ME, and is indissolubly bound to the autocratic power entrusted to ME by GOD....No one is called to take upon himself before ME petitions about the general welfare and needs of the state. Such departures from the order established by existing legislation can only hinder me in the execution of MY aims Alexander II
He who strikes terror into others is himself in continual fear. Claudian
I consider North Korea the most dangerous place in the world. Madeleine Albright
The revolution... is a dictatorship of the exploited against the exploiters. Fidel Castro
We must be ever vigilant against those who would strong arm the judiciary into adopting their preferred policies. It takes a lot of degeneration before a country falls into a dictatorship, but we should avoid these ends be avoiding these beginnings. Sandra Day O'Connor
Would it not be easier...for the government to dissolve the people and elect another? Bertolt Brecht
Hitler has become Chancellor… It’s like a fairy tale come true. Joseph Goebbels
Franklin, you may have to assume dictatorial powers. Walter Lippmann
Dictators ride to and fro upon tigers which they dare not dismount. Hindu Proverb
The man whom events had elevated to the position of dictator tirelessly must have been aspiring to power himself, energetically pushing aside and crushing ruthlessly all who stood in his way G. V. Plekhanov
Confronting nondemocracies, established democracies area about as warlike as normal dictatorships. Gary Bass
To Perpetual Peace Immanuel Kant
When a dictatorship controls the political life of a country, responsible opposition cannot develop, and dissent is driven underground and toward the extreme. And to draw attention away from their social and economic failures, dictators place blame on other countries and other races, and stir the hatred that leads to violence. This status quo of despotism and anger cannot be ignored or appeased, kept in a box or bought off. George W. Bush
The ultimate failures of dictatorship cost humanity far more than the temporary failures of democracy. Franklin D. Roosevelt
The very first essential for success is perpetually constant and regular employment of violence. Adolf Hitler
The distortion of accuracy and loss of trust among a wider public that looks at biased news coverage, smells a rat, and switches off is only part of the danger. The other, more sinister, side of the equation is that any old despot can ensure favourable coverage of his regime, so long as he presents a properly anti-Western front…. When news judgments are clouded by a warmed-over postmodernism that filters every conflict through a cloudy lens of class and power struggles, and where the US is the worst bad guy of all, totalitarians and terrorists turn the West's hard-won free press into their own ministry of propaganda. Australia
There is a very long history of oppression in the Arab world, particularly in the states he mentions: Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, as well as in Sudan and Tunisia. These regimes are not based on democracy and their legitimacy comes from military dictatorships or inherited systems. The basic right of an individual to voice his or her opinion is not granted in any kind of form in the Arab world. Ibrahim Nawar
I suffer for these losses, but God does the deeds; he will pardon me if I exceeded in some. Augusto Pinochet
You see these dictators on their pedestals, surrounded by the bayonets of their soldiers and the truncheons of their police. Yet in their hearts there is unspoken – unspeakable fear. They are afraid of words and thoughts! Winston Churchill
There is nothing democratic about war. It’s a straight dictatorship. The use of force to attain an end desired. We the armed forces of the USA have put a government in the position to dictate the peace. We did not come over here to acquire jurisdiction over either the people or their countries. We came to give them back the right to govern themselves. George S. Patton
This is probably my last free statement through our news media, where the radio and television are already under the heel of the ruling political party of Prime Minister Robert Mugabe. One would have thought radio and television were enough as propaganda tools. Joshua Nkomo
The Powers of the Head of State is not unlimited …. he is not a dictator since his power is not unlimited. Indonesia
Dictators ride to and fro upon tigers from which they dare not dismount. Anonymous
Democracy + Private Ownership = Capitalism Democracy + Public Ownership = Socialism Dictatorship + Private Ownership = Fascism Dictatorship + Public Ownership = Communism Anonymous
Dictatorship: A system of government where everything that isn't forbidden is obligatory. Anonymous
We are all Nassar! Anonymous
Dictators are the last to know. Fouad Ajami
... an act of insurrection. Clement Akpamgbo
Unless you’re prepared to use force, it’s very difficult to deal with a person who understands only force. Madeleine Albright
Democracy or Anti-Democracy Raul Alfonsin
Protect the people from the oppression of dictatorships. Leo E. Allen
Every despotism has a specially keen and hostile instinct for whatever keeps up human dignity and independence. Henri Frederic Amiel
Democracy takes time. Dictatorship is quicker, but too many people get shot. Jeffrey Archer
A tyrant must put on the appearance of uncommon devotion to religion. Subjects are less apprehensive of illegal treatment from a ruler whom they consider god-fearing and pious. Aristotle
We prefer the well-being of our country over the well-being of an individual or group. Asr-e-Azandegan
Do we want the Asiatic model—which is corrupt but works as long as you have a dictator who is active? Or do we want the democratic market model—which works, but only with transparency or reliability. Pyotr Aven
The military cannot be indifferent to its succession. Ibrahim Babangida
A radical ... and revolutionary ... attack upon the fundamental basic principle of representative democracy for free people. William Bankshead
Theodore Roosevelt is following the footsteps of Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte, and unless we stop him it will be but a question of time when he usurps a dictatorship of the American people. John Bates
[Press] Photographers are the only dictators in America. Celal Bayar
There are times when one must govern liberally and times when one must be dictatorial. Otto Von Bismarck-Schoenhausen
Men in authority tend to abuse it – not all men, but many. Mark Bowden
Once you have lost control over your people, you are on the road toward a potentially democratic society. William W. Bradley
Feelings of marginalization and cries of separation are symptomatic of countries where rulers find power sweet and intoxicating, where power is coveted, and when acquired, painstakingly guarded. Kombo Mason Braide
The wastes of democracy are among the greatest obvious wastes, but we have compensations in democracy which far outweigh that waste and make it more efficient than absolutism. Louis D. Brandeis
I believe in benevolent dictatorships, provided I am the dictator. Richard Branson
From this day the presidency of Mexico ends. The dictatorship of Mexico begins. Plutarco Elias Calles
The government of a single person is no assurance of a stable and tranquil government. Lazare Nicholas Marguerite Carnot
Military governments make promises they don’t keep. Walter Carrington
Our fear of communism led us to embrace any dictator that joined us in that fear. Jimmy Carter
…In certain parts of Latin America, the seizure of the vast majority of the wealth by an oligarchy of owners bereft of social consciousness, the practical absence or the shortcomings of a rule of law, military dictators making a mockery of elementary human rights, the corruption of certain powerful officials, the savage practices of some foreign capital interests constitute factors which nourish a passion for revolt among those who thus consider themselves the powerless victims of a new colonialism in the technological, financial, monetary, or economic order. Catholic Church
Only the history of free peoples is worth our attention; the history of men under a despotism is merely a collection of anecdotes. Nicolas Chamfort
Because I am the supreme authority. Hugo Chavez Frias
If when I die I am still a dictator I will certainly go down into the oblivion of all dictators. If, on the other hand, I succeed in establishing a stable base for a democratic government, I will be remembered forever in every home in China. Chiang Kai-shek
Dictators ride to and fro upon tigers which they dare not dismount. And the tigers are getting hungry. Winston Churchill
Rats and conquerors must expect no mercy in misfortune. Charles Caleb Colton
The people may be made to follow a path of action, but they may not be made to understand it. Confucius; Kung Fu-tse
As sons obey their father and wives obey their husbands, so should citizens obey their rulers. Confucius
When an upstart dictator in the United States (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) succeeds in making this a one-party form of government, when the ballot is useless, I shall have the courage to stand up and advocate the use of bullets. Charles E. Coughlin
You can't be a dictator any more; anyone who tries to play the part of God will stumble. Charles E. Coughlin
The nation whose population depends on the explosively compressed headline service of television news can expect to be exploited by the demagogues and dictators who prey upon the semi-informed. Walter Cronkite
Corporate titans don’t mind dealing with dictators. William Crystal
Democracy doesn't mean electing a dictator every five years. Hernando de Soto
There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to democracies as against despots. What is it? Distrust. Demosthenes
In an age of bullies, we cannot afford to be a sissy. William J. Donovan
Ideas are dangerous; and the traffic in them has been the concern of all dictators. William O. Douglas
People of Haiti. I am the heir to the political philosophy, the doctrine and the revolution which my late father [François Duvalier] incarnated as President-for-Life. I have decided to continue his work with the same fierce energy and the same intransigence. Jean-Claude Duvalier
Gentlemen, radical abolitionism must be put down. This great and glorious country will be shattered into fragments if it is not, or else we shall find ourselves at last brought under the iron rule of military despotism. Ira Allen Eastman
Where Islam is a majority, there is a dictatorship, because Islam is also a political system. We fight Islam in the same way as we fight communism. We don’t want it. Soren Espersen
The most arbitrary powers in history always hid under the claim of some impersonal logic—God, the laws of nature, the laws of the market—and they always overlooked the backlash when morally intolerable discrepancies became glaringly visible. Yaron Ezrahi
There is no military government on earth that does not have human rights abuses. Louis Farrakhan Walcott
The more a regime claims to be the embodiment of liberty the more tyrannical it is likely to be. Ian Gilmour
This man [Adolf Hitler] has everything it takes to be a king. The born tribune of the people … the coming dictator. Joseph Goebbels
Dictators are as scared of books as they are of cannon. Harry Golden
I will never abuse power if elected.... This country [Russia] can never again fall under the influence of a dictator. Mikhail Gorbachev
Naturally the common people don't want war ... but after all, it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country. Hermann Goering
I am appointed by God to save my country. Francisco Franco
We are against political parties and we have none. Francisco Franco
… a reasonable price to pay Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle
Throughout the history of mankind there have been murderers and tyrants; and while it may seem momentarily that they have the upper hand, they have always fallen. Always. Mohandas K. Gandhi
