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The greatest happiness of the greatest number is the foundation of morals and legislation. Jeremy Bentham
The diplomat holds all acts honorable which bring him success, all things are righteous which serve his ends. If cheating is necessary, he will cheat; if lying is useful, he will lie; if bribery helps, he will bribe; if murder serves, he will order murder; if burglary, seduction, arson or forgery brings success nearer, all and each of these will be done. James Connolly
It is the greatest good to the greatest number which is the measure of right and wrong. Jeremy Bentham
A conception of law which identifies what is right with the notion of what is good for—for the individual, or the family, or the people, or the largest number—becomes inevitable once the absolute and transcendent measurements of religion or the law of nature have lost their authority Hannah Arendt
Bestow rewards, erect statues, confer even titles so that they be personal alone; but never bind the crown of merit on the brow of sloth. Jeremy Bentham
In the social equation, the value of a single life is nil; in the cosmic equation, it is infinite... Not only communism, but any political movement which implicitly relies on purely utilitarian ethics, must become a victim to the same fatal error. It is a fallacy as naïve as a mathematical teaser, and yet its consequences lead straight to Goya's Disasters, to the reign of the guillotine, the torture chambers of the Inquisition, or the cellars of the Lubianka. Arthur Koestler