Our people believed too much in the imperial country … Hirohito
The benevolent despot who sees himself as a shepherd of the people still demands of others the submissiveness of sheep. Eric Hoffer
The army and the government needs a dictator. Joseph Hooker
If the world is to keep the peace, then we must keep the peace with dictatorships as well as popular governments. Herbert Hoover
If formerly restrictive regimes can be persuaded to see the free flow of information not as a threat to the power of sovereign states, but as the creator of a viable economic infrastructure and a population incentivised to take advantage of the new economy, the next century will be promising indeed. Lyric Hughes
As force is always on the side of the governed, the governors have nothing to support them but opinion. It is therefore, on opinion only that government is founded; and this maxim extends to the most despotic and most military governments, as well as the most free and the most popular. David Hume
Nothing appears more surprising ... than the easiness with which the many are governed by the few. David Hume
The one reason we know that every totalitarian government must fail is that no totalitarian government is prepared to face the consequence of free universities. Robert M. Hutchins
Dictators have only become impossible through the invention of the microphone. Sir Thomas Inskip
Dictatorship dooms labor. Labor dooms dictatorship. International Ladies Garment Workers Union
In an absolute government there can be no... equiponderant parties. The despot is the government. Thomas Jefferson
He [the President] may be reelected from four years to four years for life …. Once in office, and possessing the military force of the union, without either the aid or check of a council, he would not be easily dethroned. Thomas Jefferson
If sex and creativity are often seen by dictators as subversive activities, it’ s because they lead to the knowledge that you own your own body (and with it your own voice), and that’ s the most revolutionary insight of all. Erica Jong
There is no such thing as a liberal dictatorship, because a dictator just cannot afford to be liberal. Carl Jung
No labor strike will last more than 15 minutes. Gerardo Machado y Morales
Those republics which in time of danger cannot resort to a dictatorship, or some similar authority, will generally be ruined when grave emergencies occur. Niccolo Machiavelli
Finance capital curtails democratic rights, narrowing the scope of democracy and paving the way for the open and violent dictatorship of fascist rule. Abraham Bernard Magil
Democracy needs leaders, not masters. Tomas G. Masaryk
Dictators always look good until the last ten minutes. Tomas G. Masaryk
No amendment of the proper kind would ever be obtained by the people, if the government should become oppressive, which I verily believe will be the case. George Mason
It is a maxim that in every Government, there must exist, somewhere a Supreme, Sovereign, absolute, and uncontrollable Power; But this Power resides, always in the body of the People, and it never was, or can be delegated, to one Man, or a few. Massachusetts
A dictator ... must fool all the people all the time and there's only one way to do that, he must also fool himself. W. Somerset Maugham
This demarche was apparently not delivered: the U.S. embassy in Santiago demurred on the ground that to deliver such a strong rebuke would upset the dictator. Kenneth Maxwell
The French are nice people. I allow them to sing and to write, and they allow me to do whatever I like. Jules Mazarin
We Africans continue to allow tyrannical regimes to impose themselves on us. Thabo Mbeki
We were willing to support almost any scoundrel almost anywhere around the globe provided he was willing to wave an anti-Communist banner. George McGovern
It is not much to be wondered at if impatient or disappointed reformers, groaning under the impediments opposed to the most salutary public improvements by the ignorance, the indifference, the intractableness, the perverse obstinacy of a people, and the corrupt combinations of selfish private interests armed with the powerful weapons afforded by free institutions, should at times sigh for a strong hand to bear down all these obstacles, and compel a recalcitrant people to be better governed. John Stuart Mill
The difference between being out of step with a dictator and being out of step with the democratic majority is practically negligible. The important thing is to be in step. Henry Miller
When is conduct a crime, and when is a crime not a crime? When somebody up there—a monarch, a dictator, a Pope, a legislator—so decrees. Jessica Mitford
The present trend toward Government secrecy could end in a dictatorship. The more information there is made available, the greater will be the nation’s security. John E. Moss
I happen to be one of those people who do not believe in muIti-party democracy. Yoweri Museveni
We must mobilize all forces and suspend all political parties and organizations. I do not want to be a dictator, but if need be we can resort to that. Ayaz Mutalibov
If a President may thus with impunity violate one of the provisions of the Constitution, he may violate all of them. If he may override the Constitution in defiance of the Senate on this one occasion to appoint some unfit favorite to office, he may override it upon every occasion. He may make and consummate treaties without your consent. He may create new offices and order money paid out of the Treasury without your appropriation. He may declare war and plunge the United States into bloody conflict without your action and against your will.... The issue is joined. It is democracy against dictatorship. It is the Constitution of the United States against the whim of Calvin Coolidge. Robert M. La Follette
I say that the most inefficient, wasteful self-government is worth more than the most efficient dictatorship. Fiorello H. La Guardia
This is the only country in the world where a dictator will be allowed to sit among a democratically elected Congress. Everywhere else evil dictators go into exile. Jorge Lavanderos
You cannot play the Song of Freedom on an instrument of oppression. Stanislaw Jerzy Lec
Only those generals who gain successes can set up dictators. What I now ask of you is military success, and I will risk the dictatorship. Abraham Lincoln
Lunacy is always distressing, but sometimes it is dangerous; and when you get it manifested in the head of state, and it has become the policy of a great empire, it is about time that it should be ruthlessly put away. David Lloyd George
Freedom from absolute, arbitrary power is so necessary to, and closely joined with, a man's preservation, that he cannot part with it but by what forfeits his preservation and life together John Locke
One sole sun in the sky; one sole sovereign on earth. Genghis Khan; Temujin
When Marxist dictators shoot their way into power in Central America, the San Francisco Democrats don't blame the guerillas and their Soviet allies, they blame United States policies of 100 years ago, but then they always blame America first. Jeane Kirkpatrick
Whenever peace—conceived as the avoidance of war—has been the primary objective of a power or group of powers, the international system has been at the mercy of the most ruthless member of the international community. Henry A. Kissinger
That should be a goal of U. S. policy—not to get along with dictators. William Kristol
The vice or imperfection of men therefore renders it safer and more tolerable for the government to be in the hands of many, that they may afford each other mutual assistance and admonition, and that if any one arrogate to himself more than is right, the many may act as censors and masters to restrain his ambition. John Calvin
It’s not a dictatorship in the United States. But it is dictatorial to the rest of the world. Who’s going to say no? Fidel Castro
The Downfall of the Dictators is Assured England
For most Iraqis, the Israeli-Palestinian issue was always a foil for their subjugation. Hassan M. Fattah
In Spain you are a Catholic or you are nothing. Francisco Franco
One Fatherland. One State. One Caudillo [Supreme Leader]! Francisco Franco
What the German nation has already achieved in its struggle for liberation constitutes a model which we shall always keep before us. Francisco Franco
What! those Papist Dogs, Rogues! Sacrament! If the King should send Three Thousand such I would cut them all off. Jacob Leysler
It seems advisable, that we should no longer have a single man to rule over us—the rule of one is neither good nor pleasant …. I vote, therefore, that we do away with monarchy, and raise the people to power. For the people are all in all. Otanes
When dictators feel their support slipping among adults, it is not unusual for them to alter school textbooks in hope of enlisting impressionable youths in their cause. Samantha Power
Tonight everyone may smoke. Miguel Primo de Rivera y Orbaneja
German history shows us that sometimes dictators can only be stopped by force. Gerhard Schroder
Dictators will be replaced, not by civil war and terrorism, but by organized nonviolent movements that will insure that freedom, human rights, and dignity will be honored under all flags. Coretta Scott King
The masses of the people are no lovers of changes which run counter to immemorial custom Yuan Shikai
Restrictions have been placed on my authority which have hampered me in my work of promoting the country's best interests…. I have always preferred conservative to radical courses. Yuan Shikai
The form of government is of much less importance than the character of the men who administer it. North China Herald
Whoever triumphs, the result of the present upheaval will doubtless be to keep the yoke of militarism as firmly as ever on the neck of the people of China. As Europe has learned to its sorrow, it is possible to win the war and lose the peace, so China is beginning to understand that that blessed word democracy does not mean peace, and that prosperity and order are not necessary corollaries of a successful revolution and a republican form of government. North China Herald
The Chinese Republic stands upon a base of sand, that the moderate men are looking forward to the re-establishment of a monarchy, the army to a military despotism or extended anarchy, the provinces to autonomy, and the robber Powers around China to spoliation on a scale even bigger than has hitherto been possible. Young China's friends have served the honest members of the party badly, by persuading Europe and America to accept as genuine the elaborate sham which has been erected, by talking of the solidity of the Republic and the acquiescence of the people. London Observer
Having overthrown this one devil, we might be facing seven new devils . Pat Buchanan
At a superficial glance this would seem to be an attempt to get rid of one dictatorship clearly adopted by the people of the whole Peruvian Republic, and recognized by foreign governments, including Chili, for a new dictatorship, adopted by the majority of a self-constituted meeting of 110 men of Lima and Callao, and recognized as yet by nobody else except Chili Isaac Peckham Christiancy
The powers conferred by the Constitution upon the Executive enable him to shape the foreign policy of this nation almost independent of the Legislature. A scheming and unscrupulous President can involve the country in serious complications, commit it to an unwise policy, or at least render its foreign diplomacy ridiculous before Congress may have an opportunity to check him. Daniel DeLeon
Russia is now a horrible picture with its revolutionary double nature. It lies there like a huge wreck on the shore, broken up by its revolution. Herman Gorter
I am not a bookkeeper! Victoriano Huerta
Germany is a despotism, with mock constitutionalism. There is the dictature of capitalism represented by junkerdom, militarism, and police. All independent organizations of working men were forbidden. Wilhelm Liebknecht
The whole administrative, judicial, and legislative machinery obeys a single will, the caprice of General Porfirio Diaz, who during his long administration has shown that the principal motive that guides him is to maintain himself in power and at any cost. Francisco Madero
With all honesty I declare that it would be a weakness on my part and treason to the people, who have placed their confidence in me, not to put myself at the front of my fellow citizens, who anxiously call me from all parts of the country, to compel General Diaz by force of arms, to respect the national will. Francisco Madero
Our White Czar is a king above kings, And he holdeth fast to the Christian faith, To the Christian faith, to the faith of prayer: He standeth forth for the faith of Christ, And for the house of the Holy Virgin. All the hordes have bowed down to him, All the tribes have submitted to him, Because the White Czar is king over kings. Russian Poem
Our hope is that the dictatorship of the proletariat and the peasantry will maintain itself long enough to abolish itself when it has fulfilled its function and reached its goal. For whereas during the two opening periods of the revolution the path of the governments led from the fine ideal of democracy to the harsh and cruel reality of dictatorship, the path of the soviet dominion will lead from the harsh and cruel reality of dictatorship to the beautiful and realized dream of democracy. Clara Zetkin
Who wills the ends must not shrink from the means. Clara Zetkin
Many people in the UN vote and then go home where nobody votes. Victor Davis Hanson
Yasser Arafat is the Palestinian Papa Doc Duvalier. Edward Said
My Reichstag behaves as badly as it can, swinging backwards and forwards between the socialists egged on by the Jews, and the ultramontane Catholics; both parties being soon fit to be hung all of them, as far as I can see. Wilhelm II
The relations of our two countries rest on traditional bases, quite other than those with other nations, and are of commanding influence on the whole of the world! Wilhelm II
What the people of Zimbabwe did in almost impossible conditions was to show that you can defeat the dictator and you can defeat the dictator in peaceful, non violent peaceful change. That five minutes in the ballot box on the 29 th of March 2008 was freedom and our people used pens instead of bombs and they struck a blow at the dictator. So we have been vindicated. The people of Zimbabwe have been vindicated. Everything that we have been saying in the last 15 years that: We have a dictator; that this dictator is unpopular and that we want change - has been vindicated Tendai Biti
In the majority of African countries, the electoral bodies have been the personal choice of the imperial president….these bodies are not strong enough to withstand executive pressure to manipulate the results. Tendai Biti
Containment may have worked in the Cold War, but is not possible when dictators obtain weapons of mass destruction and are prepared to share them with terrorists who intend to inflict catastrophic casualties on the United States. Dick Cheney
It is overly optimistic to think that we can take a country that has emerged from under a totalitarian regime with its institutions of civil society and create a beacon of democracy within five years. If we try to transform Iraq into a democracy, we will need more and more troops over time because we will have to quell nationalistic revolts. Patrick Clawson
If the United States assumes control of Iraq, it will therefore assume control of a badly battered economy Conrad C. Crane
In a highly diverse and fragmented society like Iraq, the one of the few national institutions that stresses national unity as an important principle. Tot ear apart the army in the war’s aftermath could lead to the destruction of one of the only forces for unity within the society. Conrad C. Crane
nations that talk democracy make dirty little secret deals with strategic allies who have no use for democratic values Garry Kasparov
The Principle aim of physical education is military heroism Tse-Tung Mao
In most of the countries where the people don’t like their government, we are now allowed to ask whether people like their government. Dalia Mogahed
Saddam is a war criminal and there are no two people who can argue over this Muqtada Al-Sader
We are caught in the Middle East in supporting the bad guys in order to get rid of the worse guys. Dinesh D'Souza
These traitors have rejected God’s Chosen One…. If they are not punished the kingdom will fall into ruin. Ivan the Terrible; Ivan IV
Whenever you have an efficient government you have a dictatorship. Harry S Truman
Be alert that dictators have always played on the natural human tendency to blame others and to oversimplify. And don't regard yourself as a guardian of freedom unless you respect and preserve the rights of people you disagree with to free, public, unhampered Expression Gerard Kitchen O'Neill
For the last fifty years we've been supporting right-wing governments, and that is a puzzlement to me...I don't understand what there is in the American character... that almost automatically, even when we have a liberal President, we support fascist dictatorships or are tolerant towards them. William L. Shirer
We need to listen and learn rather than dictate and declare. The US holds no patent on democracy or freedom: we are part of a larger and majority neighborhood of global and civic-minded nations that cherish the democratic process and democratic ideas over tyranny and dictatorial control. Nancy Snow
The Muslim world needs democracy. It wants democracy. But it should be real democracy and not just democracy by name only... Democracy has done some good things. It has saved humanity from despots and dictators who act like gods. The details should be left to the people. Let them decide for themselves Yusuf Al-Qaradawi
In a hundred years to come my people will not be fit for liberty. They do not know what it is….Despotism is the proper government for them. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
Fascism is a stimulant for a declining society.... Can fascism save China? We answer: yes Chiang Kai-shek
When a top political leader (or a military dictator) faces a substantial public opinion that openly expresses its lack of faith/trust in his leadership qualities, the leader/dictator in turn tries to find (real or imagined) enemies ‘out there’ to divert public attention. Swaraaj Chauhan
An independent House of Commons is as inconsistent to our Constitution as an independent, that is, absolute King. Thomas Sherlock
It is very true that I threw up my cap for liberty with great ardor, and perfect sincerity, but very soon found the folly of it. A hundred years to come my people will not be fit for liberty. They do not know what it is, unenlightened as they are, and under the influence of a Catholic clergy, a despotism is the proper government for them, but there is no reason why it should not be a wise and virtuous one. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
A totalitarian society makes enormous demands on the courage of men, and a partially totalitarian society makes even greater demands because the general anxiety is greater. Norman Mailer
When the tyrant has disposed of foreign enemies by conquest or treaty, and there is nothing to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader. Plato
Make the people understand that they will never do anything great, that they will never make revolutions for themselves, for their true happiness, except when there are no rulers involved in any way in their movement: they must not be so distrustful of their own resources, and convince themselves that they, the people, are sufficient to be able to carry out a great undertaking Francois Noel Babeuf; Gracchus
Civil liberty and … martial law cannot endure together; the antagonism is irreconcilable; and, in the conflict, one or the other must perish. David Davis
Constitutional Government in Naples is hopeless. What would suit us, would be an enlightened despotism—such a Government as Murat's might have ripened into had he stayed. We owe him nearly all the progress that we have made during the last three or four centuries. He gave us open legal procedure, the abolition of privileges, the diminution of ecclesiastical property, and the few roads which we possess. Now all is going backwards Luigi Blanch
How can you ever ensure that you will get a beneficent dictator? Amy L. Chua
A single branch of Legislation is a many headed Monster which without any check must soon defeat the very purposes for which it was created, and its members become a tyranny dreadful in proportion to the numbers which compose it. And possessed of power uncontrolled, would soon exercise it to put themselves free from the restraint of those who made them, and to make their own political existence perpetual. William Hooper
Government by one man: He is called a lord if he inclines to a good and common end; a tyrant if he is inclined to pursue bad or merely personal ends. Bartolo of Sassoferrato
I am the army. You can negotiate with me. I represent the army. I represent the people. Pervez Musharraf
A Study In Utopia and Dictatorship Bernard DeVoto
Such is the terror--the crushing fear--which is inspired by one man over that multitude, which now submits to his decrees with a zeal, apparently as ardent, as it is certainly abject and submissive. There is not a complaint heard. The calm and dark waters of despotism are never disturbed by the slightest ripple. Not a breath of free thought or manly speech passes over them, but they lie dead and deep, into which every vestige of the people's liberty and freedom has sunk and disappeared. William Alexander Harris
A government which results from election is more divine than one which results from succession. Bartolo of Sassoferrato
Strongmen? You have to have strong people to rule. South America is a rough place. Oliver Stone
I am the army. You can negotiate with me. I represent the army. I represent the people. Pervez Musharraf
Men who have tasted of freedom, and who have felt their personal rights, are not easily taught to bear with encroachments on either, and cannot, without some preparation, come to submit to oppression. Adam Ferguson; Ferguson of Rath
I don’t want the choice in Pakistan to be between military dictatorship and religious dictatorship Benazir Bhutto
Saddam Hussein was perhaps the most bloodthirsty dictator after Hitler and Stalin. We can defend the oil of Kuwait, but not the people of Iraq. Bernard Kouchner
The Bretton Woods agreement will enthrone a world dictatorship of private finance more complete and terrible than an Hitlerite dream. It offers no solution of world problems, but quite blatantly sets up controls which will reduce the smaller nations to vassal states and make every government the mouthpiece and tool of International Finance. It will undermine and destroy the democratic institutions. John Edward
Only God who appointed me can remove me. Not the MDC, not the British. The MDC will never rule this country--never. Robert Mugabe
… a brilliant but dangerous megalomaniac who is likely to pursue his own aims in disregard of U.S. interests Central Intelligence Agency
We wish to avoid at all costs the recurrent experience in some democratic countries where the people give the governments the opposition Mohammed Reza Pahlavi
Clause (1): a) every citizen has the right to freedom of speech and expression; (b) all citizens have the right to assemble peaceably and without arms; (c) all citizens have the right to form associations.. Clause (2): Parliament may by law impose (a) on the rights conferred by paragraph (a) of Clause (1), such restrictions as it deems necessary or expedient in the interest of the security of the Federation or any part thereof, friendly relations with other countries, public order or morality and restrictions designed to protect the privileges of Parliament or of any Legislative Assembly or to provide against contempt of court, defamation, or incitement to any offence; (b) on the right conferred by paragraph (b) of Clause (1), such restrictions as it deems necessary or expedient in the interest of the security of the Federation or any part thereof, or public order; (c) on the right conferred by paragraph (c) of Clause (1), such restrictions as it deems necessary or expedient in the interest of the security of the Federation or any part thereof, public order or morality. Restrictions on the right to form associations conferred by paragraph (c) of Clause (1) may also be imposed by any law relating to labor or education. Malysia
We have a free society, and the totalitarian states are dungeons. We have totally different methods of population control…. We can’t control people so we have to control what they think. Noam Chomsky
If people by a plebiscite elect a man despot over them, do they remain free because the despotism was of their own making? Are the coercive edicts issued by him to be regarded as legitimate because they are the ultimate outcome of their own votes? Herbert Spencer
A transition from party to personal government has preceded every failure of a republic. Warren G. Harding
Tyrants would have cause to tremble if reason were to become the rule of duty in any of the relations of life, for the light might spread till perfect day appeared. And when it did appear, how would men smile at the sight of the bugbears at which they started during the night of ignorance, or the twilight of timid inquiry? Mary Wollstonecraft
Since men must always assign a cause to all their misfortunes, the generally blame them on the evil intent of their rulers; … As always there are now many who fish in troubled waters, filling the minds of the commonality with the notion that things will go from bad to worse unless they appoint a head over them. Johan de Witt
Democracy substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few George Bernard Shaw
I go still further and affirm, that, supposing even a nation had been really willing to grant their sovereign an arbitrary and unlimited power, this concession would of itself be void and of no effect. Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui
Nothing can be imagined better, or more perfect, than the administration of a virtuous man. Besides, when a single man is master, it is more difficult for the enemy to discover his secret counsels and resolutions. When the government is in the hands of many, it is impossible but enmity and hatred must arise among them; for, as every one desires his opinion to be followed, they gradually become mutual enemies Darius I
Every form of government has its advantages and inconveniences inseparable from it. It would be in vain to seek for a government absolutely perfect; and however perfect it might appear in speculation, yet it is certain, that in practice, and under the administration of men, it will ever be attended with some particular defects. Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui
It is certain that, so soon as the people submit to a king, really such, they have no longer the supreme power. Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui
The African head of state should be in office for no more than 10 years Yoweri Museveni
You can't shut me up with your cynicism. I warn you- you must realize in time that you are not a mighty despot before whom everyone trembles. I do not tremble before you, I will fight you if you force me to it. Sergo Ordzhonikidze; Grigoriy Ordzhonikidze
Nasser is an Arab Mussolini. Anthony Eden
Democracy has generally failed in Africa because to much power, too often, was concentrated in the hands of too few. Helen Zille
Where is the democracy that British gave us? Ayub Khan robbed us of it. And what did he give us in return ? He gave us his own version of democracy which does not even deserve the name of democracy. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
An oppressive government is worse than a man-eating tiger. Confucius
To trample democracy with one’s feet and to give power to a single man over almost eighty million people is so terrible that one can very probably tremble over the events which will come here. August Friedrich Kellner
Tyranny cannot defeat the power of ideas. Helen Keller
Please report to RF SS and to the Fuehrer that all arrangements against Jews, political and concentration camp internees in the Protectorate have been taken care of by me personally today. Ernst Kaltenbrunner
Oppression is the essence of power. Ernst Kaltenbrunner
The successful demagogue is a powerful genie who, when once let out of his bottle, refuses to obey anyone's command. As long as his spell holds, he defies God Himself, and Satan is turned loose upon the world. Henry A. Wallace
in countries where the ability to read and write has been recently acquired or where the people have had no long experience in governing themselves on the basis of their own thinking, it is easy for demagogues to arise and prostitute the mind of the common man to their own base ends Henry A. Wallace
The speed with which armies collapse, bureaucracies abdicate, and social structures dissolve once the autocrat is removed frequently surprises American Policy makers. Jeane Kirkpatrick
Traditional autocrats leave in place existing allocations of wealth, power, status, and other re-sources which in most traditional societies favor an affluent few and maintain masses in poverty. But they worship traditional gods and observe traditional taboos. They do not disturb the habitual rhythms of work and leisure, habitual places of residence, habitual patterns of family and personal relations. Jeane Kirkpatrick
Some in the West have long argued that because of the lack of a viable liberal alternative, supporting authoritarian regimes in Arab countries is the only political choice against the Islamists. Now, in Tunisia, as people flood into the streets demanding democracy, we see that this is not the case. It was not the case in Iran in 1979 either, but the West was so invested in the Shah that it failed to strongly back the liberal opposition. We don't have to repeat that error today. Khairi Abaza
It is a most extraordinary thing that although most of us are opposed to political tyranny and dictatorship, we inwardly accept the authority, the tyranny, of another to twist our minds and our way of life. So if we completely reject, not intellectually but actually, all so-called … authority, all ceremonies, rituals and dogmas, it means that we stand alone and are already in conflict with society; we cease to be respectable human beings. Jiddu Krishnamurti
All governments must maintain power by consent. Not by coercion. Barack Obama
Under a tyranny, most friends are a liability. One quarter of them turn "reasonable" and become your enemies, one quarter are afraid to speak, and one quarter are killed and you die with them. But the blessed are the final quarter keep you alive. Sinclair Lewis
There is no reason for Egypt to be under martial law. Ahmed Zewail
As if they could foresee the unforeseeable, the founding fathers laid down principles that have served to prevent the transformation of individual to manipulable quantity, of citizen to subject. Mark Helprin
Doctrines and "ideas" shall no longer govern your existence. The Fuhrer himself, and only he, is the current and future reality of Germany, and his word is your law. Martin Heidegger
Cool, realistic diplomats are prepared to try to negotiate with any type of regime whenever the national interest calls for it; the last thing that should ever be done to turn emotional or "demonize" another foreign leader no matter how nasty he may be. Jacob Heilbrunn
Would that the Roman people had but one neck! Caligula
Who holds all power must fear all things. Pierre Corneille
Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks before emperors. But today we kneel only to truth, follow only beauty, and obey only love Khalil Gibran
Individuals and classes which have lost the force to maintain themselves in power make themselves more and more hated because of their outbursts of random violence. The strong man strikes only when it is absolutely necessary, and then nothing stops him. Trajan was strong, not violent: Caligula was violent, not strong. Vilfredo Pareto
The Fascist conception of life stresses the importance of the State and accepts the individual only in so far as his interests coincide with the State. It is opposed to classical liberalism [which] denied the State in the name of the individual; Fascism reasserts the rights of the State as expressing the real essence of the individual. Benito Mussolini
Socialists should be delighted to find at last a socialist (Mussolini) who speaks and thinks as responsible rulers do George Bernard Shaw
Mussolini will be a great thing not only for Italy but for all of us if he succeeds. It is his inspiration, his determination, his constant toil that has literally rejuvenated Italy . . . Sol Bloom
it may be shrewdly forecast that no man will exhibit dimensions of permanent greatness equal to Mussolini. . . . The Duce is now the greatest figure of this sphere and time. Richard Washburn Child
If I had been an Italian, I am sure that I should have been wholeheartedly with you (Mussolini) from start to finish in your triumphant struggle against the bestial appetites and passions of Leninism Winston Churchill
Syria cannot continue this way—killing their people Ban Ki-moon
I would like to thank you, dear Fuehrer, once again for the offer of solidarity. I reply with the assurance of my unchangeable and sincere adherence to you personally, to the German people, and to the cause for which you fight. I hope, in defense of this cause, to be able to renew the old bonds of comradeship between our armies. Francisco Franco
New and old major powers face still yet another novel reality – in some respects, unprecedented. And it is that while the lethality, the lethality, of their power is greater than ever, their capacity to impose control over the politically awakened masses of the world is at a historic low …. in earlier times, it was easier to control a million people than physically to kill one million people; today, it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people. Zbigniew Brzezinski
We demand the release of Islam from its captivity to the totalitarian ambitions of power-hungry men and the rigid strictures of orthodoxy. St. Petersburg Declaration
All the people who might oppose the regime have been absolutely silenced. The central idea behind it is to make the rising generation worship their chief and get ready to "save civilization" from the Jews, from Communism and from democracy -- thus preparing the way for a Nazified world where all freedom of the individual, of education, and of the churches is to be totally suppressed. William E. Dodd
In times of crisis, we should have a period of 6 months of dictatorship to straighten things up, then return to democracy. Manuela Ferreira Leite
For the progress of the nation, what is needed is discipline. Ferdinand Marcos
I will not resign, I will not commit suicide, I will not leave the country. Arturo Frondizi
It's an unknown, it's a disappeared. It has no identity, it's neither alive nor's disappeared Jorge Rafael Videla
A king, from being a father to his people, degenerates into a tyrant, and forfeits all right to obedience. Patrick Henry
A good society is able to face schemes of world domination and foreign revolutions alike without fear. Franklin D. Roosevelt
Rule with an iron first will inevitably come to an end. Barack Obama
Civilized men do nothing but boast incessantly of the peace and repose they enjoy in their chains.... Jean Jacques Rousseau
We cannot have a situation where people decide to sit in places not allowed and when police remove them they say no. We can’t have that. That is a revolt to the system. Some are crying that they were beaten. Yes you will be thoroughly beaten. When the police say move, you move. If you don’t move, you invite the police to use force. Robert Mugabe
Striking bargains with repressive regimes does require making moral compromises . Charles A. Kupchan
No man ever ruled other men for their own good. George D. Herron
The instinct to command others, in its primitive essence, is a carnivorous, altogether bestial and savage instinct. Under the influence of the mental development of man, it takes on a somewhat more ideal form and becomes somewhat ennobled, presenting itself as the instrument of reason and the devoted servant of that abstraction, or political fiction, which is called the public good Mikhail Bakunin
This would be a good opportunity for dealing … with Uganda, the infamous conduct of whose King [Mwanga] has for years been prejudicial to the development from the development of the interior …. Were Uganda freed from this tyrant [there would be] a safe depot … for the retention of the upper Nile. Fredrick Holmwood
The revolution in Russia was terrible for the proletariat in the long years of its development- and it is terrible now. Herman Gorter
A totalitarian state will harmonize in Spain the operation of all the capabilities and energy in the country Francisco Franco
We do not believe in government through the voting booth. The Spanish national will was never freely expressed through the ballot box. Francisco Franco
I renounce war for its consequences, for the lies it lives on and propagates, for the undying hatred it arouses, for the dictatorships it puts in place of democracy, for the starvation that stalks after it. I renounce war, and never again, directly or indirectly, will I sanction or support another. Harry Emerson Fosdick
I am inclined to believe dictators. Not to is dangerous. Newt Gingrich
Today Chile is a country subjected by its Armed Forces to a regime similar to those that appeared in fascist occupied Europe. The country is under state of siege, all the cities under curfews, there are military tribunals established under the military code that like those established during times of war allow no appeal. There are mass arrest of the population and pogroms against foreigners, etc. The Chilean Armed Forces has declared war against the Chilean People… Miguel Enriquez
Any person who pursues human rights in Iran must live with fear from birth to death, but I have learned to overcome my fear. Shirin Ebadi
President for Life, Protector of the People, Maximum Chief of the Revolution, Apostle of National Unity, Benefactor of the Poor, Grand Patron of Commerce and Industry, and Electrifier of Souls François Duvalier
God and the people are the source of all power. I have twice been given the power. I have taken it, and damn it, I will keep it forever. François Duvalier
Communism has established centers of infection. François Duvalier
I'll continue fighting as long as these social injustices exist. Buenaventura Durruti
That differences of race, color, and creed are natural, and that diverse groups, institutions, and ideas are stimulating factors in the development of man; That to promote harmony in diversity is a responsible task of religion and statesmanship; That since no individual can express the whole truth, it is essential to treat with understanding and good will those whose views differ from our own; That by the testimony of history intolerance is the door to violence, brutality and dictatorship; and That the realization of human interdependence and solidarity is the best guard of civilization. Will Durant
In comparison to Hitler we are all pip-squeaks. Anyone who believes he can do better than the Führer is stupid. Karl Donitz
I declare the last election to be illegal …. And I am assuming the presidency. Francisco I. Madero
We seem to have an obligation to protect if a dictator is going to rapidly kill many of his people on CNN. We do not seem to have the same obligation if he will kill his people slowly and not on CNN. Condoleeza Rice
I believe in defending democracy by preserving democracy, not by descending to the use of the same weapons used in dictatorships, whether of the Nazi or Communist stripe. Eleanor Roosevelt
We in this country have to realize that that Castro revolution against General Batista came about because of conditions that had been allowed to continue over the years in which a large number of people of Cuba had been exploited, ignored and beaten down. Eleanor Roosevelt
Gentlemen, all power is, or ought to be, accomplished by responsibility. Tyranny is irresponsible power. This definition is equally true, whether the power be lodged in one or many; — whether in a despot, exempted by the form of government from the control of the law; or in a mob, whose numbers put them beyond the reach of the law. Idle, therefore, and absurd, to talk of freedom where a mob domineers! George Canning
Of course I wrote most of the Constitution myself. I remember hesitating for a long time over the US presidential system. But it wouldn't have done — we were too trained in English democracy to sit down under a dictatorship which is what the American system really is. Eamon de Valera
There is not a tyrant in the civilized world today who would not do anything in his power to precipitate a bloody revolution rather than see himself confronted by any large fraction of his subjects determined not to obey. An insurrection is easily quelled; but no army is willing or able to train its guns on inoffensive people who do not even gather in the streets but stay at home and stand back on their rights. Neither the ballot nor the bayonet is to play any great part in the coming struggle; passive resistance is the instrument by which the revolutionary force is destined to secure in the last great conflict the people's rights forever. Benjamin Tucker
I should be pleased, I suppose, that Hitler has carried out a revolution on our lines. But they are Germans. So they will end by ruining our idea. Benito Mussolini
The editorial policies of the state newspapers and the state broadcaster has remained partisan and unreformed, and the media field remains dominated by the same partisan state players. Morgan Tsvangirai
War is no longer made by simply analyzed economic forces if it ever was. War is made or planned now by individual men, demagogues and dictators who play on the patriotism of their people to mislead them into a belief in the great fallacy of war when all their vaunted reforms have failed to satisfy the people they misrule. Ernest Hemingway
Whenever you have an efficient government you have a dictatorship. Harry S Truman
In inner-party politics, these methods lead, as we shall yet see, to this: the party organization substitutes itself for the party, the central committee substitutes itself for the organization, and, finally, a "dictator" substitutes himself for the central committee. Leon Trotsky
The government assures the people that they are in danger from the invasion of another nation, or from foes in their midst, and that the only way to escape this danger is by the slavish obedience of the people to their government. This fact is seen most prominently during revolutions and dictatorships, but it exists always and everywhere that the power of the government exists. Leo Tolstoy
if despotism were to be established amongst the democratic nations of our days it might assume a different character; it would be more extensive and more mild, it would degrade men without tormenting them. Alexis de Tocqueville
Despotism may govern without faith, but liberty cannot. How is it possible that society should escape destruction if the moral tie is not strengthened in proportion as the political tie is relaxed? And what can be done with a people who are their own masters if they are not submissive to the Deity? Alexis de Tocqueville
The will of the nation" is one of those expressions which have been most profusely abused by the wily and the despotic of every age. Alexis de Tocqueville
Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison... Henry David Thoreau
I do not want to be recorded in history as the man who bequeathed a tyranny. Kemal Ataturk
We must combat the over-riding interest of organizations such as The World Bank, The International Monetary fund … They work in collaboration of the most reactionary elements of Argentina. Augustin Tosco
Censorship reflects a society's lack of confidence in itself. It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime. Potter Stewart
… we cannot conceive of the authority of a despot who knows all his subjects on sight. Stendhal; Marie-Henri
One of Ivan the Terrible's mistakes was to overlook the five great feudal families. If he had annihilated those five families, there would definitely have been no Time of Troubles. But Ivan the Terrible would execute someone and then spend a long time repenting and praying. God got in his way in this matter. He ought to have been still more decisive! Joseph Stalin
If, against all expectation, Germany finds itself in a difficult situation then she can be sure that the Soviet people will come to Germany's aid and will not allow Germany to be strangled. The Soviet Union wants to see a strong Germany and we will not allow Germany to be thrown to the ground Joseph Stalin
If men's minds were as easily controlled as their tongues, every king would sit safely on his throne Baruch Spinoza
Ideas are more powerful than is commonly understood. Indeed, the world is ruled by little else. Madmen in authority who hear voices in the air are distilling their frenzy from some academic scribblers of a few years back. Sooner or later, it is ideas, rather than vested interests, which are dangerous for good or for evil. John Kenneth Galbraith
I almost think were I to win some small success now, I could become dictator. George B. McClellan
Wealth is a form of power in our society. With great power comes great responsibility. If you have too much wealth, ipso facto, you have too much power -- therefore you have too much responsibility -- and you're a kind of dictator. William Woodard Self
He who serves our Führer, Adolf Hitler, serves Germany, and he who serves Germany, serves God. Baldur Benedikt von Schirach
Some of the defendants say that dictatorship can be good if there is a good dictator. But I say that a man cannot stay good if he becomes a dictator. Authoritarianism is a system that destroys man's morality. If you take a saint and give him power, he will change into a Hitler or a devil. Baldur Benedikt von Schirach
We must stand up and do everything we can for the people who do not have a voice. Howard Schultz
Those who can, must obey. Antonio de Oliveira Salazar
God, Homeland, Family. Antonio de Oliveira Salazar
In every Revolution a dictator is needed to save the state by force, or censors to save it by virtue. Louis Antoine de Saint-Just
[A] representative of... a government whose Three Graces are Tyranny, Rapacity, Blood. Mark Twain
[A] representative of... a government whose Three Graces are Tyranny, Rapacity, Blood. Mark Twain
[A] representative of... a government whose Three Graces are Tyranny, Rapacity, Blood. Mark Twain
We who believe in democracy and in liberty are going to win. The statists and the Islamists are standing against the irrevocable march of history. Ismail Serageldin
The Vice President has two duties: To daily inquire about the health of the President and to attend the funerals of third world dictators, neither of which interest me. John McCain
Political activities are still suspended …. The population has always acted according to its feelings instead of its mind. Albano Jorge Harguindeguy
No other people learn so little by example as the French. With the United States before them as the model of democracy crystallized into an effective system, the French invariably drift into anarchy or coups d’état. Their republics have had too little or too much cohesion among the parts, or they have had no parts at all; the executive has been made a cipher or a despot. They have been destroyed by the incapacity of the builders, and their ignorance of the principle of checks and balances. To establish these requires mutual sacrifices, and often a high degree of political skill; but a people who are unwilling to make sacrifices, and who can produce no statesmen, are preordained to failure. Herbert Tuttle
Government cannot create a world without risks, nor would we really wish to live in such a fictional place. Only a totalitarian society would even claim absolute safety as a worthy ideal, because it would require total state control over its citizens’ lives. Liberty has meaning only if we still believe in it when terrible things happen and a false government security blanket beckons. Ronald E. Paul
America was founded by men who understood that the threat of domestic tyranny is as great as any threat from abroad Ronald E. Paul
The hope in the hearts of millions of national socialists can be fulfilled only by an authoritarian government. Franz von Papen
You Westerners simply don't understand the philosophy behind my power. The Iranians think of their sovereign as a father. What you call 'my celebration' was to them the celebration of Iran's father. The monarchy is the cement of our unity. In celebrating our twenty-five hundreth anniversary, all I was doing was celebrating the anniversary of my country, of which I am the father. Now, if to you, a father is inevitably a dictator, that is your problem, not mine.. Mohammed Reza Pahlavi
A person who does not enter the new party [The Shah’s Party]... is either an individual who belongs to an illegal organization, or is related to the outlaw Tudeh Party, or in other words is a traitor. Such an individual belongs in an Iranian prison, or if he desires, he can leave the country tomorrow... because he is not an Iranian, he has no nation, and his activities are illegal and punishable according to law. Mohammed Reza Pahlavi
How can you hope to build up a nation by fragmenting its politics into opposing camps? Whatever one group builds, the other will endeavour to destroy.. Mohammed Reza Pahlavi
De Gaulle has all the characteristics to be a dictator. Franklin D. Roosevelt
The United States had an inordinate fear of Communism which once led us to embrace any dictator who joined us in that fear. Jimmy Carter
Tyranny, Is far the worst of treasons. Dost thou deem None rebels except subjects? The prince who Neglects or violates his trust is more A brigand than the robber-chief. Lord George Gordon
A dictatorship would be a lot easier ... so long as I'm the dictator. George W. Bush
Will people ever be wise enough to refuse to follow bad leaders or to take away the freedom of other people? Eleanor Roosevelt
… the so-called sovereigns, in these different governments, are simply the heads, or chiefs, of different bands of robbers and murderers. Lysander Spooner
I have advisors, but I listen to them only when their advice agrees with my view Hastings Kamuzu Banda
The dilemma of dining with the devil, of cooperation, interaction, even of the most limited kind with an unelected regime, will always remain a cross on which committed democrats, reformers, radicals and such, in any authoritarian corner of the globe, and especially in Africa, find themselves impaled …. It boils down, ultimately, to one’s personal confidence in determining the length of the spoon with which one dines with the devil and one’s ability to keep a firm hold on it. Wole Soyinka
No dictator, no invader, can hold an imprisoned population by force of arms forever. There is no greater power in the universe than the need for freedom. Against that power, governments and tyrants and armies cannot stand…. Though it take a thousand years, we will be free. J. Michael Straczynski
Why does every nation on earth move to change their conditions except us [Arabs]. Why do we always submit to the batons of the rulers and their repression. How long will Arabs wait for foreign saviors? Faisal Al Qassem
The hand of the Church holds the souls of the saints by inevitable purse strings … Over all these matters Brigham [Young] has supreme control. His power is the most despotic known to mankind. Here, by the way, is the constitutionally vulnerable point of Mormonism. If fear of establishing a bad precedent hinder the United States at any time from breaking up that nest of all disloyalty, because of its licentious marriage institutions, Utah is still open to grave punishment, and the Administration inflicting it would have duty as well as vested right upon its side, on the ground that it stands pledged to secure to each of the nation's constituent sections a republican form of government, something which Utah has never enjoyed any more than Timbuktu. Fitz-Hugh Ludlow
We are unalterably opposed to any class government, whether it be the existing dictatorship of the plutocracy or the dictatorship of the proletariat. Both are essentially undemocratic and un-American. Both are destructive of private initiative liberty. Robert M. La Follette
There is no hope for the world unless power can be tamed, and brought into the service, not of this or that group of fanatical tyrants, but of the whole human race, white and yellow and black, fascist and communist and democrat; for science has made it inevitable that all must live or all must die. Bertrand; 3rd Earl of Kingston
Socio-economic hardship breeds not only repression to force people to live with hardship, but also resistance, often in turn provoking repression in initial rounds, but in subsequent rounds quite possibly forcing dictatorial regimes to give in, partially or thoroughly, and to concede democratic reforms. This is another way, twisted as it may look, in which structural adjustment may indeed lead up to democratization. Lars Rudebeck
He’s a son-of-a-bitch, but he’s our son-of-a-bitch. Franklin D. Roosevelt
… the supporters of Bolshevism have been hammering it into the masses that dictatorship is a vital necessity for the defense of the so-called proletarian interests against the assaults of counter-revolution and for paving the way for Socialism. They have not advanced the cause of Socialism by this propaganda, but have merely smoothed the way for Fascism … Rudolph Rocker
The nation which can only be saved by one man and wants to be saved that way deserves a whipping! Johann G. Seume
Every movement that seeks to enslave a country, every dictatorship or potential dictatorship, needs some minority group as a scapegoat which it can blame for the nation's troubles and use as a justification of its own demands for dictatorial powers. Ayn Rand
There is nothing to take a man's freedom away from him, save other men. Ayn Rand
Every dictator is a mystic, and every mystic is a potential dictator. A mystic craves obedience from men, not their agreement. He wants them to surrender their consciousness to his assertions, his edicts, his wishes, his whims - as his consciousness is surrendered to theirs. He wants to deal with men by means of faith and force - he finds no satisfaction in their consent if he must earn it by means of facts and reason. Reason is the enemy he dreads and, simultaneously, considers precarious: reason, to him, is a means of deception Ayn Rand
A dictator is often a revolutionary who has made a name for himself. A revolutionary is often a bourgeois who hasn't. Marco Denevi
When Barcelona came out of the Franco dictatorship in 1975, the first thing city officials did was to make 200 public squares where people could meet and talk to each other as a sign that democracy had returned. January Gehl
Tyrants don’t respond to any kind of appeasement. Tyrants only responds to toughness. Condoleeza Rice
For 60 years, my country. The United States, pursued stability at the expense of democracy … in the Middle East, and we achieved neither. Condoleeza Rice
I would like somebody to be hated more than I am. Dionysius the Elder
Hitler and his clique conquered Germany by brutal violence, by murder and crime. But the doctrines of Nazism had got hold of the German mind long before then. Persuasion, not violence, had converted the immense majority of the nation to the tenets of militant nationalism. If Hitler had not succeeded in winning the race for dictatorship, somebody else would have won it. Ludwig von Mises
Majorities are no less exposed to error and frustration than kings and dictators. That a fact is deemed true by the majority does not prove its truth. Ludwig von Mises
In no form of government is there an absolute identity of interest between the people and their rulers Thomas Babington Macaulay
Revolutions of state, many times, make way for new institutions and forms; and often determine in either setting up some tyranny at home, or bringing in some conquest from abroad. William Temple
Fearing that I am regarded as an obstacle to establishing the Republic on a firm base of happiness, I remove myself from the high office to which you were good enough to elevate me... My one desire has been to contribute to your liberty... The Republic will be happy if, accepting my resignation, you name a president beloved of all the nation... Hear my prayers. Save the Republic. Save my glory, which is Columbia’s. Simon Bolivar
Do not adopt the best system of government, but the one most likely to succeed. Simon Bolivar
Every dictatorship creates thousands of smaller dictators who live on for decades. Adam Hochschild
When thinking about the fall of any dictatorship, one should have no illusions that the whole system comes to an end like a bad dream… A dictatorship leaves behind itself an empty fields on which the tree of thought won’t grow quickly. It is not always the best people who emerge from hiding. Ryszard Kapuscinski
Domestic and international law do not look kindly upon the assassination of a ruler, and it is not likely to be an option openly entertained by any diplomatic institutions. But that is at least partly because law and policy are created by political leaders, who rarely warm to ideas that might place them in the line of fire. Feisal G. Mohamed
Why can't the Indonesians have an Islamic theocracy if they want? Why can't the Pakistanis have a military dictatorship? Why can't the Serbs run their own country the way they prefer? What is the appeal in making sure that people whose minds have been wasted by Alzheimer's Disease vote? Well, let's not beat around the bush: the appeal of mass democracy lies in the fact that in essentially every country in the world today, the number of persons unable to think for themselves is substantially larger than the number able to make independent decisions. Those unable to think for themselves have their thinking done for them by the people who control the mass media. Which is to say, democracy is the preferred system because it gives the political power to those who own or control the mass media and at the same time allows them to remain behind the scenes and evade responsibility for the way in which they use that power. William Pierce
During [Simon] Bolivar’s own lifetime, his role changed dramatically, as Bolivar transformed from an anti-colonial populist to a dictator. Ilan Stevans
Supreme Leader Simon Bolivar
Colombians! I will not speak to you of freedom, because if I keep my promises, you will be more than free. You will be respected…. Besides in a dictatorship who can speak of freedom. Simon Bolivar
Russia’s back yard is littered with authoritarian regimes—Azerbaijan, Belarus, and Uzbekistan, to name a few—whose leaders seem to view positions as lifetime appointments. William J. Dobson
The end of some of the harshest dictatorships has not necessarily spelled a more free world. The extinction of the thing we despise is not giving rise to the democracy we hoped for. William J. Dobson
… a repressed society needs a motivated populace if it is to become politically vibrant again. To be more precise, it needs patriotism, historical consciousness, education, ambition, optimism and, especially, patience. The destruction wrought by totalitarian governments always takes decades even generations to repair. Anne Applebaum
Soviet repression taught the Russians that hope and trust are dangerous, inimical, and treacherous Dmitri Dudko
You agreed with the Dear Leader or you died or ended up in Camp 913. Bruce E. Bechtol Jr.
Maintaining legitimacy in an authoritarian state is very difficult. Noah Feldman
Hitler is a very great man, like an inspired religious leader—and as such rather fanatical—but not scheming, not selfish, not greedy for power, but a mystic, a visionary who really wants the best for his country … Anne Morrow Lindbergh
To make mankind just and happy and creative and harmonious forever—what would be too high a price to pay for that? To make such an omelette, there is surely no limit to the number of eggs that should be broken—that was the faith of Lenin, of Trotsky, of Mao… of Pol Pot…. You declare that a given policy will make you happier, or freer or give you room to breathe: but I know you are mistaken. I know what you need, what all men need; and if there is resistance based on ignorance or malevolence, then it must be broken and hundreds of thousands may have to perish to make millions happy for all time. Isaiah Berlin
The Constitution will be reformed in accordance with our revolution. Hugo Chavez
No people ever recognize their dictator in advance. He never stands for election on the platform of dictatorship. He always represents himself as the instrument — the Incorporated National Will. ... When our dictator turns up, you can depend on it that he will be one of the boys, and he will stand for everything traditionally American Dorothy Thompson
I know now that there are things for which I am prepared to die. I am willing to die for political freedom; for the right to give my loyalty to ideals above a nation and above a class; for the right to teach my child what I think to be the truth; for the right to explore such knowledge as my brains can penetrate; for the right to love where my mind and heart admire, without reference to some dictator’s code to tell me what the national canons on the matter are; for the right to work with others of like mind; for a society that seems to me becoming to the dignity of the human race. I shall pick no fight, nor seek to impose by force these standards on others. But let it be clear. If the fight comes unsolicited, I am not willing to die meekly, to surrender without effort. And that being so, am I still a pacifist? Dorothy Thompson
The infinitely wise and good Being has given us the sum and substance of the most perfect form of civil government in his word. . . . I mean that ancient plan of civil policy, delineated for the chosen tribes of Israel. In that divinely authorized constitution, we find no king, no despot, no emperor, no tyrant, no perpetual dictator allowed of. Joseph Huntington
Democracy is always a threat to the powerful. Noam Chomsky
As Republics have risen and fallen, a transition from party to personal government has preceded every failure since the world began. Warren G. Harding
I believe in party sponsorship. I believe in Party government as distinguished from personal government, individual, dictatorial, autocratic or what not. In a citizenship of more than 100 million it is impossible to reach an agreement upon all the questions. Parties are formed by those who reach a consensus of opinion. Warren G. Harding
People get tired of authoritarianism…. I believe that consultation is very important. Pope Francis I
I just wish there were a few more leaders around the world with his foresight and his ability to run, … a virtual dictatorship in a benign way. Richard Nixon
Anastasio Somoza may be an SOB, but he is our SOB. Franklin D. Roosevelt
There is a terrible price the U. S. Government must pay when it associates itself … intimately with a repressive regime. Jack B. Kubisch
These [Greek] colonels had been plotting for years and years. They were fascists. They fitted the classic definition of fascism, as represented by Mussolini in the 1920s: a corporate state uniting industry and unions, no parliament, trains running on time, heavy discipline and censorship … almost a classic fascist ideal. Robert V. Keeley
He [Rafael Trujillo] had his torture chambers. He had his political assassinations. But he kept law and order, cleaned the place up, made it sanitary, built public works, and he didn’t bother the United States. So that was fine with us. Henry Valpey Dearborn
If you go and live with these Arabs, you will find that they cannot understand our ideas of freedom and human dignity. They have lived so long under dictatorships of one kind or another, how can we expect them to run successfully a free government? Dwight D. Eisenhower
Joseph Stalin was a supreme egotist and sadist, capable of sacrificing everything and anyone for the sake of his own power and glory. Nikita Khrushchev
The shift to fascism was applauded by many both within Italy and without who believed that dictatorship offered a better chance of providing stability and development that the country so desperately needed. Sheri Berman
Establishing a stable democracy is a two stage process. First you get rid of the old regime, then you build a durable democratic replacement. Because the first stage is dramatic, many people think the game is over when the dictator is gone. But the second stage is more difficult. There are many examples of broad coalitions coming together to oust dictators but relatively few of them stayed together and agreed on what a new regime should look like. Sheri Berman
We demand .. the government of the rightly guided caliphate, which is established on the basis of the sovereignty of sharia and not on the whims of the majority. Ayman Al-Zawahiri
Control of oil revenue has helped autocrats stay in power. Michael L. Ross
Foreign aid does not go to foreign people. Foreign aid goes to foreign despots and dictators. Rand Paul
Outsiders can do little in Zimbabwe so long as Robert Mugabe remains in power, for Mugabe is prepared to wreck his country in order to preserve his rule over it. The best thing outsiders can do is pressure or bribe him and his immediate circle into leaving. James Traub
The fall of Arab autocrats creates more risks than opportunities for the United States. As Arab political horizons expand, the space for America to pursue its interest may well contract. Aaron David Miller
If we are not anti-China, are we still human? Ai Weiwei
My country proposes that we consider that dictatorship is a disease, a disease that is threatening peace and security as well as the prosperity of people … a social and political scourge which needs to be eliminated. Moncef Marzouki
The more brutal the dictator, the harder to oust. Graeme Robertson
All the calamities we have experienced, and those which are yet to come, are the result of the consolidating tendency of this government; and unless this tendency be arrested, all that has been foretold will certainly befall us,—even to the pouring out of the last vial of wrath, military despotism. John C. Calhoun
There is no future for socialism by dictatorship. It has to be by consent. Anthony Wedgewood Benn; Tony Benn
If ... America is to become an empire, there is very little chance that it can avoid becoming a virtual dictatorship as well. J. William Fulbright
The problem of Africa in general and Uganda in particular is not the people but leaders who want to overstay in power. Yoweri Museveni
A great man …. and the greatest and most representative of the Spanish people of the 20th century. One of the great leaders we have had in our history Manuel Fraga Iribarne
When we are reproached with having established a dictatorship of one party... we say, ‘Yes, it is a dictatorship of one party! This is what we stand for and we shall not shift from that position... Vladimir Lenin; Nikolai
To enter upon rulership of a country but not preserve its scholars will result in the downfall of the country. Moizi
Today Chile is a country subjected by its Armed Forces to a regime similar to those that appeared in fascist occupied Europe. The country is under state of siege, all the cities under curfews, there are military tribunals established under the military code that like those established during times of war allow no appeal. There are mass arrest of the population and pogroms against foreigners, etc. The Chilean Armed Forces has declared war against the Chilean People… Miguel Enriquez
People who live in the post-totalitarian system know only too well that the question of whether one or several political parties are in power, and how these parties define and label themselves, is of far less importance than the question of whether or not it is possible to live like a human being. Vaclav Havel
To a certain extent, all dictatorships are alike. From Stalin's Soviet Union to Mao's China, from Ceauşescu's Romania to Saddam Hussein's Iraq, all these regimes had the same trappings ... But Kim Il-sung took the cult of personality to a new level. What distinguished him in the rogues' gallery of twentieth-century dictators was his ability to harness the power of faith. Kim Il-sung understood the power of religion. Barbara Demick
I am not a dictator, and I do not think I will become one. I will not maintain power with a machine gun. Fidel Castro
When you forcefully suppress religious nationalism, you radicalize it. When you give it a role in the market-place of ideas, one of two things always happens. Either, the ideologues moderate their views, like the Justice & Development Party in Turkey, or they fall spectacularly like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Both of those are good outcomes. Reza Aslan
In a totalitarian system the de facto number 2 man is an unenviable position…. Often times the life of the number 2 man is short and precarious. Sung Yoon Lee
Across the region, those rights that we take for granted are being claimed with joy by those who are prying loose the grip of an iron fist. Barack Obama
Recognizing past mistakes is a far cry from making reparations for them. Amaney A. Jamal
[Fidel] Castro was gifted leader who engineered social improvements that benefitted most Cubans, a statesman who placed Cuba at the center of world politics, and a masterful tactician who outlasted ten hostile U. S. Presidents… Richard Feinberg
We have tended to be comfortable with authoritarian regimes. Fouad Ajami
The willingness of local elites to cope with the uncertainty of fully competitive politics will thus be the ultimate factor in determining whether competitive authoritarianism proves a way station for democratic development or a safe house for autocrats. . Michael H. Bernhard
He may be a son of a bitch but he is our son of a bitch. Franklin D. Roosevelt
Morsi has appointed himself as Egypt’s new Pharaoh. Mohamed El Baradei
Migrants are essentially escaping from countries with dysfunctional social models. Paul Collier
You can’t kill your own people and survive very long. James Baker
The major conflicts of our day are autocrats verses the village square. David Brooks
For the first time in my life, I have to grab the monks by the throat. Me! The most religious man in the Kingdom! Because I've had enough- more than enough! My subjects and the elite among my subjects must obey! Norodom Sihanouk
Witness the tragic condition of Russia. The methods of State centralization have paralyzed individual initiative and effort; the tyranny of the dictatorship has cowed the people into slavish submission and all but extinguished the fires of liberty; organized terrorism has depraved and brutalized the masses and stifled every idealistic aspiration; institutionalized murder has cheapened human life, and all sense of the dignity of man and the value of life has been eliminated; coercion at every step has made effort bitter, labor a punishment, has turned the whole of existence into a scheme of mutual deceit, and has revived the lowest and most brutal instincts of man. Emma Goldman
Any attempt at demonstrating (rallies) will immediately result in adequate and strict reaction by the armed forces. Seyran Ohanyan
The spectacle which confronts all Europe today is a great conflict between democracy and dictatorship. Edouard Herriot
In all our history, there is no change of government peacefully. Kizza Besigye
Everything is arranged for the regents, magistrates, and the constituted powers; nothing for the liberty of the people. Everything disposed against rebellion and nothing against aristocracy. Everything against popular movements; nothing against the efforts of tyrants. Johan Valckenaer
Italy should be great, respected, and feared. Benito Mussolini
President Maliki: The appetite has grown with the eating. He has become a real dictator. Fouad Ajami
If we can reach unity between all the components of the people, the canals of terrorism will dry up. Nouri Maliki
The effects of U.S. intervention in Latin America have been overwhelming negative. They have had the effect of reinforcing brutal and unjust social systems and crushing people who are fighting for what we would actually call “American values.” In many cases, … we actually overthrew governments that had principles similar to ours and replaced those … leaders with people who detest everything the United States stands for. Stephen Kinzer
The fundamental question for the United States is how it can cooperate to help meet the basic needs of the people of the hemisphere despite the philosophical disagreements it may have with the nature of particular regimes. It must seek pragmatic ways to help people without necessarily embracing their governments. Nelson A. Rockefeller
Personally I prefer a liberal dictator to democratic government lacking liberalism. Friedrich A. Hayek
At times it is necessary for a country to have, for a time, some form or other of dictatorial power.. Friedrich A. Hayek
Do you believe that the German middle class, this flower of the intelligentsia, would refuse to serve us and put their minds at our disposal?... We will do what we like with the German middle class. Adolf Hitler
Italy would by saved only if Mussolini went crazy and crawled on all fours.. Enrico Ferme
It's always been hard for me to understand how we say people who support Osama Bin Laden or someone else like him – who are willing to give their lives to destroy the dictatorship in Saudi Arabia – how we can describe those people as people who hated freedom. It seems to me that their definition of freedom might be different than ours, but to oppose a dictatorship, one must want freedom in some kind of way. Michael Scheuer
Dictator governments are arming heavily and penetrating economically and politically in Central and South America. Japan is establishing a "new order" in China and has been informed that we will have something to say about this "new order." These activities emphasize the possibility of this nation becoming involved in war in the Atlantic, in the Pacific, or in both these areas George C. Marshall
Stalin is a strong, ruthless revolutionist and therefore a very potential threat to future world conditions. W. Averell Harriman
We must recognize that our objectives and the Kremlin's objectives are irreconcilable. The Kremlin wants to promote Communist dictatorships controlled from Moscow, whereas we want, as far as possible to see a world of governments responsive to the will of the people. W. Averell Harriman
Our purpose is to preserve South East Asia. We know from Munich on, that when you give, the dictators feed on raw meat. If the take South Vietnam, they tale Thailand; they take Indonesia; they take Burma; they take all the way back to the Philippines. Dwight D. Eisenhower
In the Middle East there are two methods of control: mass repression and mass bribery. In Syria they use mass repression; in Saudi Arabia, mass bribery. In Bahrain, a bit of both. Fareed Zakaria
If we did not give the third term a green light, we were going to be in for trouble. We had convened earlier on April 30, as judges of the constitutional court to look at the provisions of the law, the Constitution and the Arusha Peace Accord to ascertain if indeed Nkurunziza was eligible to stand for another term in office and we found that he did not qualify for one. We went home with a plan of returning the next day to sign the decision, but that same evening all judges started receiving threatening phone calls. On May 1, feeling threatened, the judges decided to sign a document clearing Nkurunziza to seek another term Sylvere Nimpagaritse
Dictators have the power and funds to hire sycophants who encourage them in their delusions. James Bradley
In foreign countries, the ruled feel connected with the ruling. This is why they are so formidable. Cixi
… new authoritarians are conducting an epoch-making historical experiment as to whether regimes that allow private freedoms can endure when they deny their citizens public freedom. Michael Ignatieff
The Republic established by the founders was a fragile experiment in a world bestrode by kings, queens, emperors, czars, dictators, and theories of aristocracy. James McPherson
Americans have generally gotten what they wanted on foreign policy issues—and they now ruthlessly punish those who implemented their will. Michael Gerson
Every time we have toppled a secular dictator (in the Middle East), it has been replaced by a chaos and the rise of radical Islam…. Intervention has unintended consequences Rand Paul
We cannot have a society in which some dictator somewhere can impose censorship here in the United States. Barack Obama
It was a stifling society with government controlling all aspects of life. You could not get funding for any sort of project. There was no infrastructure to support you. And there were a lot of social pressures to just take a government job and have some babies, and that’s it. Mo Ibrahim
Do not keep silent when your own ideas and values are being attacked. If a dictatorship ever comes to this country, it will be by the default of those who keep silent. We are still free enough to speak. Do we have time? No one can tell. Ayn Rand
This is a struggle between a struggling democracy and a vicious dictatorship, and I think we should take sides. Lindsey Graham
Ours is a people's democratic dictatorship, led by the working class and based on the worker-peasant alliance. Mao Zedong
“You are dictatorial.” My dear sirs, you are right, that is just what we are. All the experience the Chinese people have accumulated through several decades teaches us to enforce the people's democratic dictatorship, that is, to deprive the reactionaries of the right to speak and let the people alone have that right. Mao Zedong
Those of us who decided to work for democracy in Burma made our choice in the conviction that the danger of standing up for basic human rights in a repressive society was preferable to the safety of a quiescent life in servitude Aung San Suu Kyi
A dictatorship breeds distrust. Aung San Suu Kyi
Fear is the first obstacle we have to get over in our battle for freedom Aung San Suu Kyi
The pressure of an all-powerful totalitarian state creates an emotional tension in its citizens that determines their acts. When people are divided into "loyalists" and "criminals" a premium is placed on every type of conformist, coward, and hireling; whereas among the "criminals" one finds a singularly high percentage of people who are direct, sincere, and true to themselves. Czeslaw Milosz
He’s [Bashar al-Assad, Syrian President] a different kind of bloodthirsty dictator, the kind who shops on line on his iPad. He’s sort of Arab Dictator 2.0 Nadim Houry
I dedicate this book [The German Dictatorship] to the hope that a sober picture of the German dictatorship may help Germany avoid both old and new dangers, primarily the traditional authoritarian concept of the state, but also radical utopianism—both expressions of intolerance and conceit, and moreover, profoundly unpolitical modes of behavior Karl Dietrich Bracher
No one in Washington has yet made a credible case that a post-Assad Syria can hold together. Ian Bremmer
It is not necessary to live. But to leave our names beyond that point. That is necessary. Gabriele D'Annunzio
To you, … chosen by God to radiate the light of renewed liberty throughout the world … we ode rhea holy dagger so you my carve the world ‘victory’ in the living flesh of your enemies. Anonymous
I hereby reject the results in totality, I will not accept the results Yahya Jammeh
Public sentiment is not a trivial matter. .. Russia is an autocracy with the consent of the governed. Dmitri Trenin
Bashar Assad's power over the areas of Syria under government control is slipping. Armed militias are growing stronger and the country's dictator can do nothing to stop them. Now, these fighters are taking over control in many areas, committing murder, looting and harassing civilians. And nobody can stop them, not even Assad himself. Indeed, the militias are now more powerful than even the country's dictator and have become the real holders of power in Syria. Fritz Schaap
It may be hard, with bearded rioters filling their televisions, for westerners to see Pakistan as a bride left at the altar. But that is how many Pakistanis view their relationship with the fickle west, and they have good reason to do so. In the 1980s, when Pakistan signed up as America's ally in the west's last war in Afghanistan, the war against the Soviets, Pakistan was rewarded with billions of dollars of military hardware and economic aid. But Pakistan paid a price: heroin flooded our cities, Kalashnikovs became common on our streets and young boys were left trained for jihad instead of university. When the Soviets were defeated, Pakistan did not share in the long-awaited peace dividend. Although the country was making its transition from dictatorship to democracy, aid began to dwindle and the rhetoric of western governments became increasingly unfriendly. Pakistan was left with training camps for religious guerrillas, a mountain of debt, 2m Afghan refugees and little else. Mohsin Hamid
Democracy is like a street car. You get off when you reach your destination. Recep Tayyip Erdogan
That's how dictators get started. John McCain
No democracy pretends to be a tyranny. Most tyrannies pretend they are democracies. Democracy remains the definition of political legitimacy. George W. Bush
China was unique. It was a dictatorship with term limits.... The leadership had virtual total power, but every 10 years, the leadership had to change.... But that has now been turned In its head in the most significant political change in 35 years .... Fareed Zakaria
Democracy is not my main aim. It is just a tool. Recep Tayyip Erdogan
You can do everthing in Turkey but the price is very high. You have to pay the price however.... It might mean jail or it might mean death. So you have to think very carefully. Can Dundar
The Chinese people don't get to vote but they do get to grumble. Lindsey Graham
The abolition of the Ottoman Caliphate by Kamal Ataturk after World War I was an affront to God’s rule. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi
The majority falls prey to the delusion—popular in some circles—that ordinary people are too careless and stupid to own guns, and we would be far better off leaving all weapons in the hands of professionals on the government payroll. But the simple truth—born of experience—is that tyranny thrives best where government need not fear the wrath of an armed people. Alex Kozinski